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The Manufactured Hero

As I'm viewing the details of the Big Shitpile unfold (here, here, here, and here, just on the front page of Corrente; make sure to follow som Read below the fold...

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Politics and Media Headlines 3/18/09

Politics and Media Headlines 3/18/09

Lee Judge (permission to post this cartoon has been requested)

Payback time for AIG: Treasury, Congress go after the bonuses (McClatchy)
In an effort to quell a mounting furor, the Treasury Department said late Tuesday that it would require American International Group to repay the government more than $165 million in bonuses doled out last week to the executives blamed for driving the firm to insolvency. Read below the fold...

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Middle of March: Line in the Sand

The new President has come out with a proposal to reduce the VA budget that I find utterly appalling. He's going to bill veterans' non-VA insurance to pay for the vets' combat injuries. To my mind this is a betrayal of the veterans and a refusal to honor the government's contract with service members that's on par with anything the reprehensible Bush 43 proposed. Call your Congress members and denounce this!! Read below the fold...

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AHIP manuvers for position

Ezra Klein

Never thought I'd get to write that headline. But it's true. The current Chairman of America's Health Insurance Plans is George Halvorson, CEO of Kaiser Permanente. Halvorson also serves on the Commonwealth Fund's Commission on a High Performance Health System, which just released a plan called "The 2020 Vision." You can download the plan here. I did. And I can give it a recommendation I can rarely offer to health reform proposals: The contents surprise.

Read below the fold...

Eliot Spitzer: It's not the bonuses, it's the funneling money thru AIG to the Big Banksters

Eliot Spitzner is now a columnist for Slate and his post yesteday poses five important questions for Geithner and Bernanke to answer in public and under oath:

What was the precise conversation among Bernanke, Geithner, Paulson, and Blankfein that preceded the initial $80 billion grant?

Was it already known who the counterparties were and what the exposure was for each of the counterparties?

What did Goldman, and all the other counterparties, know about AIG's financial condition at the time they executed the swaps or other contracts? Had they done adequate due diligence to see whether they were buying real protection? And why shouldn't they bear a percentage of the risk of failure of their own counterparty?

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Tipping point?


The optimistic scenario is that if Obama's good at one thing, it's at having absolutely nothing stick. If we're creating a situation where the only way out for Obama is putting some good policy in place, with somebody not totally in the bag for the banksters to run it, then it's all good! Read below the fold...

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Protestors in Vermont demand single payer


Protesters Rally Outside Health Forum

Supporters of a single-payer system of health care used a special White House forum to send a message to the man in the Oval Office.

"Barack Obama said it at an AFL-CIO meeting in 2003 that he was an advocate of the single-payer health care system," said Dr. Deb Richter, who helped organize the protest. "He said we had to take back the White House and take back the Senate and take back the House, which they've done. Now it's time to get the single-payer bill he promised."

Read below the fold...
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The AIG bonuses are a puny part of what we're doling out to the rich. But what will they cost Obama?

It seems quite plausible that the AIG bonus scandal will stick to Obama more than any of thousands of acts of fiscal skulduggery ever stuck to Bush.

Far be it from me to suggest that Obama violate the tenet of dancing with the ones what brung you*, but perhaps aligning himself with populist interests in a time of economic upheaval just might be a more, well, popular stance than his uniquely American corporatism?

It would be easy for him to reset his reputation. It's called "single payer." Read below the fold...

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Alabama PACT Managed Responsibly?

Two questions that have been plaguing me since the PACT fiasco started are:

“Was the money invested conservatively?”

“Was it invested responsibly?”

I’ll make my best effort to answer these questions here.

Variability of returns is one way to measure risk. Let’s begin with that. Read below the fold...

CA court rules cities under financial duress --bankruptcy-- can void union contracts

Came across this earlier today, now again at Mish's Global Economic Analysis, where the reaction was far, far different. Glee, in fact. The judge's ruling is seen as a blow for common sense and against those rapacious unionized government employees. You know, like those firefighters, police, and transit workers considered heroes after 9/11. Or those horrible Coast Guard, airline, and other unionized workers who enabled the passengers of the ditched airliner in the Hudson to, oh, well, survive?

From the article: Read below the fold...

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So is it just me, or is the AT&T "garage sale" commercial a little ...



It's the next chapter in the story of the blonde mom with the clueless son(s) and the airhead hubby. She's got a garage sale out, and clueless Son No. 1 has put a bunch of the orange clocks / compasses that, in a previous commercial, she saved from a milk bath when one of the clueless boys turned over his glass in a scuffle.

So anyway, Garage Sale Customer comes up. She's a 40-plus Caucasian woman who wants to know how much for the rollover minutes, and the mom says, "They're not for sale." Read below the fold...

Look, I can understand Obama throwing Dodd under the bus on the AIG bonuses

I mean, it's been crowded under here for awhile.

But throwing Dodd under the bus to protect Timmy Geithner????

That goes to judgment. Read below the fold...

What Natasha said


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