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Police in Detroit have ruffled some feathers after they cracked down on an organized pillow fight at a downtown park.

The Detroit News reports that police at Campus Martius Park prevented the feathery fight Saturday by disarming pillow-toting participants. The bout was part of a worldwide event organized on social networking Web sites.

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The Freedom From Insurance Train

Monday, April 6, is the fifth and final White House Health DReform Forum, this time in Los Angeles, CA.

From Healthcare-NOW!

Los Angeles, California - April 6th

The forum will be held at The California Endowment located at 1000 N. Alameda Street. The event will start at 10:30am and doors open at 9:00am. Attendees must be seated by 10:00am. Folks should starting arriving no later than 8:30 a.m.

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More bail our protests

"A group will be meeting to consider the season."

So, okay, I've been paying attention to Kings on the slim chance that NBC can program an imaginative drama instead of reality shows. Since it has Ian McShane, it has its interesting bits, but this week it turned the corner from mildly amusing and lyrical Biblical allegory into media critique. Read more about "A group will be meeting to consider the season."


You’re not supposed to show any part of a woman’s nipple if you want a PG/PG-13 TV rating.

Twelve years ago I made what was one of the first features shot on DV. DV was a new video format that allowed you to acquire footage you could transfer onto a hard drive with minimal if any loss of data. That footage could then be cut and otherwise manipulated, while retaining a production value that, while low, was acceptable to many viewers.

This 90-minute movie is called AMAZING WORLD. A reporter and a photographer working for a quasi-Weekly World News periodical are targeted by a back-from-the-dead psychic who is actually a murderer. Read more about Nipples

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Power and process


Some of you may have noticed that a certain recent thread has been embroiled in the endless discussion of the primary and the general, and 11-dimensional chess, and progressive A-list bloggers and so on and so forth. It would be pointless not to acknowledge at the outset that that isn't the initial motivation for writing this post. And some of my critics are ultimately correct in pointing out after a certain point, it's not productive. So let's abstract away from it for a moment. Read more about Power and process

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Sunday afternoon lingerie blogging

C'mon figleaves, make Avedon's dream come true.

It would be like the Starlight Foundation. At least the foundation part. Read more about Sunday afternoon lingerie blogging

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The media blackout on single payer

Asheville Citizen Times: Media blackout on single-payer healthcare?

Major newspaper, broadcast and cable stories rarely mention the idea of a single-payer national health insurance program, according to a new FAIR study. And advocates of such a system–two of whom participated in yesterday's summit–were almost entirely shut out.

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Bank vultures lie in wait above a dying Chrysler

The bailed-out bankers are making it clear that Chrysler is worth more to them dead than alive:

NEW YORK -- Chrysler LLC's lenders are resisting efforts to convert most of the automaker's debt to equity, a conversion key to Chrysler's plan to restructure without filing for bankruptcy protection, according to a published report.

Banks including JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs, Citigroup Inc. and Morgan Stanley loaned Chrysler $6.8 billion in 2007 when Cerberus Capital Management LP acquired an 80.1 percent stake in the automaker. Former Treasury Secretary John W. Snow of Richmond is chairman of Cerberus.

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Insanity toward Obama on arms policy

Since reactionaries are going to paint Obama as a gun-banning commie anyway, he may as well become a gun-control liberal.
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Sanity from Obama on nuclear arms policy


President Barack Obama will outline in a major speech on Sunday a blueprint for ridding the world of nuclear weapons that calls for the United States to reduce its reliance on history's deadliest arms and lead a new international effort to prevent terrorists from acquiring them.

The plan would reverse the former Bush administration's policy that made nuclear weapons a central pillar of U.S. security policy by preserving an arsenal of thousands of warheads, expanding the targets against which they could be used and embracing the development of new weapons.


One mass murder a month.

How's that "well regulated militia" thing working out for ya? Read more about Eesh

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March on Wall Street

Today and yesterday saw major demonstrations on Wall Street. Read more about March on Wall Street

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Letter to the Albany Times Union

A single-payer system will bring many benefits

The privately administered health care system is fraught with massive overhead, while excluding those who need health care the most. In 2008, health care costs cleared 17 percent of our GDP, compared with 5 percent for defense, and 0.3 percent for highway infrastructure. Many European countries have universal coverage, while spending less than 10 percent of GDP.


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