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Is Mark Warner really a fiscal conservative?

It seems that Mark Warner has come out against single payer. Virginia blogger martinlomasney quotes from a statement from the Senator:

Although I do not support a government-run single-payer health care system, [emphasis added] I believe we need comprehensive reform to achieve a competitive, cost-effective, and efficient system.

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Bush No Longer Enjoys Diplomatic Immunity

That is a fact. Now, you may ask "why is this important?"

Leading up to a 2004 visit to Vancouver, Canada, lawyers there sought to have him charged for his criminal behavior resulting in a court decision that reflected the Canadian Attorney General's view that Bush could not be brought up on torture charges at that time because he had diplomatic immunity:

“These charges were properly laid and backed up by powerful evidence. The government didn’t deny that evidence because it couldn’t deny it. Diplomatic immunity is purely procedural. It doesn’t affect the validity of the charges, only whether they can be proceeded with, for the time being, in a foreign court, in this case a Canadian court. Even if Bush has immunity, it’s only temporary and it won’t shield him or anyone in his administration from Canadian law, or any other law, when they leave office. That the Canadian government would try to hush this up by hiding Bush behind diplomatic immunity was only to be expected. Paul Martin invited Bush here to ingratiate himself with the President, despite the President’s crimes against our laws and against international law, despite even his inadmissibility as a war criminal under Canada’s immigration laws – above all, despite the unending human disaster the President’s ‘war of choice’ has brought to the people of Iraq.”

Cut back to 2009, as Bush makes plans to deliver a speech in Calgary, Canada, and this time? Read below the fold...

Bailed out banksters turn around and raise our credit card fees

It's all about the fees, baby!

Wells Fargo (WFC) [$25 billion in bailout money] has increased late fees and cash-advance fees. Chase (JPM) [$25 billion in bailout money] has put a $120 yearly fee on some cards with low interest rates....

Higher fees "are a recognition of risk going up," says Robert Hammer, chairman of industry consultant R.K. Hammer. Banks "are not going to watch their costs go up and take no action," he says.

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Oh, great. A billion more cars

Can't blame 'em, but....

Chinese government has detailed a stimulus plan to encourage farmers to buy automobiles, which may bring an auto sales surge in rural areas, experts said Sunday.

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I'm looking at mulch that comes recommended by a local gardening geek. Here's the description:

High quality forest loam mixed with a blend of cycle grow, peat moss and high quality seafood compost. Dark in color and rich in nutrients, this loam is very easy to work with. It can be used to til into existing soil for a soil boost or can be used a stand alone soil. There is no municipal compost added to any of our soils, which allow all of them to be used in vegetable and herb gardens.

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About the sanctity of those AIG bonus contracts...

commenter TExas Aggie writes at Washington Monthly:

[T]here was no problem breaking the contracts that the autoworkers had in order for the auto industry to get a loan, so why is there a problem breaking these contracts?

Like everything else Versailles is saying on the bailouts, the talking points really seem to make sense, unless (a) you haven't been paying attention or (b) you're dumb as a box of rocks. Read below the fold...

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Doesn't Treasury Know that Paying Bubble Prices for Bad Assets Is, Like, So 2008?

You know, I'm beginning to lose track of how many different ways Versailles is screwing us. The latest is another round of the government conspiring with Wall Street to try to hide the size of the big shitpile by paying more for assets than they are worth.

Via Yves Smith:

From Andy Lees at UBS (hat tip reader Scott, boldface his):

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The Size of Derivatives Bubble = $190K Per Person on Planet

Via the SiliconValleyWatcher and yes I used their article title.
(by way of BoingBoing and The Consumerist)

The article is from October 16th 2008, so the numbers now may actually be worse than back then.

It gives a break down of the various types of derivatives and their USD value and comes up with a total USD value of outstanding derivatives ...

...the amount of outstanding derivatives worldwide as of December 2007 crossed USD 1.144 Quadrillion, ie, USD 1,144 Trillion.

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Politics and Media Headlines 3/16/09

In unity there is fatuity (by Mike Flugennock at Stop Me Before I Vote Again)
Where is the American left while all this hell is breaking loose? Why, they're helping lay astroturf for Barack Obama! Read on to find out more about the massive Kool-Aid party being organized to boost the Obama Agenda -- and presumably, the Obama approval rating, which has apparently sunk to something more appropriate to normal objective reality.
See the story below.—Caro

Unity '09: Dem groups quietly align (Politico) Read below the fold...

Andrew Cuomo is pissed and doing what Congress should have done

Andrew Cuomo, NY Attorney General, has written to AIG and given them till 4pm TODAY to turn over names of people getting the money (i.e.receiving bonuses) in the Financial Products subdivision. If they don't, well their offices can expect a visit from his people with the legal authority to make them talk.

Copy of the letter Here Read below the fold...

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Alabamians Offer PACT Solutions

countrycat has posted more video from that public hearing in Montgomery last Thursday. She had one over the weekend of a man suggesting that the PACT board be mindful of the wrath of god.

In the one below, we see some citizens proposing specific solutions to the problem, and being very clear that they don't want their money back -- what they want is for their children to have an education.

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Look, I don't want to be overly negative...

But Leno and not Letterman? Read below the fold...

Reich: The real scandal is that AIG is accountable to nobody

Robert Reich:

But if our very own Secretary of the Treasury doesn't even learn of the bonuses until months after AIG has decided to pay them, and cannot make stick his decision that they should not be paid, AIG is not even accountable to the government. That means AIG's executives -- using $170 billion of our money, so far -- are accountable to no one.

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Bankster of the day

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Simple solutions to simple problems


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