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Shock doctrine comes to CA, targeting the working class, poor

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Below is a great, in-depth report by Al Jazeera on the failure of the richest state in the United States and how the government cuts deal a lethal body blow to Californians, particularly the working class and those below poverty. The rabid, right-wing is truly holding the state hostage with Da Governator leading the assault on the most vulnerable.

Part One

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Well done: Shuttle Launch Scrubbed for Safety's Sake


Way better news from Cape Canaveral than we might have had, this morning.

Endeavour didn't launch as scheduled -- and yes, that's a good thing.

Challenger launched in bad weather.

Columbia never arrived home.

Another shuttle mission ending as those two did would give the people who hate the space program all the incentive they need to shut it down, finally and fatally. Read below the fold...

Italian bond caper round-up

RL still calls, but the Italian bond caper makes the FT (see the original Corrente post), with lots of interesting material in the comments, and there's a lengthy article in Reuters as well. Plus lots of great material at Cryptogon. Read below the fold...

Making butter

Looks like good exercise for the arm muscles, too! Read below the fold...

RL calls!

Gardening, coding. Read below the fold...

Dungeons and Dragons

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NPR Joins the Attack on a Health Care Public Plan and Touts Co-ops

[cross posted at NPR Check]

Guess what the biggest obstacle to health care legislation is? Read below the fold...

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AHIP's failing business model

Bara Vaida, National Journal

The health insurance industry is unpopular, a fact that is not lost on Democratic lawmakers. Polls show that Americans blame insurers more than any other part of the health care system for rising costs. CEOs of AHIP companies are now greeted by protesters, such as those who showed up outside the association's national policy forum in March at a downtown Washington hotel just days after Ignagni pledged to work with Obama and Congress. "AHIP, get off it! People over profit!" chanted the collection of protesters, which included Rep. Eric Massa, D-N.Y.

Read below the fold...
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Forever at Square One With Torture Defenders

No Associated Press content was harmed in the writing of this post Read below the fold...

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Simple answers to "he-said / she-said" problems

Don't believe what she said. How's that for a novel soution!

Chris Bowers: Read below the fold...

Robert Reich on Bill Moyers' Journal: Healthcare will be determining fight of Obama's presidency

What Obama does for healthcare will show whether he has the strength and desire to take on vested interests, to stand for the people against the powerful.
Reich said the next 2-4 weeks will determine the healthcare battle, that the trade associations of BHIP* will be getting out their big guns and Obama must get involved to achieve what he wants. Read below the fold...

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The difference being...?

Mike Lux:

Will the Democrats in the House and Senate that are closely allied with big corporate interests back their corporate friends or Obama? Read below the fold...
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No one could have anticipated -- DOMA edition


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