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Victory Over Terror Initiative

This is one of those "it'll never happen, but I love the idea" things:
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More MLK Day Fun: Universal Edition


The reason this country lacks universal voting rights is that progressive reformers have been unwilling to sacrifice a just, decent, affordable, humane system for a merely universal one. Universality, after all, is easy. Widespread voting access and actual enumeration are not. And demanding a perfect system is easy. But as Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Johnson, Kennedy and Nixon have found, achieving such a system is not. Now, the argument over which type of system is the most worthwhile, and which sort the most possible, is a worthy one, and it's perfectly defensible to argue -- as Stoller does -- for nationalized voting rights in that context. But to accuse Thurman, Helms, Byrd and so many others who've devoted their lives to the study and struggle of this issue "unserious" because they don't believe we'll dissolve the states rights industry in a single legislative penstroke is profoundly, well, unserious.
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Even Wealth is Suspect

Well, isn't this interesting? New Money look out.

“We may find out this person has unexplained wealth for reasons that have nothing to do with being a spy, in which case we’re out of it,” said Thomas A. Gandy, a senior Army counterintelligence official.

But that's not saying a whole lot, is it?



Vice President Dick Cheney called [Scooter Libby], who goes on trial this week in the CIA leak case, "one of the more honest men I know" and said Sunday he expects to testify for the defense.

Now, that's a headline that writes itself, isn't it? And doesn't Cheney's faux gravitas make you want to throw up?

I do expect Fitzgerald's cross to be interesting, though. Read more about But that's not saying a whole lot, is it?

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Sunday Gasbaggery: This Week, Like Every Other Week

I have been without access to a working computer for much of the last month, so it was a shock, getting back to the lethal emptiness of our political discourse as represented by the utter and complete pap spewed by our Sunday gasbags. Read more about Sunday Gasbaggery: This Week, Like Every Other Week

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Descended From Wolves

Lilo & Stitch ring a bell?

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Fortress Iraq: Almost Ready

Not so small. Or cheap. But it is large:

“Embassy Baghdad” will dwarf new U.S. embassies elsewhere, projects that typically cover 10 acres. The embassy’s 104 acres is six times larger than the United Nations compound in New York, and two-thirds the acreage of Washington’s National Mall.
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Webb: Kicking Ass for Vets

I just love this little "I Dare You to Veto It" bill from Webb, don't you?
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Sooner or Later: Profit Waiting to Happen

We could do a post a day along the lines of this post. This won't surprise you, but it is so widespread I think it's worth posting. Contrast and compare:
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One Heathen at a Time

I know this is mainly about, as the Turtleneck would say, "The Jooos," but I still count this as good news for all us Festivus people. The more religious diversity in Congress, the better. The best part of this article:
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Congressional Snark: More Please


O! The Humanity! cries one wingnut blogger. Who will tend to Rove's delicate ears?

In the January 2007 edition of The Scene (, Representative Dr. Steve Kagen, M.D. (Democrat-Appleton) had some interesting things to say about his recent meetings in Washington, D.C. According to The Scene, Kagen confronted Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove in one of The White House’s restrooms. Holding the bathroom door closed, Kagen told Rove, “You’re in The White House and you think (sic) your safe, huh? You recognize me? My name’s Dr. Multimillionaire and I kicked your ass.” At another point The Scene reports Kagen told Vice President Cheney, “Mr. Vice President, thank you for your service to the nation and thank you so much for coming to Green Bay and campaigning against me. I couldn’t have won without your help.”

New Army manual encourages illegal warrantless surveillance by ignoring FISA

The Times:

Deep into an updated Army manual, the deletion of 10 words has left some national security experts wondering whether government lawyers are again asserting the executive branch’s right to wiretap Americans without a court warrant.

"Wondering"?!? I'm not wondering. Are you? And while we're at it: Read more about New Army manual encourages illegal warrantless surveillance by ignoring FISA

Just shoot me


“The president Bush gets it,” said a senior administration official involved in the planning. “He knows public opinion is not going to change until those images on the evening news improve.”

Well, Bush "gets it" for some definition of "gets it."

Say, maybe that's the reason for only sending 20,000 when everybody says that number is far too small (even though it's all we've got). Read more about Just shoot me

Anyone got a recipe for Republican shark?

Digby's got a great metaphor:

What this shows though is yet another agency that's been infiltrated by wingnut sharks who just mindlessly circle, biting off pieces of their agenda, programmed to just keep killing and eating no matter what. ... Keep circling and eating, circling and eating.

So, keeping the metaphor rolling, what's a good recipe for shark? Read more about Anyone got a recipe for Republican shark?

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Iraqi children: Picking garbage, killed dismantling ordnance, or sold into brothels

I started to translate the news from Arabic late this afternoon - I do have other things to do, and this was the first report to hit my screen. Increasingly frequently I want to scream as I do this and I'm not publishing anything else tonight I'm simply too revolted.

1. Maysan: A Teenager and Two Children Die Scavenging For Copper
Five people were killed today by exploding ordinance from previous wars in two separate incidents. Read more about Iraqi children: Picking garbage, killed dismantling ordnance, or sold into brothels


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