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Queen Noor makes great points on MSNBC--Mika and Barnicle agree w/ her!

About 15 minutes w/out commercial break. Queen Noor lays out the Palestinian side calmly and pointedly. Richard Haas resorts to the tried and true US talking points, does not do well to counter Noor's points.

She seemed floored that Obama would choose Dennis Ross as point man on the P/I issues. Haas tried to reassure her it was not a done deal.

Via Commenter ice cube at Left Eye on the News. Read below the fold...

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Countrywide: "Hey, you fucked up. You trusted us!"

Lawyers for Countrywide Home Loans, now part of welfare-recipient Bank of America, admit the company had no intention of honoring its repeated promises to help homeowners modify loans they were having trouble repaying.
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Village orgasms as Obama puts Social Security in play


Obama Pledges Entitlement Reform

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Stoller the senior policy advisor for Grayson

Sayeth Kos.

And Grayson's video is so nice I'm gonna play it twice.

Oh, good

Obama's going to hold a "fiscal responsibility summit". I'll wait for the transcript, but Cilizza's story makes it look like a thumb in the eye for the progressive caucus.

Anyhow, I've always liked dog food. Who wouldn't? Read below the fold...

I'm so glad we have an empire

Because then we can build keen weapons like this that (probably) cause, er, gruesome collateral damage like this (keep scrolling).

It's just like the movies! Read below the fold...

Americans United joins suit against Proposition H8


Americans United for Separation of Church and State has joined a legal brief asking the California Supreme Court to nullify Proposition 8, a November ballot measure that banned same-sex marriage in the state.

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National Call-in Day for HR 676, single payer

I have been distracted, but if you have not already called your Representative and Senators. Please be sure to thank our health care heroes. Read below the fold...

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From the dept. of stuff you knew already


I prefer substance over style. Thus my genuine relief the new Obama-batmobile-limo looks like a Caddy rather than an H2.

What performance it gives, or its principal protectee offers the nation, I can only hope will be more like that big old Dodge back there -- stout and repairable. Otherwise, like the H2 up front, it'll be flashy, brittle -- and quickly destroyed. Read below the fold...

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Politics and Media Headlines 1/15/09

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New Presidential Ride Unveiled


I don't know whether to thank FSM and Ceiling Cat they didn't go for the "Hummer" sheet metal, or think this is some lame "salute" to "too big to fail". From the Detail's perspective, the thing rocks. From mine ... five-inch-thick glass? Dayum. Trying to see out's gotta suck, though.
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Why not just make banks regulated public utilities?

[Welcome Angry Bear readers!]

Why not put access to credit -- at least to little people like us -- on the same basis as access to other forms of power like electricity, gas, and water? Why not turn the banks into regulated public utilities like the water company, the power company, or the gas company?

So far as I can tell, there's no need for "complex," "innovative" financial instruments at all; and they call them investment vehicles because they're designed to drive off with your money. What was wrong with community banks handling the really boring business of mortgages at 4%? What was wrong with a retirement system that didn't depend on speculation? Read below the fold...

The Village that works

The invaluable McClatchy:

Bailed-out Wall Street helps float Obama inauguration

The watchdog group Public Citizen says nearly 80 percent of the $35.3 million raised by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to date has come from 211 wealthy donors, including a number from Wall Street firms benefiting from the mushrooming federal bailout.

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It's like the Republicans have wired themselves up to their own hot buttons

I mean, come on:

Republicans have also requested hundreds of pages’ worth of documents that might shed light on [AG nominee] Holder’s role in the Elian Gonzalez controversy.

They wire themselves up, hit the hot button, then trash and jerk around. It's bizarre. What next? Terry Schiavo? Read below the fold...


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