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Resistance Takes Persistence

I’ve been sending e-mails and dropping links tonight. Trying to locate people who might be going to tomorrow's hearing on the Alabama college saving fund crisis and persuade them to read my best advice.

Today I discovered a blogger with a personal story. I also discovered a treasure trove of important documents. Those discoveries got me thinking it would be worthwhile to drop links at forums and on comments threads. And to take the extraordinary step (for me) of e-mailing people I have never met. Read below the fold...

That's nice

Normally, I'm an internationalist, decry the ignorance of anti-foreign aid loons, and so on, but another $100 billion in loans to other economies in crisis* really sticks in my craw.

We still don't know what they did with the trillions we've already given away!

And, money being fungible and all, how do we know these billions aren't going to end up in the same pockets of the guys whp already looted the trillions? Read below the fold...

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Blogwhoring 101

Calling all single payer advocates: You are needed NOW NOW NOW in Michigan !!!

MICHIGAN - Thursday March 12th, 2009

Please join this peaceful demonstration at 1pm at:
Ford Conference Center
1151 Village Rd
Dearborn, MI 48124

For further information on the rally in Deerborn, please contact Al Cholger, Read below the fold...

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President Obama: "These are not just women's issues"


As I mentioned before, Obama created an incredible White House Council on Women and Girls that will normalize gender throughout top levels of government. Here he is delivering a great speech on why gender equality is so important to us all:

Banksters join the vassal class

Online WSJ:

Adds Alan Johnson of Wall Street compensation-consulting firm Johnson Associates, "At the moment, no one can tell bankers whether they will or won't get paid for the work they do in 2009. It will get worse the longer this goes on."

Funny, there's a lot of people in that exact same position.

I'm playing the world's smallest violin! [wipes tear] Read below the fold...

Bankster of the day

If only the DFHs would STFU we could get back to business as usual!

[DIMON] “If we act like a dysfunctional family and we don’t finish these things and we’re [what do you mean, "we"?] forever debating them, I think this will go on for several years,” Dimon, 52, said at a conference hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington. “It’s completely up to us at this point.”

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Politics and Media Headlines 3/11/09

Bonus Quote of the Day (Political Wire)
"We will lose on legislation. But we will win the message war every day, and every week, until November 2010. Our goal is to bring down approval numbers for Pelosi and for House Democrats. That will take repetition. This is a marathon, not a sprint." -- Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), quoted by the National Journal, on the new Republican strategy. Read below the fold...

Comedy gold from Geithner on Rose

A short clip from Geithner on Charlie Rose.

GEITHNER [2:01]: Charlie, most people missed this.

Nobody could have predicted! Read below the fold...

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Can we move to paper ballots please?

Ballot Machine Malfunctions, Fairfax Race Left in Limbo

A voting machine broke down last night as Fairfax County elections officials were tallying the results of a hotly contested special election to fill a vacant seat on the board of supervisors, leaving the outcome too close to call.

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Munitions manufacturer melds Bollywood musical and missiles! Good advertising? You decide.

Came across this Israeli arms firm Rafael advertsing video from link by commenter cahera at DU. Uses Bollywood music and dance to seduce Indian armaments purchasers.

It actually is somewhat seductive, with those almost subliminal missiles posed subtly. So very phallic.... Death dealing embraces song and dance.

Enjoy the surreal. If you can.

Male Israeli singer:
We've been together for so long,
Trusting friends and partners.
What more can I pledge
To make our future strong.

Female Indian singer/dancer:
I need to feel safe and sheltered,

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What Mike Allen considers a "tip"


The defense never rests. When President Barack Obama released his own policy this week on former President George W. Bush’s practice of attaching controversial signing statements to legislation, a reporter quickly got a tip from a Bush loyalist: the cell phone number for a White House lawyer in the past administration.

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And then, phase 2: A miracle occurs!

There seem to be a lot of underpants gnomes about these days.

William Harrison's Phase 2:

My advice is to pick a credible comprehensive solution quickly (there are many). Garner legislative approval and set up a bi-partisan, non-politicized process. And then stick to your game plan in each and every case - regardless of size or influence of the institution.

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AIPAC collects another scalp

See Greenwald on Charles Freeman. And see also the normally great Walter Pincus.

I know the editors write the headlines, not the reporters, but this is absurd, even for Pravda:

Impartiality Questioned, Intelligence Pick Pulls Out

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