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Versailles is a sack of pus waiting to burst

So, you think the banksters haven't been looting your pension fund? Think again.

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Saturday Night Lo-Fi Geithner Bailout Blogging

Call your Congresscritter and say "Show me the loan tapes!"

Until then, not a dime. Atrios.

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Alabama PACT: Taking It To Montgomery?

Today I found comment at my blog from a member of this Facebook group that is worth sharing:

We feel we need to work together- get numbers- and take this to Montgomery!

Alabama blogger BrokeSnake is thinking along the same lines. We’ve had a bit of discussion about this. He’s been all over this issue, and has even corresponded with some state legislators and posted about it at The Snake Pit. Read below the fold...

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What is a Loan Tape?

Lord Atrios says "Not all things are unknowable" about how bad the toxic/troubled/misunderstood Assets are. There is actual documentation for the subprime loans in the form of "LOAN TAPES" (caps in the original): Read below the fold...

CT Attorney General: AIG lies again; bonuses $40 million more than they said

Don't banksters always lie about money? Bloomberg:

March 21 (Bloomberg) -- American International Group Inc., whose compensation policies before and after its U.S. bailout are being investigated, turned over information on its executive bonuses to Connecticut’s attorney general, who said the insurer paid out $218 million.

That amount is more than the $165 million in bonuses previously disclosed by the New York-based company. The insurer provided a list of bonus amounts and contract terms to Blumenthal, who said the information supports his view that the basis for paying the bonuses is “completely unjustified,” according to a statement he issued yesterday.

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Liquidity and risk

On a Canadian economics blog I read (and often disagree with, BTW), we have this discussion from Carleton University economist Nick Rowe on the relationship between liquidity and risk, as (presumably) a prelude to answering the question of whether we have a liquidity crisis or a risk crisis in the US and world economy. Read below the fold...

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Blog ponies!


Via Republic of Dogs, where you can test it out, I found this awesome widget that, when clicked, adds unicorns and rainbows to your blog. I thought that Lambert might get a kick out of it.

Does it work here?

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The only political cartoon you'll ever need


"Who stole the people's money?"

"'Twas him!" Read below the fold...

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Sidestepping the obstruction at the top

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In France, you don't go to the emergency room, the emergency room comes to you.

That's right. When you call the French equivalent of 911, a doctor answers the phone, and if you truly have an emergency, they dispatch an entire medical team, including a doctor, to your house, apartment, hotel room, wherever you happen to be. They can diagnose you, begin treatment, decide which hospital is best for your particular problem, and have any needed specialists waiting for you at the hospital when the ambulance gets you there. Read below the fold...

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Friday Night Music blogging: No words

Got to be one of the best TV themes ever. Read below the fold...

If you can't wangle an invite from

to the next health care reform forum, maybe you can buy your way in.

Last week, Gov. Chet Culver’s office announced that tickets were to be distributed by a lottery. Tickets were expected to be hard to come by, and some health-care advocates voiced concerns that they wouldn’t get to attend. With the sponsorship plan, that wasn’t going to be a worry for those forking over big bucks.

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In Other News: Wreck in Strait of Hormuz Damages Navy Nuclear Sub


So the Los Angeles-class nuclear submarine Hartford and the Navy LPD New Orleans (which is an amphibious dock ship, meaning essentially it can launch and recover amphibious boats for landings: Read below the fold...

Trial balloon on replacing Timmy with JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon

Yay! Dimon is a two time winner of Corrente's coveted Bankster of the Day award! Read below the fold...


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