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Pelosi aide begs for our faxes on single payer -- send a fax for FREE right now

[I'm going to leave this stickied for now. Let's make sure Pelosi's fax runs out of paper again first thing Monday morning. --lambert]

My local single payer activist passes along the following:

It appears that Congressional leaders are being deliberately dismissive of single-payer to the point of ludicrous statements. It's like they have put their fingers in their ears and are yelling "I can't hear you, I can't hear you." Here they are in all their Congressional member glory:

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Hail HYDRA! Immortal HYDRA! We will never be destroyed! Cut off a limb and two more shall take its place!


Am I the only one reminded of the run-up to Iraq by the finance crisis? There was another epic FAIL the hippies got right -- unless you redefine insiders heading for the exits dragging big sacks of cash as success. The totally transparent bullshit, our famously free press eating it up, the whack-a-mole rationalizations, and especially the lying and looting -- it's all there. Anyhow, the always interesting Interfluidity has a terrific post up, but I only have time to quote this zinger:

Is #Pelosi undermining Elizabeth #Warren?

Yves asks whether Pelosi is undermining Warren, pointing out that Pelosi's appointee, Richard Nieman, joined the Republicans in writing a dissenting opinion, and if Pelosi had a problem with that, she would have spoken up.

It would be nice if Pelosi's advocacy of a Pecora Commission weren't a sham, but let's verify, shall we? Read more about Is #Pelosi undermining Elizabeth #Warren?

Go left, young man!

Via the great Avedon, this excellent essay on populism by John Emerson:

Where are the Pitchforks?

In 1930 or 1940 the average American was dirt poor, whereas Ruy Texeira and others have concluded that the contemporary “poor” demographic is relatively small and hard to mobilize. Furthermore, a high proportion of middling Americans have decided — actively or passively, explicitly or tacitly, for better or worse — that they’re in on the game, and that they shouldn’t rock the big-money boat. (America has been economically successful enough to produce a demographically significant group that thinks of itself as “elite”).

ADA: #Obama should not cave on the public option for health care

Amy Isaacs of Americans for Democratic Action writes for McClatchy:

Federal plan based on Medicare would be less costly, more efficient than private insurance

Why don't we turn the banks into regulated public utilities?

For households, why isn't access to financial power put on the same basis as access to electrical power or the power to heat your house?* The bill comes in the mail, and if you don't pay it, there's a shut-off.** When I started beating the drums for this idea six months ago, I figured it was crazy talk -- but then that's the role of the marginalized DFHs in our discourse. Now, this idea is almost visible through the Overton Window. James Kwak in Baseline Scenario quotes Nicholas Brady, of all people:



The central bank lent $2 trillion to financial institutions and hasn’t disclosed information about most of the collateral backing those loans.

How is that possible in a functional democracy, where the legislature has the power of the purse?

Answer: It isn't. Read more about Oligarchy

Politics and the English language at WaPo

When you get mildew, it's never just one plant. Whatever rotted Broder's sensibility and conscience infests everything. Take a look at this front page teaser today from Pravda on the Potomac:


It's all here, isn't it? All wrapped up in one little compact package. Read more about Politics and the English language at WaPo

About those missing Bush emails

Just laying down this marker so I don't forget it; TPM and CREW material consolidated in one place. Read more about About those missing Bush emails

In Canada, they just let you die in the waiting room.

[For anyone visiting Corrente for the first time, the title is ironic and debunks a right wing lie talking point. Read on for why. --lambert]

The socialized medicine will kill you! crowd are going to just love this story if they get their hands on [part of] it.

In a scene that combined tragedy with Monty Python farce, a 77-year-old man in acute respiratory failure turned up at a private medical clinic in Montreal only to be told to wait his turn.

Obama's policies are working!

Dead cat


It's great to be an insider!

NOTE It's a cliche! I didn't invent it! Read more about Dead cat

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It could be worse

From the Times online (via CR), Spain's unemployment rate leaps to record high:

More than four million Spanish people are out of work. According to the country's National Statistics Institute a record high figure of 17.4 per cent were unemployed in the first quarter of the year.

Unemployment leapt from 13.9 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2008, the biggest quarterly jump since 1976. Joblessness in Spain has almost doubled in a year.

What Glenn said

Simple, simple stuff:

The failure of the Democratic Party to meaningfully oppose what was done over the last eight years is a crucial part of the story here and light needs to be shined on that as much as anything else. I don't know of a single person who has devoted themselves to arguing for investigations who contests that fact.

You'd think the Democrats would want to clear their names. And ours. Why don't they? Read more about What Glenn said


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