If you have "no place to go," come here! Bush was against torture before he was for it

From Bushit posted on (before they scrub it):

June 26, 2003

Statement by the President [sic]
United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

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Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy - Dubya (Go Away Today)

"Dubya (Go Away Today)" performed by The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy.

(to the tune of the Jonathan Edwards hit "Sunshine")

Dubya said "Dear Father, Lord,

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Court holds Ashcroft can be held personally liable for wrongful detention

Sweet. WaPo:

A federal judge in Idaho has ruled that former attorney general John D. Ashcroft can be held personally responsible for the wrongful detention of a U.S. citizen arrested as a "material witness" in a terrorism case.

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China Doesn't Care About the US


A tone you rarely hear here, or at least in most US based economics reporting. The money quote:

The bilateral trade volume amounted to 211 billion dollars last year, accounting for 15 percent of China's total foreign trade of 1.4 trillion dollars.

Just 15%. The way a lot of econ folks over here speak, you'd think the Chinese economy would wither and die without us buying their plastic junk. (Forgive me SN) Not so much, it seems. Read below the fold...

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The List

Traitors. To you. To the Constitution. Democrats you must never grant that name nor trust not to sell you out for a handful of silver include: Read below the fold...

Armies on the "offensive" don't build moats

Let's play Republican jeopardy! OK, "offensive."

What is... Bush's behavior?

Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

No, no, not another "smell of sulfur" post. Get a load of Bush on the campaign trail. Now that the McCain Torture Bill has retroactively immunized Him from prosecution for war crimes, he's all emboldened 'n' shit: Read below the fold...

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"Proud to be an American ..."

NO. I'm not. Not when Americans are known for this.
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"The McCain Torture Act"

"The McCain Torture Act." That's what we call this abomination from here on out. Good one, MyDD.


Shameful, shameful, shameful. Read below the fold...

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"Intensive Interrogation Techniques." Bush. League. Nation. Style.

This is hawt, now.

Why in the name of all that is holy, righteous and worth fighting for wasn't this ugly pro-torture bill stopped, defeated, destroyed? Read below the fold...

Good, Hillary. Now do this every day!

Not just 'til 2009, when there's at least an off chance that Constitutional government will be restored. But after, as we root out the Republican bitter-enders who will infest the government from top to bottom.

That said, Hillary gave a great, though late, speech against the McCain Torture Act.

Washington led his soldiers across the Delaware River and onto victory in the Battle of Trenton. There he captured nearly 1000 foreign mercenaries and he faced a crucial choice.

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More new euphemisms for torture

Iraq isn't the only place where shit's dripping. Let's watch our famous free press and Bush do the Cleveland steamer on new euphemisms for torture. First, let's forget about that bogus "clarity" for young professionals talking point that Bush was trying to get the gullible to accept. The law is vague: Read below the fold...

Only the Republicans would set up a court system so they can run show trial attack ads during an election

No decency. No shame. AP:

With control of both chambers of Congress in play, the legislation could let the president begin prosecuting terrorists connected to the Sept. 11 attacks just as voters head to the polls. Republicans are also hoping to use opposition by Democrats as fodder for criticizing them during the campaign.

I imagine, however, that they'll hold off in the televised executions until 2008. Read below the fold...

George Felix, George Felix, Just Quit The Race Now!

Oh my. This was the best laugh I've had in months. George Felix Allen, "Sen. Macaca," he of the innocent wandering deer head in the mailbox, has been denounced for his racial views and--in particular--use of the symbols of the Old Confederacy by...

...The Sons of Confederate Veterans.

From the International Herald Tribune/AP:
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Now that it's too late, the NY Times Speaks Up

Here’s what happens when this irresponsible Congress railroads a profoundly important bill to serve the mindless politics of a midterm election: The Bush administration uses Republicans’ fear of losing their majority to push through ghastly ideas about antiterrorism that will make American troops less safe and do lasting damage to our 217-year-old nation of laws — while actually doing nothing to protect the nation from terrorists. Democrats betray their principles to avoid last-minute attack ads. Our democracy is the big loser.

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