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So, finally, W got to the 20s. I had thought it would come sooner than it has but you heard it here first. I predicted 20s for quite a while. Read more about 28

The Ten-Minute SOTU of '07?

Our Daily Froomkin is exceptionally tasty. Item one: are we on track to the shortest State of the Union experience in memory?
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Web 2.0 Meets Reich 3.0 = Myspace for White Supremacists. Finally, a one-stop resource for hating and dating. Read more about Web 2.0 Meets Reich 3.0

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Asking the Witless Horror a Simple Question

Today I'm in charge of five small and furry creatures, some of which walk on two legs, so quick and dirty blogging until after it's bedtime for the pattycake players. And I do so hate with when someone beats me to the punch. Nitpicker asks Crazy Dave a simple question I'd also like to hear him respond to: Read more about Asking the Witless Horror a Simple Question

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Heavy Duty Legal Minds to Congress: You CAN End This War

I'm just a dumb blogger, and like me, thousands have spilled ink upon a subject in which their expertise is limited. Still, it feels good to have these guys saying what we've been saying here at Corrente for years. I'm having some issues pasting sections, so just go read it. The bottom line: Congress can end this war, by setting limits on the number of troops, the area of authorized conflict, and by controlling the purse strings. Read more about Heavy Duty Legal Minds to Congress: You CAN End This War

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Sunday Gasbaggery: Pundit Pap At Fox News Sunday, Hillary, oh, and Iraq

A personal note: some of you may have noticed a certain paucity of posting on my part in the last six months. Yes, life does intrude on blogging, but most of my difficulties have been the result of a spectacular run of bad luck getting computers to work for me. Most of this is my fault; I can't get used to the idea that something as relatively expensive as a computer is considered old and in need of replacement after only three or four years. Read more about Sunday Gasbaggery: Pundit Pap At Fox News Sunday, Hillary, oh, and Iraq

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But Antipathy Has Worked So Well For Centuries!

Oh, for a God's sake, this takes the bloody cake: critical thinking and compassion combined to objectively examine an Old Testament admonition? Why can't we just continue to oppress, suppress, deny, ostracize, humiliate, destroy, murder, malign and otherwise get all hot and sweaty about gays instead? I mean, you'd think we were all supposed to love each other or something equally messianic.

Via Huffington Post.

+++ Read more about But Antipathy Has Worked So Well For Centuries!

Broderella tries to substitute secret briefings for oversight

Dean Floater's circling the bowl. Here's His latest little effort to subvert Constitutional government and weaken Democrats:

A chance for unity on Iraq

I'd say 60/30
against Bush's plan
--that is, everyone but the KoolAid drinkers--is about as close to unity as you get in a represenative Democracy. Eh? Read more about Broderella tries to substitute secret briefings for oversight

Throw Him an anvil

Brad Friedman has a good idea:

The Dems ought to give Webb the same platform of the full joint session of Congress to deliver their party's Response to the SOTU.

Webb should deliver his address to that same jam-packed and receptive chamber on the floor of Congress as the President was granted...and which the opposition party, proudly owning majorities in both chambers of the co-equal branch of Government, now deserve to lay out their vision for the country.

Even NPR is teh suck

Believe it or not, they're having a weeklong series on Civility and The Greatness of Teh Bipartisan. (The series is called Crossing the Divide.) Read more about Even NPR is teh suck

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Early, Money


Naomi is rapidly becoming one of my favorite women here, and she reminds me of a point I've been meaning to make (again). Previously she asked:
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Right-Wing Memes Illustrated: Der Dolchstoss


The only thing - ostensibly - stopping the Democrats in congress from stopping the war is fear of right wing memes and their power. Hopefully, illustrating some of these memes will show how ridiculous they are. Read more about Right-Wing Memes Illustrated: Der Dolchstoss

"Conservatism can never fail; it can only be failed"

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Tomorrow Belongs to Me

Good news from UCLA. Yes, I'm taking a break from cleaning, but I'll keep this short so I don't get sucked into sitting in this chair while dust still swirls. Here's the money quote:
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I'm in the middle of a comprehensive overhaul of the living space, including massive amounts of cleaning. I hate it. I also hate the fact that I feel guilty, despite years of rebellion, feminist training, and a tough grrl attitude, whenever I look upon some slight mess in my house. I hate the misogynist narrative that says women have to care about this stuff all the time and no matter what their profession, but that it's "cool" and "manly" for guys to live like slobs even when they've got all the time and/or money in the world to keep a clean house. Read more about Drudgery


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