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Gore continues to refuse to make a Sherman statement

Thank the God of Your Choice. AP:

"[GORE] I don't have any plans to be a candidate, I don't expect to be a candidate," he said. "I really do not expect ever to be a candidate again."

Well, expectations are dynamic, aren't they?

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Bad News in Mexico

Reuters. Looks like the judges are going to give it to Calderon. I'm not sure what to make of the "slim hope."
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Forced pregnancy advocate doesn't just share her feelings; she imposes them!


Let's take a look at here the views of an activist who favors South Dakota's Draconian forced pregancy law:

Kayla Brandt had an abortion three years ago and instantly hated having done it. Now, hoping to stop other women from making the same choice, she is a public advocate for the most severe abortion ban in the nation.

"I don't want anyone to feel what I did," Brandt says.

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Mildew attacks the zucchini!

No photos; too disgusting. And it was incredibly sudden, too. One day, green leaves; the next day, leaves with this yucky grey substance on them.

Actually, I thought it was something far worse than mildew; some fungus I'd have to fumigate, and then put something into the earth when I turn it over, like sulfur or something petroleum-based. Read below the fold...

Purging the Party of Pests

As we continue to scratch the invasive itch which is the "Party of Joe, All Joe" in Connecticut, there has been much discussion of just how the hell you get rid of somebody who is, in nautical terms, "flying a false flag." Claiming to be a Democrat even though everything he does is working to the detriment of the Democratic Party and the majority of its membership. But he's not the only case. Here's an illustrative example from Alabama:

The Alabama Democratic Party Executive Committee wants Larry Darby, whose radical views include the belief that the Holocaust did not happen, to stay out of future Democratic Party primaries. Read below the fold...
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George Felix Allen Is A Bubeleh!

Image Courtesy of General JC Christian
Patriot and Mason Jar Collector

Jesus' General is leading the way in assisting George Felix Allen's quest to corner the Virginia Racist Demographic that he so heartily covets. In comments to JC's Bring back those old-time values post, L.G. Fucktard pointed out that George Felix Allen is One Schmekel of Separation from the Anti-Mel Gibson Marching and Chowder Society. Yawheh forfend, Mr. Allen seems to be distancing himself from his tribe. Read below the fold...

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Too Funny

Goodnight, moon

Good God, if any. I should observe radio silence more often. The kind people at C&L picked up Bush: "I'm responsible for the Federal Government. Constitution: "No, you're not. Nice spike for a Sunday.

[UPDATE And it looks like I should have stayed under the radar; I need to repair the comments table. But not tonight--sorry.] Read below the fold...

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Wow. That's really all I can say. And: "Keep pushin', English.*" There is going to be a reckoning. And it's going to come from people like me. Believe me when I say, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry. Reading shit like this makes me go into "burn it all down" mode. Hat tip to Kelley B. Read below the fold...

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Civil Defense for the 22nd Century


September's right around the corner. It's National
Preparedness Month. Ready? Your friends and neighbors are doing these things -- have a look, lend a hand. It could be fun and you might learn something, too. Read below the fold...

Anybody Seen Lambert Today? Hmm..


Now mind you, I have no idea where Lambert's been today, I just note that he hasn't posted anything since one item purportedly late last night. But I bet I know where he'd like to have been, and what he'd like to have been doing with whatever whatever leftover zucchini was still lurking around the yard:
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Let's talk about this, now. I'm not asking for armed insurgents at home -- I'm asking for reasoned, considered, judicious action, constructive work, in opposition to what purely looks like a corrupt juggernaut. Ideas?? Read below the fold...

Dems & Dyke Kiss, Make Up in Alabama

Don't know how many people have been following this case; I thought I posted on it last week but apparently left it in a comment. My bad. Anyway, I'd rather frontpage good news than bad, even if this good is just a correction of a previous bad. From the AL news roundup:

Openly gay Patricia Todd was reinstated Saturday as the Democratic Party's nominee for a seat in the Alabama Legislature.

It must be admitted, sigh, that the problem was apparently a racial one (Todd is white) rather than sexual orientation. In a relentless mood of optimism I choose to look at even this as a good thing. Can you imagine a Republican state party having so many black members that a fight like this could break out? Read below the fold...

Menacing the Mercenaries

The battle Blackwater Security, the favored private militia of the favored few, fears most is coming nearer. From the NC News & Observer:
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Gigantic Avocado Jesus Threatens Gulf Coast

Surely there is a Gigantic Jesus Tortilla Chip in our future!


Image of Gigantic Avocado Jesus from here.

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