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Susan Boyle

I must be the only one in the world who missed this, but I was going through SiteMeter and ran across this post at the All Spin Zone:



BarbinMD at the Obama 527 Formerly Known As Daily Kos:

Jane Harman Shilled For Bush To Avoid Investigation

Ari Gibbs:

CNN'S ED HENRY: Just so I understand, you're saying the people in the CIA who followed through on what they were told was legal, they should not be prosecuted? But why not the Bush administration lawyers who, in the eyes of a lot of your supporters on the left, twisted the law, why are they not being held accountable?

GIBBS: The president is focused on looking forward. That's why.

And that's different from shilling for Bush, how, exactly? I'm sending this one out to BarbinMD: Read more about Pathetic

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Paul Krugman says "Yo' mama"

Explaining why the latest floated plan from Obama's "top economic advisors" (is that you, Timmy and Larry?) doesn't make sense.

The proposal is to "stretch" (the NYTimes' word) the bailout funds by converting the existing loans to the biggest banks into common stock. This turns the loans into capital for the banks, thus improving their balance sheets, and good things ensue (or so we are told). Because, uh-oh! the stress test are expected to show that some big banks, including my own personal parasite BoA, are in need of more capital. (I know the feeling!)

Quoth the Times: Read more about Paul Krugman says "Yo' mama"

Bankster of the Day

So very many to choose from in this terrific New York article, but this anonymous bankster is my very favorite: Read more about Bankster of the Day

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When is MySQL not MySQL?

Nouriel Roubini interview at Consumer Reports

Here are some videos from the Consumer Reports sit down session with the good doctor. The first three sessions are up in video form with the other parts to follow in the next few days.

Part 1) It's not all Bad News

Part 2) On surviving the next year

Part 3) On falling prices and deflation

The videos run between 2 1/2 to 3 min each.

(hat tip The Consumerist) Read more about Nouriel Roubini interview at Consumer Reports

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Congressionally Approved Torture Tools for Lobbying

Since both the White House and Congress no longer consider prosecuting torture as a crime, it is safe to assume that we can begin to legally use these methods as legitimate tools to lobby our Congress and White House for the real changes we expect from our government. These methods that I document will be equally applicable to those who lobby against the interests of average American citizen on these issues.

Congressionally Approved Method of Lobbying #1 Read more about Congressionally Approved Torture Tools for Lobbying

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Die, Grandpa, die!

Don't you hate us Baby Boomers and our dreadful opposition to marijuana decriminalization and gay rights? Alas, we're not dead yet. Read more about Die, Grandpa, die!

Yglesias, on Harmon, nails it


Surveillance and political corruption
... Thinking about that further reenforces the point that selective, unaccountable surveillance is very dangerous. A president could do a great deal to gin up pretexts to wiretap members of congress and blackmail them even without the members doing anything unusually egregious.

AFRICOM mercs?

Well, so much for the "green shoots"

If you took the under on the leading indicators, pass Go and collect!

But for the banksters, mission accomplished! Three steps to the plan:

1. Goldman "11 months to the year" Sachs and Wells "What future losses?" Fargo release their carefully massaged earnings reports. Read more about Well, so much for the "green shoots"


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