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Response to Jane Hamsher, re: the 2008 Primary "pie fights"

Jane writes in comments:
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Single payer miscellany

State single-payer bill passes its second test in Senate

SF 118, the Minnesota Health Act, which would guarantee health insurance
for all Minnesotans under a program called the Minnesota Health Plan, passed out of the Senate Commerce and Consumer Protection Comm-ittee by a party-line vote of 7 to 3 on Feb. 10. The lopsided vote was a sign of the growing support for the single-payer approach. This is the first year since 1991, the year single-payer legislation was first introduced in the Minnesota Legislature, that a single-payer bill has cleared two committees in the Senate. The bill has never been heard in the House. It will get its first hearing in the House on Feb. 25.

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[To be clear on sequence, the post you are now reading is a response to this post at TC which is a reaction to material mostly in the comments to VL's original post, which, ironically enough, was meant to elicit a discussion that would have been, if anything, a defense of the PUMAs. Oh well. --lambert] Read below the fold...

Naked Capitalist: Obama to neuter bank pay restrictions

Great post, go read.

Remind me again why we're trying to keep these guys on? Read below the fold...

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Sunday Book Review

Welcome to Sunday Book Review. Because reading is the basics for all learning. But also because a good book is a great way to, well, get away. In these times, getting away is good for the soul and good for our sanity. Why book reviews? I can't live up to our friend Truth Partisan's ability to lead into these reviews, but I'll give it a try. I'm more likely to read books recommended by folks I respect and trust and have some understanding of their personality. Though most of us here at Corrente don't know each other personally, we probably have a reasonable understanding of each other. Read below the fold...

The first one to advocate violence...

... is always the FBI informant.

Words to live by. Emphasis on word "live."

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"Rape by instrumentality"

Gitmo. But hey. Don't we need to look forward? Read below the fold...


Black History Month

Great daily thread over at Jack & Jill politics.

Kinda stopped reading Jack & Jill during the primaries, but... Read below the fold...

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The banality of America's health neglect system

Over at FireDogLake Glenn Smith has a truly damming essay on those who collaborate in America's denial of care system:

What are we to do when confronted with many who resist health care reform because they lack the independence and insight to imagine the consequences of their resistance? It is very easy to demonize (easy because they deserve it) powerful and greedy leaders of the medical/insurance industrial complex. They know what they do.

But, as Michael discovers, it is not so easy to condemn their blind and deaf functionaries. Nor is it easy to forgive them.

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Single payer in the states: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Is Ground Zero for Passage of Single Payer

I just got off the phone with Chuck Pennacchio, who is our tireless facilitator here in Pennsylvania to spearhead the passage of Single Payer legislation. Perhaps we will be the first State in the Union to pass Single Payer, otherwise known as HB 1660/SB 300.

Several questions were raised during the course of our call.

1. Why is Washington not the right venue for Single Payer Passage?

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Multiple rivalgasms

Go read Will Hutton on whether Lincoln, or FDR, is the appropriate model for today's President to emulate (FDR). Lots of food for thought.

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"Cheap labor"

The Conservative Movement did, indeed, achieve its policy goals. Holly Sklar:

Average full-time workers made $41,198 in 1973 and $37,606 in 2008, adjusted for inflation.

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"... An order of men, whose interest is never exactly the same with that of the public ..."

I've been looking for the nut graf about the demise of Stewart Parnell's business empire, and I think I may have found it.

First, the lead-in. Parnell's business model:

Even as PCA was rapidly expanding, a former buyer for a major snack manufacturer said the Parnells found success by operating a low-cost business that relied on the cheapest peanuts they could find. They used minimum wage labor and a bare-bones front office.

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