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"50 years ago, Franklin McCain and 3 friends asked for coffee at a 'whites only' lunch counter in Greensboro."

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The Charlotte Observer:

"The more we talked, the more we felt we were living out the lie," McCain said. "The only thing we'd done is dissected a system, criticized it and our parents and other folk who tried to nurture us.

"We didn't like that feeling."

So the night before, the four decided to sit down at the Woolworth's lunch counter. Back then, F.W. Woolworth had stores around the country and overseas - big enough to bring their protest visibility.

"We were trying to make as big a statement as we could," McCain said. "We wanted to exploit a racial dichotomy in terms of service."

They met at the A&T library after classes the next day to go into town.

They'd show no violence.

The four entered the store about 3:20 p.m. They made their purchases and then took four seats at the near-empty lunch counter.

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