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Why I'm Glad Texas Isn't Colorado


Colorado's Senate is all different kinds of effed up anyway, but at least THIS lunatic isn't in the Texas Lege. Damn, I almost understand why the GOP likes Bobby Jindal so much. How Bobby Jindal would vote on a bill to test pregnant women for HIV, so their babies can be treated and don't have to contract a fatal disease during birth, I've no idea. But this Colorado small-government 'pro-life' state senator, Dave Schultheis, voted NO. To discourage promiscuity, he said. Read below the fold...

Stress tests distress press

The real press, anyhow. Not CNBC. Because the tests are bogus! Who knew?!

Well, maybe "bogus" isn't fair.

How about "based on absurdly optimistic assumptions"? Would that work? The Other Shrill One agrees. Read the whole post, but this is fun: Read below the fold...

Spend $60 billion a year to avoid saving $350 billion a year

Yeah, that makes sense. See PNHP:

The reason we spend more and get less than the rest of the world is because we have a patchwork system of for-profit payers [on which the administration proposes to spend $60 billion dollars for more patches]. Private insurers necessarily waste health dollars on things that have nothing to do with care: overhead, underwriting, billing, sales and marketing departments as well as huge profits and exorbitant executive pay. Doctors and hospitals must maintain costly administrative staffs to deal with the bureaucracy. Combined, this needless administration consumes one-third (31 percent) of Americans’ health dollars.

Read below the fold...


A mere $500 million fraud? Why are we even bothering?

In the world of Hank Geithner's golfing buddies, that's just a rounding error! Read below the fold...

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"Volcano monitoring" -- ANOTHER GOP LIE Exposed

Even Fox News admits that $140 million budget item for "volcano monitoring" Bobby Jindal pooh-poohed last night isn't what he claimed. That money is for the United States Geological Survey, which will use it for a variety of purposes -- none of them the sort of boondoggle Jindal evoked, with his sly comment. (Where was his watchfulness when President Bush and his cooperative Republican Congress spent us from a surplus into a multi-TRILLION deficit? Oh, right. Lapping at the trough.) Read below the fold...

Pelosi puts prosecuting Bush regime criminals on the table

Yow! Gotta hand it to her. If Pelosi can drag the any of the members of the criminal Bush regime into court... I will be one happy camper, and may even send the Democrats a little money! Read below the fold...



Other than that, how was the kabuki....

UPDATE Gee, I sure hope Nobelist Stiglitz isn't in "the Obama-Be-All-Bad thrashing around" mode. Because every time that happens, the unity pony sheds a tear....

UPDATE Ditto for BTD:

Pretty speeches in February 2009 won't be worth a hill of beans in elections in November 2010 and 2012.

Read below the fold...

Angry Bear poster asks some good questions about Obama statements in last night's speech

Very good indeed. See if you agree.

Divorced One Like Bush addresses charter schools, SocSec and those "tax-free" universal savings accounts" (whatever those are), promising to get all fiscal conservative before he knows whether his stimulus attempts actually work.

. Read below the fold...

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Bobby Jindal Brings the Schadenfreude; David Brooks Mourns GOP's Future

No transcript.

Bobby Jindal repeated the Reagan line word for word, and now it's nihilism? I seriously do not understand the Conservative mindset.

First we had Read below the fold...

David Cay Johnston on transfer of SocSec tax increase to the uberwealthy/ Email to Obama!


To the keyboards, ciitizens!

David Cay Johnston appeared on Lou Dobbs last year, January 25, 2008, to explain how the Greenspan Commission "pay ahead" increase in SocSec taxes did not go into paying off the deficit or into a SocSec 'lockbox," but into tax cuts for the uberwealthy.

John in Sacramento titled his diary: How Social Security “Reform” Was Used to Launder $1.7 TRILLION into Tax Cuts for the Wealthy. (Additional good links in comments.)

I think Obama and his cabinet, staff, our Congress Critters need to watch this. And then they should read Johnston's book, Perfectly Legal: The Covert Campaign to Rig Our Tax System to Benefitthe Super Rich - and Cheat Everybody Else. (As should we all.) Read below the fold...

Bankster of the day

OK, OK, one more, then RL. Helicopter Ben:

“I don’t see any reason to destroy the franchise value or to create the huge legal uncertainties of trying to formally nationalize a bank when it just isn’t necessary,” Bernanke said at the Senate Banking Committee hearing.

Read below the fold...

Nobody listens to hippies

Especially Shrill ones:

My sinking feeling that the administration plan is to rearrange the deck chairs and hope the iceberg melts just keeps getting stronger.

Only 135 characters. You'd think the Villlage would get the message, but apparently they still think that hope is the same thing as a plan.

And now to RL. Read below the fold...

Light blogging from me

RL calls. Make that screams. Keep shoving that Overton Window left.

Truthfully. Read below the fold...


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