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One way to get rid of them evil chain stores


Have them go out of business.

From Calculated Risk yesterday, we have this chart:

I leave it up to others to conclude whether that is good or bad. Read more about One way to get rid of them evil chain stores

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Hire a sales rep


Jane Hamsher's comment at Talk Left:

The reason the New York Times is around to do "earned" media is because they make revenues off of "paid" media. Everyone understands that, it's just how business works in a capitalist system. And if you look at an advertising campaign for Toyota or Dove or Marlboro, they devote an increasing percentage of each campaign to online advertising. So it's not like we're asking anyone to participate in a system that has no benefit to them as advertisers.

NJ: Goldman Sachs alumnus Governor Corzine sues Lehman execs for fraud

I know, I know. Slap me. One more. Reuters:

The state of New Jersey on Tuesday sued Lehman Brothers (LEHMQ.PK) executives and directors for "fraud and misrepresentation," Gov. Jon Corzine said, seeking to recover the $118 million lost by state pension funds.

New Jersey's Division of Investment bought $182 million of Lehman securities in April and June 2008. The move attracted widespread attention since it was unusual for a U.S. state pension fund to use the same strategy as sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds and private equity groups.

Light posting from me today!

RL calls. In fact, it's screaming. If I start posting again, slap me! (Or send me a message using our keen new private messaging facility, telling me to cease and desist!) Read more about Light posting from me today!

The moustache of understanding takes a pie in the face

Stress tests FAIL (unless fake)

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Luddism as such

Brad DeLong has, this morning, put up a rather oblique post citing the lyrics of a classic song ( Chumbawumba song link) about Nedd Ludd. And immediately after, one about Swing. I can hardly imagine the motivation for it at this moment.

Wikipedia has this interesting comment about the Luddites that may put Brad's post into a certain perspective:

Thompson argues that it was the newly-introduced economic system that the Luddites were protesting. For example, the Luddite song, "General Ludd's Triumph":

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Chicken and egg? Religion and inconsideration?


Athenae over at First Draft pretty much nails Rick Warren's recent comment that he's never ever alone with a woman when he's not at home. But this has been a sort of low-grade, high-yield dirty bomb on a lot of left-blogosphere sites lately, so I thought I'd add my six bits. Read more about Chicken and egg? Religion and inconsideration?

Hoard gold!


Those retirement watches have to be good for something! Oh, wait... Read more about Hoard gold!

Dissociated Press FAIL

Using the COP benchmarks for success to evaluate the coming insurance company bailout FAIL

From Elizabeth Warren's COP report [PDF, for pete's sake!*], here are the benchmarks:

Transparency. Swift action to ensure the integrity of bank accounting, particularly with respect to the ability of regulators and investors to ascertain the value of bank assets and hence assess bank solvency

Shared sacrifice

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The bailout as epiphenomenon; or, how globalization kicked my puppy

So I was planning to write a long, witty song-and-dance about a theme to which I've occasionally alluded lately: the importance of globalization in this bailout crisis. But then I decided I'd spare the words and write it out as a few easy and very approximate steps.

1. American wages rise with unionization. Capital is captive and cannot go on strike, must actually innovate. Read more about The bailout as epiphenomenon; or, how globalization kicked my puppy

Stress tests

There would have been a problem if the stress tests had been done before the quarter ended, but now that the quarter has actually ended, come to find out the banks were in "better shape" than anyone thought. How con-v-e-n-i-e-n-t! Though they'll still need more of our money. Of course. Read more about Stress tests


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