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I do hope someone's working on a nano-violin

"Report: Citi asks Treasury if it can pay bonuses. Bailed-out bank hoping to offer payouts to demoralized workers — WSJ" Read more about I do hope someone's working on a nano-violin

Will George Orwell please pick up the white courtesy phone?

We have some language for you to take a look at. Ari Gibbs:

More discretion earlier in the process may have been useful, but at this point, investors are keen for information, and do not want to wait. Regulators are stress-testing 19 banks, and told banks the preliminary results on Friday. Banks can contest the results, and government officials have said they will release results in some form next week.

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Let's quit trying to short-shrift public servants


I'm fed to the teeth with the "we can't afford government" shtick, y'all.

Tonight I heard one of my hometown's public opinion shapers -- again -- decrying the need to spend money to recruit, train, and retain professional public servants: our police force. Read more about Let's quit trying to short-shrift public servants

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National Day of Action: Albany NY May 27

Healthcare-Now! reports that Albany will hold its its national day of action on May 27, which is a Wednesday.

We will be lobbying to get New York State to pass legislation to establish a single payer program for New York State. Legislation (A2356 / S2370) is pending in both houses. Governor Paterson has been a long time supporter of single payer health care.

We also will be working to pass a State Senate resolution in support of a federal single payer bill. The New York State Assembly passed a resolution last year.

There will be a noon time rally in west Capitol Park. This is part of a national week of action on single payer.

Would it were so!

Michael Steele got a fundraising mailer out immediately:

[Specter's] defection to the Democrat Party puts the Democrats in an almost unstoppable position to pass Obama's destructive agenda of income redistribution, health care nationalization, and a massive expansion of entitlements.

If only... Read more about Would it were so!

Beyond parody

Because everything is always good for the Republicans.

Hey, it's just that I think that things that are good for the Democratic Party still aren't necessarily good for me. Read more about Beyond parody

Bringing the executive back under the rule of law is so much more important than Arlen crossing the aisle

So go read Glenn on the 9th Circuit's rejection of the Bush/Obama claims on state secrecy.

Via the inventor of the term "11-dimensional chess," BTD.

NOTE As BTD points out, the next move in the game of 11 dimensional chess will undoubtedly be to appeal to the Bush Court. The nice thing about 11 dimensional theories is that there's no way to falsify them.... Read more about Bringing the executive back under the rule of law is so much more important than Arlen crossing the aisle

Specter: Smells like teen spirit

The reaction at The Obama 527 Formerly Known as Daily Kos (427 recs):


And then, there's the adult view: Read more about Specter: Smells like teen spirit

Obama: "Our shared stake in science"

Not insane:

During remarks on science and technology that covered topics from climate change to the public-school curriculum, Obama set a goal of devoting 3 percent of gross domestic product to scientific research.

"If there was ever a day that reminded us of our shared stake in science and research, it's today," Obama said in a speech to the National Academy of Sciences, a society of scientists and engineers who give advice to U.S. policymakers.

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Jim McDermott on Single payer: "It's in our face. We can't avoid it"

This past Sunday, Representative Jim McDermott (D-WA) looked into our future and saw a single-payer health care system in it!

It's in our face," McDermott told a university healthcare group in a speech, according to the Monterey County Herald. "We can't avoid it. That's why something is going to happen."


"There will be a campaign to support this from the grass roots. You need to place pressure on your congressman," he said. "They will react to people asking them, why don't you do something? There's no question people can make a real impact."

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What becomes an apology most?

Scandal: Obama presidential-plane "photo-op" in NYC

Heroism: Bush ignores numerous warnings, Cheney never convenes promised Anti-Terrorism Task Force, 3,000 New Yorkers die.

Guess which one resulted in a demand for, and receipt of, an apology.... Read more about What becomes an apology most?

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Arlen Specter supports the Healthy Parasite Act


What Does Specter’s Switch Mean For Health Care Reform?

When it comes to health care reform, Sen. Arlen Specter may be one of the few (former) Republicans open to negotiation. A co-sponsor of the Wyden-Bennett health bill, Specter has been a strong proponent of reforming the health care system.

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Horses' Deaths: Pharmacy Error


I hate to go to CNN for anything these days because they're trying so hard to be Fox Lite. But in this case they have some factual information about the 21 horses murdered (no, it wasn't an accident: the only horses to receive the drugs belonged to the Venezuelan team, and all the horses "prepared" for the match with the "vitamin injections" died) by injections of a vitamin mixture that's illegal in the US.


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