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Violent Christianist video game is teh suck and isn't selling

No, I'm not talking about Iraq. Though I might as well be. I've talking about the Left Behind video game, where believers gun down non-believers in the streets of Manhattan, only blocks from the WTC. In a Godly way, of course.

But you know what? The game sucks. (Now, I said I wasn't talking about Iraq!) San Francisco Chronicle: Read below the fold...

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Hi, My Name's Jeff! What's Yours?


sound of pants unzipping Ben Dover.

Enjoy your stay, Mr. Skilling. With your purty mouth, I just know you'll make a lot of new friends. Read below the fold...

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Congrats to Representative-Elect Rodriguez!

And best of all, he's a real progressive. Bonilla is supposed to be some close Bush family friend, and I'm enjoying a little December gloating on top of all that we enjoyed last month. Read below the fold...

Your Loud Obbs Thought for the Day


Illegal aliens who are male and between the ages of 18 and 26 must register for Selective Service, aka the draft.

I nominate this as a new Zen koan, possibly to replace "what is the sound of one hand clapping" which has become somewhat of a cliche. Read below the fold...

Chaos Is The Plan vs. The Shia Are The Plan

Following up on Shystee's post (check the picture!), one of the slow pleasures of the last year or so has been watching the eminently sane Josh Marshall become more Shrill, as he loses any deference to the insane authoritarians who are ruling us. Josh opines: Read below the fold...

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Spy vs Spy

What the hell is going on here?

BEIJING, Dec. 13 (Xinhuanet) -- The sudden disappearance of a number of key witnesses in the Alexander Litvinenko investigation will make it even harder for British detectives, whose inquiry has now spread across five countries, The Times reported Wednesday. Read below the fold...
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What to Expect in 08: More Religion in Politics

Hillary hires a religious "guru." What is he all about? See for yourself. The money quote:

"I believe strongly in the power of faith in the public arena," said Strider.

Well, at least he occasionally blogs. Read below the fold...

What's with these trial balloons for an "independent" ethics Commission for Congress?

As the excellent Glenn and everybody in the world except the perps (the "willfully ignorant" Republican leadership) and the people who should be bringing Read below the fold...

What really matters

All of Mozart's sheet music online. And encouragingly, demand slowed and is still slowing their server.

I say "encouragingly," since Mozart's music is exactly the sort of thing Talibornagain everywhere want to destroy, in favor of their ideology du jour.

So I'm encouraged that Mozart is still hot. Read below the fold...

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Death of the Dollar

A great piece by the crew at Karmabanque. Broadcast on Al Jazeera and brought to you on You Tube.

Karmabanque. Read below the fold...

Former JAG: Christianists "trying to turn the Pentagon into a frickin' faith-based initiative"

Alert reader general panzer directs us to third generation military, JAG, and Republican Mikey Wienstein in Salon (go on, get the day pass, help their numbers). Read below the fold...

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Pick A Winner

bush_nosepickLeft: Pres. Bush ponders options for Iraq. Read below the fold...

"Ruling class"

Nice to see that useful bit of micro-rhetoric make its way into one of Digby's posts.

Not only is "ruling class" true, it points out how badly they're doing their job, for any definition of "ruling class" that doesn't equate to outright klepotracy being good. Read below the fold...

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C'mon, I dare ya ...


Got fruitcake?

Gimme a recipe.

C'mon. I dare ya. Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

It's 10 degrees, the pipes are banging, and I'm going to have to go through the house with a level and shim every goddamn radiator.

Goddammit. Did I say Goddammit? Digital systems are so much cleaner. Read below the fold...


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