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The 12 Days of Christmas Cat Blogging

On the Third Day of Christmas, Corrente brought to me

  • Three feather toys
  • Two cats in synch, and
  • One Devil Cat begging you to rub his belly.
  • don't fall for it - it's a trap!

Totally serendipitous shot.

Moments before, there were 5 or 6 cats in the frame, and just barely visible under the futon were a couple of little white feet and a long black tail. That was black-and-white grrrl, with her back to the rest of us, pretending to ignore all the fun and games, and then wham!!! She came flying out of nowhere and snagged the feathers you see here.

The rest of the cats scattered in all directions, with a couple of them running over my feet in their mad dash [yes, their claws were out]. And yes, there really are 3 cats [two black, one black-and-white] and three feather toys [two mostly white, one mostly black] in this photo.

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