If you have "no place to go," come here! hearings in VT, IA, NC, CA

If you live in those states, be sure to submit questions. And you already know what to ask.

Burlington, Vermont, March 17
Des Moines, Iowa, March 23rd
Greensboro, North Carolina, March 31st
Los Angeles, California, April 6th

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Politics and Media Headlines 3/12/09

Investigative Reporter Seymour Hersh Describes 'Executive Assassination Ring' (by Eric Black at, posted at Common Dreams News Center) Read below the fold...


Condor Options on the banking miasma:

Paulson-Geithner gradualism is an attempt to do two mutually exclusive things: to retain the potency of privately held shares while drenching them in a soup of federal participation. In other words, the policy of the Bush and Obama administrations is a failed experiment in financial homeopathy. Pseudofinance is evidently no more helpful than pseudoscience.

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Alabama PACT Hearing Today

Left in Alabama blogger Countrycat made the trip to Montgomery to attend the hearing on the Alabama college saving program. The hearing was scheduled to last until 4 p.m.

State Treasurer Kay Ivey made it to the meeting. Lt. Governor Jim Folsom, who is trying to distance himself from this issue, did not. But at least he sent a representative.

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Look! Over there! Bernie Madoff!

A Madoff Unit is a mere $50 billion -- and may even be less.

TARP, at $700 billion of loot, is an order of magnitude larger: 14 Madoff Units.

And the bailout as whole, TARP, loans, and all, is several trillions of loot: At least two Paulson Units, with a Paulson Unit equalling 50 Madoff Units. Read below the fold...

Will 60 minutes ask Helicopter Ben who got the looted bailout trillions?

Tune in Sunday to find out!

Or if, like me, you don't own a teebee, wait for the transcript and read it. Read below the fold...

Don't go up in any small planes, Seymour


[SEYMOUR HERSH] After 9/11, I haven’t written about this yet, but the Central Intelligence Agency was very deeply involved in domestic activities against people they thought to be enemies of the state. Without any legal authority for it. They haven’t been called on it yet. That does happen.

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And this is the interview where the Times asked Obama if he was a socialist

I think, at this point, these clowns don't even know how stupid they sound. Helene Cooper:

A flight attendant welcomed us on board and ushered us to our special cabin, outfitted with two big tables, each surrounded by four luxe leather chairs. One table was for us, labeled “NYT.” At the other table sat Zachary Space, the Ohio congressman. Within five minutes, I had dragooned Mr. Space to snap a photo of the four of us. ...

As we took off, the flight attendant motioned to the white telephone between one of my colleagues and me. “You can use the phone to make a call anywhere you want,” he said. I snatched up the phone, excitedly. “I’m going to call my sister from Air Force One!” I said. ...

The bathroom is huge. There’s a cover that goes over the toilet that seemed to transform it into a long cot on one side of the wall. Seriously, a short person could actually lie down on the toilet cover.

Well, when your shit's solid gold, you like a huge biffy. Read below the fold...

Uh oh

Just business:

FBI agents have arrested a District of Columbia government worker and another man while they search the offices of the city's chief technology officer.
The head of that city office, Vivek Kundra, recently left to take a White House technology post.

A law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity because charges had not yet been unsealed, said worker Yusuf Acar was arrested Thursday. Another man, Sushil Bansal, was also arrested. A court appearance is expected later in the day.

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Wrong question

The question is not Why Would the Obama Administration Want to Make Vets Buy Private Insurance for Their Health Care?, although that's bad enough. The question is:

Why would the Obama administration want to make anyone buy private insurance for their health care?

Especially when there are actually workable alternatives, like single payer, available. Read below the fold...

At Obama's Treasury Department, nobody's picking up the phone. Literally.

How could that be? Their work is done? They're taking very long lunches? They're on the course with Timmy's golfing buddies? They're at the track, pissing away a few more trillions of our money on the ponies? They've already pissed away all that can be pissed away, so they turned off the lights and went home? Buiter, FT: Read below the fold...

In which lambert apologizes, again, for being prematurely correct

Lambert, 2009-03-10:

Isn't the market manipulation getting just a little transparent?

BLOOMBERG Citigroup jumped 25 percent after Chief Executive Officer Vikram Pandit wrote in an internal memorandum that the bank, which received $45 billion in government rescue funds, said it’s having the best quarter since 2007.

I mean, come on. A leaked "internal memorandum"? Pas si bete.

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The crisis explained

I know I've linked to this before, but it's so great I have to link to it again. Poking around Stirling's stuff, I found The House That Jack Built. Go read and savor..

Among other things, Stirling shows why looking to loans from Fannie and Freddie to [wink, wink] unqualified borrowers as the source of the crisis is, well, wrong. Wrong on the facts, wrong for progressives, and just plain wrong. As we would expect from a right wing meme. Read below the fold...

Will Stirling Newberry please pick up the white courtesy phone? We have a question on "rents"

[See update below. -- lambert]

I think these paragraphs in baseline scenario contain a key, perhaps the key, both economic and political* to our current plight, but somebody who knows what they're talking about -- and that, in this context, is definitely not me -- needs to elucidate: Read below the fold...

Well, er

Baseline Scenario is great, and everybody should read it. That said, the effort to get "looting" to go mainstream started a long time ago and took a great deal of work.

Note that I'm not whining about academic priority, here; I couldn't care less about that, or going on the teebee. Read below the fold...


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