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Slow gardening


The mix of shrubs and flowers Mr. Rushing planted instead of a traditional lawn is an example of his “Slow Gardening” approach. The term takes its name and inspiration from the Slow Food movement, whose adherents believe in using local ingredients harvested in an environmentally responsible way.

Simply put, the doctrine calls for gardeners to relax, take their time and follow seasonal rhythms, instead of doing everything at once — an urge that’s especially prevalent in early spring, when people are tempted to run outdoors and plant to affirm that winter is over, taking with it the naked expanse that passes for a backyard.

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Broderella drops the curtain on the AIG bonus kabuki

Move along, people, move along!

Now, can we get back to the serious business of dumping all our money into an enormous hole?

In The Know: Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole? Read below the fold...

Obama on single payer in online town hall

[UPDATE 64,000 views, but I'm betting that they're influencers. Numbers will increase, too. Technically, the show was fine, and Obama looked good. And the play? Well... --lambert]

[TYPING LIVE] Why? Costs. Medicare, Medicaid is the biggest driver of the deficit. If you add up the recovery package, and the various economic proposals, that amounts to a fraction of the long term deficit and debt that we're facing. Better to pay now, rather than wait. I want a "universal" health care system. Whether we do it like Europe or Canada. Read below the fold...

If there's widespread fraud by the banksters in the mortage documents, are derivative contracts based on them still binding?

Which there is. Just asking.

Not sure, of course, whether nobody's asking it because it's really stupid, or because everybody knows the answer, but nobody wants to say it out loud. Read below the fold...

Let the gaming begin!

The kind of people who figure out how to game Geithner-san's auction for toxic assets are already hard at work. Here's

Let's see an example. "Bank" has a mortgage-backed security (MBS) with original par (nominal) value of $100. In 2008 Bank "marked-to-market" and now values the MBS at $95 in its books. But we all know that this MBS is worth a lot less, maybe less than $60, but Bank won't acknowledge reality.

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PSA of the Day: Conficker worm scheduled for activation April 1st--April Fool's joke or real threat?

Per this post by Tina at The Agonist, Microsoft thinks it's a real threat and is offering reward for finding author, etc. It has gone through several very sophisticated versions.

Commenter graham posts NYTimes article snippets and link for Enigma's free detector/removal tool.

I am not a expert in this stuff, but seems worth checking out. Read below the fold...

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When Stupid Attacks


Texas has for so long been an example of how not to do just about anything you cared to name involving state government, that tonight's news out of the State Senate really depresses me. Some years back, in a fit of uncharacteristic freeheartedness, the Texas legislature enacted a rule saying any Texas high school student who finished in the top 10 per cent of his/her graduating class was guaranteed admission to any state university. Evidently that's giving too much leeway to kids based on their intellect: today the Texas Senate voted to cut that rule so that only 60% of any freshman class could be made up of those graduates. Read below the fold...

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"Alabama's AIG"

Alabama Representatives Craig Ford and Johnny Mack Morrow have taken a step toward finding a way to stabilize Alabaman’s Prepaid Affordable College Tuition program by introducing two bills to provide funding from the state. They are referring to the PACT fiasco as Alabama’s version of AIG.

One of the bills will provide short-term funding from the state’s unclaimed property and capital improvement funds. The other will provide $150 million over the next five years from the Alabama Trust Fund. This is a welcome development. Too much of the discussion among policy-makers has been behind closed doors up to this point. I am glad to see someone finally stepping up with a public proposal. It would be an even better proposal if it included a provision for some type of public accounting for the way the PACT money was handled. Read below the fold...

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Interview with "Good Book" author and editor, David Plotz

Vastleft: David, thanks for making the time for this chat, which will be posted on and Bible Study for Atheists.

David Plotz: I'm glad to be here. Fire away. Read below the fold...

Single payer pix from Iowa Health Care forums

We'll have more from the Iowa Health care forums shortly, including (we hope) a very interesting YouTube and an interview with one of the speakers, but these pictures should whet your apetite:

OntheTable Read below the fold...

Talking sense on the drug war in Mexico

Obama's SoS:

The United States is at least as responsible as Mexico for the violent drug wars that are roiling its southern neighbor because of an insatiable U.S. market for narcotics, the failure to stop weapons smuggling southward and a three-decade "war" on drugs that "has not worked," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday.

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There's more than one way to skin a cat, Hillary

The Secretary of State, on the relationship between U.S. illicit-drug use and Mexico's escalating violence:

"Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade," she said.

Listen to Uncle Walter:

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