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Clark: Do the math. Bush surge is bullshit

General Wes Clark writes in The Independent:

The odds are that President George Bush will announce a "surge" of up to 20,000 additional US troops in Iraq. But why? Will this deliver a "win"? The answers: a combination of misunderstanding and desperation; and, probably not.

Do the math: Read more about Clark: Do the math. Bush surge is bullshit

Times UK: Israel plans bunker-busting nuclear strike on Iran


[UPDATE below: Israeli denials]


ISRAEL has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons.

Two Israeli air force squadrons are training to blow up an Iranian facility using low-yield nuclear “bunker-busters”, according to several Israeli military sources.

Oh. "Low-yield." I guess that's OK then. Read more about Times UK: Israel plans bunker-busting nuclear strike on Iran

One of the more unfortunate headlines I've read

Bush fleshes out Iraq strategy details

"Fleshes out," eh? Like with human flesh?

As in a human "sacrifice"?

All on the altar of Bush's ego (and for the bottom line of winger billionaires, of course). Read more about One of the more unfortunate headlines I've read

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When in doubt, blame the victim

Finally, our government is asking the key questionwhen the Iraqis started this war, what they hell were they thinking? Read more about When in doubt, blame the victim

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Goofball in chief ?

Is it just me or is this the most ridculous looking would-be world authority to ever buy dentures? Read more about Goofball in chief ?

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Disney: Call 'em "ragheads"? Why not?


Brian Sussman tells caller to say 'Allah is a whore'.

KSFO caller suggests bombing Syrian mosques.

These are examples of what caused Spocko of Spocko's Brain to write a polite letter to the advertisers on KSFO, as well as the management, in protest. Read more about Disney: Call 'em "ragheads"? Why not?

Massive takedown of the winger blogs

And it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of Fascists.

By now, everyone's heard how the wingers tried to gin up a scandal about the supposed non-existence of AP Iraq source Jamil Hussein, and ended up getting him arrested by the "untidy" Iraqi government for talking to the press. Thanks for bringing freedom to yet another Iraqi, you silly bunts. Circle-jerking while Baghdad burns... Read more about Massive takedown of the winger blogs

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What the Fuck is the Matter With Kansas?

Just saw this posting about Rookie Congressmen/women over at Crooks & Liars.

Gibson: Would you vote in favor of money to support another 20,000 to 40,000 troops in Iraq?

Boyda: I think we're going to vote to support what the commander in chief and head of military asks to do. At least, I am certainly going to vote to support it.

Gibson: If he wants the surge, he'll get it.

Holy Joe: Allah is Lord

Right from the AEI transcript:

"HOLY JOE: [The majority of Iraqis are] grateful to God that we liberated them from Saddam Hussein."

"God"? Allah, right?

I guess Lieberman's views on orthodoxy--and Exodus 20:7--must be more flexible than I had imagined.... Read more about Holy Joe: Allah is Lord

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One of the Company Boys

It looks like the new DHS Chief will be one of the Company's down home farm boys. It's good that there are so many in private sector that can be depended upon to do what must be done when Congress cuts off funding. Read more about One of the Company Boys

I'm still wild about Harry, and now I'm wild about Nancy

Some excerpts from the text of their letter to Bush on Iraq:

This is the open letter Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California sent to President Bush on Friday:

Dear Mr. President:

See?! Already they're too nice! [joke, dammit]

The start of the new Congress brings us opportunities to work together on the critical issues confronting our country.

Here comes the anvil... Read more about I'm still wild about Harry, and now I'm wild about Nancy

I guess we'll never find out if "Jeff Gannon" stayed overnight in the White House

(Until Mr. Eight-Inch, Cut writes his "tell all" book, anyhow.)

Because Bush secretly had the records sealed:

The White House and the Secret Service quietly signed an agreement last spring in the midst of the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal declaring that records identifying visitors to the White House are not open to the public.

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Friday Rosalie's Garden Blogging

The Back Garden, Autumn, 2006


Rest your weary mind awhile
For peace does take some practice
Sit down, relax, and shed your cares
But look out for the cactus...


Tip of the hat to Leah & Rosalie!

+++ Read more about Friday Rosalie's Garden Blogging

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How ExxonMobil Bought Reality

Perception is reality, so if a corporation can control perception...

According to the report, ExxonMobil has funneled nearly $16 million between 1998 and 2005 to a network of 43 advocacy organizations that seek to confuse the public on global warming science.

I wonder if The Poorman Institute for Freedom, Democracy and a Pony was one of them? Read more about How ExxonMobil Bought Reality

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The consequence of no-consequence

Howard Dean's mass e-mail today recalls the Right's brief flirtation with the "c" word:

"Elections have consequences."

Remember that saying? It was a favorite of George Bush and the pundits after his narrow victory in 2004.

I understand consequences: I learned about them from Missile Command. Read more about The consequence of no-consequence


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