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We Didn't Start the Fire ...

Billy Joel's song gets it right, but there's more to the story than a list of famous names and events. Since the fire flared up Nov. 7th, though, let's keep the candles burning....

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Wal-Mart Caves to Christianists: Fucks Gays


Happy Thanksgiving! Unless of course you work at Wal-Mart, where you will be working today instead of enjoying a happy family dinner; or unless you are gay:
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And thanks to you

The nice thing about Thanksgiving is that it hasn't been corporatized. Halloween, yes; Xma$, yes--in fact, they've already been playing Xma$ music for weeks--but Thanskgiving remains blessedly uncontaminated by corporate marketroids trying to sell their shit. (OK, OK, butterball turkeys are way corporatized, but compared to Xma$? A bagatelle.)

At any rate, we are thankful for you, alert Corrente readers, so here are these changes:

  1. If you can log in, you can now blog here (in Drupal-ese, "authenticated users" now get blogs. A decision taken back at our last LA meeting, but it took awhile to get to. Sorry.) Click the "Post of my blog" link in the sidebar.
    1. Feel free to cross post and link back to your home blogs.
      1. Front paging is at the discretion of the Fellows of The Mighty Corrente Building.
      2. Decisions by the judges are arbitrary and final.
        1. In case of ties, a Republican will be tossed
  2. We also added a "buddy list." Except that, after lengthy and prayerful consideration, not, we used the word "moonbat" instead of the word "buddy." ("Buddy" makes me think of, erm, being invited out for ice cream. Ick.) So, if you make somebody your moonbat, their posts will get listed in a sidebar block. These are social networking/community building tools, or so I'm told.
  3. To make blogging easier, we added a WYSIWYG toolbar, so you can click on the B button, and get bold, and so on. (The one thing you can't to is paste HTML angle brackets into the new editor. It won't understand them, and they will show up as angle brackets. Sorry.)

To add someone to your moonbat list:

  1. Find the link in one of their posts that says "click to add to your moonbat list" and click it.
  2. The profile page of the the post's author will appear.
  3. Scroll down to "Moonbat actions" and click the link that says "Add..."
  4. A confirmation page will appear. Click OK.

To remove someone from your moonbat list:

  1. Click on the expanding "Fellow moonbats" link in your sidebar.
  2. Your moonbat list will appear.
  3. Click one of the links. That moonbat's profile page will appear.
  4. Scroll down to "Moonbat actions" and click the remove link.
  5. A confirmation page will appear. Click OK.

Support? Ask the bartender. Tell him the guy under the stairs sent you. And so to bed. Read below the fold...

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At least it's not in season ...

Cantaloupe full of salmonella now, too... Happy Turkey Day, everybody. Canada
and Arizona and Georgia. Read below the fold...

Student tapes Christianist teacher proselytizing in class--and the Christianist lies about it!

Here's what the Christianists want for all of us. Fortunately, most of us don't want what they want, and even more fortunately, some are brave enough to resist. Newark Star Ledger:
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Animal Crackers


Lydia la Groomer

Chauncy in Griffith Park

Juan Carlos, Latin Lover

Charlie the Chow Read below the fold...

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We all ought to be ashamed.

Even Crosswalk can't say we're not afraid enough now. Look what the GOP and its fearmongering have made of us, America. We're afraid of people praying in public. Oh, but wait -- these six scholars on a plane back to the Southwest from Minnesota weren't praying to Baby Jeebus and God the Wrathful Daddy to nuke all those awful brown heathens, were they? Read below the fold...

This picture needs a caption!


NOTE From a suggestion by alert reader markfromireland.

UPDATE And what's with Bush's hair. Does it look a little odd, to you? Read below the fold...

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French Public Service Ads: Why Can't We Have Some Like This?


Simple, powerful, effective. This is what your taxdollars should be doing. The message at the end is roughly translated as "a man who beats his wife teaches violence to his children. I think you'll be able to understand the rest even if you don't speak French. Read below the fold...

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Taser Execs Taste Their Own Product


This disturbs me. Not as much as the Iranian-American student being tased five times for not having his student ID card, but still. Is it just me, or is there a "titillation" factor in this video, perhaps some kind of he-man/tough guy prowess demonstration? I suppose it's a "good thing" they understand the effect of their product, but's just weird. Read below the fold...

Hell freezes over, and Lord Kos front-pages a stolen election

Florida. Of course.

Hear the words of Lord Kos: "The evidence is solid".

I don't really have the appropriate department for this one: The Department of Sweet Jeebus, It's About Time, perhaps? Or perhaps The Department of Belated Conversions. Read below the fold...

Turkey recipes, anyone?

Possibly a little late, but then again, my family tradition was to wait until the last possible minute to put the bird in the oven.

Meaning that one Thanksgiving we drove all around town to find possibly the last unfrozen bird in the state, at about 11:00AM on the Thursday.

This was way before the collective national tradition of getting hammered while the Detroit Lions lose again was put in place.

Actually, I do love Thanksgiving. There's no fucking marketing! Read below the fold...

Robert Altman gone


The obit (via Cursor)

McCabe and Mrs. Miller is one of my all-time favorite movies. What's your favorite Altman movie? Read below the fold...

Dogs have owners; cats have staff

How true. Now we have proof:

Your Bi-Lingual Kitty
Adult cats, living apart from humans, have very clear communication with one another. It is spoken mostly through scent, then through facial expression, complex body language, and touch. Meowing is not part of this language. Meow-ese, it would seem, is a language developed exclusively for humans.

So why do cats have two "languages?" Because meowing is unnecessary in a cat's world. But in your world, your pet cat is dependent on you, and quickly learns that you are clearly not picking up the scent messages she leaves on your things, and you are not completely fluent in cat body language.

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Savage on Haggard and the bogus Christianist "ex-gay" movement

(Sorry for the redundancy of "bogus Christianists. And mad props to Dan Savage for that Santorum Improvised Informational Device.) Savage speaks: Read below the fold...


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