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They're Back: Aryan Nations Returns to Idaho

On the importance of taking current events and nascent winger movements more seriously:

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho – The Aryan Nations has returned to northern Idaho with what it is calling a "world headquarters" and a recruitment campaign.

Coeur d'Alene resident Jerald O'Brien, who has a large swastika tattoo on his scalp, is one of the leaders of the white supremacist group and said he expects membership to grow because of the election of President Barack Obama.

He told The Spokesman-Review newspaper that the president is the "greatest recruiting tool ever."

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I'm Without Words Here...

Memo Says Prisoner Was Waterboarded 183 Times....

Initial news reports about the memos in The New York Times and other publications did not include the numbers, but several bloggers, including Marcy Wheeler of the emptywheel blog, discovered the numbers over the weekend.

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It's up to the Congress -- do you investigate, indict, and prosecute the torturers??

I actually don't think making President Obama do this is a good idea. Now, wait. It's not that it isn't just a great idea, but a necessity, one of the demands of justice that we can't hold back.

But there's more to this than that: it isn't a President's job -- unless you want a unitary and all-powerful executive, that is. Isn't that one of the things we've been bitching about since December 2000? Read more about It's up to the Congress -- do you investigate, indict, and prosecute the torturers??

Times: Impeach #Bybee

Better late than never:

These memos make it clear that Mr. Bybee is unfit for a job that requires legal judgment and a respect for the Constitution. Congress should impeach him. And if the administration will not conduct a thorough investigation of these issues, then Congress has a constitutional duty to hold the executive branch accountable. If that means putting Donald Rumsfeld and Alberto Gonzales on the stand, even Dick Cheney, we are sure Americans can handle it.

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Texas House Slashes Perry's Budget

Weeeeelllllllll, doggies, governor. You want Texas to leave the union? Let's see you pull that stunt off with a ZERO budget for your office operations over the next two years. (And it's the whole House, not just the Democrats, who voted for this.) Oh, and as a plus, we're gonna gut NCLB. Never thought I'd say this. GO Texas LEGE! (and Senators? Don't even think about rolling this back. Read more about Texas House Slashes Perry's Budget

Obama keeps some Bush secrets.

Missing media critique not so missing anymore. From, yes, the AP (looked for other sources, to no avail):

WASHINGTON — Despite a pledge to open government, the Obama administration has endorsed a Bush-era decision to keep secret key details of an FBI computer database that allows agents and analysts to search a billion documents with a wealth of personal information about Americans and foreigners.

President Barack Obama's Justice Department quietly told a federal court in Washington last week that it would not second-guess the previous administration's decisions to withhold some information about the bureau's Investigative Data Warehouse.

What digby said

Impeach Bybee:

It is unlikely that Bybee would be removed because there are a minimum of 34 bloodthirsty, pro-torture Senators in the congress. And perhaps the man is so rigid that nothing could ever make him resign, not even the disgust of his peers and shunning by decent people everywhere. But he should be impeached anyway, if only so that the Judiciary Committee can publicly consider this outrageous notion that obscure Justice Department lawyers can indemnify agents of the government from illegal activities by issuing a badly reasoned, secret memo.

The counterargument on accountability

WellPoint health insurance parasites offer $10 million dollar prize to save their failing, deadly business model

Because, ya know, the market is always the best -- and a business model of denying care for profit can always be fixed by tinkering round the edges! Fast Company (remember them? From the dot-com bubble?): Read more about WellPoint health insurance parasites offer $10 million dollar prize to save their failing, deadly business model

OpenID log in enabled

Let's try it! If you have an OpenID, you can now log in to Corrente. If the discourse deteriorates... Then we'll rethink. Read more about OpenID log in enabled

Volcker, outside the tent, pisses in

Since the Economic Recovery Board Obama asked Paul Volcker to head in early February that has yet to meet, Volcker's attending conferences and shooting his mouth off:

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker said Congress will probably review the authority granted to the Fed following emergency credit programs doubling the central bank’s balance sheet to $2.19 trillion.

Day 2 of the "Why Won't #Krugman Post On Bill Black?" Watch

From Krugman's home page at the Times:


Just sayin.

Hey, I'd settle for a Pecora commission endorsement! Read more about Day 2 of the "Why Won't #Krugman Post On Bill Black?" Watch

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Poor Economy Taking its Toll on Pets


Our pets have become yet another victim of the poor economy. Though, a few are questioning whether some people are using the economy as an excuse:

Behind boarded doors of foreclosed homes, in Dumpsters and in parking lots are an unprecedented number of abandoned dogs and cats. Their owners, desperate and broke, have left the animals to die without food or water. Real estate agents and landlords are finding the once-beloved family pets in vacated houses all over Metro Detroit.

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Science is Cool

It's even cooler when your fellow Michiganders dominate in the robotics part of it:

Metro Detroit students took home first place at a national robotics competition today in Atlanta.

Huron Valley Schools in Milford earned the top prize along with alliance members from Illinois and California. They edged out an all-Michigan alliance comprised of Utica Community Schools, Berkley High School and Oakland County Area Schools—showcasing southeastern Michigan’s impressive engineering skills—in the FIRST Robotics Competition Championship at the Georgia Dome.


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