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Shrill works

At least on the relatively trivial task of taking destroying Social Security off the table at a White House conference sponsored by Democrats. Nevertheless, shrill worked. More like this, please. Much, much, much more.

He's only been in office thirty days, and already shrillness has prevented him from helping the right destroy the last shreds of the New Deal! Yay! Read below the fold...

Can somebody help Paul Krugman out?


The real question is why the Obama administration keeps coming up with proposals that sound like possible alternatives to nationalization, but turn out to involve huge handouts to bank stockholders.


UPDATE Yves shares her views: Read below the fold...

Obama triangulates away from Petersen, toward Orszag, but that still means Social Security cuts

Jane's all over this:

Social Security: White House Triangulates Against Pete Peterson

Read below the fold...

More gruesome detail on subsidizing banks with unemployment benefit processing

Seems that this story took awhile to bubble up, like over three months. From Homeless in the high desert:

Read below the fold...
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Meanwhile on the A-List

Huffington Post clearly drinks the Blue Dog and Republican koolaid that there is a Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid "Crisis", and that Obama's "Fiscal Summit" is there to "fix" it. No evidence is cited (none being available), but to quote: "The entitlement programs face eventual bankruptcy, although experts differ on how urgently each is threatened.". Heh. Indeed.

Daily Howler has a typically devastating slapdown on this exact kind of moronic, lazy, D+ reporting (his example: Ceci Connally) that teabags bi-partisan (ergo Republican) talking points on the so-called SS crisis. Read below the fold...

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How to save the Auto Industry

Ted Evanoff writing for the Indiana Star

That has drawn protest from autoworkers, including Michigan union activist Gregg Shotwell, whose Bait & Ammo newsletter Thursday noted the trust fund already is underfunded and would be weakened by the concessions:

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Does anybody have a secret decoder ring for financial-ese?

Here's what looks like the important part of the Joint statement issued today by th Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Office of Thrift Supervision, the Federal Reserve Board and the Treasury Department:

Moreover, we reiterate our determination to preserve the viability of systemically important financial institutions so that they are able to meet their commitments.

Translation: Too big to fail still fully operative!

Read below the fold...
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Help -- what 's the dark brown bread with a fine small golden grain or


seed in it -- NOT sesame seed -- called?

The seeds in this bread are a mystery -- they're round, like millet seed. Crunchy. The color of pale honey. About the size of a round of 5-mm pencil lead -- too small to be uncooked couscous, for example.

The bread is chewy but not stiff, so not pumpernickel; its crumb is not as coarse as an Italian loaf, its crust not as leathery as a French baguette. It's not sweet-flavored nor does it have the characteristic whang of molasses-sweetened bread; alas, nor does it taste of buttermilk. It may not be a yeast-risen bread, but a quick-leavened bread. I know not, alas. Its color is like burnished leather, or like a chocolate (not fudge or devil's food, but cocoa-powder) cake. Read below the fold...


Honestly, I can't remember having read a worse column, and from Rich, that's saying something. Every sentence is at best wrong, and at worst an outright lie. Here's a mild example:

It wasn’t until the Joseph Wilson-Valerie Plame saga caught fire in summer 2003, months after “Mission Accomplished,” that we began to confront the reality that we had gone to war in Iraq over imaginary W.M.D. Weapons inspectors and even some journalists (especially at Knight-Ridder newspapers) had been telling us exactly that for almost a year.

Whaddaya mean, "we"? Read below the fold...


Honestly, I can't remember having read a worse column, and from MoDo, that's saying something. Every sentence is at best wrong, and at worst an outright lie. Here's a mild example:

We dutifully cut back on Starbucks macchiatos, designer water and even Girl Scout cookies, but we keep hurtling down.

Whaddaya mean, "we"?

Oh, and she spends the first six (6) paragraphs bashing who? You guessed it: Read below the fold...

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The Israeli frustration


The recent outcome of the Israeli election following the Gaza war reflects an Israeli population increasingly frustrated with the inability of its leaders to make Israel into a "normal" state on the terms that Israelis felt were "promised" to them---in a metaphysical sort of way---by their early leaders. I recently read this op-ed piece in Ha'aretz which really puts the frustration into stark terms: Read below the fold...

Citation analysis

Media critiques from CounterPunch and AlterNet, cited in Vyes's famous "Links" section. DFHs!

Why don't we turn the banks into regulated public utilities? Read below the fold...

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President Obama Records an Ode to Tax Cuts

From the BBC:

The tax cuts announced on Saturday are part of a $787bn stimulus plan that Mr Obama signed into law this week.

The plan, aimed at reviving the US economy amid a global economic crisis, is split into 36% for tax cuts and 64% percent allocated for spending on social programmes.

Mr Obama said the US treasury had already begun directing employers to reduce the amount of taxes claimed from pay cheques.

The savings will reach 95% of American families, he said.

"Never before in our history has a tax cut taken effect faster or gone to so many hardworking Americans," the president said.

Read below the fold...
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Marketing Matrimony

I know $5 million isn't much money these days, but I have to believe HHS could find a better use for it than packaging marriage like processed cheese and selling it to young people. Gannett:

The average age at first marriage is now almost 26 for women and 28 for men. And a growing percentage of Americans aren't marrying at all: Provisional federal statistics released Tuesday report 7.1 marriages per 1,000 people in 2008, down from 10 per 1,000 in 1986.

Faced with such numbers, the federal government is funding a $5 million national media campaign that launches this month, extolling the virtues of marriage for those ages 18 to 30

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