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Too bigger to fail

Housing Wire:

Just six publicly-traded financial institutions have gobbled up $190 billion of the Treasury’s TARP spending power in just three months since the program’s inception.

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"One Year Gitmo" Apologists, Please Read


Seventeen that can be released immediately.

Please read the letter attachment. Apparently, there are 17 "guests" there which all parties (even the Bush admin) agree should be released. Read below the fold...

It's in our hands


Iceland's coalition government collapsed on Monday after an unprecedented wave of public dissent, plunging the island nation into political turmoil as it seeks to rebuild an economy shattered by the global financial crisis.

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Rep. Alan Grayson is ruining it for everybody else

Don't you hate when a do-gooder new kid comes in and shows up everyone else at work?

We had this whole post-partisan mellow worked out — ran like clockwork through the 110th Congress — and this guy comes in and doesn't play ball:
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Andrew Sullivan, progressive hero

Via Mike's Blog Round-up, I see there's a site called "Andrew Sullivan Is a Fraud," whose manifesto says:

The impetus behind this modest blog is my burning desire to stop "progressive" bloggers from uncritically disseminating the views of one Andrew Sullivan. Bringing positive attention to this fraud only serves to legitimize him. This must end now.

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Politics and Media Headlines 1/26/09

Obama taking attention away from where it belongs: the White House press corps (23/6)
Worried that the press was gonna give Obama a free ride? Rest easy: they're already all up in his face.

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Obama has just invited you to rage on health care reform


But were you too busy raging too notice the game?

Did Dems pull the health care football, like chicago dyke says, à la Lucy et Chucky Brown? Or did Obama just leave all you Obamabots and Obamaholics your marching orders?

1. Clyburn says the ultimate stupid. A stupid so surreal that not only does it go against what Obama promised, put Daschle in place for, but it also goes goes against H.R. 676 that Clyburn has signed onto in support of.

2. Backlash is unreal. (I am waiting Obamamaniacs... Where is you efin' rage?)

3. Obama and Pelosi (Maybe even the doltish Reid?) statement: We must have single payer NOW! NOW! NOW! Read below the fold...

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Look at the Economy the Other Way Around


So, Paul Krugman has taken up a challenge regarding the stimulus plan: he's showing why the GOP critics are not arguing in good faith when they talk about how it can't successfully work. I think he's got some good points in his claims, and I urge you to look at them. Read below the fold...

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Hard Times Bring Progressive Change in AZ: A Primer


A friend of mine likes to say: there's nothing like unemployment to motivate a person to become invovled in politics. I'm not exactly claiming that's what went on here in AZ, but this GOS diary is interesting. Here's a key paragraph:
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Why patients need nurses unions

Annie writes with some force that I have completely misinterpeted her post. Obviously I did not read carefully and posted in haste. My apologies.

Via the indispensable Avedon Carol:
It is what it is - It’s Slavery

How insightful then, to find deeply buried in the local Long Island page of the New York Times, at least one admission that this is how nursing is endured, and that employers and many in the “justice” (snort) system practiced outright slavery.

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Can we afford the rich any more?

More hilarity at Davos: Magic tricks with money.

Yeah, I'll say.

Local currencies, anyone? Read below the fold...

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Contest: We Need a New Word for "Ouch"

45,000 before 9am. I'm glad the good folks at Raw are keeping up with this, in that "OMGWTFBBQ???" sort of way.

Somebody was working this weekend to make sure thousands of other people didn't.

US companies announced they're cutting 45,000 jobs by 9 am Eastern Time on Monday morning, even before the US stock market opened, according to a quick count by Raw Story.

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Marie Antoinette speaks out about the need to take away your retirement


Andrew Sullivan

We need to take a machete to social security and Medicare and a very sharp scalpel to all domestic discretionary spending.

See any reference to the Bush tax cuts? No?

Social security and medicare are not the cause of our budget problems. Read below the fold...


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