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What a man! George Felix Allen polled on "macaca" before issuing apology

Would it have been to much to ask, that for once a Republican should simply do the right thing because it's right?

OK, cancel that. National Journal:

Did Allen's team -- or a sympathizer -- poll Northern Virginia to see whether the "Macaca" remark left a bruise?

A NoVa voter reports receiving a telephone survey asking pointed questions about the nature and scope of Allen's apology.

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Can we start bashing Sharon Ferrucci now?

From comments at My Left Nutmeg:

So don't start bashing good people like Sharon Ferrucci until she's done something wrong. I mean honest to god, this is New Haven under John DeStefano. It's not Waterbury.

I know my Registrar of Voters office to be highly professional. Period.

Yeah, Joe's a professional too. Just a different kind of professional. Read below the fold...

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More on the one that (didn't) get away

I didn't realize it but I was mentioned (in a vague fashion) in a news story about the Tolzmann case back in May:

At the time, the review seemed to draw little attention. UC apparently didn't know about it, and neither did HNN. "It just flew under the radar," said HNN editor Rick Shenkman. Read below the fold...

Looks like Vaccarella had a Dutch oven installed in his trailer


Turns out that belonging to the same authoritarian party isn't all that Republican NOLA ringer Rockey Vaccarella and Bushh have in common.

(Via Attytood (via The Amazing Froomkin)): Read below the fold...

Okay, It's Final: We Have To Bomb Ourselves

"Governments which support or harbor terrorists" are on our Must Be Overthrown Or Destroyed" list, right? From today's Chicago Tribune:

In the heart of Tehran sits one of Iran's most important nuclear facilities, a dome-shaped building where scientists have conducted secret experiments that could help the country build atomic bombs. It was provided to the Iranians by the United States. Read below the fold...

Fun With "Moral Turpitude"

"Turpitude" has always been one of my favorite things. Er, I mean words. Just say it a time or two, silently if speaking it aloud would cause unwanted curiosity from bystanders, and in any case using what mothers and teachers call your "indoors voice."

TURP. That has a satisfying, frog-like feel right there, doesn't it? Then TURP-u-TOOOOd. It's the kind of thing you almost want to see more of, just for the joy of getting to say "MORAL TURRRP-A-TUDE!!" several more times. Read below the fold...

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He Didn't Get Away After All

If you recall, I wrote about this in February.

Apparently I spoke too soon.

A university committee has reviewed the allegations and contended he committed major plagiarism. There is now a recommendation on the table at the University of Cincinnati that Tolzmann be fired. Read below the fold...

Lieberman is a cancer

Now he's campaigning with Republicans against Democrats. Firedoglake, as usual, is all over this one.

And what do you do with cancers?

You cut them out before they spread and destroy more healthy tissue. C'mon, Harry, you know I love you, but why is it so hard to do the right thing on this? Read below the fold...

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Sometimes I'm Happy


THE PRESIDENT: Frustrated? Sometimes I'm frustrated. Rarely surprised. Sometimes I'm happy. This is -- but war is not a time of joy. These aren't joyous times. These are challenging times, and they're difficult times, and they're straining the psyche of our country.

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Christianists can be stupid all they want, but why must they try to make others stupid?

Get a load of this:

Evolutionary biology has vanished from the list of acceptable fields of study for recipients of a federal education grant for low-income college students.

The omission is inadvertent, said Katherine McLane, a spokeswoman for the Department of Education, which administers the grants. “There is no explanation for it being left off the list,” Ms. McLane said. “It has always been an eligible major.”

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Get your very own "Pull My Finger" Farting Bush Doll today!

And to think we used to be satisfied with bobblehead dolls. Technology, and American marketing genius, march on!

I'm swear not making this up! Read below the fold...

House Republicans: Intelligence on Iraq, oops, Iran WMDs is weak

Even the House Republicans, crazed, corrupt, and desperate at they are, aren't on board with Rove's Iran gambit. And surprise! The intelligence is weak:

The U.S. intelligence community is ill-prepared to assess Iran's nuclear weapons capabilities and its intentions for developing weapons of mass destruction, a congressional report said on Wednesday.

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Katrina "survivor" Rockey Vaccarella is a Republican operative

What a surprise!

Not a dry seat in the house!

Say, how come our famously free press keeps falling for this photo op shit, anyhow? Read below the fold...

Wingnut at Powerline: Bush has "big brother" persona


Assrocket's Freudian slip is showing [DCOW] (not to mention his authoritarian cultism):

bigbrother I had the opportunity this afternoon to be part of a relatively small group who heard President Bush talk, extemporaneously, for around forty minutes. ...

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And speaking of narcissistic personality disorder

And lack of empathy, and sociopaths, carnacki at Skippy's place works Doctor Freud's ol' purloined letter routine--mental fucktitude so obvious it's hidden in plain sight:

Read aWol's quote again: "You know, nobody likes to see innocent people die. Nobody wants to turn on their TV on a daily basis and see havoc wrought by terrorists."

What he does not say is "Nobody wants innocent people to die."

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