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Why not bailouts for small business NOW NOW NOW?

Get a load of this from Reuters:

The Obama administration is considering a plan to help small businesses through the economic downturn by diverting some of the billions of dollars approved by Congress for bank bailouts, but the idea is at a very preliminary discussion stage, officials said on Friday.

Barclays Capital: Carbon market "in rude health"

How do we know? Reuters:

"The carbon market is in rude health, despite the financial crisis and dramatic price drops across the board," Louis Redshaw said. Trading volumes in greenhouse gas emissions grew by 124 percent in the first half of 2009 over the same period last year while the market value increased by only 22 percent, analysts Point Carbon said last week, reflecting an increase in speculators and a drop in carbon emission prices.

I [heart] Don McCanne

All we really need to do is fix Medicare, and then make enrollment automatic for everyone. But then that would break the bond of trust that President Obama and the members of Congress have established with Karen Ignagni. That seems to be a much stronger bond than they have with the other 306 million of us.

Why don't we turn the banks into regulated public utilities?

Then we might actually see some benefit from them, like lending in the United States.

Take Citi -- please! After we bail them out, they turn around and don't lend our money here. Bloomberg: Read more about Why don't we turn the banks into regulated public utilities?

10 things not to put on your credit card, assuming you still have one

Retreading tires, for example.

Funny, there are plenty of things I can think of that aren't on that list.... Read more about 10 things not to put on your credit card, assuming you still have one


Progressives need to get off the Google grid, or Moderate fauxgressives will hijack what they do. Read the cautionary tale.

NOTE Again, via The Giant Thread comments, which are chock full of interesting stuff. Read more about Meme-jacking

"The giant thread"

Lots of good stuff here, especially about "the Town House." Go read. Read more about "The giant thread"

Well, maybe

Since the attacks on Hansen for wearing the not-Moderate jersey are all mixed up with responses using evidence and reasoning, it's hard to tell who's right.

NOTE Despite, or, at this point, perhaps because of the provenance. Read more about Well, maybe

Times Op-Ed page censors single payer


"Two sides"? Are you shitting me?

That's one side arguing with itself, and the other side left out!

NOTE A more graphic example of the Overton Window in action would be hard to find. Read more about Times Op-Ed page censors single payer

It's hard work to be poor

In Prussia, they ran welfare out of the police department. In the United States, things aren't that different. Barbara Ehrenreich:

Nationally, according to Kaaryn Gustafson, an associate professor at the University of Connecticut Law School, “applying for welfare is a lot like being booked by the police.” There may be a mug shot, fingerprinting and long interrogations as to one’s children’s paternity. The ostensible goal is to prevent welfare fraud, but the psychological impact is to turn poverty itself into a kind of crime.

Predatory algorithmic trading


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