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Wretched excess, 2

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Thinking About Trauma and Euphoria


This is a dense, sober, fact-based post that people should read, but likely won't. That's a shame. There are many lighter and easier to read posts out there which say, more or less, many of the same things; you can find them if you search for them- here, and at other "hater" blogs. I'll try to simplify what I've taken away from the writing I prefer to read of late (a body of works which I'll note is growing in number rapidly) that responds to the stated aims and policies of the administration, which of today, is "official." Read below the fold...

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Dear FSM, Ceiling Cat and all the gods --

For two Democrats in the Senate today -- 91-year-old Robert Byrd, now the dean of the Senate, and 76-year-old Ted Kennedy, the Lion fighting cancer, please have mercy and give strength.

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Marie Antoinette speaks out about the need to cut your nursing home care


Digby has Andrea Mitchell's latest embarassment:

Andrea Mitchell: It does go beyond rhetoric. He needs to engage the American people in this joint venture. That's part of the call. That's part of what he needs to accomplish in his spech and in the days following the speech. He needs to make people feel that this is their venture as well and that people are going to need to be more patient and have to contribute and that there will have to be some sacrifice.

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Single payer utopians?

More health care defeatism from Ezra Klein

Atul Gawande has a nicely turned health reform piece in this week's New Yorker that makes quite a few useful points but ultimately says surprisingly little. His thesis statement is simple enough: Countries do best to build atop what they have. He presents this as a rejection of the single payer utopians on the left and the free market ideologues on the right.

Precisely why is this utopian?

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Politics and Media Headlines 1/20/09

It’s Time for the Taste Test

Crowds pack frigid Mall for Obama's inauguration (AP)
WASHINGTON – Braving frigid temperatures, an exuberant crowd of hundreds of thousands packed the National Mall on Tuesday to celebrate the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as America's first black president. He grasps the reins of power in a high-noon ceremony amid grave economic worries and high expectations. Read below the fold...

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Updated: Transcript over the jump.

Rev. Joseph Lowery:

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Starting the Clock on Obama's Promises


The folks at Propublica made this nifty Obama Promise Clock.

"While some candidates on the presidential campaign trail treat paint (sic) promises in glittering generalities, President Obama was often quite specific about what policies he’d implement as president, with exhaustive lists of promised policy plans [1] on his much-ballyhooed website.

As part of our ongoing “Promises Clock” feature, we’ve chosen five of these promises to keep an eye on.

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Without comment

Hospitals, firms in healthcare back Kennedy institute

Drug companies, hospitals, and insurance firms have helped to amass $20 million to finance a nonprofit educational institute in Boston that will honor Senator Edward M. Kennedy, using his career as a case study of a powerful senator.

The biggest donation has been $5 million from Amgen Inc., a national biotechnology drug firm based in California that depends heavily on federal healthcare policies and Medicare prescription drug reimbursements for its profits. One of Amgen's lobbyists, Nick Littlefield, is a former top Kennedy aide.

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DC Blogger needs your help

For DCBlogger, every day is a day of service. We all know how DCBlogger has been a tireless advocate of single payer health care, which is the best health care solution for the country and for all of us. Not only have we come to expect one, two, many posts a day, DCB has the following "gets": Donna Smith from the National Nurses Association, and Katie Robbins of Health Care Now. It's not often that we in the blogosphere get live blogging from non-slacktivists who are out in the field! And we hope to see more like this...

Now, as we all know, bloggers on the left don't blog to get rich; they blog because they think it's the right thing to do. Helping readers get knowledgeable about our health care system is the right thing to do; shoving the Overton Window left on health care is the right thing to do; and single payer is definitely the right thing to do.

So -- and here, DCBlogger insists that I say "If you can"; we know how things are -- won't you help DCBlogger continue doing the right thing on our behalf?

Inauguration Day Lo-Fi blogging open thread

Deep thought: It's going to feel different and better when the country isn't run by insane people.

And again, show McClatchy some love by watching their live feed. The B side: Read below the fold...

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Health Insurance parasites support additional subsidies; object to consumer privacy protections


Health Insurers Welcome COBRA Subsidy, Leery of Privacy Rules

The federal government would subsidize up to 65% of COBRA health insurance payments for many individuals who have lost their jobs since Sept. 1, 2008, under an $825 billion stimulus package unveiled by House Democrats.

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Obama already working miracles

From tonight's homepage:

Somehow, Obama was able to keep his food down at dinners celebrating collaboration and compromise with the people who have brought ruin and shame to every imaginable aspect of American life. Pure magic!

John McCain was wondrously transformed into "an American hero who set a standard of patriotism and bipartisanship for all to follow." Read below the fold...

Some rationality on the Lincoln comparison

Leonard Pitts:

Of course, Lincoln freed no slaves. That's the myth. His Emancipation Proclamation was a military measure to demoralize and destabilize the rebellious South; it covered states he did not govern but did not apply in slaveholding states that remained under his jurisdiction.

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If you're going to watch the inaugural...


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