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1st Jewish-American Prez Candidate Stein Calls Out US/Israel

Most people don’t know much about Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President, thanks to a corporate-captured media as a propaganda tool of our corporate-captured government.

Interestingly, Jill Stein is the first Jewish American contender for the U.S. Presidency.

Also, interestingly, Jill Stein insists that the United States is complicit “in the ongoing systematic violation of human rights by the Israeli government.”

Stein maintains that she and the Green Party reflect the views of a growing number of American and Israeli Jews who demand that Israel honor international law and promote peace. She maintains Netanyahu’s “war hungry” policy toward the Palestinians and the Iranians is not shared by the majority of Jewish people.

Dr. Stein:

“Bibi is a threat not only to human rights and to U.S. interests, but also to the security and sanctity of the Jewish people living in Israel-Palestine.”

According to her website, Jill Stein’s Green Party of the United States:

“...urges support for “popular movements for peace and demilitarization in Israel-Palestine, especially those that reach across the lines of conflict to engage both Palestinians and Israelis of good will.” The platform specifically recognizes the rights of self-determination of all peoples in Israel-Palestine, the legal right of return for refugees from the conflict, the suspension of U.S. aid to Israel, the use of boycott and divestment as non-violent means to pressure corporations and the Israeli government to end human rights abuses, and the creation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, “whose inaugurating action would be mutual acknowledgement by Israelis and Palestinians that they have the same basic rights, including the right to exist in the same, secure place.”

Stein has praised the Israeli political party Meretz in calling for a return to 1967 borders, including a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem, and for supporting the 2002 Arab Peace Proposal.

Stein is not afraid to talk tough about travesties being perpetrated by Israel that are politically and materially supported by the US. She sees the US as ENABLING the “worst tendencies of the Israeli government.” She cites these toxic policies: occupation, apartheid, assassination, illegal settlements, building of nuclear bombs, indefinite detention, collective punishment, and defiance of international law.”

Stein challenges that the US government, instead of aligning with the courageous voices advocating peace, REWARDS an Israel that consistently ABUSES the human rights of Palestinians.

Declares Dr. Stein:

“There is no peace or justice or democracy at the end of such a path. We must reset U.S. policy regarding Israel and Palestine, as part of a broader revision of U.S. policy towards the Middle East.”

In May of this year Dr. Stein issued some serious and inspiring statements about bringing peace to the Middle East:

“... as President I will put the full weight of the United States behind the establishment of a Palestine and Israel Truth and Reconciliation Commission as the vehicle for shifting from an era of human rights violations to one based on trust and bringing all parties together to seek solutions. Any stakeholder who enters into this process must pledge to work for a solution that respects the rights of all involved. This will bring America’s Middle East policy into alignment with American values. I understand that in the end, a dedicated commitment to justice will further American interests in the region much better than the current policies of supporting abuses and violence by one side against the other. And I believe that this is in the best interests of all people living in Israel and Palestine.”

Jill Stein is taking on international cronyism and its “us” vs. “them” “ends justifies the means” defiance of international and moral law. She insists those who “talk the talk” of peace and justice seriously walk the walk, which the leaders of the US and Israel are so not doing.

She calls out how exercising crony “double standards” with a reckless militarism reveals the hypocrisy of the present and the last US administrations. She calls out the hollow righteous posturing of the US “deciders” on international law and humanitarian intervention when monstrous inconsistent realpolitik actions defy such a holier than thou stance.

Dr. Stein is about substance and long-term positive goals, not rhetorical, jingoistic sound bites. Stein asserts some of her foreign policy intentions as president:

"Consistency in U.S. policy regarding human rights and international law will begin, but not end, with Palestine and Israel. I will apply this same approach to other nations, such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Yemen, among others. I will also ensure that the United States begins to honor its obligations to protect human rights, and will expect that the world community will hold us to the same account we hold others.


"On taking office, I will put all parties on notice – including the Israeli government, the Palestinian Authority, and the Hamas administration in Gaza – that future U.S. support will depend on respect for human rights and compliance with international law. All three administrations will also be held responsible for preventing attacks by non-state actors on civilians or military personnel of any nationality. The parties will be given 60 days to each demonstrate unilateral material progress towards these ends.

"Material progress will be understood to include but not be limited to an end to the discriminatory apartheid policies within the state of Israel, the removal of the Separation Wall, a ban on assassination, movement toward denuclearization, the release of all political prisoners and journalists from Israeli and Palestinian prisons, disarmament of non-state militias, and recognition of the right of self-determination for both Israelis and Palestinians.

"Failure by any party to demonstrate sufficient material progress will result in the end of U.S. military and economic aid to that party. Should the end of U.S. aid fail to cause a party to redirect its policies and to take steps resulting in sufficient material progress within an additional 60 days, I will direct my State Department to initiate diplomacy intended to isolate and pressure the offending party, including the use of economic sanctions and targeted boycott. In this way, U.S. policy will begin to become consistent with its practices regarding other violators of human rights and international law in the region."

Sounds like a doable as well as an honorable plan. Sounds like international "tough love" from a statesperson with a moral compass not a gamesperson with "human rights and welfare off the table."

A President Stein would have a spine!

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Submitted by ralphbon on

I don't know if Barry Commoner was the first, but his Presidential run preceded Stein's by 32 years. Also, why "Jewish-American"? Did anyone call Kennedy "Catholic-American"?

Apart from which, Go Jill!

chicago dyke's picture
Submitted by chicago dyke on

but still, it doesn't suck that she's both female and a jew and i get to vote for her not only for those reasons, but because everything she says is sofa king awesome. this is the candidate i want to vote for, over and over at every level. that her gender and "race" will piss off a bunch of haters? that's just gravy.

i hope she doesn't drop out after this election cycle. i don't really know that much about her, i've just been following her campaign stuff for this election. i've yet to be upset by anything she has said. wow, is that refreshing! liberating, even. because it makes one realize, "yes! i really can vote for someone and not have blood on my hands as a result!" after so many years of doing so, well. it's nice to feel that i can at last do better.

(love your grav, btw. i hope your essence is Pure, like rainwater and grain alcohol ;-)

Submitted by libbyliberal on

When I said something about the long-shot and this was before I knew corporate media conspiracy would be so incredibly blackouting of her, she smiled graciously and said, "This is my fifth election. It won't be my last." She'll be around I'm praying and the ripples of truth and sanity will continue on. Who knew they would take so damn long with this citizenry!!!

I just suggested in my last blog we wear black arm bands nationally on election day.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Would I have called JFK a Catholic American or an Irish American? Or a Catholic-Irish American? None I suppose, but if I were trying to make a point about his background I would. I was using "Jewish" not just as a religious background.

I am sorry if I was politically incorrect. Stein's website didn't use the American party btw so that should have clued me. They also asserted she was the "first".

Nice to see ya, btw!

best, libby