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A Month of Crucial Decisions on Torture

No Associated Press content was harmed in the writing of this post Read more about A Month of Crucial Decisions on Torture

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What the hell is Cal Thomas talking about?

Conservative Christianist wingnut Cal Thomas is always good and reliable for a crazy laugh when you need one...or two. Read more about What the hell is Cal Thomas talking about?

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Found the plan for the garden


at the White House site -- thought I'd share with y'all:

Looks like maybe the squash won't become weapons of mass destruction this summer. Those of you who have successfully raised more than two zucchini plants at a time will know what I'm talking about. Read more about Found the plan for the garden

Wells-Fargo skepticism

FWIW, this from Housing Wire. The technicalities are beyond me, but the link is from Yves, so it must be a worthwhile read. Read more about Wells-Fargo skepticism

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Just go read hekebolos now!!!


another emeritus Correntian speaks for me. Everything from the linky goodness to the military language is, in a word, superb. Leah, Xan, CD, MJS, bringiton -- y'all don't miss this either, please! Read more about Just go read hekebolos now!!!

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Bush/Cheney "left behind" a VA "communications specialist" who robs

veterans of their dignity and reporters of their equipment. She's senior enough in the organization not to be an Obama appointee (or hiree). But I think we ought to be asking for more oversight of the VA, don't y'all? Read more about Bush/Cheney "left behind" a VA "communications specialist" who robs

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Celebration ... Come ON! (Substance over style)


It's springtime in DC. Michelle Obama and the Bancroft Elementary School students are busy:

Daily Mail Photos

The London Daily Mail takes note:
"First lady Michelle Obama got her hands dirty has she planted the first fruit and vegetable seedlings in the new White House garden.
She pulled on brown gloves and a red waterproof and trainers and got down on her knees to help plant alongside a group of 25 eager fifth-graders from a local school.
And she said the Obamas could be enjoying salads fresh from the garden within weeks.
Designed as a year-round kitchen garden, the L-shaped plot on the South Lawn will produce herbs such as oregano, sage and rosemary, vegetables including lettuce, chard and peas, and blueberries and raspberries." Read more about Celebration ... Come ON! (Substance over style)

Court pomp at the original Versailles


And if some creative persons want to put faces to the costumes, look to the bottom for the "In a period dress" / "Dans un costume dépoque" menu item after you get through the introduction. Read more about Court pomp at the original Versailles

Clap harder

Time: "More Quickly Than It Began, The Banking Crisis Is Over". Alrighty then.

So that explains why the stress tests are totally transparent! Oh, wait.... Read more about Clap harder

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Canada's completely ridiculous government

To all those Americans who wish they had the benefits or protection of Canadian citizenship, well, the value of the above has dropped like a stone in recent history, and none so obviously as with the current absurd Abousfian Abdelrazik episode. The poor man has a family in Canada, is a Canadian citizen by refugee asylum, and has been stuck in a Kafkaesque multiyear nightmare starting with imprisonment and torture by the Sudanese government, and ending with his residence at the Canadian embassy in Khartoum, which will not offer him a passport to return to Canada. Read more about Canada's completely ridiculous government

I was wrong on Panetta

RL calls, so I have no time to do a complete grovel, but I was wrong. Brennan and Panetta are two peas in a pod. No accountability remains the Versailles watchword, even when Democrats are in power. Read more about I was wrong on Panetta

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When DFHs Attack!


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