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So, who's going to head up the Dems Abramoff investigation?

Oddly, or not, I haven't been hearing a lot about Democratic hearings investigating Abramoff's various affairs. (Wampum, of course, has been all over this story, which, among other things, involves the theft of billions of dollars by oil companies. Not to mention the slavery, prostitution, and forced abortions in the Northern Marianas, clients of Our Jack).

Then, there's also the McCain [genuflects] angle. Kossack dengre reminds us: Read below the fold...

Christianists squandering such moral authority as they still have on hatred of teh gay

From USA Today, the newspaper in front of the door at every hotel in America, the mainstream view:

Religion's only real commodity, after all, is its moral authority. Lose that, and we lose our credibility. Lose credibility, and we might as well close up shop.

Read below the fold...
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James Baker's book, reviewed:

As the first President Bush left office in 1993, Baker says, "America was the most-admired nation on the face of the earth," but, sadly, that feeling slowly eroded. "Today, it is probably safe to say that majorities in most countries oppose our policies and distrust our motives," Baker says. Read below the fold...
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Clear Channel sells to Thomas H. Lee Partners, Bain Capital and the Mays family

Thomas H. Lee Partners, Bain Capital and the Mays family score a major media coup . Now that hedge funds are monitoring the blogosphere for key memes against which to trade it only makes sense that the private equity firms should lend a hand by financing the new new consolidation of media. Since behavioral finance is the now dominant paradigm, and sentiment analysis now the rage, why not maximize by creating a perfect black box? You. Read below the fold...

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the future of housing in America- The ugly side of greed

Imagine a 40% crash in housing prices . Seriously just run through the scenario in your head. How much of your net worth is accounted for in your house? How much of your retirement nest egg? How much have you drawn out of said house in equity? What would that wonderfully extended mortgage look like, you know the adjustable one with the interest only for the first five years or so; the mortgage that will last you a good fifty years – yeah that one. You in the service industry, the paper pusher who is about to be down sized, the data entry operator or phone jockey making more than you know you should – you. How would you like to be holding a mortgage on a property that is worth about half what you paid for it, making half of what you used to? Get the picture? I’ll buy it off you for transaction cost. Read below the fold...

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Sunday Gasbaggery: Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace: The Has-Been Edition

has been 2

Update: Edited for clarity, and misatkes, and please note, it was Juan Williams, not Juan Cole, who "represented" liberalism on yesterdays All-Star panel.

Let me begin by clarifying the title of this post; it is not aimed at John Kerry, who, according to the SCLM was a has-been before he was a wanna-be and ultimately successful contender for the Democratic 2004 Presidential candidacy. Read below the fold...

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Global Orgasm Threatens War Effort

I like this statement for its sheer democracy:

Global Orgasm is an experiment open to everyone in the world.

Check out the details here. Read below the fold...

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Nancy and Hillary's High School Reunion

At Orcinus, Sara Robinson (via) makes some great points about how to beat the bullies of Beltway High.

If I may nitpick, I think she's a tad over-optimistic when she says: "it won't take too much conscious effort to make our spokespeople look like serious grown-ups by contrast." Read below the fold...

Why make Jane Harman intel chair when she helped Bush shred the Constitution on warrantless surveillance?

Lest we forget:

Harman, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, remained silent for over a year after being briefed on the Bush administration’s violation of federal wiretapping law (FISA) and recently told “Meet the Press” that she deplores the New York Times for informing the American people that the Bush Administration ignored the law.

Read below the fold...

Power corrupts

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I thought we were an autonomous collective

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Send More Troops? Let the States Decide...


Senator John McCain
Has a clever plan
For when a woman's ovaries
Are invaded by a man

"Let the States determine
If she can terminate
Or die in some back alley
For States' rights dominate!"

But when it come to warfare
(Coathangers turned to guns)
He abandons sacred states
For the Feds he had once shunned Read below the fold...

So, George, what did God say?


Because I'm genuinely curious to know; I'd like to understand. SOP News:

BUSH: Laura and I just had a moment to converse with God in a church here in Hanoi.

(Somehow, Bush (and Leadfoot) "conversing" with God reminds me of Bush (and Cheney) "visiting" with the 9/11 commission. But let that pass.)

A conversation is two-way. That means Bush believes he just didn't talk to God, but that God answered.

But what did God say to Bush? Readers?

Don't be Shrill! Read below the fold...

Henry the K: We're fucked

Some war criminals are just slow to figure stuff out, I guess. Anyhow, a month ago, Henry was chanting, in chorus with the rest of the Beltway insiders, that "victory was the only option." Oopsie:

Military victory is no longer possible in Iraq, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said in a television interview broadcast Sunday.

Read below the fold...


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