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Misogynist of the Day

Another Heather MOTD. Peggy Noonan today in the Wall Street Journal:

[The Democrats seemed] wholly unserious in their thoughts and approach. When Nancy Pelosi showed up at the White House Wednesday to talk with the president it was obvious she'd spent a lot of time thinking about . . . what to wear. She wrapped herself in a rich red shawl. Dick Morris said it looked like a straitjacket. I thought she looked like a particularly colorful mummy.

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The Real Red State America

Technology is cool. The reason this sort of project is important: even an idiot can see, and no longer deny, the disparity of our "justice" system. They even came up with a catchy meme: the million dollar block. Who knew there was such a gold mine in Harlem? Read more about The Real Red State America

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War of Tomorrow, Surge of Today

Via Defense Tech, I came across this detailed report on the tactics and weaponry of the future, and I was interested. The guys at DT love their toys, and despite mocking the rhetoric a bit, generally approved Turse's review of developing military technologies. But I found myself thinking about the Surge, and the failures of Iraq.

Turse identifies a new (old?) direction in military planning: containing the urban superslum.
Read more about War of Tomorrow, Surge of Today

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Would You Trust This Man With 20,000 More Lives?

He's a fucking addict, remember? His solutions are always to increase the amount of whatever it is that isn't working: booze, coke, oil, sex, god, soldiers--increase the number of whatever he was into and somehow what had failed to bring him to climax before would now make a drug party the whole family could love. Think of Bush as our very first truly post-post-modern junkie President. Read more about Would You Trust This Man With 20,000 More Lives?

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NOW Hear This! Now HEAR This! Now Hear THIS!

Spocko> continues fighting the good fight vs. All-Hate-Radio -- show the Vulcan some love! Read more about NOW Hear This! Now HEAR This! Now Hear THIS!

And speaking of the sin of good judgment...

Pravda on the Potomac's demoted Froomkin. He used to be at the top of the "Today's Editorials, Opinions, Columns" dropdown. Now he's all the way down in No Man's Land at the very bottom, where you've got to scroll to get to him.


WaPo management: If Froomkin's traffic drops, it's because you buried the link to his column where nobody can fucking find it. Read more about And speaking of the sin of good judgment...

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Irrational Fear of the Dirty Hippies Meme

In my most cynical moments (pretty much every waking or sleepless hour lately) I suspect that the reason many A-list progressive bloggers have not come out strongly in support of blocking funds for the escalation (and other measures that would actually stop the War) is that they are scared of the DFH meme. They know the meme is bullshit, but they fear it's awesome power over the American Public. They're scared that if the Dems do put an end the carnage in Iraq, they will be blamed for "losing the war", Americans will buy this and will therefore vote Republican in 2008. Read more about Irrational Fear of the Dirty Hippies Meme

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Somalia - The next Dubai??? Surge!!!


I know it’s scary isn’t it. The Surge Theory.

With the Islamic Courts smashed, the most organized and dedicated fighting force in the country is gone. But not completely, most members of the Islamic courts are still around, and will revive the organization in the next few months. They will be opposed by a stronger Transitional Government.

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Everything's peachy keen!

Jim Marshall is confused about whom he represents. Is it the Third or the Eighth District?

And is it the Democratic Party or Georgia for Lieberman? Read more about Everything's peachy keen!

Bush speech a shell game: He plays us on Iraq while preparing to attack Iran


Clusterfuckalypse Now, anyone?

The shell game is a short con, where the con man's hand is quicker than our eyes. Bush (really his backers) is the con man. The fake players are muscle to keep off the cops (NSA, FBI, CIA), or shills, who pretend to play the rigged game to suck us in (the SCLM and the VRWC).

And we're the marks. Our eyes are focused on Iraq. But the real action is Iran. That's the con. Read more about Bush speech a shell game: He plays us on Iraq while preparing to attack Iran

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Listen to the Animals

So the theme today is animals? Do I get that right? Ok, I was gonna do one anyway. Perhaps you remember this heartwarming story of why keeping some goats is good for your insurance rates:

In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey


bush_speech The camera doesn't lie, does it? Take a look at that face. That's Bush as he tossed another 20,000 unarmored citizens into the Iraqi meatgrinder. Look into his soul. Read his body language. That's what Howard Fineman did: Read more about In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey

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Closeted Atheists and Politics

Confession time...

In 2006, I ran for the US House against an unholy a far-right DINO and lost in the Primary. I drop the phrase, "I placed second in a three-way race", to either joke-it or to save face--it could be either. In reality, the incumbent got 86.2%, I got 10.0% and Mr.Last Place got 3.8%. Read more about Closeted Atheists and Politics

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Coastal Elites Drink Chardonnay In Blame America First Afterlife*

East Coast
West Coast
Lives lost?
The most...

Any questions?

John Amato at Crooks & Liars has some context and details. Niggling little nuggets, those pesky details, what with all that death and dismemberment. Read more about Coastal Elites Drink Chardonnay In Blame America First Afterlife*

Liveblogging the Bush Iraq Speech

OK, I don't have a TV, so I have to listen to the radio. And to be safe, I've removed all the objects I can throw from the immediate vicinity. Three minutes until we hear the sound of Dear Leader's voice... Two... One...

"... engaged in a struggle that will determine global war on terror.... When I addressed ya a year ago ... 2005 elections stunning achievement... thought bring Iraq together... AQ and Sunni insurents blew up Golden Mosque in effort to provoke Shia... Their strategy worked... Shia death squads supported by Iran...


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