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2012: They Were Warned

(This one isn't a Blast From Yer Past as such, as it's only about a year old. It had been only a year since Barack Martin Luther Aquinas Gandhi Timberlake Obama The One came out on top in what the Democrats called The Most Important Election Since The Earth Cooled To A Temperature Conducive To Life. He hadn't been in office quite a year, but the dissatisfaction was already percolating; he'd bailed out a buttload of banks and Wall Street outfits, foreclosures were skyrocketing and so was unemployment, and people were starting to figure out that the super-duper important historically historic healthcare "reform" bill was a total piece of shit. So, gang, let's cast our brains back but a year...)

It's the end of the world as they know it...
but they feel fine!

Those of you who've followed my work for any length of time will remember my complaints about the early start of the Presidential "election" cycle (John Edwards announced on Christmas Week, 2006) in the form of the four-part "Jackass Slate for 2008".

So, here it is, at least a year before the "official" start of the 2012 Presidential campaign season, and here I am already doing a '12 Election cartoon. I don't know what else I can say for myself, other than that when the muse visits me, she absolutely refuses to quit pestering me until I've committed a creation to paper. It really was a "perfect storm" of events, recently: we had the epic FAIL of the Obama Administration in the areas of healthcare, the economy, and the war in Afghanistan; the Democrats stumbling in the recent elections in Virginia and elsewhere; the GOP hopefuls for '12 already jockeying for position; Obama's approval rating finally dropping to a level representative of normal objective reality; the ominous spectre of a sound butt-paddling for the Democrats in the 2010 off-year elections -- and a movie just out about the end of the world in 2012, which was pretty much the icing on the conceptual cake.

Now, I'm not into clairvoyance or prophecy or any of that woo-woo, but the events of the past year -- most notably the healthcare "reform" debacle -- had gotten me to thinking that at least in one respect, the Mayans may have been on to something...

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Submitted by ms_xeno on

What a snore-fest the coverage was, not to mention everyone carrying on like it's unusual for these fake "sea changes" to happen in mid-terms.

Thanks to whomever for bourbon, that's all I can say. :/

Submitted by mike flugennock on

Y'mean, there are pundits out there who still say "sea change"? Jeezus, those goddamn' TV jerks may as well hang neon signs around their necks reading "I've never had a single original thought in my life". From what I've seen, they're also still really in love with "paradigm shift". I also think that any reputable physicists should file a class-action suit against the TV networks for what they've done to the term "quantum". But yeah, you're right on about election-night parties; I haven't actually been to any, but from all accounts they'd be about as fun as bashing yourself upside the head with a plank if not for all the booze (and, in some cases, drugs). If your comment is any barometer, it sounds like the folks at your party missed out on a chance at a really good drinking game -- basically, everybody has to do a shot whenever a news anchor or pundit says "sea change", "bloodbath", "house-cleaning", "paradigm shift", "wake-up call", or "the center". Well, at least we'll have plenty of time to make up our Bullshit Bingo cards for '12.

Letterman had a really good bit on this evening, right after the monologue; it was his "Late Show Election Night Coverage Wrap-Up", which was basically a twenty-second montage of news anchors saying "bloodbath". Myself, I think we're really due for a definite paradigm shift in the use of shopworn jargon, and that people should be empowered to stop using empty bullshit language.