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George Felix Allen: Feeling Lucky on "Macaca"?

Not to pile on, or anything, but let's look at Republican presidential contender George Felix Allen's non-apology apology for calling a native-born Virginian with unpink skin a monkey. First, the slur: Read below the fold...

Today's Headline

via Yahoo News, originally from Reuters:


Oh what the hell, here's the whole story, no reason to give Reuters the hit other than to confirm we did not Just Make This Up:
Read below the fold...

Guess who, and guess where


"How do we get this help from ______ [a] ?" asks one woman, referring to the promise by _________ [b] to repair and rebuild for owners of 15,000 destroyed homes.

"Where are you staying?" he replies in the manner of a seasoned bureaucrat. He says the family should fill out a claim form listing address, size of house, scale of damage, and furniture lost.

"You will get money in an envelope. Don't worry, our people are coming to you."

Read below the fold...

Lieberman, funded by Republicans, swiftboats Lamont


Yet another noxious Republican front organization crawls out of the undergrowth of winger-funded foundations and sinks its fangs into Ned Lamont's ankle. Ignorance is indeed strength, isn't it?

Harry, you know I love you, but why does Ho Lieberman still have his seniority and his committee assignments?

He lost in a Democratic primary, and now he's attacking not just the winner, but all Democrats.

So, WTF? Read below the fold...

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TV Worth Watching


Yes, you can call me a hypocrite all you want, but this is so good I just have to post it. ABC news: you can win me over if you keep up with this kind of story.

GMA hammers Allen. Read below the fold...

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Racism: Comics Edition

Yup, let's just shoot 'em all. We all know those dirty Ay-rabs can't be trusted, and the only way to deal with them is with a gun. What do a bunch of towel-heads know about peace anyway? boilerplate: I am being sarcastic, in case that's not bitterly clear. Read below the fold...

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War On Christmas Starts Earlier Every Year

Four Santas Kidnapped in Daring Daytime Raid


Image was taken on southbound Interstate 5 near Oceanside, California--the Fate of the Four Santas remains a mystery.

Oh, dear, I fear a song coming on...



The children were all tuckered out
The stockings had been hung
The Christmas Tree was lit up
We were forever young Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

So, my tomatoes are still putting out flowers with the first frost maybe a month away.

Is there anything I should be doing to make them settle down the business of turning red, or do I just let them grow?

Maine is the only state where the state fair takes green tomatoes, I've heard. Read below the fold...

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Skating on the edge of disaster

The laptop, she is dying. I am reduced to intermittency! Y'all be excellent to one another; see you when I see you... Read below the fold...

Have You Had Your Froom Today?

Everybody must get Froomed. Daily is best, but this day is mandatory. Down towards the bottom of the column, alas:
Read below the fold...

Republican election strategy in 2006: Get close enough to steal another one

Typically, the Republicans steal elections by making sure Democrats can't vote. (Exhibit A, the Florida Felons's List in 2000). And they're up to their thuggish old tricks in 2006. Salon exposes the scheme and lists the six states that Republicans have targetted for theft: Read below the fold...

Republican zombies seek the votes of the living

Serif these, wingnuts! Read below the fold...

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Victory Defined

More explosive liquids from the Ministry of Fear

Hear the words of Der Dëcider:

"[BUSH] America is safer than it has been, yet it is not yet safe."

Translation: Be fearful enough to elect Republicans, but not so fearful that you elect Democrats.

It's as if Rove is following a Goldilocks strategy: Keep the level of fear "just right."

Nicely crafted shitbyte, though. You've got to give Unka Karl credit. And the earpiece seems to be working more reliably now. Read below the fold...


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