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Department of useless advice

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Getting Through Tough Economic Times ...

... Even with these coping techniques, however, sometimes these problems can seem overwhelming and you may need additional help to get through "rough patches." Fortunately, there are many people and services that can provide help. These include your:

* Healthcare provider
* Spiritual leader
* School counselor
* Community health clinic

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Monday Night Rational Marijuana Policy Lo-Fi Blogging

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Politics and Media Headlines 3/30/09

Photo of the Day (by Susie at Suburban Guerrilla)

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When Stupid Attacks With Bigotry's Help

You get guys like Donald Wildmon (wait, is he still around?) spouting garbage like this:

(Reproduced in full from my Spam box, because you just can't make this stuff up, and it's so hard to believe anybody capable of independent thought would buy it:) Read below the fold...

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AHIP and Blue Cross: We will treat everyone fairly if we can define fair

Health insurers pull a fast one in proposed reform

The industry says it will treat all people fairly in return for a government requirement that everyone has to buy their product. But they want to charge different prices for different levels of coverage ...

...Yet if you read the fine print in their plan, it turns out that they're reserving the right to charge different prices for different levels of coverage -- a practice that would effectively keep us where we are, with sick (or potentially sick) people paying more for insurance.

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Early bankster money is like a yeast infection

Pure gold from the Real News Network; go read Susie for a partial transcript. Read below the fold...

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Action Alert: Regional Healthcare Meeting--Greensboro NC

Regional Healthcare Meeting--Greensboro, North Carolina

The fourth of five regional meetings on healthcare reform following the White House Healthcare Summit.

This town hall forum will discuss bringing down health care costs and expanding coverage. This discussion is especially critical for working families and businesses that need lower health care costs to create and maintain jobs during these tough economic times.

Seating is limited. Click here to request tickets to the event by March 23.

If you would like to share your first-hand stories about health care access and delivery challenges or would like to ask a question for the forum, click here.

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Plantation Owners and Slave Labor


As we learned so well in the last 6 months, this country was looted, and still is, by plantation owners who own Wall Street, and therefore us. It's not small scale looting. This amounts to pillaging of the country by private jet-flying hooligans that own about 95% of everything.

Obama is nice and flattering to them and invests our future 5% right now in the 95% stolen goods. Obama is now a plantation owner by his actions and newly found friends.

Blue collar workers who, at best, make modest living by working their butts of not only were robbed of their future that was given to the plantation owners, but are asked to hand over money they made in the past, pension funds, to the plantation owners right away. If they resist, Sheriff Obama will close their work place promptly. Read below the fold...

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Brooks: Obama not out to overturn the Reagan Revolution


almost a month ago now. Still got the chart on the wall, Brooksie? 'Cause the unions are getting busted in the chops with this no-deal to help the auto industry. The war on working Americans goes on. Read below the fold...

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Health insurance is not the same as health care

Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts, Part I

Dr. Rachel Nardin, who heads the Massachusetts chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program, noted that having health insurance was not the same as getting health care. Thirteen percent of people in the state who had insurance still could not pay for some health services, and 13 percent could not pay for their medicines, she said. Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, a professor at the Harvard Medical School, explained how the law encouraged the overuse of costly high-tech care while damaging the finances of safety-net hospitals.

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Obama: bankruptcy for Big Auto makes it easier to clear away "old liabilities"

So, it really is about fucking the unions over, isn't it?

"Unlike a liquidation, where a company is broken up and sold off, or a conventional bankruptcy, where a company can get mired in litigation for several years, a structured bankruptcy process -- if needed here -- would be a tool to make it easier for General Motors and Chrysler to clear away old liabilities," the government said in a fact sheet [snort] outlining a "surgical bankruptcy" of 30 days or less.

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Newsweek's Krugman hit piece as a sign we haven't hit bottom

Interesting perspective from Felix Salmon:

Evan Thomas has a profile of Paul Krugman on the cover of Newsweek. The 2,825-word article has six on-the-record quotes about Krugman; none of them -- not even the one from his mother -- are particularly flattering. No one is quoted saying a single nice thing about Krugman's economics or his opinions.

I suspect that the final product is the result of overcompensating for the fact that Thomas and Meacham [are] fearful that Krugman might be right, and have therefore come up with a list of reasons why it might be reasonable to ignore him.

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He wrote the code that made the whole world crash; software developer on "My Manhatten Project"

In New York Magazine, a Wall Street software developer tells about his part in writing the programs which sliced and diced, pureed, made exotic finanicial instruments out of mortgages. Which put chicken into the grinder and sirloin came out. Read below the fold...

Sanity on RealID


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