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Protestors in Vermont demand single payer


Protesters Rally Outside Health Forum

Supporters of a single-payer system of health care used a special White House forum to send a message to the man in the Oval Office.

"Barack Obama said it at an AFL-CIO meeting in 2003 that he was an advocate of the single-payer health care system," said Dr. Deb Richter, who helped organize the protest. "He said we had to take back the White House and take back the Senate and take back the House, which they've done. Now it's time to get the single-payer bill he promised."

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The AIG bonuses are a puny part of what we're doling out to the rich. But what will they cost Obama?

It seems quite plausible that the AIG bonus scandal will stick to Obama more than any of thousands of acts of fiscal skulduggery ever stuck to Bush.

Far be it from me to suggest that Obama violate the tenet of dancing with the ones what brung you*, but perhaps aligning himself with populist interests in a time of economic upheaval just might be a more, well, popular stance than his uniquely American corporatism?

It would be easy for him to reset his reputation. It's called "single payer." Read below the fold...

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Alabama PACT Managed Responsibly?

Two questions that have been plaguing me since the PACT fiasco started are:

“Was the money invested conservatively?”

“Was it invested responsibly?”

I’ll make my best effort to answer these questions here.

Variability of returns is one way to measure risk. Let’s begin with that. Read below the fold...

CA court rules cities under financial duress --bankruptcy-- can void union contracts

Came across this earlier today, now again at Mish's Global Economic Analysis, where the reaction was far, far different. Glee, in fact. The judge's ruling is seen as a blow for common sense and against those rapacious unionized government employees. You know, like those firefighters, police, and transit workers considered heroes after 9/11. Or those horrible Coast Guard, airline, and other unionized workers who enabled the passengers of the ditched airliner in the Hudson to, oh, well, survive?

From the article: Read below the fold...

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So is it just me, or is the AT&T "garage sale" commercial a little ...



It's the next chapter in the story of the blonde mom with the clueless son(s) and the airhead hubby. She's got a garage sale out, and clueless Son No. 1 has put a bunch of the orange clocks / compasses that, in a previous commercial, she saved from a milk bath when one of the clueless boys turned over his glass in a scuffle.

So anyway, Garage Sale Customer comes up. She's a 40-plus Caucasian woman who wants to know how much for the rollover minutes, and the mom says, "They're not for sale." Read below the fold...

Look, I can understand Obama throwing Dodd under the bus on the AIG bonuses

I mean, it's been crowded under here for awhile.

But throwing Dodd under the bus to protect Timmy Geithner????

That goes to judgment. Read below the fold...

What Natasha said

Richard Cohen invokes the world's most powerful excuse: The zeitgeist did it!


It does not take cable TV to make a bubble. CNBC played no role in the Tulip Bubble that peaked, as I recall, in 1637, or in the Great Depression of 1929-41. It is the zeitgeist that does this -- the psychological version of inertia: the belief that what's happening will continue to happen.

Surely there's a Wall of Shame somewhere in the Village?


It's not the Timmy! It's the zeitgeist! Read below the fold...

Sounds like a bargain


Health care overhaul may cost about $1.5 trillion
Guaranteeing health insurance for all Americans may cost about $1.5 trillion over the next decade, health experts say. That's more than double the $634 billion 'down payment' President Barack Obama set aside for health reform in his budget, raising the prospect of sticker shock at a time of record federal spending.

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Politics and Media Headlines 3/17/09

And a Happy St. Paddy’s Day to ya!

President Obama: Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen and He "May Be Cousins" (by Jake O'Tapper at Political Punch, ABC News) Read below the fold...

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Paying People Less for More Work = "Reform"


Being a survivor graduate of a big law firm, a link Yves Smith posted today caught my eye, "‘Medieval’ U.S. Law Firm Pay Structure Buckles". Apparently, it was medieval for law firms to pay every associate in the same class the same salary.* You know, like seniority pay among unions is "medieval." It's much better to pay associates on "merit." Now, what's "merit," you ask?

Associates are evaluated based on how many hours they bill, feedback from partners and client satisfaction

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Andrew Cuomo: Of 73 AIG Million Dollar (or more) Bonus Babies, 11 have left AIG. Retention?

Well, so much for retaining them.

As reported in the NYTimes,

Seventy-three employees were paid more than $1 million in the latest bonuses at the insurance giant American International Group, according to the New York attorney general, Andrew M. Cuomo.


“A.I.G. made more than 73 millionaires in the unit which lost so much money that it brought the firm to its knees, forcing a taxpayer bailout,” Mr. Cuomo wrote in the letter. “Something is deeply wrong with this outcome.”

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Quiz: How Progressive Are You? For the fun of it, let's see how Correntians come out

This was kind of fun: a quiz on How Progressive Are You, via Teddy Partridge at Firedoglake.

It's not the most nuanced set of questions, so I kinda pulled some punches toward the end--regret that now.

Have at it, DFHs, and please share your results.! Read below the fold...

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Action Alert: Health Care House parties

Action Alert: “Sick Around America”

We urge you to reach out to your community and host Sick Around America watching parties on and after March 31st.

Sick Around America, a compelling and timely documentary exposing the serious consequences of getting sick in the United States, will premiere on PBS on March 31st. It is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Frontline documentary, Sick Around the World.

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