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Caroline Kennedy withdraws her name

according to the Post and the NYT

Ok, I'll start with the obvious speculation (not that we'll ever know) -- did Paterson tell her 'no way' and then give her the opportunity to avoid embarassment by dropping out herself?

eta punctuation, always a plus. Read below the fold...

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Hillary confirmed "despite lingering concerns by some Republicans"'s home page intros the story thusly:

"Senate OKs Clinton as secretary of state. Vote for the former first lady is 94-2, despite lingering concerns over Bill Clinton's charitable fundraising overseas

Despite the fact that only two Repubs could be bothered to stick to the prevailing Village fabrication about Bill's troublesome charity work, the framing must go on.

What I'd like to know is whether any of the senators asked her about her AUMF and Kyl-Lieberman votes, and whether she's going to continue America's troubling hawkishness, which she and now-VP Biden and now-President Obama (once he became a Senator / Presidential candidate ) have supported in countless ways. Read below the fold...

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Arthur Silber's Cats Need Food

Arthur Silber's cats need food. Won't you please help?

You don't have to do it because he is one of the most unique, indispensible and human voices on the interwebs and needs help in the form of donations to stay alive for at least a few more months. Nope, you don't have to do it for that reason, because that is a little too heavy and who wants to be a downer?

Just do it for the kitties. Read below the fold...

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Regulatory action of the day: Wellpoint edition


This series is going to be resumed because part of passing single payer involves discrediting health insurance parasites.

Medicare agency orders Anthem parent to halt enrollments

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has ordered WellPoint Inc., parent company of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, to temporarily stop enrollment and marketing of its Medicare Advantage, Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug and Prescription Drug Plan.

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You only think you have insurance: DeKalb county edition


DeKalb retirees in fix over insurance

A glitch in switching medical insurers continues to cause problems for retired DeKalb County employees, as they call their new insurer only to discover they aren’t covered.

“I called Cigna this morning, and they still have no record of me being in the system,” Larry Davis, a former Sheriff’s Department administrator, said Tuesday.

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Republicans for Single Payer Health Care

There is a Republicans for Single Payer group. Please forward the link to your Republican friends. The idea will seem less threatening if it comes from a Republican voice.

There are many Republicans today who are out of work and just discovering the hard realities of the American Health Neglect System. I am not just talking about unemployed White House or Capitol Hill operatives, I mean rank and file Republicans all over the country. They are going to start bringing their health care nightmare's to their Senators, and with luck that will give us the opening we need. Read below the fold...

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Wyden confuses health care with health insurance

Jane Hamsher reports on the Progressive Media Summit:

Wyden: Answering a question about whether we will be moving toward single payer, Wyden says that single payer winds up devolving into an argument with people who are opposed to "too much government." But if you use the term "universal coverage" and you say that for the same amount of money everyone can have the same coverage as members of Congress, it's not so polarizing. So basically, no.

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Republicans demand more time to consider Holder; postponement of committee vote for one week

Gotta love the bipartisanship breaking out all over the Senate!

And that Texas senator from central casting, John Cornyn, has been a really busy bugger. First, throwing wrench into Hillary's confirmation, now Holder's.

Sen. John Cornyn , R-Texas, had said he would block committee proceedings, if he doesn't get an answer from Holder as to whether he would prosecute those who tortured prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Other Republican committee members are also worried about the potential for prosecutions. They think they should be given immunity if they believed they were acting within the law.

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Speaking of those who "question the scale of our ambitions," does it really take a year to close Gitmo?


And if anybody wants original thinking on Gitmo, try this. Read below the fold...

Financial Times: "Shoot the bankers, nationalise the banks"

Aux duck pits, citoyens!. Of course, he's really only joking.

First, we'd claw back the money they stole.

Then we'd shoot them.

NOTE Via (Susie (AlphaVille)). Read below the fold...

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MoDo's Georgetown bash: "The fanciest treats she had were pigs in a blanket..."

A get-rich-quick idea: set up a stand selling "Eat the Rich" t-shirts, then get everyone you can to read this post.

Once you become rich, they'll have to eat you, too, but at least you'll understand.

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Politics and Media Headlines 1/21/09

It's a great life if you don't weaken

A quick and belated response to a sentence from CDs post on PTSD. She writes:

America is suffering from PTSD.

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Thank you Corrente Community!


I cannot begin to explain how humbled I am by your support. Many many thanks to everyone who gave. A great burden has been lifted.

More than ever I am eager to do my part to achieve single payer. I hope I am always worthy of your support. Read below the fold...

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Wretched excess, 3: On Mustard Seeds, Mountains, and Antigua

Even the mountains are not immune from Obamania:

ST JOHN'S, Antigua – Antigua plans to give the new U.S. president its "top" honor on his birthday: renaming its tallest peak Mount Obama.

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer says the Caribbean nation will rename Boggy Peak, as it is currently known, on Aug. 4 to mark President Barack Obama's 48th birthday.

He first announced the plan in November in a congratulatory letter to Obama but didn't say when it would happen. He revealed the date on Tuesday.

Spencer said he joined "people of color all over the world, and indeed all people" in celebrating Obama's inauguration.

Boggy Peak rises 1,300 feet

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