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Sunday afternoon lingerie blogging

C'mon figleaves, make Avedon's dream come true.

It would be like the Starlight Foundation. At least the foundation part. Read below the fold...

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The media blackout on single payer

Asheville Citizen Times: Media blackout on single-payer healthcare?

Major newspaper, broadcast and cable stories rarely mention the idea of a single-payer national health insurance program, according to a new FAIR study. And advocates of such a system–two of whom participated in yesterday's summit–were almost entirely shut out.

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Bank vultures lie in wait above a dying Chrysler

The bailed-out bankers are making it clear that Chrysler is worth more to them dead than alive:

NEW YORK -- Chrysler LLC's lenders are resisting efforts to convert most of the automaker's debt to equity, a conversion key to Chrysler's plan to restructure without filing for bankruptcy protection, according to a published report.

Banks including JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs, Citigroup Inc. and Morgan Stanley loaned Chrysler $6.8 billion in 2007 when Cerberus Capital Management LP acquired an 80.1 percent stake in the automaker. Former Treasury Secretary John W. Snow of Richmond is chairman of Cerberus.

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Insanity toward Obama on arms policy

Since reactionaries are going to paint Obama as a gun-banning commie anyway, he may as well become a gun-control liberal.
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Sanity from Obama on nuclear arms policy


President Barack Obama will outline in a major speech on Sunday a blueprint for ridding the world of nuclear weapons that calls for the United States to reduce its reliance on history's deadliest arms and lead a new international effort to prevent terrorists from acquiring them.

The plan would reverse the former Bush administration's policy that made nuclear weapons a central pillar of U.S. security policy by preserving an arsenal of thousands of warheads, expanding the targets against which they could be used and embracing the development of new weapons.

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One mass murder a month.

How's that "well regulated militia" thing working out for ya? Read below the fold...

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March on Wall Street

Today and yesterday saw major demonstrations on Wall Street. Read below the fold...

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Letter to the Albany Times Union

A single-payer system will bring many benefits

The privately administered health care system is fraught with massive overhead, while excluding those who need health care the most. In 2008, health care costs cleared 17 percent of our GDP, compared with 5 percent for defense, and 0.3 percent for highway infrastructure. Many European countries have universal coverage, while spending less than 10 percent of GDP.

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Single payer action in West Virginia

Healthcare in America

A forum at Shepherd University’s Robert C. Byrd Center for Legislative Studies (adjacent to the Scarborough Library), held on March 24, explored solutions to a healthcare system that leaves 50 million Americans uninsured. Eastern Panhandle Single-Payer Action Network, one of the forum organizers, cited data that healthcare-related costs are the leading cause of U.S. bankruptcies. It also has been called an impediment to job mobility and business creation because surveys show that workers, afraid of losing healthcare, often stay in stale jobs rather than move to better opportunities or start businesses.

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That Kool-Aid sure is hard to undrink!

#1 at The Obama 527 Formerly Known as Daily Kos as of 6:19PM EST, a diary that so... so exemplifies... Well, let me just quote this gem: "... the frustrated rantings of has-been regulator William K. Black...". All under the headline -- and I'm glad, glad, glad that irony is so not dead -- Please be smarter than the Freepers.

Alrighty, then. Read below the fold...

What Paul Rosenberg said

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Saturday afternoon Ouroboros blogging

Does Obama cater to moneyed interests so he can gain political power, or does he gain political power so he can cater to moneyed interests?

Either way, William Pitt is happy. Read below the fold...

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?

Or a BBC? Read all the way down to "Looking forward, not backward", for which I will provide a helpful translation:

"Got your Get Out Of Jail Free card right here!"

UPDATE For another perspective, see the excellent Baseline Scenario. Read below the fold...


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