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Jesus, Extraterrestrials, & Teh Awesomeness


Author Kurt Anderson penned a piece for Time, last week, essentially taking down Modern America since the Reagan Revolution. The piece is long, and goes all over the place, going between deep meta and more readily observable facts. Sometimes, its very much on point, and other times he goes way off in the reeds. In fact, that's the reason I skimmed it rather than reading through the whole thing, but one particular part caught my eye:

The reset button has been pushed. So what will be the protocols and look and feel of the America about to emerge?

What can you do besides blog for single payer? Part 1: For the timid

  • You can write a letter to the editor of your local paper. These are usually short, about 150 words, and often, papers will only accept LTEs if they're in response to a specific article that appeared recently in the paper.
  • You can write an Op-Ed. This is like an LTE, but longer, 500-700 words, sometimes longer, and doesn't necessarily have to be 'on topic'.
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The War on Terror by any other name is still...

The War on Terror, of course.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which is under the Department of Homeland Security, announced that they'd be using a $10.5 million Predator drone, yes, those predator drones, to survey the Michigan-Ontario border, yesterday:

In a further crackdown on the northern border, federal authorities are planning to use a drone-like, unmanned aircraft to police the United States-Canada boundary between Michigan and Ontario.

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Action Alert: White House health care forum California Endowment LA

National Nurses Movement posting at MyDD

With the final White House Forum on healthcare scheduled Monday, April 6 in downtown Los Angeles, advocates of single payer/guaranteed healthcare have one more opportunity to shake up what has become a dreary conventional wisdom about the presumed acceptable parameters of the debate.

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Politics and Media Headlines 4/1/09

BREAKING: Obama apologizes to Democrats, vows to become a liberal!*
*Ha, ha, April Fool Read more about Politics and Media Headlines 4/1/09

The Economist Group diversifies into theme parks

The Economist Group:

The Economist Group is delighted to announce the development of a public-entertainment facility that combines the magic of a theme park with the excitement of macroeconomics.

Go read it all. The real kicker:

Heavy investment in security and a landscaped moat and electric fence will neutralise any potential threat from the growing anarchist presence.

Yes, well. Read more about The Economist Group diversifies into theme parks

Grandmaster Wolcott spins Versailles

In a column crammed with riffs, my personal favorite: "the tweet smell of success". Go read. Read more about Grandmaster Wolcott spins Versailles

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What If?

We know about the tent cities. We know about the abandoned houses. We know about the people who can't afford to keep their apartments or rental homes. We're finding out about abandoned boats. I suspect there are also abandoned RVs. I wonder if we might combine these resources. Read more about What If?

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Breaking: Obama admin to use new Google Autopilot to answer questions re: ...

single payer, the War on Drugs, the Big Give to the financials, military expansion, prosecuting Bush-era crimes and other Constitutional issues, etc., etc.

More on autopilot here. Read more about Breaking: Obama admin to use new Google Autopilot to answer questions re: ...

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"Uniquely American," the phrase that pays Big Insurance

The phrase is somehow familiar.... Oh, yeah, that's where I heard it!

And here and here and here* ....

Waist deep in the Big Muddy, and the big fool says "uniquely American."

___ Read more about "Uniquely American," the phrase that pays Big Insurance

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The Beginning of the Pitchfork Parades


The snowball looks to be headed down the hill:

GRENOBLE, France — For a second straight day, French workers facing steep layoffs at a Caterpillar factory held four of their bosses at the U.S. manufacturer’s plant in the Alps, union officials said.

The workers also made a direct appeal to French President Nicolas Sarkozy to save their jobs, said Nicolas Benoit, a representative of the CGT union at the Caterpillar plant in Grenoble.

“We expect a strong political response,” Benoit said. “The goal is to save jobs.”

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With friendly communities like these...

In a BusinessWeek ranking of America's 25 wealthiest towns, Mayor Caroline Bazzini of #1 ranked Brookville, New York on Long Island brags of her village:

And the town does its best to enforce that privacy. "There is no parking on any street in Brookville," said Mayor Caroline Bazzini. "So in order to come and be here in Brookville, you need to know the people."

Who says you need gates and walls to keep 'undesirables' out? Read more about With friendly communities like these...

How will the White House make amends for censoring single payer in its Iowa health care forum "live blog" transcript?

Executive summary: Reuters coverage and a YouTube of the event show that the White House live blogger suppressed a single payer question asked by Dr. Jess Federowicz of PNHP.

[Welcome, Kos readers. Dr. Federowicz is live blogging with us this morning!]

Dr. Jess Federowicz, M.D. is a board-certified psychiatrist and clinician investigator in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Iowa. Dr. Fiedorowicz also won the lottery for a ticket to the White House's Iowa Health Care forum -- after Iowa's (Democratic!) Governor Chet Culver, most shamefully, had tried to sell the tickets to corporate sponsors! Dr. Federowicz participated in the protests outside the hall, and also spoke inside the hall at the forum. As reported by Reuters India*:

Dr. Jess Fiedorowicz, a psychiatrist at the University of Iowa Hospitals who was with the protest group, told the meeting a majority of Americans support a "single payer" or government-run national health insurance program.

"Can we put it on the table for discussion?" Fiedorowicz asked Nancy-Ann De Parle, director of the White House Office on Health Reform.

"Can we study costing? Can we study feasibility of this truly universal, socially just and fiscally responsible alternate to our currently unjust and woefully inefficient system?" Fiedorowicz asked. Many in the crowd applauded.

And yet -- and I know this wil surprise you -- Dr. Fiedorowicz appears nowhere in the White House "live blog" of the event! Is Reuters wrong? Let's go to the tape (or in this case, the YouTube): Read more about How will the White House make amends for censoring single payer in its Iowa health care forum "live blog" transcript?


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