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Arenda Troutman arrested for selling out Englewood community to developers

This may not mean much to you now. But this is the tip of the iceberg. On the other side of the big park just across from Cottage grove, Englewood is one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country, with 43% of the population living below the poverty line, and the stronghold of two of the nations most powerful gangs. Read more about Arenda Troutman arrested for selling out Englewood community to developers

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Top Ten Signs Your President Is A Chew Toy


President Bush just moments before being taken outside and buried in the White House lawn


#10.Visiting dignitary notices a high-pitched whistling sound when Bush exhales.

#9. The back of his head has deep puncture marks.

#8. Deep puncture marks to back of head make him look more distinguished.

#7. Conservative War Bloggers get all pissy when this subject is brought up. Read more about Top Ten Signs Your President Is A Chew Toy

Get up for the down stroke

My candidate for off-key Republican talking point of the year:

On Wednesday night, [a senior White House Official] said, the president Bush will explain "that we have to go up before we go down."

Well, if Bush only could go down...

It's all about partei, yeah!
Having a partei, y'all
[Get up for the down stroke?] [Get down!]

Oh, make up your own jokes! Read more about Get up for the down stroke

Tool time with Joe Biden


Hey, Joe, go plagiarize something, wouldja?

“If you really want to change the situation on the ground, demonstrate to the president he’s on his own,” said Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. “That will spark real change.”

Can Biden seriously think Bush gives two shits about being "on his own"? Read more about Tool time with Joe Biden

So, where did the US nuclear submarine collide with the Japanese oil tanker?

041025-N-0780F-081In the Straits of Hormuz. (Sorry, missed that one Monday.) Whoopsie:

The Japanese Transport Minister is demanding more information after a US nuclear-powered submarine collided with a Japanese oil tanker near the busy shipping lanes of the Straits of Hormuz on Monday night.

Orcinus on "civility"

Orcinus wrote "The Political and the Personal" back in 2003, and it's worth repeating today, because every word of it is still true. I remember my growing sense of awe, and recognition that he was putting into something I felt so strongly into words so much better than I could have; and when I came to the end of reading the post, I knew there was no turning back. He concludes: Read more about Orcinus on "civility"

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Where there's a will, there's a way

Where there is NO will, there are LOTS of excuses.

This applies to anything Politicians do not want to do. The same template can be applied to any issue (global warming, universal health care, etc.).

Today's example: Can the Congress stop Bush's Escalation of the War in Iraq?

Excuse #1: "It's Impossible!"
Joe "Teeth" Biden suggested this weekend it would be "unconstitutional" for Congress to block the funding.

Fact: Bullshit! Read more about Where there's a will, there's a way

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Bonus Misogynist of the Day


(Or MOTD.) So people are talking about a dumb comment that is also racist by a rich and possibly hypocritical celebrity. I'm...bored. I know celebrity and celebrities have influence in the political world, but my rule is, "no more than a regular person has." But I found this comment to better sum up my feelings:
Read more about Bonus Misogynist of the Day

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Random Thoughts on Health Care in the 110th, etc.

A lot of people are talking about the various "mandatory" plans floating about various congressional and gubernatorial offices right now. Ahnold's, Wyden's, etc. It's all the Rage, for young politicians: it's an issue that is still unmade in the national media (what is to come, not what is) and if you're enterprising you can ride this political wave for a generation or more. If as a consumer, you've ever had problems with Phase One of the plan to keep people separated from their dollars and their health, you know what I mean. Read more about Random Thoughts on Health Care in the 110th, etc.

Foreign policy is a synonym for date rape?

Our Betters, the permanent Beltway ruling class, the cocktail wienie-gobbling clowns and Republican creatures and think-tank dilettantes and shadowy Christianist billionaires who created the Iraq Clusterfuck and now can't figure out how to evade accountability for the greatest strategic disaster in American history... Read more about Foreign policy is a synonym for date rape?

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Striking at The Empire: Rebel Positioning


Here is the Emperor's Herald at the Allthing recently:
Read more about Striking at The Empire: Rebel Positioning

Misogynist of the Day


Sweet Jeebus, it's like shooting bicycles in a barrel, isn't it? And as CD pointed out yesterday, the Heathers are the worst. Must be the Stockholm Syndrome, or something.

Today, Bonnie Erbe from Useless News and World Distort:

Giddy [Trans: Effeminate] Lefties All Over the Hill

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A Sign of Things to Come

There are days when I truly regret not learning more about poetry, because I'm sure there are some which would make a perfect compliment to this post. Let me offer you a nugget from a fairly detailed article in Roll Call: (subscription req'd)
Read more about A Sign of Things to Come

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Grey Lady is a DFH (Dirty Effing Hippie) now?

From a surreal editorial in Sunday's NYT:

We would lend such efforts [to stop Bush] our enthusiastic backing and hope Mr. Leahy, Mr. Durbin and other Democratic leaders are not swayed by the absurd notion circulating in Washington that the Democrats should now “look ahead” rather than use their new majority to right the dangerous wrongs of the last six years of Mr. Bush’s one-party rule.


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