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Nudnik's War

When he grows, he may come for you, Nuddie.

BAGHDAD, 22 Jan 2007 (IRIN) - “My name is Lina Massufi. I’m a 32-year-old laboratory assistant who works 10 hours a day just to make enough money to raise my children.

“My life has been like hell over the past three months. US and Iraqi soldiers have raided my house more than 12 times.

This picture needs a caption!




Taken from WaPo's clip of Cheney's meltdown on CNN. Read more about This picture needs a caption!

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And You People Wonder Why I Say "Homeschool Your Kids"

Truth in school? Not if this principal has anything to do with it. After all, there's "process" to consider. What the hell does that even mean, anyway? Hey, Principal bLocke-head: there is this newfangled thing called Netflix, you should check it out. I think they even have this movie. You may want to watch it. Read more about And You People Wonder Why I Say "Homeschool Your Kids"

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Rape As A Weapon Of War


Sexual violence: weapon of war, impediment to peace

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Read more about Rape As A Weapon Of War

Ho Lieberman and Hugh Hewitt make such a cute couple

The delusional, fascist rump of the Republican Partei--please, please, can we start calling them The Rump instead of The Base--are purging and surging (and binging on Cheetohs). Hugh Hewitt [DCOW] has posted a pledge: Read more about Ho Lieberman and Hugh Hewitt make such a cute couple

Novak: Democrats "rude" to Bush

All together now:

A-w-w-w-w-w-w! No, but seriously, or not, the wienie-chomping Novak does think he has a point to make:

When President Bush called for a bipartisan "special advisory council" of congressional leaders on the war against terrorism in his State of the Union address, he had in his pocket a rude rejection from Democratic leaders. Thank you very much, said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, but no thank you.

The liberal canon: What's yours?

The Man in The Grey Turtleneck writes:

which reminds me, for some time I've been meaning to do a post on the liberal "canon" which wouldn't so much be about the Great Thinkers and Philosophers which animate our discourse, but rather the books/essays which provide the basic narratives which are the foundation for the liberal/netroots view of the universe since 1992.

That's an excellent idea. Readers? Read more about The liberal canon: What's yours?

NPR is teh suck

Depressing. I listened this morning to another episode of "Crossing the Divide" this morning, all about "the other," and being Bipartisan, and so on. The topic this morning was race, and they had a lot of sound clips from statesmen and politicians of parties.

And they included, they actually included Bush's speech in New Orleans--the speech where they flew in the generators for the speech, then flew them out again right after--without any comment about Bush's performance after the speech. Read more about NPR is teh suck

Black Hawk Down the Memory Hole

I've got the Winter Crud that's going around, so am barely mobile and lack energy enough to write a suitable screed here. But you remember the story from last Saturday, about the Black Hawk* helicoper that went down, killing 12? Take a look at who these 12 were. Look at the ranks. This was on one flight of one chopper. "No confirmation" that it was actually shot down of course, but the alternative is that the thing is so badly maintained that it just fell the fuck out of the sky, and I don't think they use machines like that when 2 colonels, 1 lt. col, couple of command sgt. Read more about Black Hawk Down the Memory Hole

"Repudiate," "repudiate," "repudiate"

Again, a word that we can't use too often. That's why headlines like this from AP are nice to see:

Senate committee repudiates Bush on Iraq

It's necessary for all of us, as a country, to thoroughly and decisively repudiate Bush and all His works. This is not only a moral necessity, but a pragmatic necessity, so that we can regain some remnant of the "soft power" that Bush so recklessly squandered. Read more about "Repudiate," "repudiate," "repudiate"

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YouTube Goodness: Hagel and McCain Ed

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Duality Day Continues: Two Progressive Takes

I'm in one of those moods where I'm more interested to hear what other people think and say, for some reason I'm into passive contemplation today. So let me share with you two pieces forwarded to me by family members, which have decidedly different takes on "where we are at" as progressives. Both are excellent.

Gloomy or Poised for Victory? You make the call. Hightlights:
Read more about Duality Day Continues: Two Progressive Takes

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Up is Down, Black is White

Republicans clamor for peace and diplomacy, Democrats want Armaggedon.

Compare: Read more about Up is Down, Black is White

Republican strategists leaving the sinking Bush ship

Way down deep in Dan Balz's story on Bush's stale, flat, and unprofitable SOTU is this little gem:

A Republican strategist, asked not to be identified in order to speak freely about the administration's problems, said Democrats are not in any mood to be generous to Bush. Referring to the president's approval rating, he said, "When you're sitting at 35 and you're telling them what to do after they won an election, they've got to chuckle."

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No Country Larger Than Virginia – No Nation At Peace With Its Neighbors

The January/February 2007 issue of The Atlantic offers an article by Niall Fergusson titled “A War to Start All Wars” which begins:

The United States invaded Iraq in April 2003 for multiple reasons, but the most ambitious was a desire to remake a whole region. The Middle East, it was argued, was full of political and economic underachievers, driven to violence by a Muslim/Arab inferiority complex. Replacing Saddam Hussein with an exemplary democracy would begin a domino effect, spreading American values to Iraq’s most undemocratic neighbors.


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