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Storm Trooper Boog-a-loo Coming to a War Near You


Buzzflash is all breathless today about a two plus year old report that the D.o'D., and specifically, the TheoCon-controlled Air Force is actively seeking antimatter weapons. Read more about Storm Trooper Boog-a-loo Coming to a War Near You

Term of invective sought


Invective, but analytical! Always analytical!

This post from Atrios--who, pleasingly, doesn't seem to have changed one iota since the Dems won Congress--shows the difficulty:

As we know, you can be wrong about absolutely everything and still be a Very Serious Person Who Is Not Silly At All.

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How Many Ways to Skin a Cat?

Here is a useful discussion that drives home a couple points I like to make whenever we discuss what "our options" are in Iraq, and in dealing with emerging Islamic powers around the world. Here is a sample, I encourge you to read the whole thing:
Read more about How Many Ways to Skin a Cat?

Evolution and theodicy

One of the guilty pleasures of WaPo's new column on religious beliefs is watching Christianist shills get chewed on by the reality-based community. Read the comments section; it's delicious. Take Cal Thomas--please:

[I]f God is not the Author of life, then we are evolutionary accidents who may treat each other as we please.

Nonsense. Human capacities for good and evil both evolved in nature because they both had survival value. Read more about Evolution and theodicy

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Rethinking the South, Again

This is one of several pieces I've read recently that have some bad news for people like me and Mr. Schaller, as we argue for the "new coalition" of states and seats that will bring Democratic majorities to Congress:
Read more about Rethinking the South, Again

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Language Wars Online

3quarks brings us the sad tale of another loss for the French. This time, it seems ils tout seul le font when it comes to search engines.
Read more about Language Wars Online

Ford and Nixon: BFFs

Ford pardoning Nixon was worse than a deal; it was a favor for a friend. Another emmbargoed scoop from court biographer "staff writer" Bob Woodward:

Months before Richard M. Nixon set a relatively unknown Michigan congressman named Gerald R. Ford on the path to the White House, Nixon turned to Ford, who called himself the embattled president's "only real friend," to get him out of trouble.

Far be it from me to play sock puppet...

But, readers, could you help us out?

Since everyone in The Mighty Corrente Building is a DFH... Read more about Far be it from me to play sock puppet...

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Blog TV

There will be a show tonight on Sundance on blogs. 10p according to the website. I believe I was interviewed for this, I don't know if I made the final cut or not. If this is one I think it is, look for me babbling away like a very silly person during the section of the program that covers KosVegas. Read more about Blog TV

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Ho ho ho! Dad got me an Amazon gift certificate, and I used it to buy this book by my favorite fiction writer evah! Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. I love writers who aren't afraid of historical detail, and that's Ms. Yarbro. Also, my most cherished lover gave me an Ipod, and I've been meaning to ask people for good Ipod sites. I know where the Apple music store site is, thanks. Read more about Bathtime!

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Cloned Food OK'd by FDA

How does that make you feel? My mind is open on this one, and I can see the arguments from both sides. I didn't know we were so sure of our cloning technologies and abilities that we could be 100% sure this is a safe development. Read more about Cloned Food OK'd by FDA

Ford hagiography makes me wanna hurl


Apparently, none of the bright guys on our side saw this coming:

Gerald Ford's miraculous power to "heal" "a divided nation" is now merging seamlessly with the The Wise Men's fetish for Moderate voices. What a surprise. (And does anyone else get the feeling that The Wise Men are laying down a marker for the kind of narrative they want when Bush is forced from office?) Read more about Ford hagiography makes me wanna hurl

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Are You a Dirty Hippy?

Matt has a nice essay about the Left of the 1960s and the Left of today. Go contribute. I think about this sort of thing all the time, and I confess I'm not as ambitious as Matt; I'm not sure how I'd construct such a comparison. Read more about Are You a Dirty Hippy?

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Cheap, Pure, Deadly: The Other War Continues

Here is a good short discussion about our continuing failure in the "war on drugs." The money quote:
Read more about Cheap, Pure, Deadly: The Other War Continues

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Slave Revolt in Rio

Most people, particularly those in the Blogosphere, don’t know or don’t care to know – it’s about to be on. Compton is about to look like Rio; Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Long Beach, Detroit – all those deeply impoverished areas, urban and rural; black, brown, yellow and white, are about to explode. France, Rio, Mexico. This is here in America, all the immigrants from America’s proxy wars in Latin America, the veterans of the drug war, they are all here getting hungrier by the day. Read more about Slave Revolt in Rio


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