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Bernie has his work cut our for him

Forget the misleading headline, Hillary maintains commanding leads in all the polls of early states. Clearly Bernie has won the Anybody-but-Hillary vote, but we were always in the minority. Sanders needs to extend his support to Democrats who have not made up their minds and Hillary's softer supporters. That will not be easy now that she is on the campaign trail. Read more about Bernie has his work cut our for him

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Obama saw his supporters “like a tiger you can’t control”

Jon Schwarz

So while the Democratic party itself would have been much more powerful overall if Obama had kept his grassroots mobilized and involved, Obama himself and his most important donors and supporters would have been less powerful within the Democratic party. So Obama let the enthusiasm and activism surrounding his candidacy dissipate, all his supporters stayed home in 2010 and Obama’s party suffered a catastrophic collapse.

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The lost opportunity of 2009

Looking at the California drought, I am struck by the lost opportunity of 2009. When I saw Inconvenient Truth I really thought that the Democratic leadership would recognize the danger and respond to the challenge. It seems many others thought the same thing. When I think of how hard we all worked to reclaim our majorities and put a Democrat in the White House, I can only stare at the way our leadersheep threw away an historic opportunity to save the environment and revive the economy. Obama could have been a 21st century FDR, instead he chose Smirk's third and fourth term. Read more about The lost opportunity of 2009

Ted Cruz as a college debater

London Review of Books:

During his Princeton debating career, Cruz caused his team to lose a competition when an opponent from Yale (the future Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee, as it happens) went after Cruz’s favourite talking point, about how his father emigrated from Cuba with nothing more than $100 sewn into his underwear, noting that, heroic as the tale might be, it really didn’t shed much light on the subject under discussion, the growth of the federal deficit. ‘How dare you insult my father!’

Eesh. Grab some bench, rook. The elites at play aspect (Cruz vs. Goolsbee) aside, I can't imagine a serious debater deploying ad hominem as some sort of crushing rebuttal. Not even a serious high school debater. Read more about Ted Cruz as a college debater

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TPP: Fast –Track, the Next Rounds In Congress

The roll call 126-302 vote (Roll call 361) defeating the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) bill was a result worth a little celebrating on Friday, since it was a very decisive victory on that particular vote, and also stopped the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) fast track bill from being sent to the President's desk for signature. If the vote on TAA hadn't failed, it would have been far more difficult (I don't say impossible as many do) to defeat all manner of “free trade” agreements (aka multinational sovereignty agreements), including the currently scheduled Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and the Trade in Services (TiSA) agreements over the next year or so.

Everything we know about these agreements is that they would have been a disaster for all but an extremely small segment of the people of the United States. So, we ought to be overjoyed that, for now, fast-track is stalled in the House, and may get pigeon-holed there for quite some time to come, if the re-vote on TAA fails. Still as Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, and Bill Black say in their recent posts, this stall may be short-lived if we don't keep up the pressure and make sure that the Republicans and Democrats in Congress, along with the President are, unsuccessful in reversing Friday's vote on the TAA. Read more about TPP: Fast –Track, the Next Rounds In Congress

In the garden: More effloresence

Probably a bit too much like a dark tapestry, but that's what I did so that the white peony flower didn't flow out.

And I don't know what I did to deserve this: Read more about In the garden: More effloresence

In the garden: Effloresence!

Columbines under the evil Norway Maple. They self-seed, and the winter was tough, so I don't have as many as I did last year. But then, even with lots of perennials and self-seeding annuals, every year is different anyhow! Read more about In the garden: Effloresence!

Quick random thoughts on TAA/TPP

It's late, and I have to post some flower pictures, so this will be a bit scattered.

1) Have I mentioned lately what an asshole Obama is? His meeting with the House caucus didn't turn the tide on Friday, and could even have made things worse; some members came out saying he'd impugned their integrity. Welcome aboard the S.S. Lame Duck, Mr. President! Read more about Quick random thoughts on TAA/TPP

In the garden: Little stars

Each little white flower in the galaxy will turn into a raspberry, so most of my patch came through the winter. (Although there seems to be underground movement by shoots away from the source of pain and danger, the road, and into other beds farther away from it.) Anyhow, the pedestrians who pick them will be happy!) Read more about In the garden: Little stars

The 29 hour work week: It's not just for nasty Republican restaurant owners anymore ;-).

I have a bad habit of looking at employment opportunities on about every web site I visited, even when I visit the zoo. Today was no exception. And what to my wondering eyes should bleed all over the page but a whole list of jobs with 29 hour work weeks! -- at least in the lowly positions, which are most of them. So sorry, college students. Thanks to a horribly thought out law, you can't earn that extra $400/month... Unless you can find two employers who will allow you to coordinate the irregular hours that typically come with part-time work, not to mention the extra commute time. Read more about The 29 hour work week: It's not just for nasty Republican restaurant owners anymore ;-).

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9 / 9 (100%) of NJ Librarians Never heard of "TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership"

Yesterday, and the day before, I interacted with librarians in Avon, NJ, regarding my anti-TPP-Ignorance flyer. Today I added 2 librarians in Belmar, NJ, 2 in Bradley Beach, NJ, and 3 in Wall, NJ to the list.

I didn't bring my tablet, so there's no video evidence of what I found out. If you don't want to take my word for it, that'd be a good thing if you grabbed your own tablet or cell phone, and did your own video survey where you live, and then posted the video and summarized your findings. Read more about 9 / 9 (100%) of NJ Librarians Never heard of "TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership"

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Fast -Track: It Looks Like It's In Pelosi's Lap or Maybe Not!

There are 246 Republicans and 188 Democrats in the House. Republicans, led by John Boehner and Paul Ryan, say they are confident about having enough votes to hold a successful floor vote on Friday, June 12th.. However, Politico reports that Republican sources are saying they will get anywhere from 180 – 200 votes for fast-track, which doesn't sound very different from their at least 190 vote estimate as of June 3rd.

So, that leaves anywhere from 46 – 66 Republican opponents of the legislation. The top of this range is very near the maximum of 57 Republicans that TPP opponents have previously estimated could vote against it, except that on the high side it acknowledges the possibility that Republicans may have lost ground compared to a week ago.

Last week, also, supporters of the bill reportedly could not count on more than 17 Democrats to vote for it, and no more than 20 after all the maneuvering and politicking has occurred. Today, the number of committed TPP Democrats seems to be 20, with the recent addition of Don Beyer (D-VA), Kathleen Rice (D-NY), and Jim Himes (D-CT). So, it appears not much progress has been made toward the 218 votes required to carry the fast-track authority in spite of all the activity and much posturing from the pro-TPP forces. Read more about Fast -Track: It Looks Like It's In Pelosi's Lap or Maybe Not!

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Skill-Biased Technological Change

Once, clever people seeking to make money by flattering rich people could become writers; now, they can become economists. For the merely glib, however, there is always the option of being an economics correspondent.

Take the example of one Justin Fox. Read more about Skill-Biased Technological Change

In the garden: The flowers that bloom in the spring

After the simple sequence of forsythia, lilacs, iris, roses comes the complexity; lots of flowers starting to bloom all at once!

The very first blossom from my wildflowers ("Shady Mix"). I know I sewed them too thickly, but last year I did the same thing, and it worked fine, and I always worry that not enough will come up. This will be pretty amazing when the poppies start blooming! Read more about In the garden: The flowers that bloom in the spring


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