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Haters Too Too Chicken to Sign Own Rants

The KSFO implosion appears to be hitting the haters where they live; but as can be seen in comments to an earlier post here Read more about Haters Too Too Chicken to Sign Own Rants

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Justice Resurrected?

A hopeful note from The People's Voice here Read more about Justice Resurrected?

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AllHateRadio Implosion blamed on media buyers


KSFO AllHateRadio "host" Melanie Morgan blamed "little time buyers ... with no guts whatsoever" for the loss of major ad accounts for her station's "star" hate-filled morning show. Read more about AllHateRadio Implosion blamed on media buyers

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Things Could Get Really Nasty Scenarioathon

President Bush might one day make a robot version of himself, and then install that version as Resident Pharoah of the United States

Joshua Marshall of Talking Points Memo watched the CBS 60 Minutes interview of George Bush, televised Sunday, January 14, 2007, in which the President uttered the following: Read more about Things Could Get Really Nasty Scenarioathon



PELLEY: Do you believe as commander-in-chief you have the authority to put the troops in there no matter what the Congress wants to do?

BUSH: In this situation, I do, yeah. Now, I fully understand they could try to stop me from doing it. But I made my decision, and we're going forward.

Comments once more

I need to swap in a new spam detection module--the current one is causing problems on deletion. Meanwhile, do not adjust your set; we'll just let the spam build up until the new module is swapped in. Sorry about this. Read more about Comments once more

Please, do kill this baby in the crib

Via the essential Avedon, this buried item from WaPo:

Leaders of the Senate Budget Committee want to assemble a Bipartisan panel of lawmakers and administration officials to deal with the skyrocketing costs of Social Security and other entitlement programs, with the goal of bringing a reform proposal to a vote in Congress later this year.

The Republicans should all have been committed long ago

It wouldn't be possible to overcommit them.

Remember the love-fest at the Gates confirmation hearings? After Rummy, Gates was supposed to be the sane one. Oh well. Gates has already drunk deep of That Kool-Aid Which Cannot Be Undrunk. Guardian:

Increased US military activity in the Gulf is aimed at Iran's "very negative" behaviour, the Bush administration said today.

So, Bush's library speech really was all about Iran? Read more about The Republicans should all have been committed long ago

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Sundown on Integration


Sundown towns. Excellent MLK Day reading. I'd make the point that people often forget that this whole "give them a middle class!" thing has been tried before; white folks tend to get twitchy with the guns and torches when middle class communities of color get "too big." Progressives should never forget that the more recent history of white oppression is just as ugly as the antebellum version. Read more about Sundown on Integration

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FutureShock from the South

America, that is. Let's see, I think this blurb has it all. Tell me this doesn't sound strangely like someplace you know, fast foward a few years:

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Misogynist of the Day

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Victory Over Terror Initiative

This is one of those "it'll never happen, but I love the idea" things:
Read more about Victory Over Terror Initiative

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More MLK Day Fun: Universal Edition


The reason this country lacks universal voting rights is that progressive reformers have been unwilling to sacrifice a just, decent, affordable, humane system for a merely universal one. Universality, after all, is easy. Widespread voting access and actual enumeration are not. And demanding a perfect system is easy. But as Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Johnson, Kennedy and Nixon have found, achieving such a system is not. Now, the argument over which type of system is the most worthwhile, and which sort the most possible, is a worthy one, and it's perfectly defensible to argue -- as Stoller does -- for nationalized voting rights in that context. But to accuse Thurman, Helms, Byrd and so many others who've devoted their lives to the study and struggle of this issue "unserious" because they don't believe we'll dissolve the states rights industry in a single legislative penstroke is profoundly, well, unserious.
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Even Wealth is Suspect

Well, isn't this interesting? New Money look out.

“We may find out this person has unexplained wealth for reasons that have nothing to do with being a spy, in which case we’re out of it,” said Thomas A. Gandy, a senior Army counterintelligence official.


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