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UCC Draws Fire for Condom Distribution Stance


So, there's this church, the UCC. Apparently President Obama is a member of this denomination, but that's probably NOT what drew them to the attention of the "OneNewsNow" organization. Instead, it's that (not unlike the President, on many issues), the UCC is acting on their faith -- and the obligation they see in it to serve their fellow human beings. Read below the fold...

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The problem with Obama's health care reform strategery

Time to play the single-payer card

Many prominent progressives like Paul Krugman and Jacob Hacker have argued that the public option is the key to the whole reform process. The public option will constrain the rapacious insurance companies. The public option will be popular and efficient. The public option will be, at its best, a slippery slope to a single-payer plan. Never mind that critics have pointed out that if the public plan is enacted, the insurance companies will find ways to game the system again. Never mind that the Right has recognized the slippery slope argument, and that is why they are so adamantly against it.

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GAO: Treat Big Money just like Big Auto


The U.S. Treasury should demand that American International Group Inc., the insurer rescued by taxpayers, seek concessions from employees, creditors and derivatives counterparties* as a condition of its aid, the Government Accountability Office said.

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Iraq: Eye of the Hurricane?

McClatchy (as usual):

In America, the U.S. "surge" of additional troops to Baghdad is heralded as a success, and President Barack Obama has said he'll draw down American forces in Iraq and turn his attention to Afghanistan and Pakistan. In Iraq, however, what the U.S.-led invasion and occupation started is far from over.

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First, they came for the union retirees....

Well, actually, they did that already, several times. But they're doing it again. Online WSJ:

Blame Is Put on Management, but More Pain Looms for Hourly Workers, Retirees
President Barack Obama's recovery plan for General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC appears to take aim at union retirees, a usually reliable Democratic constituency.

Especially since the state of Michigan went for Obama in the primaries. Oh, wait... Read below the fold...

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SEIU: Treat Bank of America the same as GM!! FIRE Lewis

Michael Whitney has a story for you. You can read it at the SEIU site. It's a tale of two big companies whose CEOs essentially destroyed them, costing thousands of jobs and billions of dollars. But what happened to those CEOs isn't equal -- and Whitney's arguing that it should be. The gist of Whitney's position is that if Roger Wagoner deserves a pink slip, so does Ken Lewis. I'm wholeheartedly in agreement. Are you? If so you can sign the petition on site. Read below the fold...

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Claims of Bradley effect in NH 2008 bogus, says American Association for Public Opinion Research

You remember the "Bradley Effect," right? That's the hook that the Obama Movement used when they decided to smear the Clintons and their supporters as racists so they could win the next primary in SC. Well, as it turns out -- and I know this will surprise you -- those claims were bogus. CQ politics: Read below the fold...

When Iris Mack blew the whistle on Harvard endowment's derivatives to Larry Summers' office, she was fired

Another Cassandra. Harvard Crimson:

After a year-long stint at a European investment bank and another at Enron, Iris M. Mack signed on to be a quantitative analyst for Harvard Management Company in early 2002, hoping, she says, to find job security and distance from the risky trading and accounting practices that forced her last employer into bankruptcy in the company charged with managing Harvard’s endowment.

But only a few months later, Mack says she was fired after she raised concerns to University officials about managers’ qualifications and possibly irresponsible usage of financial instruments [derivatives] that could have contributed to the recent and sudden decline in Harvard’s endowment.

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$13 trillion (and counting)


Quick post, since I've got to run, but does anybody believe the story of the October collapse that never was? I sure don't, for three reasons"!

1. Big time cui bono.

2. There's no, er, testimony of what actually happened.

3. The numbers everybody was looking at to measure the crisis were easy to manipulate, especially LIBOR.

Sure, something happened, and Congress snapped to attention NOW NOW NOW. But what that something was? We just don't know. Read below the fold...

Why treat Big Auto differently from Big Money?

William Harrison at Yves place answers:

But, is [what's happening to the auto companies] not what should be happening with the big banks? Why the differential treatment here? Here's my take. I see two reasons.

First, the Obama Administration suffers from cognitive regulatory capture. [Ouch!] Former denizens of Wall Street are so ensconced in the Administration that they cannot but see events from a 'Wall Street perspective.' In effect, they operate like a horse with blinders. Their view takes as axiomatic the importance and needed continued existence of the big banks that they dismiss alternative workout solutions out of hand.

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Who does Thomas Donahue really represent?

Thomas Donahue is the President of the US Chamber of Commerce and is coordinating a multimillion dollar campaign against health care reform. He is also is on the board of Sunrise Senior Living, a nursing home. Should single payer become law nursing homes would be hit by a double whammy of forced increase of quality, specifically they would have to hire more staff, and receive lower payments. No more funneling all the money to the top and cheat old people and workers.

But is that really in the interest of members of the US Chamber of Commerce? Most of them would benefit from a single payer system, their health costs would plummet and their employees would not longer have to worry about health care. Read below the fold...

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Action Alert: Walk the Halls of Congress for Single Payer

Email from Healthcare-NOW!

Wednesday, April 1st

10am-2pm, Rayburn House Office Building, South Capitol Street Entrance

Help Single-Payer take on the Hill on April 1. We will be dropping the book Do Not Resuscitate to key Democratic leaders in the US Senate to encourage co-sponsorship of the national, comprehensive, single payer bill introduced by Senator Sanders, and to urge that Single-Payer be included in all health care hearings. Others of us will drop at US Representatives offices an announcement for The Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Healthcare April 1, 2pm Congressional forum as well as a news update on the high volume of single-payer support at the White House Regional forums.

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A little fancier budget supper

A Bavarian soft-wheat (batter) bread cooked a long time at a low temp to make it brown and chewy, turned into a croque-monsieur or croque-madame?

3 cups whole-wheat flour, sifted
12 ounces warm beer
1 cup melted butter (not margarine or shortening; divided use)
rind of 1 lemon, grated
1/3 tsp whole cardamom
1 cup cold mashed potatoes
1 beaten egg
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup buttermilk Read below the fold...


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