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Gang members tell ministers to play nice

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Bill Clinton to cross picket line in San Diego


The Manchester Hyatt in San Diego is boycotted by the LBGT community there and Unite Here the hotel and restaurant workers union.

Bill Clinton is scheduled to give a talk LA Times at the hotel to International Franchising Association Convention, a Republican tending association.

All letters, pleas, requests and discussions attempting to make Clinton change his decision failed.

What a shame! Read below the fold...

I didn't stalk David Sirota today

I feel so... So empty.

NOTE For background, see here. Read below the fold...

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Changing the Terms of the Debate

No Associated Press content was harmed in the writing of this post Read below the fold...

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John Conyers, live in concert in Philadelphia!


Saturday, March 7, 1 PM – 3 PM
Penn Newman Center
3720 Chestnut St.
(Enter from Sansom St.)
All are welcome, don’t stay away if you can’t pay! Donations appreciated to defray expenses.

Join Representative Conyers, author of
The United States National Health Care Act, HR 676(“Expanded & Improved Medicare for ALL”)
and other speakers

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This Will Offend Someone

But it is educational

This is what their communication looks like when they're trying to reel in the christian white demographic. Note the Orwellian inversion of the language throughout. I'll analyze some of this stuff sometime and explain its functions, if folks can stomach such an exercise. It's great fun for me as long as i take it in small doses. Read below the fold...

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Spooky Coincidence

That the world's leading expert on the Rwanda genocide was on that plane that crashed. Given that I cited the very significant media case only yesterday. Read below the fold...

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Foreclosures supended


For some reason, Lambert thinks I have something to say about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because a long time ago I thought it would be fun to needle the PUMAs about their odd predilection to absorb and repeat bad theories on the so-called mortgage meltdown (and, no an econ PhD does not automatically raise my estimation of your credibility---my current project is needling Canadian economics professors). Read below the fold...

11 dimensional chess plays out

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White Supremacy - Take II

My original plan was to write three posts about white supremacy problem, but the more I look into it, the less inclined I am to publish the remaining two-thirds of the original essay I wrote.

I am sure most people who are reading this are aware by now that under the right circumstances, skinheads would make ideal brownshirts, and the KKK would be in a position to proselytize among destitute people by providing necessities and social services the way armed political groups have done in other countries for years. So I see no need to devote entire posts to observations such as those.

I need to focus on the most pressing aspect of this problem first, and then zoom out and take a wider view. Read below the fold...

Deru kugi wa utareru

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Sunday Book Reviews, Someone Has To Do It

Since one of my fav Correntians is gone, I figured I'd give a go at reviving the Corrente Sunday Book Reviews. To show my seriousness, I'll do a write up of something I'm reading.

I know you all are reading so be prepared to share your latest reads with us on Sunday. Whether you want to be all smart and pretentious with your book choices or you just want to tell us about the trashy book your reading, it doesn't matter. Because we all know that reading is the basics for all learning. Read below the fold...

I did not set out to wear a garbage bag today

The garbage bag hung, kilt-like, over my legs as I proceeded to wash the tools I had been using. These tools were in need of washing because I used them to mix up lime putty. Other tools also got washed, though they ware not used for such an operation. They were, in fact, innocent bystanders.

As were my pants, sweatshirt, and pull-on work shoes that I really really like and are now kinda wrecked.

I have mixed batches of goo---mud, plaster, concrete, even clay---using a drill and paddle many times before. My drill has an adjustable speed and you can control it by how much you pull the trigger. So I didn't really give a second though to what I was doing. I put down some kraft paper and had an extra bucket of water for clean up. Read below the fold...

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Friday the 13th retro blogging

51 weeks ago, I wrote this, in a post titled "Pick Up That Knife, Barack!":

If and when Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination, it will be, ironically, the death of hope for me.

Once again, it's not so much that he's a bad guy or all that different from Hillary Clinton on policy.

It's that his vaunted campaign is everything I would have hoped the (potentially) winning 2008 campaign wouldn't be: Truthy and Retrograde.

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