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Friday the 13th retro blogging

51 weeks ago, I wrote this, in a post titled "Pick Up That Knife, Barack!":

If and when Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination, it will be, ironically, the death of hope for me.

Once again, it's not so much that he's a bad guy or all that different from Hillary Clinton on policy.

It's that his vaunted campaign is everything I would have hoped the (potentially) winning 2008 campaign wouldn't be: Truthy and Retrograde.

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Beyond parody

John Judis:

One Obama press person recently asked a mutual acquaintance, "Why does John Judis hate us?"

Exactly, but exactly, like the comment threads on The Obama 527 Formerly Known As Daily Kos, where the only possible reason for not supporting Obama was hate. Well, that, and racism.

It's going to be a long four years.

NOTE Second comment:

You still haven't answered the question - why *do* you hate Obama?

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Could this be why people are angry?


Adjusted for inflation, families are poorer now than they were in 2001.

Of course not.

Why would they be? Read below the fold...

Looting Social Security basics

The zombie meme that will not die! Not even after the greatest mandate EVAH for a Democrat. I was going to link to William Greider in the Nation today, but Angry Bear does it better than I can. Candidate for most discouraging sentence of the year, so far: Read below the fold...

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Now that I've solved Hillbama and I/P, let's tackle something really divisive!

Though I am, of course, a notorious racist, I enjoy Mexican, Thai, Indian, and Middle Eastern food... if they'll just keep the frigging cilantro out of it. Read below the fold...

Good for Jim McDermott


The stimulus legislation would revamp the 74-year-old U.S. unemployment compensation program by encouraging states to give benefits to those who quit their jobs to care for ailing relatives.

The provision, sponsored by Representative Jim McDermott, is in the $789 billion compromise reached by House and Senate negotiators.

Of course, the parasites in the Village hate it: Read below the fold...

Phil Gramm tops Times' list of 25 people most responsible for Shitstorm

Time/CNN website is having a contest to see who, in their opinion, is most responsible for our current economic situation -- Here

Current standings -- Here Read below the fold...

Oven stoves!

Readers, any of you use this kind of stove? How is it?

stoveVia Susie, this on "oven stoves". And since I heat with wood, I'm interested: Read below the fold...

Science for Republicans!

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What is all this PUMA-hunting a proxy war for?

The continued lashing out against PUMAs, ex-PUMAs, presumed PUMAs, etc. — what's that all about?

Given that folks like Lambert and I simply aren't in the business of whining about how Hillary is Teh Awesum, why is it necessary for the Sirotas, Boomans, DU community, etc. to pretend that we are... in addition to calling us insane, "hate stalkers," and so forth.

I get that gender issues could be a factor. But I suspect it's about much more than that. What gives? Read below the fold...

Being called "stupid" by BooMan....

0_62_mcconnell_mitch... is like being called "ugly" by Mitch McConnell.

But thanks for the link. We welcome your hatred.





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[UPDATE It only just occurred to me that being labeled a stalker by David Sirota -- and all because I took umbrage at being told to "slither back to my rathole," with the rest of the Clintonites -- has to be worth some kibble -- especially during the heating season in Zone 5b. You may feed the hamsters at right. Send David Sirota a message about his meta! Haw. Thanks for the hits, Dave. --lambert]

The least Sirota could do is get his terms straight. He writes: Read below the fold...

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

Godly men:

The Arkansas House on Wednesday approved a bill allowing concealed handguns in churches, despite hearing arguments that lawmakers should put their faith in God, not guns.

Jeebus, where's the "sensible center" in that debate? Read below the fold...

Thursday Night Lo-Fi Judd Gregg blogging


GREGG: But it was my mistake to say yes, because it wasn't my personality after 30 years of being myself,"

So, I'd like to send this one out to Judd Gregg tonight: Read below the fold...


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