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2L4O (Too Liberal for Obama) update

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Initial response to 2L4O has been terrific! Our shirts are being worn in every corner of the United States, and a whole mess o' states in-between. We've even smuggled one off to the UK.

Your help getting the word out can make a big difference in sharing far and wide the message that Barack Obama should heed the call for liberal reform. If he won't, and all indications are that he will not, we need to marshal support for a primary and/or third-party challenge.

Rightwingers have the media's ear, with their claims that Obama's presidency represents a socialist extreme. The reality, of course, is that Obama not only isn't a socialist, he's not a liberal, either.

The absence of visible pressure from the left, and the blaming of "liberalism" for Obama's Bush's Third Term policies, is a disaster in a time that calls for change but is getting none.

Shunning liberal policies and marginalizing the liberal base is this administration's ticket to FAIL. As in the failure to fix our most urgent problems, and — as seen in the MA special election — a ticket to electoral failure, as well.

Rather than respect and listen to the Democrats' traditional base, Obama casts us as:

* "liberal bleeding hearts" (i.e., what he also called "little single-payer advocates")
* "latte-sipping, New York Times-reading, Volvo-driving, no-gun-owning, effete, politically correct, arrogant liberal(s)"
* "Chablis-drinking limousine liberals," who "seem to value rights and entitlements over duties and responsibilities."

Your 2L4O purchase is a conversation starter for a badly overdue conversation. It also provides financial support to yours truly and the promotional partners listed below. After four years of free blogging, I offer a hearty thank you for that!

We've just begun to get the word out. If you support the 2L4O message, please do one or more of the following...

* Use Digg, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to build interest in 2L4O
* Post about 2L4O in forums, blog comments, etc.
* Share it with liberals and/or media types who might help publicize it. Do you know a minor celebrity? A journalist? A political activist? An on-the-fence blogger who might at least tell the world that this constituency exists?
* Contact me ( with fresh ideas on how to popularize 2L4O

If you care to do any of the above, please also take the opportunity to publicize your favorite 2L4O-promoting blog and suggest that purchasers name it as the referrer (thus rewarding them with commissions).

In order of appearance, current 2L4O-supporting blogs are:

* Correntewire (you are here!)
* The Widdershins (commissions pledged to Lambert at Correntewire)
* Blue Lyon (commissions pledged to Doctors Without Borders)
* No Blood for Hubris
* Wampum
* Tennessee Guerilla Women
* The Sideshow


For each shirt sold from 2/4/10 until the first batch runs out, 2L4O will donate a dollar to Doctors Without Borders for Haitian-relief efforts.

There will be a price increase once we restock, with a switch to union-made/American-made shirts, which should be available for sale around the end of the month.

Again, thanks to all who have helped us get off to a great start, and may you wear your 2L4O shirt in good health and good policy!

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

I sent one of the four I bought to our son who is living there.

The shirts are great, by the way! The first good in-your-face thing I've had since my "NObama" bumper stickers (as in plural - multiples on every car!).

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Submitted by vastleft on

Obama skeptics across the water!

Thanks much for your support!

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Forgive me, vast. I have been pulled away from corrente lately. Good going with this.

I wish to purchase two shirts but am someone who does not like to use credit card #s online. Is there a box number to send checks to, maybe? I am sure there are some like me. I will explore your links further on this.

There is an important tipping point ... like the first step in recovery in 12 step programs... admitting how unmanageable things are and only then can recovery happen... and many are still in denial re the Manchurian betrayals of Obama -- Obama has willfully failed us and is following the corporatist agenda giving occasional lip service to paralyzed progressive followers which helps media and corporate Dems patronize us, as you so well express above.

We are giving truth to power. Tough love call it to supposedly our party. Not to call out the betrayals of constitutional laws and protections, checks and balances because Obama is a nice guy and a Dem, is cronyism... or the worst kind of codependency... stay low-iinformed and prayerful Obama will turn out not to be who he apparently is.

We need the momentum of that decision, that non-denying PUBLICLY affirmed truth to power. Obama is anti-progressive.. Obama is working against us, not glacially or incrementally or "pragmatically" (I hate that bullshit word from the single payer fight) for us, and we must do this to coalesce more strongly as a movement and to use the gravity of this situation to pull more progressives who are lost to "hope" back to us. (Hope was the last temptation of Christ!)

This shirt is another commitment to truth and helps bring us to that "critical mass" moment. This is where that important divide is among us progressives and we need to get the proverbial 100 monkeys on board declaring firmly how profoundly wounding Obama's leadership is to our democracy before the whole monkey nation will embrace the truth. The DENIAL is still stunning or call it MINIMIZATION among our compatriots who want to stay in love with O's potential. And his media persona so engaging. It divides us.

Obama has crossed the moral divide, actually crossed it early on with his cold shouldering of bloody "due process" ... WTF??? ... and those still with him have, too. We must call them and Obama out about this. Those of us who have not drunk the kool aid, this fresh hell kool aid, need to make it known THERE IS A MORAL DIVIDE!!! Hello????? We are hurtling down an amoral slippery slope as a rogue country. And we thought getting rid of Bush would stop this slope. Tragically it did not.

I wrote this haiku this week:

Political Charisma Can Con

Obama's affect
endears, but his ineffect's
not to be endured.

I wrote a few more angry ones. I may post them all later.

Thanks for your creativity to assert truth to power!