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The wood stove


The raked bed of coals just before I throw some more wood in. Read more about The wood stove

If corporations are persons, why isn't there a death penalty for them?

I'm serious (and this might help with the cure). Matt starts with universal health care and broadens out: Read more about If corporations are persons, why isn't there a death penalty for them?

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I want a REAL curative measure ...

Never mind menudo or "hair of the dog". Not to mock anybody's morning-after regrets; those are temporary. I want a curative measure to stop not just the war in Iraq, although as Northstar points out today Iraq isn't an improvable situation, but the war in Afghanistan and the war in Darfur and the war on poor people by corporate magnates everywhere. Read more about I want a REAL curative measure ...

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Preditions 2007

I feel like I'm one of a handful of people who didn't go out and tie one on last night, it's so slow around the 'sphere. That's OK, we Industry people always used to say that "New Year's Eve and St. Patty's Day are for the amateurs." Vitamins, water and meat will help with the hangover, kiddies. Read more about Preditions 2007

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Obama is burdened by a complex relationship with his people

Chicago Sun Time’s Laura Washington euphemistically calls Obama’s relationship with the African American community complex. A more accurate term would be tenuous, fresh, new, fledgling, uncertain -- suspect. Read more about Obama is burdened by a complex relationship with his people

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Celebrity WarBlogging

I promise I won't do a lot of it, but this rather cheeky note in the NYPost makes me wonder.


December 27, 2006 -- Prince Harry will soon be off to war in Iraq - and this time, he'll be wearing proper British military gear and not a Nazi uniform.
The young royal reportedly will head to Iraq with his unit in May.

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Start the New Year Out with Some Progressive Red Meat

Or, some very fine extra firm Tofu, if that's your thing. Hightower is always so satisfying. My favorites:
Read more about Start the New Year Out with Some Progressive Red Meat

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Do Heathers Do Torture?

Josh tells us about one of the Heathers (no, really) who has Seen the Light after a recent junket to Iraq. Cheese eating surrender monkey that she is (see what happens when you elect Congressmen without balls?), she's decided that the US should take their toys and go home.
Read more about Do Heathers Do Torture?

Counting to 3000


Editor & Publisher has an odd little article up compiling some statistics on the Iraq War on the occasion of the (announcement of the official) 3000th combat death in the conflict. There are some oddities in this list, like this note:

Deaths by hostile fire: 2422 80.9%
Non-hostile: 578

Age 18-20: 517 17.2%
Age 21-30: 1813 60.9%

Okay, Bill, Where the Hell is Mine?


Is there anything more aggravating than being immensely proud of one's sense of ethics, and never getting a chance to demonstrate them by turning down a big, fat, juicy bribe?

I guess I'll never know, because Microsoft did not find me a Blogger Worth Bribing with a superhot top-o-the-line new laptop:
Read more about Okay, Bill, Where the Hell is Mine?

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The Last Word in a Bitter Year


This holiday season we've been presented with one of the most macabre dramas of disinformation Bu$hCo has ever assembled in Iraq.

Michael Roston says:

...Clearly, the location of Saddam Hussein's execution was one of the most secure settings for an execution ever constructed. So, why are we finding on the move about this planet a bunch of viral, unrestricted and uncensored videos of what is probably the most controversial execution ever carried out?

Champers (reprise)

A little leftover from election eve. What a year!


And for next year? Readers? Read more about Champers (reprise)

"Texas stupid"


Digby has a great post on a guy who staged pig races on his property during prayer at the new mosque next door. The guy thought the Muslims wanted his land, but they don't:

Earlier this month, Baker conceded that the Muslims probably aren't after his land, but he said he had to go through with the pig races because "I would be like a total idiot if I didn't. I'd be the laughingstock now because I've gone too far."

Meyer's Law

John MacDonald, Pale Gray for Guilt, cites Meyer's Law as follows:

In all emotional conflicts the thing you find the hardest to do is the thing you should do.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Or, in the words Mary Malone saw type themselves on her terminal in The Subtle Knife:

Do it now and go at once.


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