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Step One ... "Let the Sunshine, let the sunshine in ... the sun ... shine in"

Today, according to the New York Times, a Presidential pen stroke rendered an executive order rescinded.

This was a Gonzales writeup and GWB signature, and what it did was prevent the disinfecting power of sunlight from being used on not just Bush II's first term, but both terms of the William Jefferson Clinton Presidency as well as BushI's and Reagan's records. Good riddance. Read below the fold...

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Obama's awful inaugural speech

Can we talk?

A lot of stuff is over now: the "death march" primaries, the Bush presidency, and the wait for Obama to start the gig in earnest.

So... can we now start telling the truth about President Obama?

What is that truth? I'm not sure. He hasn't had the job for very long, has he? Read below the fold...

Some rationality on the FDR comparison

Here's something FDR did in his first 100 days:

Roosevelt was not without a sense of humor. The third measure to go forward was a request to amend the Volstead Act to permit the sale of beer and wine. “I think this would be a good time for a beer,” the president told his aide Louis Howe. The 21st Amendment, which repealed Prohibition, was not adopted until December 5, 1933, but Roosevelt’s proposal provided interim relief.

Read below the fold...
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Transportation Stimulus You Can't Believe In

Goddess, there are so many good blogs out there and so Little Time (for me at least, today!) Check out this post, and stay a while to read some of the others there. Bottom line: all that crap we've been hearing about "billions and billions" for transportation-related stimulus and development? Not even enough to bring our transportation reality back to where it once was when almost-properly funded (live links at original):
Read below the fold...

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The Crisis Reaches the Master Class


Or rather, those who supposed they were in the Master Class and are finding out that wasn't so true after all. I don't know much about economics. Maybe Forbes does, though. I read this with great interest, for all I probably didn't understand it. Here's my dramatic oversimplification/reaction: Read below the fold...

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What Obama Really Meant, Redux

Actually, it's a good move to take a mulligan on the bollixed oath-reading — and this time with no Bible!

If there's one thing Republicans can be counted on to do, it's to project their own sins onto others, so after circling the wagons around the illegitimate Bush, the botched oath would have been made hay of at every opportunity (and still might, if only for derision... or to build conspiracy theories on the no-Bible thing — maybe third time's the charm?). Read below the fold...

Now how about tainted money?

Just saying.

Oh, The Big Shit Storm that Tim Geithner's golfing buddies engineered isn't going to kill a lot of people? Especially kids and old people? Just like tainted milk?

Why would you think that it wouldn't? Isn't that what "creative destruction" is all about? Read below the fold...

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How healthcare defeatism works

Ezra Klein

I'm in In These Times this month moderating a debate between Steffie Woolhandler, co-director of Physicians for a National Health Program and a single-payer supporter, and Richard Kirsch, the national director for Health Care for America Now and an advocate of a hybrid approach.

Read below the fold...

Big Money lending strike continues

Bloomberg. Look, I've offered to donate a kidney to the nearest banker if that's what it will take to restore "confidence" -- what more can I do?

Look, er -- I need the other kidney, mkay? Read below the fold...

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Even CQ censors single payer advocacy

Rebecca Adams, CQ Staff

Insurance companies suggest that government-administered plans actually would increase costs for those with private insurance because hospitals and providers would charge the privately insured patients more in order to compensate for low government rates. The long-term effect of that process, industry advocates say, would be to drive private insurers out of business and to set the stage for an exclusively government-run, single-payer system.

Read below the fold...

I thought the Obama techs were alpha geeks?

Well, their HTML is broken and their robots.txt file doesn't meet Google's webmaster guidelines.

Do I still have to wait 'til he's done something?

NOTE Please don't tell me these things take time. The Obama campaign had more money than God, and plenty of development time. Read below the fold...

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Classy Rachel Maddow and Ana Marie Cox stop short of blackface

Sorry I don't have video of the Maddow / Wonkette 1.0 discussion, but it was aaaawwwkward!

During the parade, TV captured the first couple moving to the sounds of the marching bands. CNN's Hilary Rosen remarked "how nice it is to have a president with rhythm again."

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and guest Ana Marie Cox tiptoed up to that same point, steering clear of a racially tinged stereotype.

Read below the fold...

So why not jobs NOW NOW NOW NOW?

eRiposte has a fine post up on FDR's first 100 days. This passage caught my eye: Read below the fold...


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