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Jury Rigging by Politics

Interesting list of Bad Thoughs & Opinions which will get you kicked out of the jury pool for the upcoming Scooter Libby perjury trial. Per NYT this morning:

The perjury trial of I. Lewis Libby Jr. began Tuesday with his lawyers trying to eliminate as jurors anyone who might have strongly negative feelings about the Bush administration in general and Vice President Dick Cheney in particular.

Snicker. Snort. Guffaw. Read more about Jury Rigging by Politics

Murder By Spreadsheet


The health "insurance" industry as it exists in this country needs to be abolished. We can't afford it and people are dying to keep it, and its wildly overpaid executives and shareholders, rich on the pain-wracked, debilitated bodies-and eventual corpses--of those denied healthcare for inability to pay. Or to put it in shorter terms, the American system amounts to Murder By Spreadsheet. Read more about Murder By Spreadsheet

Chaos is the plan, again

Things that only add up if chaos is, indeed, the plan.

Take this headline in the Times:
Hangings Fuel Sectarian Split Across Mideast

OK. On the one hand, apparently we can't force our own puppet state the sovreign Iraqi government not to rush Saddam's execution through on a Shiite religious holiday, and in a Dignified way.

On the other hand: Read more about Chaos is the plan, again


Good luck, Jane. Go read, and offer your best wishes, your prayers, your sympathy, your support. Read more about Eesh

David Broder must be fanning himself

Along with the rest of the Our Betters. Because Barack Obama has just "validated" their narrative. And none of it's good for Democrats, or for draining the Beltway cesspool, or for the country. What a silly bunt: Read more about David Broder must be fanning himself

Happy MLK Day, Black Folks! Now "Just Get Over" This Slavery Shit, Okay?


Gosh, why didn't we think of this before? Why is it always a Republican who has to point out the Simple Answers to things?

A state legislator’s statement that black people "should get over" slavery and questioning whether Jews should apologize "for killing Christ" caused furious and tearful denunciations Tuesday before stunned lawmakers.

"If Bush did it..."

Froomkin writes a damned good lead:

It's a compelling, but still largely unexplored, narrative.

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I Nap With My Ur-Nammu, But Still

I only do that because it's big and fluffy. Yack:

Most of the work presiding over chamber debate in the House and Senate is decidedly dull, following procedure and managing time on the floor, but every gaffe, cough and parliamentary ruling is caught live by the cameras of C-SPAN.

Here's the punchline. Can anyone supply the joke?


No surprise, Bush still wants to privatize Social Security. And, who knows, maybe some Democrats will be daft enough to not to stomp on the man's fingers when he's hanging from a cliff. WaPo: Read more about Here's the punchline. Can anyone supply the joke?

Say, isn't "morass" a synonym for "quagmire"?

Thought so:

[Prince] Saud described the situation in Iraq as a "morass" which he said "serves no one. It serves no neighboring country or regional power or no international power."

Maybe Bush needs to "explain" more? Or maybe Condi needs to play the piano some? Read more about Say, isn't "morass" a synonym for "quagmire"?

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State Department Deputy: We're Losing the WOT

Safer? What's that?

Henry Crumpton isn’t a household name, but he has a pretty important job: he’s the Coordinator for Counterterrorism for the State Department. Crumpton recently announced his resignation, and with about two weeks left before stepping down, he apparently feels less compelled to stick to the party line.

Military: US being "played like a pawn" in Iraq


First among the American concerns is a Shiite-led government that has been so dogmatic in its attitude that the Americans worry that they will be frustrated in their aim of cracking down equally on Shiite and Sunni extremists, a strategy President Bush has declared central to the plan.

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Happy Christianist Day!

Hey, I bet you didn't know that today, your Preznit has declared that you are free to genuflect before the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Religious Freedom Day, 2007
By the President of the United States of America
A Proclamation

On Religious Freedom Day, we commemorate the passage of
the 1786 Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, authored by Thomas Jefferson, and we celebrate the First Amendment's protection of religious freedom.

Of course, if I really did wear a tinfoil hat


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