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Zombies scale

Entertainment Weekly:

Woody Harrelson's explanation for an alleged tussle with a TMZ photographer at New York City's La Guardia Airport Wednesday night is Method acting. "I wrapped a movie called Zombieland, in which I was constantly under assault by zombies, then flew to New York, still very much in character," Harrelson said in a statement issued by his publicist and obtained by CNN. "With my daughter at the airport I was startled by a paparazzo, who I quite understandably mistook for a zombie."

Fred Hiatt has the solution for "fixing the budget"

You guessed it:

A "bi-partisan commission"! *

Hey, it's not every day that the man we laughingly call Pravda's "editor" argues that our political system has "failed" -- and where was he from 2000-2008 -- but if the Blue Dogs are on board with a solution, then sign me up! Read more about Fred Hiatt has the solution for "fixing the budget"

LA LA LA I can't hear you!

A massive takedown on the restoration of Constitutional government -- hey, remember when we thought that was on the table? Happy, innocent days -- from Glenn that concludes: Read more about LA LA LA I can't hear you!

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$761 per month for a family with a public health care plan

UPDATE: See hipparchia's comment for how much less a Medicare for All system would cost.

Premiums for a Public Health Plan: 30 Percent Cheaper?

One of the sticking points emerging in the health reform debate is whether to include a public insurance plan that could either be open to certain groups like the self-employed or perhaps be available to everyone. Now a new study by the Lewin Group spells out how much the premiums for such a plan might be and projects how many people might join.

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Subverting "message discipline"

Democratic Underground

Those of us who oppose the Emanuel-Fuchs plan (((an "access plan" now being promoted behind the scenes within our own administration - - - a plan which would not only mandate an all-private insurance scheme without a public option, but would actually phase out and privatize traditional Medicare, our most viable model for Single Payer))) ?


Google bubble. Read this manifesto. I think it makes sense.

I don't support search monocultures and monopolies either. It's just more rent. I should own and control my search data, not Google. Read more about Gooble

Container city!

This is a test

attempting to imbed the video from jawbone's PSA: Read more about This is a test

When you ain't got nuthin

you got nuthin to lose. Or, in long form:

If you aren't dependent on "progressive" funding sources who want to enforce "message discipline," you don't have to worry about your funding being cut off if you speak an unseasonable truth.

Funding should be organic. Which reminds me, I really to have to set up that advertising module that I've been testing. We could call it a "tag sale".... Read more about When you ain't got nuthin

PSA of the Day: WH Forum on US Health Care System from Wed. on C-Span 1 now

Updated below, 1:55pm. Update on video availability, 4:28pm. Update: Hipparchia found wicked cool video search feature at C-Span*. Enter search term, links come up in video box; click on link and video plays from that point.

This program is currently available on video, but I'm not sure how long C-Span keeps this kind of thing available. It runs two hours. Click on Flash box on left of screen. Read more about PSA of the Day: WH Forum on US Health Care System from Wed. on C-Span 1 now

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What if the banking crisis is just the Californification of America?

Should it prove true that "The Banking Crisis Is Over," might it remind one of another Shock Doctrine power play?

I mean, other than massive piles of money being funneled to extremely-well connected corporations and their preferred candidate riding the panic into an executive position, of course. Read more about What if the banking crisis is just the Californification of America?

Goldman Sachs tries to shut down blogger (perhaps in advance of share sale)

Shut the Fuck Up, little people!

[Goldman Sachs] has instructed Wall Street law firm Chadbourne & Parke to pursue blogger Mike Morgan, warning him in a recent cease-and-desist letter that he may face legal action if he does not close down his website.

Florida-based Mr Morgan began a blog entitled "Facts about Goldman Sachs" – the web address for which is – just a few weeks ago.

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A Month of Crucial Decisions on Torture

No Associated Press content was harmed in the writing of this post Read more about A Month of Crucial Decisions on Torture


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