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Single payer storms the Times Letters section

Go read. Then write your local paper.

NOTE Hat tip, alert reader zuzu. Read more about Single payer storms the Times Letters section

Will the next bubble be narratives?

Green shoots! Now, if only we could collateralize them....

NOTE Although Krugman links to three narratives proffered by DeLong, DeLong actually has a fourth!

UPDATE But see this abstract from HBR: Read more about Will the next bubble be narratives?

Can somebody please parse this statement on the bailout?

Robert Gibbs throws down with the ghost of Ari Fleischer:

"Early in May, you will see in a systematic and coordinated way the transparency of determining and showing to all involved some of the results of these stress tests," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

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It's the populism, stupid

Obama has an historically historic opportunity to be one of the great populist presidents, getting the gig at a time when most Americans are keenly aware that far-reaching changes are needed, beginning with shoring up the threadbare safety net.

If "progressives" can do little better than playing the cultural-superiority card vs. the ignorant Bubbas who are too unhip to know racy associations for the word "teabag" — rather than defending and promoting the economic policies that are proven to be the best answer to recessions and depressions — we're just begging the Republicans to become populist heroes. Read more about It's the populism, stupid

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Another Single Payer Action Diary:

From My COMA-CT mailbox to you:

TODAY: National Call-In Day

Today is a nationwide call-in day for single-payer national healthcare. Our message is clear: "Tax payer dollars should go to people, not profits. Support single-payer national health care now."

So today, we ask that you join with thousands of others to call Congress, to support single-payer legislation in both the House (HR 676) and the Senate (S 703).

If you don't know your Congresspersons, or want a script, all of the information you need is on our National Call-In Day page.

If you know your Representative and Senators, the Capitol Switchboard number is 866-338-1015. Ask to be connected, and then ask him or her to support HR 676 or S 703. If they are already a co-sponsor, thank them.

More stuff below the fold... Read more about Another Single Payer Action Diary:

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Who will snark the snarkers?

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Light posting from me today!

April 15, right? I'm way too poor to owe anything, but file I must! Read more about Light posting from me today!

Pre-emptively dissing the Spanish on torture extradition requests

[UPDATE As it turns out, Ari Gibbs dissed Helen Thomas on torture, too, at the same presser. That'll show 'em. -- lambert]

David Corn points out that there's funny ha ha, and then there's just funny: Read more about Pre-emptively dissing the Spanish on torture extradition requests

The royal succession issue in Thailand


One unifying figure is King Bhumibol Adulyadej, widely respected by Thais whatever their political affiliation.

But while the king is revered, the role of the monarchy in Thai politics is a deeply divisive issue at the heart of the crisis. Royalists in the yellow camp support an interventionist monarchy, while many of Thaksin's supporters resent the power of unelected Thai elites.

More union busting at Big Auto


Fiat SpA's chief executive, facing a two-week deadline to work out a partnership with Chrysler LLC, warned the troubled U.S. carmaker's unions he would ditch the idea unless they agreed to cut labor costs.

In a clear message to U.S. and Canadian unions, Sergio Marchionne told Wednesday's Globe and Mail newspaper a deal on the partnership had only a 50-50 chance of succeeding because of lack of progress in talks with union leaders.

Derivatives owners are anonymous: "Ignorance on a cosmic scale"

Willem Buiter has an article I'm just not equipped to summarize on Useless finance, harmful finance, and useful finance, but I thought this fact was interesting. After comparing derivatives to lotteries (see here), Buiter writes:

Froomkin on Obama's latest speech: The evidence of things not seen

OK, the latest speech. Let's skip Obama's discouraging views on health care -- Electronic Medical Records allow more efficient denial of care! Read more about Froomkin on Obama's latest speech: The evidence of things not seen


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