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WaPo's Meyerson: Obama's finance picks teabag Big Money. Why?

Harold Meyerson:

If Obama's appointees inspired sufficient trust that they would be willing to take on the banks, legislation [like Frank's bill, which mandates that a portion of the bailout funds be spent to help homeowners] would be unnecessary. Unfortunately, they don't.

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Stupid, stupid, stupid


The stimulus package is expected to include at least $300 billion in tax cuts and nearly $550 billion in domestic spending

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Because they can

Chris Bowers, quoting Elana Schor:

In the past 90 days, the Blue Dogs were mentioned 933 times in national press coverage according to Lexis-Nexis. The progressives were cited just 99 times.

This gap in media coverage is not due to numbers, as there are over 80 members of the Progressive Caucus now, compared to only 51 for Blue Dogs.

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My favorite Villager moves on

RIP, Patrick McGoohan.

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A Post In Which I Reward Good Behavior

Organizing resolutions for the 111th Congress were passed today.

In a stunning move Harry Reid, actually wins one for the Dems!

In a totally predictable asshole move, Sen Minority Leader Mitch McConnell attempted to prevent the Dems from reaping some ass kicking elections gains. Since the Dems won 59 seats this past election, it entitles them to a 3 seat majority on most Committees. Read below the fold...

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Hey, guys? Look what I found!!


Yeah, I'm late to the party for the American News Project. It looks like it's worth a look, though, because apparently (unlike the Main$tream Media) they're serious about investigative reportage. Check out what they've found on the dichotomy between the reported spending of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the effort to pass California's Proposition 8, and the effects (and the evidence of unreported funding in said effects) of that spending on the election results.
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What if...


I call your attention to this article, which speaks for itself. Read below the fold...

Transition towns


Speaking of bypassing the Village.... Read below the fold...

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Politics and Media Headlines 1/14/09

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US Chamber of Commerce: We hate government insurance because we can't compete with better and cheaper


Mercury News

Daschle, the point man for Obama's campaign to revamp the health care system, supports the concept of "a government-run insurance program modeled after Medicare." It would, he says, give consumers, especially the uninsured, an alternative to commercial insurance offered by companies like Aetna, Humana and WellPoint.

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"Shovel ready" bullshit from the Fed

The Fed still won't tell us where our money went.

[Congressman Alan Grayson:]"What do you think might happen if they knew how their $1.2 trillion had been spent? Do you think they might be angry?"

[Fed Vice Chair Donald Kohn] "No. They can judge from what we're telling them....."

Nice boys...

... but they'e still thinking in terms of inches.

Just saying.

NOTE Since we're all metric now, I should have said millimetres. Sorry. Read below the fold...

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The Onion on COBRA and health insurance for the unemployed

Health Insurance Expensive For Unemployed

A report from the group Families USA says that the cost of maintaining health insurance for a family under COBRA consumes, on average, nearly 84 percent of a worker’s unemployment benefits. What do you think?

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Seeing things?

Could be the caffeine:

Nine of the 22 people in the highest-caffeine group reported hearing disembodied voices, compared with three of the 22 people in the lowest-caffeine group, Jones said. Participants also reported seeing things that weren’t there and sensing the presence of dead people.

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