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Before 2:00PM EST: Ask Obama about Coin Seigniorage at #AskObama

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President Obama Takes To Twitter: #AskObama

President Obama has really taken to Twitter. Not only is he now actually tweeting from his own account, the White House is throwing its first “tweetup” this afternoon. The over 2 million followers of the White House Twitter account will have the opportunity to tweet their questions at the prez, who will answer them via video at a Twitter Townhall 2 p.m. this afternoon.

Ask him about Coin Seigniorage and link to Letsgetitdone's post. He won't read it, but other people will and it is a chance to spread the word.

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Pravda: "New-sless". Unless you consider the fact that Obama's a lying weasel news. RD. Krugman. David Dayen. TPM. Nothing front-paged at Kos (6:14PM EST). Perhaps they're embarassed?

I wish I had time to go through Obama's tweets point out the lies. But I don't think I have time.

UPDATE Atrios.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

But, of course, they controlled the tweets that would get through.


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it is less important to get thru to Obama than to other people monitoring the #AskObama hashtag