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The health care crisis and foreclosure

Walking away: The wide and lasting impact of quitting a mortgage

Benjamin McNELLEY said he loathed the idea of walking away from the mortgage on his four-bedroom, two-bath house in Fauquier County, Va.

The former prison guard said he worried about what the decision might mean for his credit rating and whether he might still be on the hook for any outstanding debt.

But when both his father and his stepfather fell ill last summer in South Carolina, McNelley said, he had no choice but to quit his job and move.

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Mandela, King, Gandhi, Blagojevich

Blago's new "perspective":

After weeks of near-silence, Blagojevich has begun an energetic public relations campaign, comparing himself to the hero of a Frank Capra movie and a cowboy being lynched for a crime he didn't commit. He said that when he was arrested on federal corruption charges, he took solace from other leaders who have been jailed.

"I thought about Mandela, Dr. King, Gandhi" and that helped him gain perspective, he said in an interview that aired Sunday on "Today."

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What was it again? Change for hope? Hope for change? Hope, then change...?

From's home page:

You mean tax cuts, Robin-Hood-in-reverse, and lack of oversight aren't going to fix everything, and pronto?

Take your time, boys. As long as we don't do anything partisan or ideological, I'm sure everything will work out fine. Read below the fold...

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Politics and Media Headlines 1/25/09

I always believed, when right wingers accused us liberals of wanting America to fail because we didn't like George Bush, that they were really talking about themselves, what they would want if our guy were president. Looks as though I was right.—Caro
Internet Weekly Report

Obama tells GOP: Don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh. (Think Progress) Read below the fold...

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HOLC on hold. Still.

Don't worry. A few months after you lose your home, Barack will have your back.

Perhaps we need to wait for an election cycle that favors progressive policies. With Obama's limited gift for oratory, and a year that heavily favored Republicans and insensitivity toward the American middle class, he couldn't possibly have run on a platform that boosted support for mortgage cramdowns, now could he? Read below the fold...

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The New Keyboard "W" Fiasco?

I was thinking about Lambert's post on old computers in the White House and it reminded me of the brouhaha over the keyboards and what not during the Clinton-Bush transition. Here's the Froomkin quote he uses:
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What John Amato said

There's been much excitement in the leftysphere about Obama's brushback pitch to the GOP: "I won."

As it happens, it was (reportedly) uttered "over the balance between the package’s spending and tax cuts." Read below the fold...

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Please send your well-wishes to Tristero!

In November, the good folks at Americans United brought a few of us church-n-state separating bloggers, including Lambert and yours truly, to DC for a meet-up.

I just now found out that Tristero's visit got rather a bit complicated! Read below the fold...

When did L.L. Bean start to suck, anyhow?


I was taking off my winter coat just now, since I got the stove and the heater going for my office, and the zipper jammed again. That's the reason I returned the last coat I got from them. Same deal with my sleeping bag -- and there's nothing more frustrating than trying to get into a sleeping bag in a 2AM chill and having the goddamned zipper jam.

Does anybody know when L.L. Bean started to suck, and why? Read below the fold...

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Sunday Morning SciFi Lamentation


Bleh, don't ask me what I'm doing up at this hour. But: an observation from my slothful couchsurfing during my vacation/forced restfulness period. The Sci-Fi channel really, really sucks. I mean, goat's genitals sort of suckitude. Which is a horrible shame. I enjoyed "Farscape" and "Serenity," which as far as teevee goes, really weren't so bad. But this crap that they are broadcasting now? Unwatchable. What happened? Read below the fold...

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What a Rotten Day this Turned Out to Be

Kay Yow, North Carolina State University Women's Basketball Coach, has died.

RIP, Coach Yow.

I saw her, in 2005. I saw her team macerate an opponent in the first round in the women's version of March Madness, in Reunion Arena in Dallas.

Somewhere in that stimulus package, how about some money for a cure for cancer? Read below the fold...

Wretched excess, 3

Soros on the Big Shit Storm: Help the homeowners first


George Soros in The Financial Times:

The hard choice facing the Obama administration is between partially nationalising the banks, or leaving them in private hands but nationalising their toxic assets. Choosing the first course would inflict great pain on a broad segment of the population – not only on bank shareholders but also on the beneficiaries of pension funds. However, it would clear the air and restart the economy.

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Market failure wherever you look

This little nugget buried in a WaPo story on energy efficiency:

During the period when Maryland, the District and many other areas deregulated, energy companies cut costs to prepare for competition and pledged to let the free market take care of energy efficiency. That competition never materialized, leaving some Maryland customers with rate increases of more than 70 percent.

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