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Intersectionality and identity politics

I'm told by a trusted academic that this by Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw is the key source. Here's a typeset PDF, and here's a web version, with less pretty footnotes, but with selectable text: Read below the fold...

In the garden: Victory through squash power

More on those squash:

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Maine Democrats about to get shellacked in the gubernatorial race

Portland Press-Herald:

[Republican Paul] LePage leads [Democrat Mike] Michaud 45 percent to 35 percent, with independent Eliot Cutler at 16 percent and 4 percent undecided, according to the poll of 639 likely voters conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center. The landline and cellphone poll has a 3.8 percent margin of error and was conducted from Oct. 15 to 21, a period that coincided with three televised debates, leaving questions about whether the forums affected the results.

The findings include results that show respondents view Michaud as the more likable candidate, but they believe LePage better understands them.

Opening a ten-point lead with a little more than a week to go? Debates or no, that's not good news for the Democrats.[1]

And in a way, I get that "better understands them." For all that he's gay and out, Michaud is a colorless functionary within the Democratic nomenklatura who has little to recommend him other than his party affiliation. He's not an Edmund Muskie, or even a George Mitchell. There's no there there. By contrast, LePage may be an asshole -- and by "may," I mean "is" -- but he's our asshole. There's no institution that speaks to deep Maine more than Marden's, and LePage was the CEO:

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Why Asher Platts is no longer a Democrat, but a Green

From an interview with the Bangor Daily News:

[PLATTS:] I spent the first ten years of my political life as a Democratic Party activist and turn after turn through the Iraq War and the way the Democrats kept authorizing funding… And saying publicly that they don’t condone torture but after leaks it would turn out that not only did they condone it, they were complicit by not doing anything about it… Between all of that and impeachment proceedings, which the Democratic Party activist base was trying to do everything in their power to bring against the Bush Administration for war crimes and the leadership was doing everything that could be done to stop that from happening. Then from 2008 to 2010, when the party controlled the House, Senate and presidency, and here in Maine they controlled the governorship and both sections of the legislature, nothing progressive happened. In fact, here in Maine in 2009, Democrats voted for a flat tax, which is just crazy to me.

I became very disillusioned. I had believed very strongly in the idea that you stay in the Democratic Party and reform it but I had spent ten years doing that and it had only gotten worse. I had worked for Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaign and I saw the immune response the party has within its various apparatuses to any progressive voices and I was just like, alright, this entire power structure has been build to prevent itself from reform. So I gave up on trying to reform an essentially broken structure and decided to work towards building a different structure entirely. The Green Party is that structure.

Well, maybe. Read below the fold...

Jack Trammell: The government is like a household

Some Blue Dog-centric Democratic apparatchik seems to have laid eggs in Jack Trammell's brain[1]. The ongoing process of transformation and assimilation has been horrifying to watch. The Star-Exponent:

"[TRAMMELL:] The government needs to balance its checkbook like ordinary people have to do."

Buried the lead on that one, didn't they? Read below the fold...

In the garden: Dithering

I'm dithering about ripping up the weeds; and also about putting the garlic in, which should be done a month before the ground freezes hard, so I'm probably a bit late). So I came in and cleaned part of the kitchen; I'm about a third of the way round, now. Big win: I can sit down at my kitchen table. Anyhow, while I was dithering:

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RIP Jack Bruce

Live at Winterland, March 10, 1968. Here's an interview with Bruce: Read below the fold...

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The power of small multiples in Hong Kong

Howie Hawkins in NY gubernatorial TV debate

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Eugene Puryear, showing how it is done

Will Sommer

Speaking of sleepy parties inexplicably active in this election, remember the Statehood Greens? Had a Council seat for a while until Catania poleaxed party warhorse Hilda Mason in 1998, been known for kooky candidates ever since?

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Common Household Remedies Request

I confess it: I hate flossing. And not only that, I hold to the bizarre and so clearly "just a rationalization" theory that my teeth are an ecology, and if I get them too clean, I could kill off beneficial bacteria and end up worse than before. (To be fair to myself, my theory was semi-borne out by my last trip to Thailand: Despite 7 (seven) years without dental care of any kind, I had only three cavities, and, except for the disintegrating molar caused by a poor filling from a corporate dental rental extraction machine, all were small.) That said: Read below the fold...

Latest DCCC mail blast: "All hope is lost!" Translation: Mission accomplished...

... if you believe Steve Israel's role is to throw elections, and after Howie's work it's hard not to. Anyhow, whoever's doing DCCC's bulking mailing must have some kinda weird billing arrangement, because they aren't purging their list. I mean, I've never given them a dime, and never will. But Steve Isreal is still choking my inbox with spammage. Why's he doing that, unless he's got an incentive?

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