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Basketball story

I know nothing about sports, but this story is interesting; why we used to buy the Sunday Times.

For most of its history basketball has measured not so much what is important as what is easy to measure — points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocked shots — and these measurements have warped perceptions of the game. (“Someone created the box score,” Morey says, “and he should be shot.”)

Drunks looking for the key under the lamp post. Read below the fold...

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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: Content, Effect and Implications

This stimulus act isn’t all it should be, maybe five-eighths of a loaf, but it is better on close examination than first appearance and media reports had suggested. Read below the fold...

What Digby Said: On Dean Baker piece on losses in home value and stocks, hitting mostly Boomers, retirees


Good Grief, Pete Peterson!

However, there is one step that President Obama can take to boost the economy without going through Congress: He can reaffirm his support for Social Security and assure the baby boomers nearing retirement that he will not allow their benefits to be cut. Snip

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Time to start spending our peace dividend! headline:

Obama OKs more Afghan troops, sources say — Marines and additional Army brigade expected to deploy in coming months Read below the fold...
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What if it happened like this, #5


What if a man kidnapped a woman and made her play Grand Theft Auto? Every self-styled moralist in the country would have a field day about the sources of decadence.

Instead, the story goes like this:

TOLEDO, Ohio - A man held a woman captive in handcuffs and an adult diaper for three days while he read Bible passages to her, police said.

Troy Brisport, 34, was charged with kidnapping and felonious assault. Bail was set Tuesday at $400,000.

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Time Travel Guide to Health Care

Go look at the pictographs, read the little comments on the sides of them and see if you notice some seriously messed up patterns there? That is the link to the wasted money we dump into our for-profit system, though, they try to justify it as the investment we make in innovation. You kind of have to squint and look sideways at the right side top of the page - under "Related" - to find the links to the next part. Read below the fold...

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What do you do with disposable people?

Dispose of them, of course! Turns out words don't matter:

Less than two years after vowing to end homelessness in Massachusetts, the Patrick administration has proposed new regulations that it acknowledges could force hundreds of homeless families back on the street. Read below the fold...

It's not to soon to think about baseball

Winger blogs are teh suxx0r

Who knew?
The only winger on the list is Bareback Andy, and at least he's against torture.

Congrats to the good guys, but especially to C&L, and (stealing a riff from Susie) my very good friend Paul Krugman.

But ouch!

blogs Read below the fold...

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Health care, why can't we do that?

Mike Dennison: How did reform happen elsewhere?

And finally, in Canada, its system of government health insurance for all started in one corner of one province — Saskatchewan — in the mid-1940s and slowly spread across that province and then the country as citizens saw how it worked. It didn't become fully established everywhere until the mid-1960s.

Which brings us back to America, 2009, and our own health-care path. ...

...Why would we keep health insurance tied to employment? Almost nobody likes it.

Read the whole thing. Post it on your blog and any community blog you frequent. Blogwhore in the comments. Send it to your friends. Read below the fold...


Capital is a feminist issue

Yves: Geithner's bogus "stress tests" for banksters helpless in the face of large-scale, Enron-style fraud

The word you want to keep in mind is "fraud." More great great stuff from Yves (who is to The Big Shitstorm as Jane was to L'Affaire Plame). She got an email interview with William Black, a former senior bank regulator, best known for nailing S&L crisis fraudster Charles Keating. He is currently an Associate Professor of Economics and Law at the University of Missouri - Kansas City.

Read below the fold...

Er, overproduction?

Sure sounds like it.

As it should, apparently.

NOTE I'm quoting Wikipedia, not citing them. Read below the fold...

Izvestia's Sheryl Gay Stolberg teabags Larry Summers

Not pleasant for the onlooker. Just two examples of Stolberg's stenography on "thought leader" Summers:

Mr. Summers, as many in Washington know, did not arrive without baggage; his Harvard presidency ended in forced resignation in 2006 amid concerns over his brusque management style.

Airbrushing; in fact, untrue: Read below the fold...


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