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VM tweeters getting petty

(Versailles Media). Jake Tapper blocked TPM's from following his twitter feed. Or was it vice versa?

Or has WKJM been de-kidnapped, now? Confusing! Read below the fold...

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Full-Circle Truthiness

So over at Talkleft, Big Tent Democrat finds issue with an insinuation at (where else) Kos that Chris Dodd carried AIG's water on the bonus issue due to his being the largest* recipient of their campaign contributions. It was true he was carrying water, but it was Obama and Geithner's.

"Lessig promulgates a false implication - that Senator Chris Dodd acted as he did because of AIG contributions. It is clear now that in fact Dodd acted as he did at the behest of the Obama administration. In fact, in last week's issue of The Economist (p. 29) (before the AIG bonus scandal broke), the following was written:

Read below the fold...
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The Canadian government: objectively worse

I do recall, lo, that here among us there were people who hoped that Canada would arrest George Bush or something. Well, not only did they not do that, but they've just prohibited another George from speaking in Toronto: maverick British MP George Galloway.

More specifically, Alykhan Velshi, an aide to the execrable minister Jason Kenney, quoth trollishly: Read below the fold...

I think it's about time to give Timmy the dreaded vote of confidence

The IMF seems to think that detail has been lacking on the bailouts...

Yeah, like where the fucking money went! Read below the fold...

Gun sales up 26% over 2008

"[T]wo thirds of the population thinks the country is on the wrong track."

Seed sales up, gun sales up....

May you live in interesting times. And if your economic models treat those data points as outliers, then maybe your model is wrong. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. And that. Read below the fold...

Science for hedge fundies

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Is our lefties learning?

Let me explain it to you simply: Obama and Geithner got caught with their accountability down.

Remember how rigorously y'all held now-President Obama to account when he was running? No, I don't remember that either. It's a lot like that. Read below the fold...

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Single payer in Colorado

Bill advances to study single-payer health care

A House committee has approved a bill that could set the stage for a single-payer health care system, potentially leading to a major change in the way Coloradans get and pay for medical care.

Never forget our fall back position, there must be no federal bill that prohibits the states from enacting their own single payer system. Read below the fold...

Banksters: Give us our money our we shoot this economy

Ah, the agonizing dilemmas executives face.

Gawd, even Josh Marshall gets it: Read below the fold...

Now, the White House garden is change I do believe in

Well done. This is huge:

Whether there would be a White House garden has been more than a matter of landscaping. It’s taken on political and environmental symbolism as the Obamas have been lobbied for months by advocates [not "leaderz"...] who believe that growing more food locally could lead to healthier eating and lessen reliance on huge industrial farms that use more oil for transportation and chemicals for fertilizer.

Again, pressure works. More like this, please.

Read below the fold...

Good news on the Montreal protocol: Humans really can get their shit together

Collapse scenario avoided:

U.S. and Dutch scientists credit the 193-nation agreement to ban ozone-depleting substances for avoiding nearly catastrophic environmental hazards.

Read below the fold...
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"Let 'em hug their money." Indeed

Detroit Free Press columnist Susan Tompor pulls a reverse Marie Antoinette, for the win:

So let's get this straight, the only bonus most of us now get at the end of the day is a hug from a loved one. And guess what? We feel extremely blessed to get it.

But no hugs for the AIG executives. Let 'em hug their money.

There are no epic take-downs, or anything much that hasn't already been said, but I think "Let 'em hug their money" could have legs. She also brings up a good point about the toothlessness of applying the terms "distasteful" and "inappropriate" to these bonuses: Read below the fold...

Seed sales up 40% in Zone 5b

At least that's what I heard at the hardware store.

If you think this downturn is like previous downturns, that's one statistic you might check. If people didn't think they'd need to grow their own food before, then your models could be wrong.

Go read Galbraith's article at the link. Then read it again. He's got it right. Read below the fold...

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Alabama PACT: Every Answer Raises More Questions

Havealittletalk has pieced together a rough timeline of Alabama PACT investment manager hirings and firings since 2003, including information that makes us think Bear Stearns handled some of this money.

Unfortunately, details prior to 2003 are sketchy. If anyone can shed further light on this, I would appreciate it. I’ve got this on my list of things to look into with Lexis next week. Havealittletalk also has the best lead I’ve read all week:

We shouldn’t even need to have this conversation. The PACT isn’t an investment plan: it’s a purchased contract. It is because it says it is.

Read below the fold...


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