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King of the OYE

Look, It's Cute and It's Tame: Kill It!

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Holy Shit! Action Alert

Or perhaps I mean unholy shit.

A federal judge in Detroit has ruled that the NSA program is unconstitutional, and ordered it to be halted.

The AP leads with that order to halt the program.
P.S. Chicago Dyke and I were writing at the same time. Follow me below the fold for a take on what we need to do immediately. Read below the fold...

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Huge Blow to Bush's Wiretapping Program Today

Judge Taylor has ruled that the NSA non-FISA wiretapping of US citizens is unconstitutional.
TP all over it.

ACLU reports that the Gov't has already told them they'll be taking it to the Circiut court this afternoon for an injunction. Read below the fold...

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Happy Birthday, John


John McCay, the owner and operator of that unique and excellent blog, Archy, a man and a blog that do credit to "Blogtopia," (thank-you skippy), is approaching a birthday of moment; that's what I like to call such birthdays, it sounds better to me than seminal. (Full disclosure, I faced this particular one some years ago.) Read below the fold...

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Canaries in Silk Suits

Holden has a nice catch this morning from Punditopia. I'm sure this will mean hours of blogging fun for those brave enough to go back and dredge up the ink spilled by Republican lobbyists after they've morphed magically into to the Democratic kind. Nonethless- no one knows the inside score better than this pack of rats, so pay attention as they reorder their own reality to suit what's coming:
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Progress Report: Iraqi Gas Edition

I was just talking to someone about this the other day. You really have to wonder at those who still maintain that we're making "progress" in Iraq, and the alternative universe they inhabit. Because, I could post stories like this on the hour, every day, that being the nature of a clusterfuck:
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Today's Headline

As if there are not enough human-on-human atrocities in the world. From the Chicago Tribune:

Dolphin trapped in Speedo swimsuit

A lucky adolescent male bottlenose dolphin is back to living nude and free in Florida's Sarasota Bay after making a potentially fatal wardrobe choice early this summer.

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C'mon, Harry, do the right thing!

You know I love you, but it's exactly the same as Kerry's Swift Boat fiasco.

A Republican--Ho Lieberman--busts you in the chops, and you don't kick him in the nuts.

Deal with Lieberman now. He's a cancer, and he's starting to metastatize. Cut him out! Nobody outside the Beltway believes any of this "moderate" crap. And everybody outside the Beltway knows that Lieberman lost the Democratic primary. And everybody outside the Beltway sees him pulling his shenanigans and wonders why you let him get away with it. Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon


And to think, that I too, used to be an irate moderate.

But that was in another country, and besides ...

the Constitution's nearly dead.

Nice to see everybody picking up pitchforks and joining the peasants.

Snark is the new normal! Read below the fold...

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Freedom isn't free -- and reality BITES

Professor Indrik Wichman of Michigan State University found out the hard way when he sent an email the Muslim Student Association disliked, in response to protests of Danish cartoons "disrespecting" the prophet Mohammed. Read below the fold...

Son of The Only "Liquid explosive" I know about is Bushit

gaslightIt looks like the London Red Alert is just another scam by desperate Republicans to try for a bounce in the polls. Boy, they sure had me fooled. (Not. Read below the fold...

What goes around, comes around

And it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of fascists. Read below the fold...

George Felix Allen: "Honey, I've changed!"


felix After Republican Presidential hopeful George Felix Allen called one of his constituents a monkey, he apologized. "Honey, I've changed!" Yeah, right: Read below the fold...

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The Water Belongs To Me

Swimming Stadium, 1936 Olympic Games, Berlin, Germany


Dennis Perrin took his son to a water park in Michigan: Read below the fold...

George Felix Allen: Feeling Lucky on "Macaca"?

Not to pile on, or anything, but let's look at Republican presidential contender George Felix Allen's non-apology apology for calling a native-born Virginian with unpink skin a monkey. First, the slur: Read below the fold...


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