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I've been looking for the nut graf about the demise of Stewart Parnell's business empire, and I think I may have found it.

First, the lead-in. Parnell's business model:

Even as PCA was rapidly expanding, a former buyer for a major snack manufacturer said the Parnells found success by operating a low-cost business that relied on the cheapest peanuts they could find. They used minimum wage labor and a bare-bones front office.

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Great headlines from Izvestia: "Job Losses Pose a Threat to Stability Worldwide"

Threat to stability? You mean like the instability that comes from losing your job, or your house, or your health care? Like the instability of getting divorced so your spouse can get life-saving health coverage? Like the instability of making less now than you did in 2000? Like the instability of seeing your 401(k) vaporize, and the same guys who did that being put in charge of "reforming" Social Security? Like the instability of paying for student loans with nothing? Like the instability of going naked without work, with ten years to go before Social Security and Medicare kick in? That kind of "instability"?

Well, no. But its an interesting read nonetheless:

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I didn't stalk David Sirota today

One day at a time!

* * *

"Hi, lambert!"

* * *

The meetings really help with all that first step stuff; "We admitted we were powerless over the sheer personal awsumness of David Sirota...."

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My friend Mooncat is so tired of the DCCC helping DINOs get elected, she took their subscription renewal outside and burned it. Read below the fold...

Pressure from the left

Do the math


The Village can't do the right thing because it hasn't exhausted the alternatives. Read below the fold...

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Communicating with Power: Some Thoughts on Nonviolent Disobedience

I have been reading and observing a lot of hate for the last week, and that is utterly necessary to my work. But I need a break, and this topic is something of a tonic for me. So I want to go back to a conversation on nonviolence Lambert and I had earlier this week, and see if I can offer some clarity. This will be a very long post. Read below the fold...

On trusting the Republicans "right now"


As Fauxbama said yesterday, there is absolutely no reason to trust the Republican Party right now - none. I think that it’s an assumption that’s safe to run with right now.

So, we had reasons to trust the Republicans when, exactly, if not "right now"?












1997? Read below the fold...

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Simple answers to simple questions

Q. What would it take for the Villagers to realize people don't like Republicans and their stupid shit anymore?

A. An eloquent candidate / nominee / president who realizes it. Read below the fold...

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Arthur makes you think

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Iraq invasion accomplished an incredible feat

Think Progress:

In an analysis of trends in suicide attacks worldwide since 1981 (pdf), researcher Assaf Moghadam presents a pretty shocking statistic:

Iraq accounts for 1,067 suicide attacks in the period under review — “a number that accounts for more than half (54.8%) of all suicide attacks since 1981. The sheer volume in which this tactic has struck Iraq is even more impressive since no suicide attacks were recorded in Iraq prior to the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003.
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OK, it's Valentine's Day

I'm sending a Valentine to Naked Capitalist. And another one to Elizabeth Warren. Smart is sexy!

And so, if it comes to that, so is principled...

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And now for something completely different, a movie review: Push

Basically the front page is usually full of politics and/or wholesomeness, like that whole homemade/cheap schtick you guys have going around here. So I thought I'd leaven it out a bit with some cheap mass entertainment. So sue me, I'm a science fiction geek. Read below the fold...

In the spirit of blogging comity, a link to Chris Bowers' "readable" summary of the Obamas Stimulus Bill

A summary, I gather, originally from Speaker Peolosi's office.

If anyone's been doing some digging into what the bill will do, please share here. Some tidbits are emerging, such as capping banksters' remuneration in some way. Thanks! Read below the fold...


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