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Liveblogging Bush's SOTU (and Webb's response)

trainWreck-editedThought I'd gear up for Bush's SOTU--Gosh, is it only the seventh? Seems like it's been forever--by posting the picture at left, and removing any small objects I can throw from the immediate vicinity. With the bucket placed right beside the computer, I should be OK! Anyone got any good drinking games? Or should we just drink? Read more about Liveblogging Bush's SOTU (and Webb's response)

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Sockpuppet Wars

Re the details about the Libby trial, and what's being said over there about who is the scapegoat and who is the bacon to be saved, Digby notes:
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Tuff Kweshuns for Rahm and the DLCers

Sirota Speaks for me:

Let's see - polls show more than two thirds of Americans oppose President Bush's escalation plan, less than a quarter support his handling of the Iraq War, and the vast majority of the country thinks the war was a mistake and wants an exit strategy. Meanwhile, state legislatures are aggressively moving forward with resolutions demanding Congress use its power to stop Bush's escalation. What's the response from some top Democrats on Capitol Hill? Undermining their own leadership, of course. Here's this from the Washington Post: Read more about Tuff Kweshuns for Rahm and the DLCers

"Gold-plated" health plans

I still can't believe that Bush actually said that, and thinks that Americans having too much health insurance is a problem.

Damn! He's lowered the bar again! Read more about "Gold-plated" health plans

CEOs: Stop us before we destroy the planet!


Chief executives of 10 major corporations urged Congress on Monday to require limits on greenhouse gases this year, contending voluntary efforts to combat climate change are inadequate.

Members of the group include chief executives of Alcoa Inc., BP America Inc., DuPont Co., Caterpillar Inc., General Electric Co., and Duke Energy Corp.

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Energy Fascist and the Crossroads of Cyberpolitanism

As the Energy Fascist (Decepticons) rise to power the equation between criminality, terrorism and blackness are being formulated and slowly pressed into the mind of the populace. Read more about Energy Fascist and the Crossroads of Cyberpolitanism

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Historians: Bush Headed for the "Dustbin of History"

Hmmm. It's good to see that W is apparently already being considered as a "bottom five" if not worse. It's good to know my colleagues agree with me.

And what was that I said on the morning after the election?
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To the two or more people who shot three mule deer bucks in Floyd County Texas during the night, out of season, from the side of the road, this past weekend -- Don't ever stop looking over your shoulders. Read more about CLASSLESS BASTARDS

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Universal is the Only Way

Here is what to expect from plans like these and other plans in which insurance companies are kept in the overall equation. Higher costs, the poor getting really screwed, and people still being forced to make impossible choices. Unlike some, I'm happy to be in the front of the line "pushing insurance companies into the sea." I worked for one, and the physicians in my family deal with them daily. They Are Evil. So long as we continue to worry about all those poor, sad little insurance company execs not making enough money by denying children with rare cancers life saving treatment because it's "experiemental," we won't have a solution. Read more about Universal is the Only Way

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Happy Birthday, Roe v Wade


I'm struggling to write a post for this, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Freedom of choice is a Good Thing, I celebrate the fact that in this country women are (mostly) allowed to control their own bodies. Read more about Happy Birthday, Roe v Wade

Bush avoids being photographed with forced pregnancy loons, phones it in, as usual

Gosh, did I say "forced pregnancy"? I meant "pro-life." So sorry. Here's AP's deceptive headline:

Bush hails abortion foes at annual rally

But check out the body of the story:

"[BUSH] Our challenge is to make sure that science serves the cause of humanity instead of the other way around," [gag] Bush said in a telephone call piped over loudspeakers to a Washington rally of opponents of abortion rights.

In the SOTU, Bush could be civil by using the Democratic Party's right name

Of course, the Republican strategists want Bush to appear Bi-curious-partisan, and would like us to believe in appearances:

"He's got to be convincing, so that the American people believe that he's serious about working in a bipartisan way," said Charlie Black, a longtime Republican strategist and informal White House adviser. "If there's one headline they'd like to have out of this, that would be it."

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Miscarriage of Justice in CT


This story continues to horrify. Every new detail I read just turns my stomach. I don't know when we will be able to do it (probably not until the next generation is pushing daisies) but we really, really need to have clarification and honest discussion about "child protection" laws in this country. A foily member of my family believes that they are created by law enforcement types who are mostly crooked, and who need a quick way to guarantee their enemies will be locked up for life. Read more about Miscarriage of Justice in CT

Early campaign coverage is like a yeast infection

The Times lets the cat out of the bag. Under the Who, me? headline:

Rush of Entries Gives ’08 Race Early Intensity

Paragraph 13: Read more about Early campaign coverage is like a yeast infection

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So, finally, W got to the 20s. I had thought it would come sooner than it has but you heard it here first. I predicted 20s for quite a while. Read more about 28


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