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Action Alert: Health Care House parties

Action Alert: “Sick Around America”

We urge you to reach out to your community and host Sick Around America watching parties on and after March 31st.

Sick Around America, a compelling and timely documentary exposing the serious consequences of getting sick in the United States, will premiere on PBS on March 31st. It is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Frontline documentary, Sick Around the World.

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This is Just To Say . . .


That my heart leaped into my mouth when I discovered this.

I'm still recovering from the emotional high. And I have a one-track mind.

Love this flourish.

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So do we get an IRS deductions for our 401(k)s and our houses?

Since we got screwed by the banksters for trillions? Or do only Madoff's victims get deductions, because they're so Uber?

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Big Surprise - Cuomo issues subpoena to AIG

AIG didn't comply and Andrew Cuomo issued subpoenas, and now we wait for the next round in this game.

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State Officials Sold PACT to Bankers

Countrycat demolishes the notion that Alabamians who paid into PACT were just stupid investors.

One more video from that meeting last Thursday. In this one, we see a banker telling how the banking community was sold on this program and encouraged to market it to their customers. You know, back when people had a lot more trust in their bankers. Read below the fold...

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Alabama PACT - Nine Money Managers

Havealittletalk strikes again, this time with a valiant attempt to piece together a few fragments of information about who is managing the money for the Alabama college saving program. You really want to read this one.

The trail of breadcrumbs starts with an update to the FAQ on the Alabama PACT website on March 13, the day after that public hearing we've been writing about. Read below the fold...

News flash: Cheney not undead


[MARY MATALIN] "There's no living human being with more experience at every level of government than the vice president."

Making a lot of assumptions there, Mary, wouldn't you say?

I mean, so what if Cheney shot an old man in the face. That doesn't prove he's human, does it? Read below the fold...

An actual reason to visit D.C.

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Is Mark Warner really a fiscal conservative?

It seems that Mark Warner has come out against single payer. Virginia blogger martinlomasney quotes from a statement from the Senator:

Although I do not support a government-run single-payer health care system, [emphasis added] I believe we need comprehensive reform to achieve a competitive, cost-effective, and efficient system.

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Bush No Longer Enjoys Diplomatic Immunity

That is a fact. Now, you may ask "why is this important?"

Leading up to a 2004 visit to Vancouver, Canada, lawyers there sought to have him charged for his criminal behavior resulting in a court decision that reflected the Canadian Attorney General's view that Bush could not be brought up on torture charges at that time because he had diplomatic immunity:

“These charges were properly laid and backed up by powerful evidence. The government didn’t deny that evidence because it couldn’t deny it. Diplomatic immunity is purely procedural. It doesn’t affect the validity of the charges, only whether they can be proceeded with, for the time being, in a foreign court, in this case a Canadian court. Even if Bush has immunity, it’s only temporary and it won’t shield him or anyone in his administration from Canadian law, or any other law, when they leave office. That the Canadian government would try to hush this up by hiding Bush behind diplomatic immunity was only to be expected. Paul Martin invited Bush here to ingratiate himself with the President, despite the President’s crimes against our laws and against international law, despite even his inadmissibility as a war criminal under Canada’s immigration laws – above all, despite the unending human disaster the President’s ‘war of choice’ has brought to the people of Iraq.”

Cut back to 2009, as Bush makes plans to deliver a speech in Calgary, Canada, and this time? Read below the fold...

Bailed out banksters turn around and raise our credit card fees

It's all about the fees, baby!

Wells Fargo (WFC) [$25 billion in bailout money] has increased late fees and cash-advance fees. Chase (JPM) [$25 billion in bailout money] has put a $120 yearly fee on some cards with low interest rates....

Higher fees "are a recognition of risk going up," says Robert Hammer, chairman of industry consultant R.K. Hammer. Banks "are not going to watch their costs go up and take no action," he says.

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Oh, great. A billion more cars

Can't blame 'em, but....

Chinese government has detailed a stimulus plan to encourage farmers to buy automobiles, which may bring an auto sales surge in rural areas, experts said Sunday.

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I'm looking at mulch that comes recommended by a local gardening geek. Here's the description:

High quality forest loam mixed with a blend of cycle grow, peat moss and high quality seafood compost. Dark in color and rich in nutrients, this loam is very easy to work with. It can be used to til into existing soil for a soil boost or can be used a stand alone soil. There is no municipal compost added to any of our soils, which allow all of them to be used in vegetable and herb gardens.

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About the sanctity of those AIG bonus contracts...

commenter TExas Aggie writes at Washington Monthly:

[T]here was no problem breaking the contracts that the autoworkers had in order for the auto industry to get a loan, so why is there a problem breaking these contracts?

Like everything else Versailles is saying on the bailouts, the talking points really seem to make sense, unless (a) you haven't been paying attention or (b) you're dumb as a box of rocks. Read below the fold...

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Doesn't Treasury Know that Paying Bubble Prices for Bad Assets Is, Like, So 2008?

You know, I'm beginning to lose track of how many different ways Versailles is screwing us. The latest is another round of the government conspiring with Wall Street to try to hide the size of the big shitpile by paying more for assets than they are worth.

Via Yves Smith:

From Andy Lees at UBS (hat tip reader Scott, boldface his):

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