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Doing The Math - The Number of Americans Killed By Right Wing Terrorism In The 90s

Yesterday morning witnessed the first terrorist attack against an American on American soil of a new administration. During the last Democratic administration, we saw a rising number of terrorist attacks unleashed by the American right against their fellow citizens Indeed, almost twice as many Americans were killed by right wing American terrorists as were killed by foreign terrorists.

So, let's tote the numbers up. I've assembled the list of American deaths from foreign terrorism from the State Department's Global Patterns in Terrorism released yearly.


Six Americans dead in the WTC attack. Those were the only American deaths from terrorism that year.

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Blogging: Tool Against the Apocalypse or Soul-Sucking Waste of Time (Part 873)


Andrew McCarthy at Echindne has thrown in the towel.

In the comments (ironically), Andrew fleshes out his reasoning:

"My biggest objection to blogging (as usually practiced) is that the "format" doesn't really allow room for deep thinking. It puts a premium on fast response time and provocative "sound bytes".

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No excuses for the FKD on torture

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Pro-Lifers Joyful After Doctor Murdered


I won't link to Free Republic or their sister sites, but I can report that FoxNews is carrying comments lauding the shooter who murdered Dr. Read below the fold...

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Too bad it's not appropriate to look back at the 2008 campaign...


... otherwise, we could watch dissectin' Danny Schechter tell the story they* didn't want you to know about: Barack Obama's historically historic historicism.

Ain't it grand? He's the "People's** PresidentTM"!


* Other than the entire media and blogosphere, and nearly every Democratic insider Read below the fold...

That uptick in gun sales? Was Dr. George Tiller killed by a new gun or older, purchased or stolen?

Wichita Eagle reports Dr. George Tiller, a doctor who performed abortions, among them late term abortions, in Kansas, was killed while approaching his church this morning, just after 10 AM.

Tiller was shot just after 10 a.m. at Reformation Lutheran Church at 7601 E. 13th, where he was a member of the congregation. Witnesses and a police source confirmed Tiller was the victim.

No information has been released about whether a suspect is in custody.

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Accountable health care

The FKD at work

Appalling. No time to post at length, but do go read. Read below the fold...

Frank Rich gives McClatchy/Knight Ridder a shout out

Better still, Rich makes the explicit comparison between that coverage, and the Times's own disinformation campaign in favor of the Iraq invasion.

Rich writes: Read below the fold...

Thailand roundup


the Red Shirts are starting a newspaper, the Red News. It always starts with media reform, doesn't it? Read below the fold...

Obama tries to resettle Gitmo Uighurs in Australia


The United States has made a new request for Australia to accept a group of detainees from Guantanamo Bay for resettlement, a government spokeswoman said on Saturday.

The request is the first by President Barack Obama's administration, which plans to close down the detention camp in Cuba within the next year.

Always nice to see the administration thinking outside the box, and not simply repeating what Bush did.

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About cap and trade

Not my area, but Willem Buiter in The Financial Times has this to say on cap and trade: Read below the fold...

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Can Majority Stakeholders Throw out the Leaders?

Just askin'......

"International investors own about 51 percent of the $6.36 trillion in marketable U.S. government debt outstanding, up from 35 percent in 2000, according to data compiled by the Treasury. "

Am I unclear on this concept?

Oh, and here is a great quote: Read below the fold...

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Local-food blasphemy?

Via Neural Gourmet's twitter feed, one finds a post that's skeptical about the benefits of local food-growing.

Naturally, so to speak, the most-local form of growing is growing your own food, a most auspicious pursuit. Though if/when survival comes down to that, I'm a dead man.

Anyone who knows anything about growing and/or economics want to weigh in on whether the author of that post should get an olive branch or rotten tomatoes? Read below the fold...


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