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But professor --- What if they broke the law?

Phillip Heynman:

“When you get one administration prosecuting its predecessor, you start creating the conditions of a banana republic,” said Philip Heymann, a law professor at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who served as deputy attorney general under President Bill Clinton. “Every Republican in the country would think this was a dangerous attack on the two-party system.”

Rachel Maddow, Making a Difference

The Chicago Tribune TELEVISION section features a brief profile of MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. It begins:

Maddow slips in ratings but not in her resolve
By Yvonne Villarreal | Tribune Newspapers
April 22, 2009

The first 100 days of a new presidential administration are known as the honeymoon because it marks a time of friendly relations between the new chief executive and the media. But for MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show," the early days of the Obama administration have meant an unwelcome drop in ratings.

Oh hai, Uwe. I fix ur congressional testimony 4 u. Kthnxbai.


[via PNHP]

Statement of Uwe E. Reinhardt, Ph.D., James Madison Professor of Political Economy and Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

Testimony Before the House Committee on Ways and Means

April 22, 2009

My name is Uwe E. Reinhardt. I am Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey. My research work during the past several decades has been focused primarily on health-care economics and policy.

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A Simple Thought


There is nothing, *nothing* that is "funny" nor "entertaining" nor easily dismissed, about the act of torture. Ever.

This is not hard for civilized people to understand. And religious people, too. Their sacred texts agree. And decent atheists, and humanists, and people who love children, or care for the weak and helpless. Or have been such. Read more about A Simple Thought

Big Money Democrat Tom Daschle: "The sacred cow on the left and the right is the public plan."

Thanks for sharing, Tom.

The only question in my mind is why Obama considered you essential to health care reform in the first place. Or perhaps not. Read more about Big Money Democrat Tom Daschle: "The sacred cow on the left and the right is the public plan."

Another Big Money Democrat, er, imbroglio

Daschle, Killefer, Geithner, and now Steve Rattner. I'm shocked. Read more about Another Big Money Democrat, er, imbroglio

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Barry McCaffrey and Robert Baer: Investigate the Bush White House on Torture

How shall I put this? To say four-star General Barry McCaffrey is no sycophant of the Bush/Cheney regime is to say it's damp at the bottom of the Marianas trench. But McCaffrey, who's got some cred with such veterans as H. Norman Schwarzkopf, wants an investigation into the Bush White House concerning torture. Moreover, he has a strong opinion about the matter with which I completely agree: Read more about Barry McCaffrey and Robert Baer: Investigate the Bush White House on Torture

Hope and change in Thailand

Some good detail on Thailand from the BBC. I'll single out two vignettes:

Away from the stage I came across Noong Lak, a demure lady in her 50s. She and her sister had made a long journey to join the festivities.

"We had to sell all our rice to come tonight," she says. "Maybe later we won't have enough to eat. We might have to catch frogs or live off fish but we wanted to support our radio station.

"Now the government only looks after the rich - it doesn't care about poor people like us."

At one of the tables I meet Ploy, a young woman with a red ribbon in her hair.

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When Stupid Attacks With Pantysniffers' Help


So a 13-year-old honor student goes to school one day, and her classmate gets busted for having ibuprofen. Classmate fingers the honor student as having supplied the pills ... and the girl ends up strip-searched. Lawsuit ensues, with the aid of the ACLU. The US Supreme Court justices don't seem to care as much about the Constitution and Bill of Rights as about the kiddie-porn imagery, though. Read more about When Stupid Attacks With Pantysniffers' Help

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Oh, Hell Yes! Madame Secretary -- You GO, Girl!!!

Herewith, a salute to Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, US SecState, and absolutely the most apropos smackdown I've ever heard (long video, hang on to the end, the Republican Congressmember's face is p.r.i.c.e.l.e.s.s. -- and yes, this is a comment a President HRC wouldn't've had the chance to make, so ... just, damn.) Read more about Oh, Hell Yes! Madame Secretary -- You GO, Girl!!!

Euphemism of the day


Regulators conducting the stress tests are increasingly focusing on the quality of loans banks made after finding wide variations in underwriting standards, a regulatory official said on April 20. They concluded that banks’ lending practices need to be given as much weight as macroeconomic scenarios in determining the health of each bank, the person said.


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