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After you've finished teabagging...


So, there will probably be some silly incoherent right-wing protests in the future. There is a very real danger, though, that they won't have such an LOL-worthy rallying cry as "Teabag the White House!!11". Well, we need to get out in front of this, gang. I propose that all evil ACORN infiltrators make the following sign, to be used where/whenever wingnuts and cameras come together:

After You Teabag... DVDA!

I knew I shoulda taken off work yesterday... Read more about After you've finished teabagging...

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My Life in a Bamboo Box

Hong Kong loves the new. Buildings are built to last ten years, max--put 'em up, tear 'em down. While I've lived here, I've watched as historic and heritage buildings, not to mention gorgeous old traditional Chinese neighborhoods, have been pulled down to make way for yucky malls and high rise "luxury" apartment blocks, without a fare-thee-well. Read more about My Life in a Bamboo Box

NSA tried to wiretap a member of Congress without a warrant

[UPDATE So, which Congresscritters were in the Mideast 2005-2006 and got recorded? -- lambert]

Quelle surprise, the NSA is intercepting everything. (The euphemism du jour is "overcollection.") And boy, did the Times bury the lead on this one:

Separate from the new inquiries, the Justice Department has for more than two years been investigating aspects of the N.S.A.’s wiretapping program.

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Stress-position test

Glenn is watching to see whether Obama can pass a pretty low-stress test:
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Give us this day our Daily Howler



You simply can’t build a progressive politics by letting a bunch of upper-class kids disinform average people.

Ethical style

Somehow, I don't think the stress testers are using the same models. Read more about Ethical style

Bailed out banks actually lowering lending

Online WSJ:

The largest bank recipients of U.S. government aid are offering less credit to businesses and consumers, the Treasury Department said Wednesday, reflecting and exacerbating the tenuous state of the current economic environment.

Goldman Sachs Three-Card-Monte act

Can somebody who understands finance read this and evaluate it? Yes, it's what they would do, but is it what they are doing? Read more about Goldman Sachs Three-Card-Monte act

Thailand's Ahibsit could call elections once stability is restored

Bloomberg. Of course, the elections had better be truly free and truly fair, or else the government won't be perceived as legitimate, which can have corrosive consequences.

And we know all about that in this country, don't we? Read more about Thailand's Ahibsit could call elections once stability is restored

The Moustache of Understanding is flat...

.... broke. Suck on that, Tom.

Assuming weasels can suck.

NOTE For those not immersed in the minutiae of our media overlords, General Growth -- love the name! -- was the source of Izvestia pundit Tom Friedman's family fortune. Who would have predicted that shopping mall real estate would ever go tits up?

UPDATE LOLfed, as ever, has the snappiest take: Read more about The Moustache of Understanding is flat...

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Ya think?

Boston Globe headline:

Pension stock loss may be lesson

Oh, and James Roosevelt's got his fingers in this pie, too. Read more about Ya think?

Sometimes symbolism is good!


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