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Interactive job loss map

Watch the red spread.

Looks to me like Michigan is the epicenter. Read more about Interactive job loss map

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A Hearty Second: We Should Celebrate Truth & Its Tellers


Please, go over to the Daily Kos site and read Meteor Blades' account of the Ridenhour awards (not just this year's winners, but follow his links to get the history of the awards themselves and the remarkable US GI for whom they were named, please).
More like this, please!! Read more about A Hearty Second: We Should Celebrate Truth & Its Tellers

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As I see the massive effort to undermine the tea bag protests by attacking the participants, I'm reminded of this:

The agent in charge of the Secret Service field office in Scranton said allegations that someone yelled “kill him” when presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s name was mentioned during Tuesday’s Sarah Palin rally are unfounded.

Here's the thing. I'm not moved at all by some of the conservative movement leaders trying to use this to their advantage. Yes, I do see hypocrisy for many of the participants. But, like Lambert, I'm pretty pissed off that we've thrown trillions at the banksters who engaged in fraud. Read more about History

Lord Kos demands that the peasants show deference


"Cons[ervatives are] finding out why I generally don't like protests on my side," Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsos said in a post-tea party tweet. "[T]hey bring out the wackos."

Thank gawd we've got the comments at Daily Kos to keep us sane!

However, if I may be so bold [genuflecting] as to ask one question:

What do you mean, "my side"? Read more about Lord Kos demands that the peasants show deference

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AHIP smoke and mirrors watch

Health Insurance Industry’s Smoke and Mirrors ‘Reform’ Proposal

“If private industry is always more efficient and less costly than government, why is the health insurance industry worried about competition from a government program?” Sinibaldi wonders.

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Politics and Media Headlines 4/17/09

Obama Denies Habeas Corpus (video at the Colbert Report)
Barack Obama helps America escape from the Bill of Rights lovers who keep humping the leg of habeas corpus. (01:53)

Obama won't charge CIA officers for rough tactics (AP) Read more about Politics and Media Headlines 4/17/09

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A Moment's Remembrance, Please: Midge Miller

No, not a Texan.
Yes, definitely a progressive. She has died, aged 86. Let not her legacy be forgotten or her efforts abandoned, eh?
She is the kind of woman I wish we had more of -- a woman like Hillary Clinton, whose work was always to make things better for Americans. Read more about A Moment's Remembrance, Please: Midge Miller

Bring out your dead!

Now this, I'm unreservedly happy about. Read more about Bring out your dead!

Everybody in Zone 5b already thinks fuel prices are manipulated

FERC agrees:

Supply and demand cannot explain 2008 gas price rise: US FERC

Sure it can. We supply the money; the banksters demand it! It's called "Stand and deliver!" Read more about Everybody in Zone 5b already thinks fuel prices are manipulated

There's cute

And then there's too cute:

I sure hope Naomi Klein writes another column informing me that contrary to my expectations, Obama is not the messiah.

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Gorby: "No nukes" easier said than done

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What Naomi Klein said

For those on waking up after the hopium binge:

... as a posture toward the president of the most powerful nation on earth, [hope] is dangerously deferential. The task as we move forward (as Obama likes to say) is not to abandon hope but to find more appropriate homes for it--in the factories, neighborhoods and schools where tactics like sit-ins, squats and occupations are seeing a resurgence.

What Greenwald said

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Somerby owes KeithO an apology

The Daily Howler claims that Keith Olbermann crudely implied that a man who spoke unclearly, possibly due to a speech or mental impairment, was in fact doing so because his mouth was full of semen.

Given the context and the reference to "marbles," I'm inclined to believe that Mr. Olbermann merely meant to suggest that the amusingly challenged gentleman had testicles in his mouth. Read more about Somerby owes KeithO an apology


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