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"Getting over it" in Thailand


Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has lifted a two-week-old state of emergency in and around the country's capital, Bangkok.

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Investigate Torture - After The Deluge

No Associated Press content was harmed in the writing of this post Read more about Investigate Torture - After The Deluge

The lying will continue until confidence improves

Shorter Yves.

However -- and I hope this is cynical enough; I do try -- the whole point of the stress tests is that they are a lie. The whole point is to lie, have everyone know it's a lie, and get away with it; the worst kind of power trip imaginable. Read more about The lying will continue until confidence improves

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The murky realm of MERS


Tracking Loans Through a Firm That Holds Millions

MERS, a tiny data-management company, claimed the right to foreclose, but would not explain how it came to possess the mortgage notes originally issued by banks. Judge Logan summoned a MERS lawyer to the Pinellas County courthouse and insisted that that fundamental question be answered before he permitted the drastic step of seizing someone’s home.

“You don’t think that’s reasonable?” the judge asked.

I heart BTD

"I stomp for the truth.".

Indeed. You might build a "progressive" "movement" on truthiness and lies, but you can't build a left, or even a liberal movement that way. Lies are extremely expensive to propagate and maintain. In fact, it can take an entire "creative" [cough] "class" to do so -- especially if we include the Wall Street quants and hedge fund managers in there, as I think we must. But we can't afford the lies -- in any sense. Read more about I heart BTD

C-,D-,E- and Z-listers! Help Dr. Jess's single payer ad go viral!

The scum also rises

(As Hunter Thompson once wrote.) Scott Horton (go read), after reviewing the OLC memoranda, then a newly declassified report of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and finally an amazing document that Attorney General Eric Holder released yesterday, which has still gained little attention, writes:

The central role played by Rice and Bellinger helps explain the State Department’s abrupt about-face on international law issues related to torture immediately after Rice became Secretary of State and Bellinger became Legal Adviser. [The Holder document] also makes clear that Vice President Cheney and President Bush were fully informed of what has happened and approved.

Bill Moyers' Journal tonight--Simon Johnson and Michael Perino, author of new book on Pecora Commission, for the hour

Michael Perino, the author, seems less audacious than Simon (or Krugman or Stiglitz). This is a comment which sort of grew into live blogging of the discussion, but, fortunately, Moyers will have an excellent transcript up soon and the video is available at his site.

While this financial failure has it's own peculiarities, it's still very much the same old/same old.

Perino, the author of the book, is saying there's a danger of going overboard, that just recently the questions have changed from "what went wrong" to "who caused this." Moyers pushed back on that, saying aren't both important. Read more about Bill Moyers' Journal tonight--Simon Johnson and Michael Perino, author of new book on Pecora Commission, for the hour


In the Age of the Anti-Cassandra.

I know, Susie, I know. Confession is good for the soul. How about confessing that you were prematurely correct? Read more about Cassandra

Rahm on the stress tests: We create our own reality


Emanuel, 49, a former congressman from Illinois, rejected criticism by some investors that the reviews are based on overly optimistic assumptions, saying they reflect “pretty strenuous economic conditions.”
“The stress test was developed as a way to have a demarcation that put that fear and confusion aside,” Emanuel said. “That will be the test of the stress test: whether it actually removes the fear and gives you a sense of clarity.”

More trouble

Swine flu.

Actual flu, not a metaphor for the banksters running the country through the Big Money Democrat faction of the Party.

NOTE CDC site; Read more about More trouble

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Max Baucus can't read polls

Well Armed Lamb

I listened to a stomach-turningly dishonest colloquy with Senator Max Baucus last night on NPR. Baucus declared he wouldn't "waste (his) time" fighting for universal care which had no political support.

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The view from not-under-the-bus


Imagine, a Democrat standing up on a controversial issue that affects disadvantaged and marginalized people! Every once in a while, you don't have to imagine it.

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Politics and Media Headlines 4/24/09

Larry Summers falls asleep during Obama’s meeting with credit card executives. (Think Progress)
[Thursday] President Obama met with credit card industry officials at the White House. After the meeting, he pledged to push for a law that would offer "strong and reliable" protections for credit card users in the United States. He called the session with the industry executives "open and productive conversation." However, one person who seemed less than interested in the meeting was White House economic adviser Larry Summers, who fell asleep.

What, me worry?


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