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Going down to the 40s tonight; about 50 degrees lower than I'm used to (modulo air con, which I turned off at night). Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day (2)

Tweet of the day

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Lo-fi Monday

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Marcy Wheeler last month on CIA torture, comedic Senate oversight, and the presidential authorization for torture that we are not supposed to know about

Marcy Wheeler: If nothing else it demonstrates how ridiculous our oversight system is. Because here you have the people who are supposed to be overseen, who can make this case to avoid being overseen and it’s treated credibly... The point of fact is they’re trying to stall this torture report that shows that the torture didn’t work and they lied about it not working.

Scott Horton: Although, we’ve got to be careful how we define work, because I does work perfectly when you’re trying to torture someone into pretending that Saddam Hussein taught him and his Al Qaeda buddies how to make chemical weapons.

Marcy Wheeler: Works like a charm if you’re trying to get detainees to say what you want. And that I think is the big secret, and I think that is the reason why ultimately Obama is offering a fair amount of protection to CIA, because the executive branch and the CIA like having this make-up-lies cover and they protect each other that way.

Also, published 3/13/14 at The Intercept: The White House Has Been Covering Up the Presidency’s Role in Torture for Years, by Marcy Wheeler. Read below the fold...

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Michelle Bachmann For President?

I'm trying to find this quote. If it is real, I think my libtard brain just exploded.

Read below the fold...

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Sunday Morning Music

Should I upgrade to OS X 10.9.2?

In the past, I would have upgraded automatically. Now, I'm not so sure. OS X has stability and quality problems it didn't use to have, basically since iOS features began to invade it. Read below the fold...

Paul Krugman, not knowing what he's saying, says it

Krugman writes:

One thing I learned from reporting on the Madoff affair was the term “affinity fraud”: people are easily duped by con men who seem to be like them, to be their kind of people.

Look, I don't have to point out why this is so funny, right? Read below the fold...

"I'm Done Making My Kid's Childhood Magical"

Not that I'm qualified by experience to speak, except to note that this is an excellent rant. Re-arranged slightly:

Today, parents are being fed the idea that it benefits children to constantly be hand in hand, face to face, "What do you need my precious darling? How can I make your childhood amazing?" You can't walk through Pinterest without tripping over 100 Indoor Summer Craft Ideas, 200 Inside Activities for Winter, 600 Things To Do With Your Kids In The Summer. 14 Million Pose Ideas For Elf on The Shelf. 12 Billion Tooth Fairy Strategies. 400 Trillion Birthday Themes.

This is how I remember childhood too: Read below the fold...

To the NSA on #heartbleed: Any way you look at it, you lose

This seems to be my day for quoting Kevin Drum:

Heartbleed is a Sucking Chest Wound in the NSA's Reputation
I'm honestly not sure which would be worse. That the NSA knew about this massive bug that threatened havoc for millions of Americans and did nothing about it for two years. Or that the NSA's vaunted—and lavishly funded—cybersecurity team was completely in the dark about a gaping and highly-exploitable hole in the operational security of the internet for two years. It's frankly hard to see any way the NSA comes out of this episode looking good.

"Looking good"? Read below the fold...

Common Household Remedies Request

Back in Thailand and, heck, here, although less urgently, I had a Sweat Management project, of which a task was tracking down bacterial odors. The armpits were one subtask of that task:

And a much-loved pair of boat shoes was another: Read below the fold...

Declaring victory in the culture wars

I rarely quote Kevin Drum, but I think he's got hold of something:

ver the last half century, various branches of government have also taken plenty of proactive steps to marginalize religion. Prayer in public school has been banned. Creches can no longer be set up in front of city hall. Parochial schools are forbidden from receiving public funds. The Ten Commandments can't be displayed in courtrooms. Catholic hospitals are required to cover contraceptives for their employees. Gay marriage is legal in more than a dozen states and the number is growing rapidly.

Needless to say, I consider these and plenty of other actions to be proper public policy. I support them all. But they're real things. Conservative Christians who feel under attack may be partly the victims of cynical politicians and media moguls, and a lot of their pity-party attempts at victimization really are ridiculous. But their fears do have a basis in reality. To a large extent, it's the left that started the culture wars, and we should hardly be surprised that it provoked a strong response. In fact, it's a sign that we're doing something right.

As far as I'm concerned, the culture wars are one of the left's greatest achievements. Our culture needed changing, and we should take the credit for it.

Fair enough. Read below the fold...

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Saturday morning music

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Like the McCarthy era, except for everything

Jonathan Chait has been making parallels between the current discussion on race and the red baiting of the 50s. To say the least, it's an inapt comparison.

Cross posted from Pruning Shears. Read below the fold...


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