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“Bobby, do you know what a metaphor is?”

“A component, like a capacitor?”

“No. Never mind metaphor, then.”

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Versailles notices

Chris Cilizza, after noticing Hamsher's online chats on what Hank and Timmy's golfing buddies did with the missing bailout trillions, writes:

What's clear is that liberals will not simply lay down for Obama. They are clearly willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but only so much divergence from their core principles will be accepted. It's a fascinating storyline to watch over the coming weeks and months.

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Another Single Payer National Call In Day

In my email inbox from COMA-CT: Another national call in day in support of H.R. 676. But before you do, we all want you to take a minute and dig through your drawers for some of your your insurance papers if you have any. With emphasis on paperwork showing these death dealers denials of service:

So on March 10th, 2009, we will host a deluge of activity in support of HR 676.

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Isn't the market manipulation getting just a little transparent?


March 10 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. stocks advanced the most in three months as Citigroup Inc.’s profit outlook spurred speculation the worst of the banking crisis is over.

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What we learned in Iraq

Pay 'em off. I mean, that was what the Anbar awakening was all about, right? Funding the Sunnis? And now Afghanistan: Bloomberg:

Vice President Joe Biden said at least 70 percent of Taliban guerrillas in Afghanistan are mercenaries who could be persuaded to lay down their arms, stepping up U.S. calls for outreach to “moderate” elements of the insurgency.

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A winger's job is never done: The guilt-ridden consciences of baby-killing liberals

I have made no secrets that I find conservative columnist and pundit Cal Thomas particularly repugnant. What bothers me most about him is that conservatives pass the guy off as some kind of reasonable intellectual, and Cal, himself, often passes himself off as an elite conservative rather than the religious whack-job that he really is.

It should have come as no surprise, then, when I saw his most recent column in my local paper, yesterday, peddling him same old smug and repugnant bullshit, but he never ceases to amaze me in this regard. Read below the fold...

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Catholic Church Prefers Rapists to Their Victims


It's a really good thing that God (Ceiling Cat, FSM, Buddha, Deity of your choice) has claimed vengeance, and the right to judgement (Romans 12:19-21). 'Cause, otherwise, the Catholic authorities who chose to excommunicate the mother of, and doctors for, a nine-year-old girl raped by her stepfather and pregnant with twins after the pregnancy was terminated last week, would seriously be at the top of my list of the most major jerks in the history of the known universe, yo. Read below the fold...

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Isn't fundamentalism cool


Business Lecturing Anyone on Moral Issues
March 8th, 2009 by SocProf and tagged Religious Fundamentalism

Brazil rocked by abortion for 9-year-old rape victim - Americas, World - The Independent via kwout

Let me see if I get this straight: the Church has excom Read below the fold...

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Planning Some Action

Just an update on the Alabama college saving program fiasco I wrote about this morning.

The details of the public meeting on this are being released on short notice. It's on Thursday, and the location still hadn't been announced as of this morning. Honestly, this is looking like there's going to be a railroad-job decision, and everyone who put money in "just made a poor investment decision," and "had their chance to have their say at the public hearing."

No time to get to the bottom of the finance fiasco - trying to do some political work with a limited window of opportunity.
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Religious people are the best people!


Interviews with 21 current and former employees over three years show that religious faith, personal ties and the iron grip of ]R. Allen Stanford] himself created a culture that helped promote the bank’s CDs, the center of what the Securities and Exchange Commission calls an $8 billion “massive Ponzi scheme.”

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Politics and Media Headlines 3/9/09

Obama Going Gray? (Political Wire)
Just 44 days into the job and the New York Times notices President Obama has graying hair. "For a guy who prides himself on projecting a stress-free demeanor, the changes above his temples are speckled evidence that perhaps the psychological and physical strains of the job -- never mind the long process of winning it -- are in fact taking something of a toll. (Experts say stress can contribute to whitening locks.)"

Make Them Accountable

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Versailles meme makes the big time!

Elizabeth Warren on NPR's Fresh Air tonight!

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Unreason is probably pretty adaptive

Now, Bob Somerby has an excellent post up about the obsession with earmarks:

Those high-profile spending measures total nearly $2 trillion. By way of contrast, the EARMARKS which have Sheneman frightened total $7.7 billion. (No one has made the slightest attempt to show how much of that is “wasteful.”) But guess what? Trillions are much larger than billions! In fact, those EARMARKS represent roughly one two hundred and fiftieth of the total spending in these high-profiles measures. That amounts to one quarter of one percent—one dollar of every 250.

But to Sheneman, these EARMARKS are larger than human life. They may swallow the White House itself.

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Robert Gibbs tells Helen Thomas why Obama is against single payer health care

About that media blackout: stories go into the pipeline, they just don't seem to come out the other end very often. The March 5th White House press briefing transcript:

2:55 P.M. EST

Helen. Yes, ma'am.

Q In that respect, I want you to reconcile two things.

MR. GIBBS: Okay.

Q In prepared remarks the President said every voice must be heard. He also said, "I want it to be clear at the outset, everyone has a right to take part in the sessions." But you have barred two people who are strongly for single-payer. And Conyers had to beg to come.

MR. GIBBS: Who was barred?

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