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Why a so-called "fiscal responsibility summit," but no Brady Commission?

Yves explains the history:

Within ten days of 1987 stock market crash, President Reagan established what was popularly called the Brady Commission to investigate the causes of the meltdown and recommend remedies. A little more than two months after it was created, the Commission submitted its report.

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Politics and Media Headlines 2/20/09

Their turn to protest. I wonder if they were kept out of the president’s view, as the Bush protesters were.
More than 500 protest Obama's arrival (East Valley Tribune)
Presidential protesters made their voices heard in chants and signs Wednesday outside Dobson High School… They held their signs up high: "Don't tread on me," "Spend all you want, I'll pick up the tab," "I'll keep my freedom! You keep the change!" "Free fertility drugs now." And "B.O. smells and so does Socialism."

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Bailed out banks scamming fees from unemployment benefits


For hundreds of thousands of workers losing their jobs during the recession, there's a new twist to their financial pain: Even as they're collecting unemployment benefits, they're paying bank fees just to get access to their money.

Thirty states have struck such deals with banks that include Citigroup Inc., Bank of America Corp., JP Morgan Chase and US Bancorp, an Associated Press review of the agreements found. All the programs carry fees, and in several states the unemployed have no choice but to use the debit cards. Some banks even charge overdraft fees of up to $20 — even though they could decline charges for more than what's on the card.

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Villagers orgasm at prospect so-called "fiscal responsibility summit" could short-circuit democratic process

Check out this statement from the Concord Coalition [PDF], and check the institutions on the letterhead, and the signatories. It's the Village, alright:

[T]he President and others who share the goal of fiscal responsibility must address the fact that the regular political process has been [note lack of agency] incapable of dealing with long-term fiscal issues. We see no alternative but to create an independent and truly bipartisan commission or other mechanism capable of bringing about decisive action [translation: shock] that has broad public support [for some definition of "public"]. We therefore urge the President to support such a commission. For this commission or some other mechanism [Like what? The man on a white horse?] to break through the legislative logjam it will need four key elements:

• It must be truly bipartisan and develop solutions that command wide support.

• It must have a broad mandate to address all aspects of the fiscal problem while fostering strong economic growth.

• There must be no preconditions to the deliberations. All options must be on the table for discussion. Nobody should be required to agree in advance to any

• Recommendations must go before Congress for an up-or-down vote with few if any amendments. Such a game-changing process is not without precedents; controversial military base closings or the ratification of international trade agreements, for example, have long been governed by special rules along these lines, not by business as usual.

Pesky voters! Cut them out of the process and everything is easy!

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Interesting tips:

If your printer’s ink cartridge runs dry near the end of an important print job, remove the cartridge and run a hair dryer on it for two to three minutes. Then place the cartridge back into the printer and try again while it is still warm.

“The heat from the hair dryer heats the thick ink, and helps it to flow through the tiny nozzles in the cartridge,” says Alex Cox, a software engineer in Seattle. “When the cartridge is almost dead, those nozzles are often nearly clogged with dried ink, so helping the ink to flow will let more ink out of the nozzles.” The hair dryer trick can squeeze a few more pages out of a cartridge after the printer declares it is empty.

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All those rich people shouldn't have taken out mortgages they couldn't afford


Luxury homeowners are falling behind on mortgage payments at the fastest pace in more than 15 years, a sign the U.S. financial crisis that began with the poorest Americans has reached the wealthiest.

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More troubling behavior from the Secretary of State

Did Hillary really get off on all that revolution stuff? Inquiring minds want to know! Read below the fold...

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Basketball claims another (highly unlikely) ACL victim

It's more than halfway through the season, so I get it that somebody like the Spurs' M. Ginobili could be hurt at this point; or the Rockets' T. McGrady (how's Y. Read below the fold...

Once-reputable BAG News repeats big lie that Hillary called for Obama's assassination

Disgusting. If you can't hear it from me, maybe you can hear it from Bob Somerby: part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

No, I really don't want to relitigate the primaries, but if you don't stomp the lies, they come back -- as we saw with CDS in the primaries.

It's a shame. I guess there's some Kool-Aid you just can't undrink. Read below the fold...

Student takeover at NYU


Any NY readers want to post?

Not real clear on the demands, but I like the firm commitment to non-violence. Don't know if it's silly, or sweet, or great, or what, but it's another straw in the wind, isn't it? Read below the fold...

Don't "wait 'til he does something" on Social Security

Digby explains why:

Hamsher has an update about the "Fiscal Responsibility Summit" that indicates to me that the administration is working on the fly. I think that the stuff we heard about the plan being the result of a small group within the White House operating on the fly in changing circumstances is the most likely explanation for why this thing is such a train wreck. Apparently, the story is changing from minute to minute, even about who's speaking at this thing and who is attending. [Jane Hamsher writes:]

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Last Media Frenzy Like This Over a Tech Football Coach,

David McWIlliams claimed he'd stay.

The next day

he was in Austin taking over the Longhorns.

Hail mad scientist and the guy who beat George W. Bush in his first election. Read below the fold...


How to handle those pesky online licensing agreements

LOL! Uber geeky!

NOTE Via Yves. Read below the fold...



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