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After a ritual denunciation of the PUMAs, BooMan goes on, sanely, to ask the right question:

How can we possibly believe that Evan Thomas is an objective reporter when he is comparing the president to God?

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Queen killer


Dear ad server, is it necessary that this image, for something called "Evony," shows up every three seconds on feminist-friendly blogs?

Couldn't you share with us something more uplifting? Like this montage from an inspiring progressive video, which figures prominently in Eric Boehlert's "Bloggers on the Bus":

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Marigolds as companion plants for tomatos

Will any old marigold do? Do they have to be scented? Read below the fold...

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Village, what village?

Mike Lux:

Presidents generally get about the media coverage they deserve.

Time to shut down the blogosphere. All is well in the mainstream! Read below the fold...

The disconnect

Chris Bowers:

By comparison to the rally, where applause for Specter was muted and anger toward Specter was bubbling below the surface, the state committee gave him multiple standing ovations. ...

Maybe it's always been this way -- the disconnect between the insiders and the people they supposedly serve (though possibly with both hands). Has it always been this bad? Read below the fold...

Eqyptian reaction to Obama's Cairo speech

(A little late with this; RL apologizes on my behalf. Here's the text. ) As always, McClatchy has the best coverage; here's their roundup of reactions. What the Egyptian bloggers said:

# Mohammed Salem, a.k.a. Sand Monkey, an Egyptian blogger and government critic: "It's not really a new beginning as much as it eased everybody's minds. It all depends on his actions."

# Wael Abbas, a blogger who's exposed torture by Egyptian police: "I was hoping for more (on democracy and human rights abuses). He was not really direct."

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What Gail said

All-star lineup

Go read the PowerPoints and listen to the audio. Read below the fold...

The size of the problem


Note the comment count on the two posts.

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"We're not robots!" (OFA health care meeting trip report)

[Welcome, OFA readers! (The OFA page has no links for individual comments that I can find, so I can't cite back to the link. Therefore, I've included a screen dump of the thread below. -- lambert]

There were quite a few Organizing for America (OFA) health care organizing "kickoff" meetings in my area today. I chose to go to the one listed as sponsored by a slew of "your-organization-here for Obama" groups in order to do some outreach. Read below the fold...

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Versailles vs America


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