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Time Magazine: Pro-Death Squad

Too bad there aren't a lot of nuns in Iraq. I hear the rapin' is much more fun when the victims have habits.

A reader writes:

Hey, Joe. How about addressing indications that the Bush Administration has employed the "Salvador" strategy to train death squads to take out militia leaders?

Joe answers: Read more about Time Magazine: Pro-Death Squad

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The Other Democratic Plan for Iraq

Mom, Dad: I understand you better now. I just hope that I don't have to experience a Cambodia style aftermath in the Middle East, even as that hope is small. Raw Story:
Read more about The Other Democratic Plan for Iraq

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Never again

I saw MJS’s post and it sent a chill down my spine. Then I saw this at Stacy's and went to clean my guns. Read more about Never again

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Misogynist of the Day


And this one makes me sad: Gilliard. You remember the story of the very clever and motivated 9 year old who sweet talked his way past TSA? Well, here's what Steve thinks is important in that story:
Read more about Misogynist of the Day

Henry Kissinger: Iraq really is all about the oil, and we'll be there for a long, long time

As we all know, Henry Kissinger has, "Jeff Gannon" style, been discreetly slipping into the Bush Bunker White House to give Inerrant Boy advice. So, it's interesting that Henry the K just published an Op-Ed in the the United Arab Emirates Khaleej Times Online, and not in Pravda on the Potomac or Izvestia on the Hudson. (Readers? I'm Googling on this article, and can't find it anywhere else.) I imagine that's because Kissinger imagines that, when he makes a case for continuous war without end, the autocrats of the oil states in the Gulf are a more appropriate audience than the people who do the dying, the voting, and the paying: The American people. After all, Our Henry's an Aristocrat like the rest of the Beltway Wienie Chompers. That said, Henry always has been a fine writer: Read more about Henry Kissinger: Iraq really is all about the oil, and we'll be there for a long, long time

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The Democratic Plan for Iraq


So I got chewed out yesterday by a friend who thinks I'm being too harsh on the Democrats, in light of Pelosi's announcement this morning on Good Morning, America. In the spirit of TGIF, Josh reminds us of what the NYT, WaPo and probably every other major paper in this country failed to: there is a Plan, and the Democrats need to hear from you in support of it. Key details:

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The Ginormous Black Penis Presidency

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade will never be the same!

Lawsie, but dey black man gonna tear a big one in dey white wimmen, sho' will--thuh good Lord don't want no field hand plowin' Christian maidens, no, sir. "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" be cummin' a damn gin joint/juke joint/pass-dey-joint House of Mandingo Hip Thrustin' Virginity Bustin' git a dust bin, whut wit the race music and dope smokin' and giant nigra wangfest goin' on. Now I axe you, whut will the children think? Read more about The Ginormous Black Penis Presidency

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A Bandwagon I'll Jump On with Enthusiasm

Digby. When is it going to be enough? Will it take 100 million Americans watching 50 million needlessly suffering mothers living in their children's basements, eating cat food and drinking themselves through the pain because they can't afford drugs? Sure seems like it. I've made a lot of lists in my time, of what progressive should do, of what should be a priority for Democrats, etc. Read more about A Bandwagon I'll Jump On with Enthusiasm

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Pelosi Says No To Funding Cutoff

ABC which will be live on GMA tomorrow.

Jan. 18, 2007 — There may be a growing battle between Congress and the president over the Iraq War strategy, but new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said she won't block funding for additional troops.

Times editorial on Bush warrantless surveillance gets it: We have a "Constitutional crisis"

Here. Of course, the headline is terrible:

A Spy Program in From the Cold

WTF does that mean? I think it means that the program is coming in from the cold of illegality, to legality, but the rest of the editorial makes that interpretation dubious. Of course, in the LeCarre novel, The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, the spy is ultimately betrayed, and shot, by his masters, since it's expedient that one man die for the good of the people. Read more about Times editorial on Bush warrantless surveillance gets it: We have a "Constitutional crisis"

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Pew: Political Blogging Doubles Since Last Midterm

I'd missed this Pew report from a little while back. It's music to my ears, even if the numbers reflect winger blogs as well as liberal ones. Here are some choice parts:

-31% of Americans used the internet during the 2006 campaign to get
political news and information and discuss the races through email.

-Relatively young broadband users say the internet is a more important
political news source than newspapers.

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Slaughter to Republicans: Quit Whining

No, really. Hahahaha. I do love Louise. Way to show 'em what 'having a pair' really means. This is an argument for why we need more ovaries in office. Read more about Slaughter to Republicans: Quit Whining

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Misogynist of the Day


NYTimes. I'm not going to blame the author, she seems to be trying hard to find "balance." But I ask you: did the fashion section go over the new Congressional leaders when it was a Republican revolution? I must have missed the discussion on Newt's favorite place to buy suits at a discount.

Sure, this is in the 'fashion' section. But as Matt says: Read more about Misogynist of the Day


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