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Note: This is a continuation, since y'all asked for more, of my previous post, So Last Thursday We Saddled Up For A Three Days' Ride.

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John Cornyn's Swine Flu Update, vs. the CDC H1N1 Information

I sent a complaint letter to John Cornyn over something really outstandingly Cornynish awhile back, and now I regularly get his "updates" in my email.
For a multitude of reasons, I'm one of the voices speaking out to try and stop the panic about "pandemic" influenza. I'm also one of the people who's bemused by the rush to stop calling this "swine flu". (Can't help thinking John Soules Foods, Smithfield, Tyson et. al. are in on the rush to alter the nomenclature; cynical, I am.) So below I'm reproducing, as best I can (you'll need to imagine the "United States Senate" seal fading out through the print midpage) his latest missive. Then I'll add the link for what the CDC says about the flu outbreak. I'm also adding a little information about influenza surveillance in case you're interested. Decide for yourself if Sen. Cornyn is credible, eh?

Update from U.S. Senator John Cornyn Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Update on the H1N1 (Swine Flu) Virus

We are all concerned by recent developments regarding the H1N1 virus, commonly known as the swine flu, and particularly the sad news that the first casualty in the United States was a 23-month-old toddler from Mexico who had travelled to Texas with family. Because there is a lot of fear and misinformation out there, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some facts about the H1N1 flu outbreak and how Texans can best protect themselves.

Cases of the H1N1 flu, while predominantly affecting Mexico, have been confirmed in several states, including Texas. H1N1 viruses do not normally infect humans; however, sporadic human infections with swine flu occasionally do occur. The symptoms of this flu are similar to the symptoms of seasonal flu seen each year.

The H1N1 flu is spread through human contact, so washing your hands often and covering your mouth with a tissue when you sneeze or cough can help you stay healthy. Stay home if you are feeling sick, and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Heed the advice of your local public health officials.

I have talked with Texas Health Commissioner David Lakey, as well as Governor Rick Perry, who informed me that several local school districts along the border and near San Antonio have made the decision to proactively close several schools as a precautionary measure. As of right now, there are just three known severe cases of the H1N1 virus in the state of Texas.

I have also been briefed by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on the situation and I remain in close contact with Homeland Security and federal health officials, along with state and local leaders in Texas. I stand ready to assist the Governor, Commissioner Lakey, and local leaders in any way that I can.

For more information on these and other topics, go directly to my Web site. To view floor speeches, interviews and other video messages from me, please visit my YouTube Channel. To receive additional updates, please select the issues that interest you listed on the right. It’s an honor to serve you in the United States Senate.


U.S. Senator John Cornyn

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Politico misses the point. Again.

Once again Politico fails to quote anyone from Healthcare-Now!, Physicians for a National Health Plan, California Nurses, Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care, John Conyers, or anyone advocating a Medicare for All Solution.

It is a little like reporting on the Civil Rights Movement and not talking to anyone from SCLC, NAACP, SNCC, CORE, A Phillip Randolph Institute, or anyone else advocating for an end to Jim Crow. Read more about Politico misses the point. Again.

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I love the smell of fear in the morning

Group launches health care offensive

Firing some of the first shots in the coming showdown over health care, a conservative group led by the former owner of the Hospital Corporation of America is beginning a multimillion-dollar campaign Tuesday in opposition to government-run coverage.

Conservatives for Patients Rights is going on TV, radio and the Web in the same week President Barack Obama hosts a health care summit at the White House. The group’s leader, Richard Scott, is hoping a pro-free-market message will rally the right to join the fray on what may be the most hard-fought policy battle in the first year of the new administration.

Massive Google take-down from Willem Buiter

He's talkin' sense, Merle:

Gagging on Google
Google is to privacy and respect for intellectual property rights what the Taliban are to women’s rights and civil liberties....


... a daunting threat that must be fought relentlessly by all those who value privacy and the right to exercise, within the limits of the law, control over the uses made by others of their intellectual property. The internet search engine company should be regulated rigorously, defanged and if necessarily broken up or put out of business. It would not be missed.

I want to personally thank our famously free press...

... for asking not one single question about the financial crisis during Obama's presser tonight. Every American must do their part in these troubled times, and not asking questions, especially about the extremely large sums of money being collected by banksters, is very important!

You, ladies and gentlemen of the Fourth Estate, fully justified your First Amendment protection tonight! I'm proud of you.

NOTE [Gag. Spew] Read more about I want to personally thank our famously free press...

In presser, Obama lowers the baseline on health care "reform" yet again

Is Obama interested in health care? Is he even paying attention? Or does it just bore him?

[OBAMA] You can expect us to work on health-care reform that will bring down costs while maintaining quality

You know, I was under the impression that maintaining quality wouldn't really be enough.

Even the nudge crowd and the Dartmouth Atlas mafia want to improve quality -- at least by their standards. Read more about In presser, Obama lowers the baseline on health care "reform" yet again

Still with the stupid security tricks? Ordering Air France jet away from US airspace due to unobsequious journalist on board?

An Air France flight from Paris to Mexico had to detour to Martinique on Saturday, April 18, in order to avoid US air space. It was ordered to not fly over part of the US, apparently because a Colombian born Le Monde Diplomatique journalist who has written critically of the US actions is on the terrorist watch list -- and mustn't be in the skies over the US. Read more about Still with the stupid security tricks? Ordering Air France jet away from US airspace due to unobsequious journalist on board?

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With friends like these...

Today we get a really novel approach to explaining why we are having an economic crisis. Think Progress reports that POTUS spoke at a town hall meeting in Missouri today.

Obama then noted that the real fiscal problem facing the United States is the skyrocketing costs of Medicare and Medicaid, not the Recovery Act or bank bailouts, which he said are "one-time charges." "If we aren't careful, health care will consume so much of our budget that ultimately we won't be able to do anything else," he warned.

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New Plan: Car Guys to Run Car Company, Capital Management Company "Wiped Out"


Or so says the current take on the Chrysler restructuring.

Chrysler's creditors would get $2 billion in cash and no equity stake. The automaker's current owner Cerberus Capital Management would be wiped out.

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Politics and Media Headlines 4/29/09

Yesterday was my birthday, so I took the day off. My birthday present to me was a webcam, so if I can ever figure out how to get YouTube to accept an upload, we may have some visits from Granny Bee.—Caro Read more about Politics and Media Headlines 4/29/09

What would you give to see our Dr. Jess fight for single payer on TV?

A few days ago Lambert asked us to help Dr. Jess's ad go viral.

Now the estimable Clark Newhall who brought us the recent fax blast is trying to get the Dr. Jess/Mike Farrell ad, along with several others, on TV. You can donate to this effort here.

Here's the email that was forwarded to me: wrote:

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National Day of Action: Augusta Maine, May 30



Saturday, May 30 12 - 2 p.m.
Capitol Building (Maine State House) in Augusta

If you care about health care, you'll be there.

A committee has been formed to organize a RALLY to take place at the Maine State House in Augusta on Saturday, May 30 from 12 noon to 2 pm. The committee includes individuals and organizations like the Maine State Nurses Assoc./CNA/NNOC, Maine AFL-CIO, Maine Peoples Alliance and Maine Healthcare Reform.

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Lying or Stupid? How about BOTH?

I am, at this moment, so damn glad I am not represented at the state or national level by the subject of the video below that you're glad of it too. This ... nasty-nice Republican Representative stood up to speak on a hate crimes bill, and announced to the world that Matthew Shepard's death had nothing to do with his sexuality.

What you need to do Read more about Lying or Stupid? How about BOTH?


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