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Horses' Deaths: Pharmacy Error


I hate to go to CNN for anything these days because they're trying so hard to be Fox Lite. But in this case they have some factual information about the 21 horses murdered (no, it wasn't an accident: the only horses to receive the drugs belonged to the Venezuelan team, and all the horses "prepared" for the match with the "vitamin injections" died) by injections of a vitamin mixture that's illegal in the US.


Obama to actually actually meet with the Progressive caucus -- who plan to push him on retaining the public option in health care "reform."

Remind me again why The Greatest Progressive President EVAH has to be pushed on this?

Since the United States really is not a center-right country, then wouldn't make sense to govern that way? Just a thought. Read more about Triumph!!!

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The sum will come up tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar!

I think I've got this thing figured out.

On odd-numbered days, the Big Give worked brilliantly, and the banks are solvent.

On even-numbered days, the policy is to spoonfeed our brains to the zombie banks.

Unfortunately, May 4th is the day they're supposed to announce results from the stress-tests..... Read more about The sum will come up tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar!

Banksters use our bailout trillions to outsource even more jobs

NY Post:

US banks that have taken billions of dollars in taxpayer bailouts are still shipping thousands of jobs overseas.

Earlier this month, Bank of New York Mellon, which received $3 billion in TARP funds, opened its third call center in Pune, India, where it now employs 1,300 people.

Thai yellow shirts take to YouTube


The Nation:

Speaking in English with an American accent, she accuses Thaksin of using the money he "stole" from Thailand to pay protesters to run riot during the Songkran festival.

Interesting.... Read more about Thai yellow shirts take to YouTube

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First 100 Days Grade - It's all the rage!

Nearly every media outlet has had their say on Obama's first 100 days in office. Now it's Correntewire's turn.

How do you grade our star pupil? Read more about First 100 Days Grade - It's all the rage!

Democrats and the Dartmouth Atlas

I'm still pulling my thoughts together on this, but if you'd like to do some homework ahead of time,

An Agenda for Change
Improving Quality and Curbing Health Care Spending:Opportunities for the Congress and the Obama Administration

is a good primer on the Dartmouth Atlas Project's mission, and the source of some of the Democrats' talking points, especially the ones about reining in those out-of-control Medicare costs and how if we Americans would just go quietly to our ice floes use less health care, we'd all be happier, healthier, and wealthier. Read more about Democrats and the Dartmouth Atlas

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"All-natural lawn care", indeed.

Just for some background, Delhi Township is a half-suburban/half-rural suburb of Lansing, Michigan's capital city. It looks like they are going to test using a combination of donkeys, ewes, and dogs to keep the grass short of two plots of land around their wastewater treatment plant and public services headquarters.

DELHI TWP. - Sandra Diorka was shopping for donkeys recently.

Diorka, the Delhi Township director of Public Services, was given the go ahead by township trustees to hire animals to help rescue the township budget.

Americans want a health care system that is uniquely ... Swiss!

From the Wonk Room at Think Progress:

Most notably, Obama has rejected a British/Canadian-like single-payer reform and most policy makers are looking for a “uniquely American solution” that preserves the employer-sponsored system and creates a hybrid public-private partnership. In other words, American reforms would look a bit like the Swiss health system Read more about Americans want a health care system that is uniquely ... Swiss!

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So last Thursday we saddled up for a three days' ride ...

leaving Lubbock for El Paso to do some work for my SO's institutional infrastructure.

Got to go through my old home stomping grounds -- Wellman, Seagraves, Hobbs ... Read more about So last Thursday we saddled up for a three days' ride ...

Treasury and the UAW will own GM... and Versailles tolls the death knell.


I thought this would be posted by now:

But the dramatic move means that at least temporarily the U.S. government would have the right to call all of the shots at the Detroit automaker -- as part of its $15.4 billion in loans to GM to date. GM said today it expects to receive another $11.6 billion in loans from the government this year.

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How to exceed expectations and please Wall Street, health-insurance parasite style

Last week Wellpoint (the parent company of my own adopted parasite, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield) posted a first quarter net income which had gone down from the previous quarter, but not so much of a decline as Wall Street had expected.

WellPoint Inc.'s (WLP) first-quarter net income fell 1.3% Wednesday on sharply higher investment losses and amid continued enrollment declines, but the health insurer's strong operating performance offers further encouragement for the pressured industry.

I'm so relieved! Read more about How to exceed expectations and please Wall Street, health-insurance parasite style

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Swine Flu: Simple Self-Protection Measures You Can Use NOW

I've been on this soapbox before.

There are about six things you can do to be sure you don't get the swine flu.

Three of them are WASH YOUR HANDS:

  1. wash your hands after blowing your nose or sneezing,
  2. wash your hands after shaking hands or handling shared objects (door handles, telephones, pens, etc.),
  3. wash your hands BEFORE touching your eyes, nose, mouth or eating.

(Washing your hands after going to the toilet I shouldn't have to remind you of, but why not take advantage of opportunity?)

The fourth thing is don't panic. The fifth and sixth things are part of the same thing: minimize your exposure.

Given what we know right now, what "minimize your exposure" means is,


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