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2L4O update!

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Pictured: Paul Street with his 2L4O: Too Left for Obama shirt

There are just three shirts left from the first batch of "2L4O: Too Liberal for Obama" T-shirts, the ones we made before our crossover to all USA/Union-made apparel.

Shirts from the original edition are now priced at only $4.00 each (+S&H), and we'll drop the price by $1 each day until they're are gone... or the price reaches $1. And no matter how low the price is, $1 from each first-batch shirt goes to Doctors Without Borders. Additionally, promoting sites Blue Lyon and Tildology have pledged their referrers' commissions to DWB. So, you can look sharp during your Robert Gibbs-ordered drug test... and help get healthcare to needy people, all at the same time!

USA/Union-made 2L4O shirts are in-stock in all sizes, for $18 each (+S&H) in both "Too Liberal for Obama" and "Too Left for Obama" versions.

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