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Another One Bites The Dust : Palin AG Nomination Fails

WOW. Congratulations Alaska -- 35 of your legislators stood up to Governor Sarah Palin and voted down her nominee for state Attorney General, Wayne Anthony Ross. Read more about Another One Bites The Dust : Palin AG Nomination Fails

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Promoters admit TEA parties' turnout in "tens of thousands"

An Associated Press roundup concerning the Taxed Enough Already parties nationwide estimated turnout in the tens of thousands. Nationally.
Read more about Promoters admit TEA parties' turnout in "tens of thousands"

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Single payer is moving forward in the states

National Nurses Movement has a wonderful diary at MyDD about all the single payer bills in the states (but leaves out the legislation in Maryland). Please read about all the good news in California, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, and Washington.

Clearly single payer is a political winner, witness the increasing momentum in an atmosphere where the national media has airbrushed out all discussion of single payer.

The most important thing is to make sure that whatever Obama does, no federal legislation prohibit the states from creating their own single payer systems. Read more about Single payer is moving forward in the states

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Politics and Media Headlines 4/16/09

Obama up for Radio Mercury Award.
His presidential campaign is among seven advertisers vying for the first-ever “Marketer of the Year” award. Other nominees include Coca-Cola, Geico, Hershey’s, McDonald’s, Mercedes-Benz and Wal-Mart. The Radio Mercury Awards are set for June 17.
Sold like candy. Told ya.—Caro Read more about Politics and Media Headlines 4/16/09

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Texas DEMOCRATS Respond to Perry


Jim Dunnam, D-Waco, had this to say in response to Rick Perry's outstanding example of poor sportsmanship, poor statesmanship, and lack of forethought, reflection, or candor in his recent stealth-secession speech at an Austin Taxed Enough Read more about Texas DEMOCRATS Respond to Perry

Room 101

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Thinking outside the land mass


We United Statesians tend to do things to extremes. So if we're all Texans now, why would Texas bother to seceed? Florida, however, is probably superfluous.

Here's a summary and A Modest Proposal on the economic crisis.

It’s hard to understand it because we’re more accustomed to seeing numbers like that in the world of astrophysics or in Doctor Seuss.

Maybe this crisis will be over within 10 galactic years? Read more about Thinking outside the land mass

The Bybee memo

PDF. The strikethrough on TOP SECRET at the top and bottom of evey page feels just great, like being an American again. And so far as I can tell, very little redaction.

Now, if we could get to work on warrantless surveillance... Read more about The Bybee memo

Boy, was I wrong on Panetta

Better than Brennan, but only because Brennan really did the dirty work:

Leon E. Panetta, the C.I.A. director, has pressed the White House for weeks to redact sensitive details about specific interrogation techniques. He argued that revealing such information would pave the way for future disclosures of intelligence sources and methods, and would jeopardize the C.I.A.’s relationship with foreign intelligence services.

But the most immediate concern of C.I.A. officials is that the revelations could give new momentum to a full-blown congressional investigation into covert activities under the Bush Administration.

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After you've finished teabagging...


So, there will probably be some silly incoherent right-wing protests in the future. There is a very real danger, though, that they won't have such an LOL-worthy rallying cry as "Teabag the White House!!11". Well, we need to get out in front of this, gang. I propose that all evil ACORN infiltrators make the following sign, to be used where/whenever wingnuts and cameras come together:

After You Teabag... DVDA!

I knew I shoulda taken off work yesterday... Read more about After you've finished teabagging...

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My Life in a Bamboo Box

Hong Kong loves the new. Buildings are built to last ten years, max--put 'em up, tear 'em down. While I've lived here, I've watched as historic and heritage buildings, not to mention gorgeous old traditional Chinese neighborhoods, have been pulled down to make way for yucky malls and high rise "luxury" apartment blocks, without a fare-thee-well. Read more about My Life in a Bamboo Box

NSA tried to wiretap a member of Congress without a warrant

[UPDATE So, which Congresscritters were in the Mideast 2005-2006 and got recorded? -- lambert]

Quelle surprise, the NSA is intercepting everything. (The euphemism du jour is "overcollection.") And boy, did the Times bury the lead on this one:

Separate from the new inquiries, the Justice Department has for more than two years been investigating aspects of the N.S.A.’s wiretapping program.

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Stress-position test

Glenn is watching to see whether Obama can pass a pretty low-stress test:
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