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How America became radicalized

I think we first became aware that something was horribly wrong with our country during the great penis hunt. People were appalled by the Kenneth Starr's abuse of power. After the Monica Lewinsky story broke Clinton's numbers went up to 71% percent approval rating. Trent Lott joked that just a few more scandals and it would be 100% approval. Somehow the significance of that was lost on the Read more about How America became radicalized

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TPP: Will Voters Re-elect Laughing Stocks to the Senate?

Let's review the devious process for passing the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill devised by the Republicans I outlined in my last post. It has the following steps:

– Step one: the House passes a TPA bill without passing Trade Adjustments Assistance (TAA); then

– Step two: the Republicans in the Senate give assurances to Senate Democrats that TAA will be passed by the Senate and later the House;

– Step three: the Senate then passes the House's TPA bill, and then sends it to the President; then Read more about TPP: Will Voters Re-elect Laughing Stocks to the Senate?

#BlackLivesMatter sprayed on Confederate statue in Charleston

Post and Courier:

A statue near The Battery memorializing Confederate defenders was found vandalized Sunday with the message “Black lives matter.”

Charleston County Consolidated Dispatch received a call just after 12:30 p.m. informing them of the spray-painted damage to the allegorical monument, “To the Confederate Defenders of Charleston — Fort Sumter,” placed by The United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Fun with the Sunlight Foundation API

Here's a chart of who uses the word "socialism" in Congress:

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Sam Seder explains why Donald Trump actually matters

Don't Be Fooled: Republicans Fear Donald Trump
Brilliant analysis of what Donald Trump is likely to say in the first debate. Read more about Sam Seder explains why Donald Trump actually matters

Skepticism on Dylann Roof's "manifesto" and website

I saw the story of Dylann Roof's website break on my Twitter feed this morning, and in a just a few hours it's in the New York Times. The site contains images of Roof, as well as a manifesto in text. Here's the text (icky). Here's an image (icky): Read more about Skepticism on Dylann Roof's "manifesto" and website

Bernie Sanders, New York ballot access, and seriousness

As matters stand now, Sanders can't get on the Democratic ballot unless he registers as a Democrat or gets the permission of the Democrat Party, because of a law named Wilson-Pakula. Capital New York: Read more about Bernie Sanders, New York ballot access, and seriousness

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Trumka should call a general strike for Monday, and tell everybody to hit the streets with TPP messages - or else, resign.

Probably illegal, but at least it's not treason, like the TPP.

Here is the lovely email I got from, today:

Fast Track Resisters,

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Scott Walker's budget FAIL

Scott Walker changes timing on 2016 announcement

With Wisconsin's state budget impasse dragging on for another week, Gov. Scott Walker is changing the timetable when he may officially get in the presidential race — now linking it to the budget year, rather than when he actually signs the budget.

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The Scott Walker Kleptocracy

Scott Walker's Wisconsin jobs agency gave out $124 million without review

More than two dozen awards worth more than $124 million were made to companies without a formal staff review by the underwriting department of Gov. Scott Walker's economic development agency, it reported Friday.

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75% of Canadians Polled Never Heard of TPP

From: From 75 per cent of Canadians unaware of TPP negotiations: poll

Fully 75 per cent of respondents said they had never heard of the TPP before being asked about it by the pollster.
The telephone poll of 1,002 Canadians was conducted June 3-12 and is considered accurate within plus or minus 3.2 percentage points, 19 times in 20.

Louisville Fraternal Order of Police goes completely round the twist

Check this out:

And here's page two: Read more about Louisville Fraternal Order of Police goes completely round the twist

Sanders (and others) on the Charleston shootings

From the Twitter:


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