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Just shoot me


“The president Bush gets it,” said a senior administration official involved in the planning. “He knows public opinion is not going to change until those images on the evening news improve.”

Well, Bush "gets it" for some definition of "gets it."

Say, maybe that's the reason for only sending 20,000 when everybody says that number is far too small (even though it's all we've got). Read more about Just shoot me

Anyone got a recipe for Republican shark?

Digby's got a great metaphor:

What this shows though is yet another agency that's been infiltrated by wingnut sharks who just mindlessly circle, biting off pieces of their agenda, programmed to just keep killing and eating no matter what. ... Keep circling and eating, circling and eating.

So, keeping the metaphor rolling, what's a good recipe for shark? Read more about Anyone got a recipe for Republican shark?

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Iraqi children: Picking garbage, killed dismantling ordnance, or sold into brothels

I started to translate the news from Arabic late this afternoon - I do have other things to do, and this was the first report to hit my screen. Increasingly frequently I want to scream as I do this and I'm not publishing anything else tonight I'm simply too revolted.

1. Maysan: A Teenager and Two Children Die Scavenging For Copper
Five people were killed today by exploding ordinance from previous wars in two separate incidents. Read more about Iraqi children: Picking garbage, killed dismantling ordnance, or sold into brothels

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Equivilation in action: "Al Gore does not belong in school", says father of seven!

In Federal Way, Washington, a suburb of Seattle, in a region of America that is perceived to be Liberal, the school board has a poorly worded policy that is preventing the showing of "An Inconvenient Truth" in classrooms! From the Seattle Post Intelligencer: Read more about Equivilation in action: "Al Gore does not belong in school", says father of seven!

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Singing a capella: a hateable offense ...

From Spocko again, how the AllHateRadio spinnerz upped the ante on a hate crime -- and turned gay-bashing into an anti-American riot. Read more about Singing a capella: a hateable offense ...

Welcome to ChristianistLand

This story from Harpers is the single most terrifying writing I have ever read in my life.

We keep trying to explain away American fundamentalism. Those of us not engaged personally or emotionally in the biggest political and cultural movement of our times—those on the sidelines of history—keep trying to come up with theories with which to discredit the evident allure of this punishing yet oddly comforting idea of a deity, this strange god.

It's long, so set aside some time. This will require your full attention and some mental--and moral--strength to plow through to the end. Having some strong drink to hand is entirely up to you, but i really recommend you remove from immediate access all firearms or other objects and utensils potentially usable for self-harm. Read more about Welcome to ChristianistLand

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News From Iraq Night of January 12th 2007 Translated And Summarised From Arabic


These are the main security incidents reported this evening from Iraq by the Independent Iraqi News Agency Aswat Al Iraq translated and summarised from Arabic. Additionally I can now have confirmation from the team members resident in Iraq of the reports from Baghdad yesterday that the American army of occupation in Iraq is completing it's preparations to besiege and assault Sadr city. Given their record of disregard for the lives of civilians during such operations all of us expect massive civilian casualties. In this context it is worth noting that both Generals Odierno and Petraeus have overseen such operations during their previous terms in Iraq.

Baghdad: Sadr City: American Preparations for Siege And Assault Confirmed

The reports yesterday in the Iraqi media such as the one below from WNA that American Army of occupation troops are attempting to encircle seal off Sadr city have now been confirmed by all the Gorilla's Guides team members resident in Baghdad separately:

Eyewitnesses said that a joint American Iraqi forces imposed a security barricade on the Sadr City since early morning today, Tuesday.
The witnesses said to Iraqi National News Agency that the joint forces closed tight on the movement of incoming and outgoing of the city and demanded departures to leave their cars and to head out of the city on foot.
Joint forces did not explain the reason for these sudden measures.
The Sadr City, which is considered the stronghold of the Mahdi Army loyal to the Shiite leader Muqtada AL-Sadr, has in the past weeks witnessed a raid in search of gunmen believed to be the work of sectarian violence in Baghdad

Source: وكالة الانباء الوطنية العراقية - ونا: American Iraqi forces imposed a security barricade on Sadr City

Mohammed, Ali, Laith, and Omar all have now all confirmed this and similar reports separately by mail. Read more about News From Iraq Night of January 12th 2007 Translated And Summarised From Arabic

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Watchword of the Day: American Samoa


Expect to hear a lot about American Samoa in the coming weeks in light of the passage of the minimum wage bill. For instance, this exchange between Barney Frank and Patrick McHenry. Read more about Watchword of the Day: American Samoa

That asshole Joe Lieberman caves on Katrina

TBogg has the details. I don't know which is uglier:

The rotting bodies in the streets, or Holy Joe's smirk. Read more about That asshole Joe Lieberman caves on Katrina

As usual, the troops for Bush's latest photo-op were hand-picked


The Atlanta Journal Constitution via The Amazin' Froomkin:

The day after President Bush outlined his new plan for Iraq to a national television audience, he came to this Army training base in southwest Georgia to pitch it to the soldiers who will have to implement it on the battlefield and to their families.

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The new era of everyone else's responsibility


...took a shot at Democrats who say the United States must bring some troops home within four to six months.

"I believe these individuals... have a responsibility to tell us what they believe are the consequences of withdrawal in Iraq," he said. "If we walk away from Iraq, we'll be back, possibly in the context of a wider war in the world's most volatile region."

That does sound like a big responsibility. Unlike, say, being one of Operation Pandora's biggest cheerleaders. Read more about The new era of everyone else's responsibility

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Lights Out in Iraq


Let's just put this myth to rest: living conditions in Iraq suck, and are getting worse. They aren't even as 'good' as under Saddam:

By Ali al-Mawsawi
Azzaman, January 10, 2007

There is no electricity in Baghdad and the city of nearly 6 million people spends its nights in total darkness.

The Ministry of Electricity says the total outage is the result of sabotage in which power lines feeding Baghdad were knocked out.

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Iran: Time to Freak Out?

Steve seems to be buggin. Those are only two of many pieces I've read this week, which are claiming that the rumors we've heard for so long are true, and that now is when Hersh's words will come back to haunt us. Lambert riffs off Glenn. Read more about Iran: Time to Freak Out?

Misogynist of the Day

Another Heather MOTD. Peggy Noonan today in the Wall Street Journal:

[The Democrats seemed] wholly unserious in their thoughts and approach. When Nancy Pelosi showed up at the White House Wednesday to talk with the president it was obvious she'd spent a lot of time thinking about . . . what to wear. She wrapped herself in a rich red shawl. Dick Morris said it looked like a straitjacket. I thought she looked like a particularly colorful mummy.

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The Real Red State America

Technology is cool. The reason this sort of project is important: even an idiot can see, and no longer deny, the disparity of our "justice" system. They even came up with a catchy meme: the million dollar block. Who knew there was such a gold mine in Harlem? Read more about The Real Red State America


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