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The Democratic nomenklatura and #BlackLivesMatter

Interesting story in WaPo today: Why Hillary Clinton and her rivals are struggling to grasp Black Lives Matter. Just in case they buried the lead, I started reading at the end:

[Clinton's] post drew some praise from activists online. [@deray] Mckesson, the organizer who had been invited to attend Clinton’s announcement speech, told his Twitter followers that it was “solid.”

But he added a dose of skepticism: Compared with her rivals, after all, she got off easy.

“She also had time to craft it,” Mckesson wrote. “She should’ve been at Netroots.”

And Clinton wasn't at Netroots. Did she not care? Perhaps not, given 2008. Or was she warned? Say, by the Netroots leadership or the chair of the panel that #BlackLivesMatter disrupted*? It will be interesting to see if any Clinton events are actually disrupted over the next few news cycles, as in activists storming the stage. If nothing like that happens... Read more about The Democratic nomenklatura and #BlackLivesMatter

In the garden: After the thunderstorm (again)

One more from the thunderstorm two days ago. Read more about In the garden: After the thunderstorm (again)

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Quest for a Narrative Representation of Power Relations

He found the nodal points. Sometimes, falling asleep in Santa Monica, he wondered vaguely if there might be a larger system, a field of greater perspective. --William Gibson, Idoru

Representation is the essence of social engineering. --Fred Brooks, adapted

(Originally published at Naked Capitalism, and slightly revised.)

Last April, I was enchanted by a diagram of the "web of corruption" surrounding New Jersey Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Chris Christie, which the New York Times coyly labels "the Lane Closings," but which you and I know as BridgeGate. I encourage you to go view the original article at full size, and spend a little time reading it. This is the diagram, created by Bill Marsh and Kate Zernike: Read more about Quest for a Narrative Representation of Power Relations

In the garden: After the thunderstorm

Water-beaded petals, the oldest trick in the book. Still beautiful, though! Read more about In the garden: After the thunderstorm

In the garden: Serendipity

This is a view from my desk. Not unpretty, but there is a pattern to it: Read more about In the garden: Serendipity

David Dayen on the #BlackLivesMatter protest at Netroots Nation

I'll ignore O'Malley, who apparently melted down. First, the words of the protesters:

Now tweets in event sequence: Read more about David Dayen on the #BlackLivesMatter protest at Netroots Nation

Occupy Police!

Parody of “Every Breath You Take” by The Police (Could it get more ironic?)

Every Breath We Take
by libbyliberal
(In memory of Eric Garner)

With every breath we take at every move you make,
every bod you break, every life you take,
we’ll be watching you.

All the blood you spill, every wanton kill,
every kid you grill, every cage you fill,
we’ll be watching you. Read more about Occupy Police!

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Would you know a revolution if you saw one?

Clinton and Sanders Take Aim at Different Targets as Democrats Gather in Iowa

Hillary Clinton trains her attacks on Republicans, while Bernie Sanders says the real problem is the ‘billionaire class’

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Rep. Donna Edwards calls for support of Obama's Iran deal

Edwards attacks Democratic primary opponent Van Hollen over Iran deal

President Obama’s Iran agreement is dividing Democrats in Maryland’s Senate primary, reflecting the difficult choice many in the party face.

In the garden: Before and after

Here is a poppy before the big truck blew by.... Read more about In the garden: Before and after

In the garden: Dreams (or plans) coming true

Actually, I'm not sure if this fly is a pollinator or not. But it's certainly acting like one! Read more about In the garden: Dreams (or plans) coming true

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The Saudi lobby

WikiLeaks Shows a Saudi Obsession With Iran

The documents from Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry illustrate a near obsession with Iran, with diplomats in Africa, Asia and Europe monitoring Iranian activities in minute detail and top government agencies plotting moves to limit the spread of Shiite Islam.


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