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General in Pentagon Christianist video also abused rank to solicit campaign contributions for Republicans

What a surprise:

Featured in the video are four generals and three colonels, including Maj. Gen. Jack Catton Jr., who is on active duty at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. Catton was investigated by the Air Force last spring after he sent an e-mail from his work account urging Air Force Academy graduates to contribute to a Republican candidate for Congress.

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Nigeria Enters the Dark Ages, Bans Homosexual Everything

Via the always essential Page 1Q comes this distressing tale of how Nigerian theocrats are giving our wingers a real run for their money:
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Let's Debate Wiki

This comment, to which I responded, inspires me to request that readers chime in on this question: how do you use Wikipedia? This is an important question to me because I've watched Wiki become a constant source of information around the blogosphere, and I'm not totally happy about it. Read below the fold...

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People Are Still Not Wearing Enough Hats


Craigslist confuses the Money Crowd... Read below the fold...

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Naughty Intertube Fun with Christianists

I suppose there are a million sites like this; I don't spend much time looking at humor and culture websites. But I thought this one was quite funny:
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Israel to Tutu: Fuck Off

Color me not surprised. Off the top of my head, I can think of plenty of things Israel has done to make itself less and less defensible; shooting photographers, bombing civilian homes, locking up whistleblowers. So I suppose denying a visa to one nigger with some silly "peace" prize is par for the course:
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Reuters CEO on Blogs

He's got a blog, but I can't seem to leave any comments. It's not a bad speech, but a couple of points indicate to me that he still doesn't quite grok the nature of political and news blogging.

What does the future look like in a world in which the consumer has taken over the printing press, the dark room, the television studio? What does the result of a mash-up of professional and “amateur” actually look like?

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Saudi ambassador leaves DC abruptly to spend more time with his family

[UPDATE Kossack RenaRF points out that the last time Turki resigned unexpectedly was on... September 4, 2001. Eesh. I guess this explains why Bush is postponing his big strategery speech 'til January. Tinfoil, anyone?] Read below the fold...

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"Je Suis la Société!"


IIRC, the current CEO pay rate is ~500x that of their average worker. Now, my question to shareholders is, while you may be fine with that, don't you think it's time to find some CEOs who don't believe that they should also have droite de seigneurie over your money?
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In video, Pentagon Christianists say they'd rather study the Bible than do their jobs

[Welcome, Cursor readers!]

Which explains a lot, if you think about it.

I made a rough transcript of the amazing propaganda video from [cough] Christian Embassy. (You can see the whole thing at C&L.) Here is just one of the many juicy quotes: Read below the fold...

Aux duck pits, citoyens!


Back in the day, we used to say "Duck Pit" all the time as a neener neener-equivalent, until it was pointed out that the term wasn't Civil, so as the polite people we once were, we stopped immediately. Read below the fold...

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South of Santa Fe

I never met the man, but when I think of RDF I hear this song again...

Stolen from Brooks & Dunn

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Sweet jeebus, are all the megachurch pastors gay, or just some of them?

Personally, I don't give two shits. As Mrs. Patrick Campbell, the actress, once said:

Does it really matter what these affectionate people do—so long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses!

But the Christianists, having disguised their own warped sociological and psychological reasons as theology, care deeply. And so Ted Haggard, erm, went down. Read below the fold...

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Drowning Accountability in the Bathtub First


You have to go over to Tennessee Guerilla Women, which it seems is not a standard web page according to the omnipotent Google, to find Paul Krugman's good post today about our Outsourcer in Chief. I've thrown in some links that the good Dr. Krugman omitted. Shown is only the part germane to my soapbox, but do read it all. Read below the fold...


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