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Obama takes the train to DC...

Just like Lincoln!!!!!!

Obama puts his pants on one leg at a time.

Just like Lincoln!!!!!

Please, sir, may I have some more narrative? Read below the fold...

Riots in the Baltics

Tropy trope tropism

What amazes me, or not, is how the coverage of Obama from our famously free press is, in so many ways, exactly the same as that of Bush; for example, the Triumph of The Will-style upward shot of the Leader posed against the sky. Read below the fold...

The vapidity and irrelevance of WaPo's health care coverage


Congress and the incoming Obama administration are contemplating profound shifts in the government's role in health insurance to try to alleviate a significant ripple effect of the damaged economy: Americans losing health coverage as they lose jobs.

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The Real Cost of Guantanamo

No Associated Press content was harmed in the writing of this post Read below the fold...

"The bezzle"

A nifty analytical tool from Raymond James via The Agonist: Read below the fold...

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HR 676 endorsements: Indianapolis, Bloomington, and New Albany, IN


New Albany City Council relays confidence in universal health care

New Albany joined Bloomington and Indianapolis as the only cities in the state that have passed a resolution supporting the House measure. The council voted 7-1 in favor of it with Kevin Zurschmiede the lone member opposing.

Our friends in Indiana are clearly doing great work! Read below the fold...

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Bill Clinton's Farewell Address

Forward to 1:49 when he lists the accomplishments of his administration and then goes into what our future should be. The line that got me was when he said we were "on track to be debt free by the end of the decade." That would be 2009. Oh, how times have changed. It's like looking at an alternate universe.

Tom Frank advises Obama to "Act As If You've Won"-- Centrism is a chump's role

David Sirota posted about this article with the title "What Tom Frank Said."

Frank points out that Tom DeLay understood that playing to the middle watered down his objectives; he said he told Repubs to start every proposal as far to the right as possible and in that way the general discussion pulled the national discourse to the right. Frank stresses Obama needs to recognize this and not create a "centrist position" which will merely become a starting point to move rightward. As have we all said. Read below the fold...

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Michigan Blue Cross announces layoffs

Blue Cross Blue Shield to cut up to 1,000 jobs

The company hinted at possible layoffs last year after the Michigan Legislature did not pass changes to insurance rules sought by the company. Blue Cross says it wants law changes because it is losing millions of dollars each year on health insurance policies that cover individuals.

Just pass HR 676 and put these parasites out of their misery. Read below the fold...

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Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger III

Yeah, that's a pilot. Certified in unpowered aircraft before the need. Experienced. Competent.
Oh, and did I mention? UNION. (And yes, sir. United States Air Force. Fighter. Pilot. Veteran.) Read below the fold...

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UnitedHealth Group settles class action lawsuit for $350 million

UnitedHealth to pay $350M in reimbursement suits

UnitedHealth Group has reported that it will pay $350 million to settle three class actions related to out-of-network reimbursements. ...

... Additionally, Aetna Inc. of Hartford, Conn., which also used Ingenix, agreed to contribute $20 million toward the new data source.

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Throwing good money after bad

Bank of America; CitiGroup.

Why don't we just make the banks into regulated public utilities? Why shouldn't credit work exactly like your gas bill or your electricity bill?

I mean, we own the banks now anyhow, so why not make them work for us, instead of the other way round? Read below the fold...

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Politics and Media Headlines 1/16/09

Outgoing CIA director defends detainee interrogation program (McClatchy)
LANGLEY, Va. — Outgoing CIA Director Michael Hayden vigorously defended on Thursday the agency's use of secret prisons and coercive interrogation methods on suspected al Qaida terrorists, saying they helped avert new terrorist attacks and were done "out of duty, not out of enthusiasm."

See? It’s all okay. It was only out of duty. They were just following orders. Read below the fold...

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Alternative Energy Snapshot - Jan. 2009

This snapshot will focus on wind, which I am most familiar with and where most of the action is currently happening anyway.

From the Jan. 15 edition of Electric Power Monthly, a publication of the Department of Energy, came the preceding pie chart showing combined "alternative" energy sources at 3.2% of total power generation as of Oct. 2008 (latest available data). Read below the fold...


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