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8th General Whupped Rummy's New Military in Wargame

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Retired Marine Gen. Paul Van Riper is the 8th US General to call for sacking Von Rumsfeld. He retired in 1997 but participated in the Millennium Challenge '02 war games, staged by the US military at a cost of $250 million. Van Riper was the commander of a fictional middle eastern state (Iraq, or possibly Iran) attempting to repel a US attack.

The games were designed to test experimental new tactics and doctrines advocated by the defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, and were referred to in Pentagon-speak as "military transformation".
[Van Riper] sent orders with motorcycle couriers to evade sophisticated electronic eavesdropping equipment. When the US fleet sailed into the Gulf, he instructed his small boats and planes to move around in apparently aimless circles before launching a surprise attack which sank a substantial part of the US navy. The war game had to be stopped and the American ships "refloated" so that the US forces stood a chance.
- Julian Borger in The Guardian UK.

So much for the WIngnut talking point: the Dissident MueslixFascistoIslamoNutsie Retired US Generals are just pissed about Rummy's fully Cybernetic Military of the Future...

The Army Times has the gory details of the operation:

[Van Riper] was highly critical of the command's concepts, such as "effects-based operations" and "rapid, decisive operations," which he derided as little more than "slogans."
Van Riper said he became so frustrated during the game that he quit his position as Opposing Force commander halfway through.

He did so, he said, to avoid presenting one of his Opposing Force subordinates with a moral dilemma. That subordinate was retired Army Col. George Utter, a full-time Joint Forces Command employee who, as the Opposing Force chief of staff, was responsible for taking Van Riper's commands and making them happen in the simulation.

But several days into the exercise, Van Riper realized his orders weren't being followed.

There's something to be said aobut efficiency and and effectiveness, and reality-based testing of abstract theories. Today's "high efficiency" (read: worked to the limit) workforce understands this very well. But the Bushies have no use for these concepts because in the end they don't give a fuck. All that matters is loyalty.

* Via Mitch in the comment boards at Sadly, No!, where you can find a photo of the COBAG Trekkie who slimed the generals last week, Daffyydd McWingnut.

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