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Goodnight, moon

Another day spent, tirelessly elevating the tone of American political discoursse ....

Farting is hard work! Read below the fold...

Israeli government rapes, bribes, steals while troops lack equipment, training, water

Jeebus, no wonder the Lebanon thing was such a Clusterfuck for the Olmert government. It looks like these guys had their minds on other things:

Israeli President's home raided as police examine rape claim
[1] Israeli police have raided the official residence of President Moshe Katsav and taken away computers and documents in connection with sexual harassment allegations.

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Brits to stay in Iraq "indefinitely." What about us?


A force of around 4,000 British troops will stay behind in Iraq for an indefinite period, even after all provinces controlled by the UK are handed over to the Baghdad government in nine months' time, senior defence sources said yesterday.

The soldiers will be positioned at a base in Basra ready to act to "protect the investment" made by US and British forces in the country, it was disclosed.

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Another leader with Busshh's problem

Just sayin'...

NOTE From an alert reader at Digby's place.

NOTE An interesting take on Hitler and hunger, from the slow food movement. Read below the fold...

This picture needs a caption!

I should get serious and post about Iran

But why should I help the Republicans roll out another product before a midterm?

All this CW about the Dems should have this policy or that policy just makes me yawn.

The situation is so screwed up, and the disinformation so pervasive, that there's simply no way we can tell what's going on--and if we try, we're just going to get played anyhow. More Lucy with the football. Read below the fold...

Orion Shall Rise

Somebody at NASA has a sense of humor, I guess. "I hope" might be more like it. "Orion" is Name of New Moonship,Astronaut Lets Slip.

Why is this funny? Project Orion was the name of a breathtaking plan to kickstart--you should pardon the expression--the US space program by launching really big payloads 'n' cargoes into space. How, pray tell?

Nukes. Read below the fold...

ACLU vs. NSA: It's very simple. Bush broke the law

As we've said from the beginning, the issue on warrantless surveillance is that Bush broke the law. And when the Times finally decided to break the story of Bush's warrantless surveillance program (after seeing Him safely into office for a second term), even Barron's agreed. Read below the fold...

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A Debt So Vast It Can't Be Paid

A while back I wrote lyrics for a song titled "The Algebra of Death and Guns"* (since retitled "A Debt So Vast It Can't Be Paid") with no idea what music might go with them (hint: I often have no idea what a song I write might sound like). Mentata, who did the music and vocals for Jam It In Your Craw, Boys has once again proven his mettle with his rendering of those hard, sad lyrics (written about the events that took place in Haditha, Iraq) into music. Read below the fold...

Bush loves fart jokes, says U.S. News

So, what's all this I hear about "cutting and running"?* (US News via (Kos)): Read below the fold...

For Ho Lieberman, Republican, a call to obey the law is a dirty trick



A group whose members describe themselves as peace activists asked Sharon Ferrucci, Democratic registrar of voters in New Haven, to remove Lieberman from the party, arguing that he cannot be a Democrat while running under another party's banner.

Lieberman campaign manager Sherry Brown branded the effort "dirty political tricks at its worst."

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They keep dying, and the war goes on


read at Kos' place. The diarist speaks for me:

"If you want to see their names and how and where they died, go to Coalition Casualties and search on "Female".

I'd like everyone who has some kind of problem with feminism to look long and hard at the faces of these women and consider the fact that they died for YOU and they were doing a man's job." Read below the fold...

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Skool Daze

This conversation was started by those with whom I disgree, but respect. I hope I'm not pissing too many off.

I have had many jobs in my life, some of which I am proud, others that I am only glad to have passed on and left behind. One job I have nothing but pride about concerns the time I spent after taking my baccalaureate, when I was a recent Biology degree holder thinking about medical school. I was (Junior) Medical Director for an assisted living group home, and beneficiary of some very new Clinton administration regulations which helped to “mainstream” the developmentally disabled into “normal” communities, by funding residences for the former class, living in what as known as the “luxury” of the post-Ronnie horror of the only slightly mendaciously termed ‘group homes.’ Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Hey, one of my pumpkins is turning orange!

Granted, it's the size of a grapefruit. But still--What a triumph! Read below the fold...

Can we have some smash-mouth Democrats, please?

Digby shows 'em how:

Codpiece quoted General Abazaid (God help us) in his press conference today with what I assume Karl and Karen think is a new twist on their favorite zinger:

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