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"2L4O: Too Left for Obama / Too Liberal for Obama" message becomes timelier by the day

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The following is a message I sent yesterday to the 200+ wearers of 2L4O shirts.

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I was a lifelong Democrat who worried, during the 2008 campaign, about Barack Obama's constant validation of rightwing narratives. But on Election Day, I "held my nose" about those reservations and voted for him for President.

How has that worked out? As a Facebook friend said the other day: "Obama has dragged the goalposts so far to the right that Richard Nixon isn't even on the field any more."

Worse, still: Obama's ongoing admirers and defenders now support--actively or by their silence--policies they used to protest. Policies of militarism, corporatism, and "sacrifice" only by the most vulnerable.

The typical response by progressives, if they acknowledge this at all, is to edge toward the shallow-end of Obama support... but never getting out of the pool.

For example, one of today's highest-rated posts on Democratic Underground describes the writer's dressing down of an Obama for America telemarketer about the president's disappointing conservatism. A few minutes after posting it, its author edited it to add: "I will 100% vote for Obama and would never vote GOP or 3rd party. I would also not primary Obama."

This week, Glenn Greenwald featured one of my cartoons about Democrats' increasingly absurd denial tactics, saying it "captured, in cartoon form, exactly what the rhetorical strategy will be for dealing with liberal anger over [the budget] deal."

2L4O: Too Left for Obama / Too Liberal for Obama

The 2012 election season is beginning to take shape. Now is the time to encourage others who care about left/liberal policy to declare themselves 2L4O.

In practical terms, being 2L4O is committing not to support Obama's re-election, instead to advocate for a primary and/or third-party challenge from the left.

Read why peace activist Cindy Sheehan, black-issues activist/editor Bruce A. Dixon, single payer health care advocate Dr. Margaret Flowers, and historian Paul Street have declared themselves "2L4O."

Please do what you can to get the 2L4O message out

Share the link with left/liberal friends, help publicize it on blogs and forums... and blab about it to any journalists or minor celebrities you might know.

If you do, please consider also helping publicize your favorites among the 2L4O-supporting blogs listed on the home page. They get a % of the proceeds of 2L4O shirt sales, which helps them keep blogging inconvenient truths. Remaining profits, if any, help support my blogging, something I've done for over five years without requesting (or receiving) a penny.

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Submitted by regulararmyfool on

I've reached the conclusion that President Obama will try to destroy the "safety net" for the 99 percent who are not rich during his first term.

Then he will change parties and run for President in 2012 as a Republican.

This is the only thing that explains all of his actions as President for me.