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David Sirota, meet David Sirota

Poor David Sirota is being eaten alive by "Hillary sycophants," with their troubling "I told you sos."

You see, where Obama has "sheer personal awesomeness" going for him, Hillary ruined everything with her beloved NAFTA program.

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Media rot at the Atlantic

Least surprising headline of the decade

From the invaluable McClatchy: History of slavery often omitted on plantation tours.

Who knew?

NOTE I linked to the Charlotte News and Observer story, which has a different headline, but the complete story. The McClatchy version is here. Read below the fold...

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Last one off Wall Street cut out the lights

there's a dot graph explaining what happens in government bailouts here. Banks being run as they are without change, the results aren't going to look like the 1980 Chrysler bailout, but rather the 1989 S&L and the 2001 US airline industry bailouts. Now, I want to point out something else here. Check out who was president and who was in control of the Congress, when financial institution bailouts became necessary. Spot any trends, there, my friends? Read below the fold...

Did Merrill Lynch use taxpayer bailout to help make new Millionaires?

It seems NY AG Andrew Como has written a letter to the head of the House Financial Services Committee, Rep, Barney Frank (D-Mass) about his concern that Merril Lynch changed their bonus payment schedule so that the bailout package would foot the bill.

Via The Consumerist ( with a PDF of the letter at the end)

In the body of the letter Como says, Read below the fold...

Make them eat it

Asked if he'd eat his own product, poison peanut processor Stewart Parnell takes the Fifth.

AP: Read below the fold...

Big Paulie has a talk with Timmy

Go read.

Not sure I endorse, or even understand, the theorizing, but really, the idea that at a certain level, all the big piles of money are being manipulated by a very small number of people makes a great deal of sense.

So who does Big Paulie work for? Read below the fold...

Out of their depth, but we're the ones who are drowning


Not just the administration; Versailles. Bloomberg:

Driving investor doubts was Geithner’s failure to clearly address three issues at the heart of the crisis: Will banks saddled with toxic debt be forced to fail? How will illiquid assets be removed from bank balance sheets? And what will be done to arrest the decline in house prices that triggered the turmoil?

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Why does Lord Eschaton hate Obama?


Hope...Not A Plan
Some sort of nationalization is inevitable. Why the Obama team thinks it's a good idea to light a pile of money on fire first is beyond me.

I think Atrios must be a racist. It's the only explanation. Because Obama is way smarter than Atrios is LOL and anyhow let's wait 'til Obama does something.

I mean, Obama did promise change, and he's delivering! Read below the fold...

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I apologize to the Democratic Underground community

This post of mine was deemed too hot to handle, and therefore locked, by the administrators of Democratic Underground. In the interest of the Common Good, I won't excerpt it here.

But (please shield your children's eyes!) the gist was that some criticisms of Obama might actually reflect legitimate concerns, rather than -- as reflexively argued at DU and elsewhere -- paroxysms of obsession with a particular candidate who didn't get the gig. Read below the fold...

Saving Banks by Helping Consumers -- modifying credit card debt


There is a way to help failing banks and jump start the economy, that benefits average americans, rather that the 20% who control 90% of this nation's wealth. And its fairly easy to accomplish -- revamp the credit card industry. Read below the fold...

Did I miss the memo on where the last two trillion went?

I don't know about you, but Tim Geithner's restored my confidence, like, totally. Izvestia:

Administration officials committed to flood the financial system with as much as $2.5 trillion — $350 billion of that coming from the bailout fund and the rest from private investors and the Federal Reserve, making use of its ability to print money. ...

Another centerpiece of the plan would stretch the last $350 billion that the Treasury has for the bailout by relying on the Federal Reserve’s ability to create money, in effect, out of thin air.

Money from thin air. Wow. One question: Read below the fold...

Tuesday Night Lo-Fi blogging

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I Have A Plan...


The situation as it stands:
Wall Street had been holding its breath, pricing in, and "banking" (betting) on an effective Stimulus Plan, and a new and sensible Bank Rescue Plan. Well, neither are happening, and now we've continued with our regulary-scheduled collapse. Read below the fold...

In which lambert apologizes for VastLeft being prematurely correct

David Kurtz front-paged at TPM, 02/10/2009:

TPM Reader AN responds:

At what point do you think Obama fans will dispense with this weird fantasy that your reader BR indulges in about what Obama is really thinking and what his real plans are?

I personally am an Obama fan. ....

I think people want Obama to be something that perhaps he's not--namely, a strong progressive democrat. ...

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