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Yow! Anybody else remember when they beat GT in 1985?

Most riveting game I've ever experienced in my life. Every possession counted. Read below the fold...

"Politically feasible"? Sounds like "weasel"

And that's for a reason. In the course of commending Jim Webb for taking a sane stand against the prison-industrial complex, Glenn Greenwald writes (and also quotes from an interview he did with Jay Rosen): Read below the fold...

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Action Alert: John Conyers in Albany Sunday March 29

Cong. John Conyers to Speak in Albany on Sunday March 29th on Single Payer Health Care for All

Albany, NY- Congressman John Conyers will be in Albany for a Congressional Town Hall Meeting on Sunday, March 29th from 2-4:30 pm at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 262 State Street in Albany (1/2 block west of State Capitol)

Read below the fold...

Saturday Night Rational Marijuana Policy LoFi blogging

I love the guitar solo at the end; I think it's the flakiest thing I've ever heard. And now, the version: Read below the fold...

One more reason to use UPS

Not only have they pulled their advertising from Stalker O'Reilly's show, they're union, and, unlike FedEx, they're not using extortion tactics against the government to fight card check.

Good for them. Read below the fold...

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Medicare for all medley

West Virginia Belly Dancers to Protest for Single Payer Outside Home Office of Congresswoman Capito

US Sen Baucus: Insurers Have To Negotiate On Public Plan

Sen. Max Baucus said Friday the health insurance industry may have to compromise on a public insurance option to cover uninsured people or risk losing a spot at the bargaining table.

Dr. Christine Adams

Spain to indict Gonzales, Yoo, Feith, Addington, Bybee, and Haynes?

The same guy who indicted Pinochet:

A high-level Spanish court has taken the first steps toward opening a criminal investigation against six former Bush administration officials, including former Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, on whether they violated international law by providing a legalistic framework to justify the use of torture of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, an official close to the case said.

Read below the fold...
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Outstanding Smackdown: Matt Taibbi to Mr. De Santis of AIG


Four days ago an AIG officer resigned, publicly, in a letter that I'd describe as primarily a "pity me, I'm a victim" whine. Matt Taibbi has even less sympathy for poor beleaguered Jake (who, it should be noted, quit his job as a political protest; I suggest this means he wasn't worried about survival, as are many of his fellow 600,000-plus Americans newly unemployed) than I do. Read below the fold...

William Greider on Obama's form of Monoply: Real money, no losses to Playahs

William Greider writes about Obama's new type of Monoply game, one with real money for the Big Bankster Boiz to play with, no losses, and all provided for by the taxpayer. Us Joe Schmoes. Read below the fold...

Obama to bankster parasites: Hey, guys, careful you don't kill the host!

Just translating:

President Barack Obama told chief executive officers from some of the largest U.S. banks to “show some restraint,” [With what? Their 401(k)s? Their houses? Their health care?] even as he courted their support for his plans to stabilize the financial markets.

Way to leverage that "populist rage" (translation: "justified outrage"), there, big guy! Read below the fold...

Alaska's Mike Doogan, Democrat, is an asshole

Just go read Mudflats.

It's the same deal up here in Zone 5b. Somehow, the Big D on the jersey doesn't mean the people who run the state are accountable, or transparent in what they do.

Imagine that!

NOTE Via Avedon. Read below the fold...

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Ceci Connolly explains the proposal for a new denial of care system

Update - please read the National Nurses Movement diary at Open Left.


More Support for Health-Care Fix, But Funding Coverage Still Sticking Point
A coalition of hospitals, insurers, employers, physicians, drug makers and consumers released a report yesterday endorsing a set of policy changes that could cut in half the number of uninsured Americans.

Read below the fold...

If it's bad to govern out of anger, why is it good to govern out of snickering?

What Paul Rosenberg said on Obama's pot marijuana legalization comment, especially the part about clueless overlords.

I'm so glad that everybody who is anybody, including Obama, realizes that hippies suck. And the terrific part is that they don't feel intimidated about saying it, even if it is politically incorrect. Yay! Book 'em, Barry! Read below the fold...

Uh oh

I think I know where the banksters are going to "innovate" next:

... a proposed system for trading carbon-dioxide permits that would be one of the world’s largest derivatives markets ....

Yay! Sure, let's give control over stopping global warming to Goldman Sachs! What could go wrong?

Sorry to be cynical. But.

NOTE Of course, anybody who is anybody knew this was coming all along. Dammit. Read below the fold...


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