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The AMA as the good guys???

Krugman: Yes. Commenters: Not no -- hell, no. I'm noticing that same phenomenon a lot of places. Good.

Hippie then doesn't mean hippie now, does it? Because the narrative is always evolving... Read more about The AMA as the good guys???

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Rally in Albany NY for Medicare for All

Times Union

ALBANY -- The 44th anniversary of Medicare will be celebrated with a rally at 5 p.m. July 30 at 90 State St., corner of State and Pearl streets, in front of the health insurance industry lobby's headquarters.

Groups will rally for National Single Payer Health care. This event is sponsored by the Capital District Alliance for Universal Healthcare, Hunger Action Network, Single Payer New York, Physicians for a National Health Program, Capital District Area Labor Council, and Troy Area Labor Council.

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Alabama Physician Nominated for Surgeon General


The wingnuts are screaming tonight, because the President's nominee isn't skinny, isn't white, isn't male, and isn't old.

She's changing the face of health care.
Read more about Alabama Physician Nominated for Surgeon General

Goodnight, moon

The other day I put garbage cans over my potatoes, and filled them up with dirt, because I read that would protect the potatoes from late blight. Then nothing, and I started to think I'd killed them, but today the leaves started poking out of the dirt. (I'm not sure how a potato knows which way is up, whether by light, or temperature, or gravity, or some other gradient. Anyhow, they do.)

Anyhow, I'm told that there are early potatoes and late potatoes, but only late potatoes will actually keep growing, in layers, up through the soil of the garbage can. Read more about Goodnight, moon

Rep Weiner to amend HR 3200 (Tri-Committee) to turn it into HR676. CALL NOW!

[I called Waxman's office, and they were familiar with the issue, so people have been calling. They also said that Weiner [pronounced with a long "e] had not introduced the amendment. And then I spoke with Weiner's office, and they were very nice, and said that they would introduce the amendment on Monday. So do call and encourage them. Thanks for this! --lambert]

I've run into this around the blogosphere today. In the hope that it is real, here it is:

July 15, 2009


McClatchy-IPSOS poll:

The survey found the ranks of people who think the country is on the right track dropping to 40 percent, down 12 points since early June and the lowest since Obama took office in January.

As unemployment continues to rise, Americans who say the country' s on the wrong track jumped to 54 percent, a 12-point rise and the highest since Obama took office.

Public option "firewalls" mean that if you don't like your insurance, you're stuck with it anyhow.

To protect the health insurance companies and their business model of denying people care for profit, the Democrats built "firewalls" around the "public option." McClatchy:

Under the main Democratic health bills that are being debated in Congress, many people with job-based insurance could find it difficult to impossible to switch to health plans on a new insurance exchange, even if those plans were cheaper or offered better coverage. The restrictions would extend to any government-run plan.

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Let's fight to keep the GOP relevant!

Is trying to hold people accountable nothing more than "spreading the blame"? Shouldn't those who, you know, have earned balme recently be blamed and held accountable. Read more about Let's fight to keep the GOP relevant!

CA: Legalize marijuana, raise $1.4 billion dollars a year

Well, at least the birthers are good for something


Of course, that is an indication of how batty winger ideas have penetrated the military, which is never good news. Read more about Well, at least the birthers are good for something

Federal complaint: Gitmo was "Animal House." Oh, and there are photos

Does this remind anybody of anything?

The first full-time female FBI agent to be stationed at Guantanamo says she was made to bunk with vermin that gave her a tropical disease and was ostracized because she refused to join in a "spring break" atmosphere in which agents were encouraged to drink, date, and frolic when not interrogating alleged terrorists. She says FBI agents attended parties dressed in "mocking imitation of Arab or Afghan attire" and in orange detainee jumpsuits. And she says she has photos to prove it.

Pelosi: Public option is "next best", after single payer. Don't the American people deserve the best?

Pelosi at C&L:

For 30 years I have supported a single payer plan, but our next best choice is to support an exchange and a public option.

I'm with Obama on this one:

In 2003, that is. Bill Moyers: Read more about Pelosi: Public option is "next best", after single payer. Don't the American people deserve the best?

What can you do besides blog for single payer? Part 5. Take your cue from Nancy Pelosi

Reading through this conversation with Nancy Pelosi [thanks, ct man!], I had a few reactions [as in, *&@$*&^#W%!].

So, without further ado, Nancy [in italics] and me ---


Wed, 07/15/2009 - 11:05 — Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Health care "reform": Insurance companies 4-EVA!!

Izvestia editorial:

And it would send more clients to the private insurance industry. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that perhaps 10 million people might enroll in a new public plan, while twice that number might enroll in competing private policies.

In the words of the old joke:

Now we're just talking price. Read more about Health care "reform": Insurance companies 4-EVA!!

I'm gonna break out the victory gin...


The Federal Reserve expects the economy this year will sink at a slower pace than it previously thought, but that unemployment will top 10 percent and remain high for the next few years, according to a new forecast released Wednesday.

The Fed now predicts the economy will shrink between 1 and 1.5 percent this year, an improvement from its old forecast issued in May. At that time, the Fed projected the economy would contract between 1.3 and 2 percent.


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