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License to Steal

Saturday News Dump, hidden under JonBenet's rotting little corpse. Have I got your attention now? Good, because you need to pay attention to this. Small headline in WaPo this morning:
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Republicans plan to take Iraq off the table by 2008, consolidate authoritarian gains

The Bush crime family is plotting an "intervention" to halt young George's Iraq binge--with the help of some Moderate Democrats. And yes, it really is like dealing with a drunk. I wonder why?

Anyhow, even drunks have their uses, as we shall see. Long-time Bush consigliere and Florida 2000 thug James Baker is in charge of a commmission to get the country out the qWagmire George got us into. Washington Monthly's final paragraph (boy, is this lead buried): Read below the fold...

C'mon, Harry! Get wild!

Lieberman is a cancer. A metastasizing cancer:

Facing Senator Joseph I. Lieberman’s independent candidacy, Republican officials at the state and national level have made the extraordinary decision to abandon their official candidate, and some are actively working to help Mr. Lieberman win in November. Many leading Republicans say it would serve the party better to have a Centrist like Mr. Lieberman remain in office,

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Will Bunch is back, and he's mad

George Felix Allen: Racist and stupid

As one of our Republican-enabling commenters inadvertently points out, George Felix Allen is, well, stupid.

Yet another Republican nimrod.

I mean, how much intellectual firepower do you need to avoid calling one of your constituents a monkey--when the monkey is holding a camera?

More firepower than George Felix Allen, apparently.

And voters agree: Read below the fold...

Pruning back tomatoes

I want to trim back the vines that aren't bearing, so the sun can get in at the vines that do have tomatoes, and turn those tomatoes red.

Any suggestions or warnings on how to do this?

I mean, is this like cutting a branch of a tree, where I should put tar on the wound so beetles and bugs don't get in?

Or do I get a pair of scissors and start amputating? Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

And best of all, someone from the food pantry dropped by today, and took away a lot of zuchinni and squash; so to the alert reader who suggested this idea to me, a hat tip.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to ripen the tomatoes before the first frosts in maybe September.

I think the first thing I'll do is ruthlessly trim back the vines that aren't bearing fruit, so that the sun can get in. Read below the fold...

When your mind makes a promise that your body can't fill

Via, I am sorry to day, The Daily Mail via, I am even sorrier to say, Drudge:

Panic for Rolling Stones as tour tickets go unsold
But perhaps most embarrassing of all for the band who have a combined age of 249 is that cut-price tickets are also being sold to pensioners through the company Saga.

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The squash invade the yard.


What will the neighbors think? Read below the fold...

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Rollins Writes Letters

Just go.

I'm starting to really appreciate this YouTube thing. Read below the fold...

And About That Third Kind of Snake....

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Two Kinds of Snakes

I have a splitting headache, so perhaps I'll get back to this with more eloquence later. But the short version: what do this and this have in common? For one thing, they're both about killing snakes. For another, they are a testament to the power of a medium, and how that medium can be used to move the Powers that Be to actually do the will of the people. Read below the fold...

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TV is for Zombies

Time to hoist the soapbox again. Via Sargent, TP gives us the essential numbers:
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Profiles in Racism

Brought to you by House Homeland Security Chair Peter "They All Look Alike to Me" King:
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What is it Good For?

You know the answer:

August 18, 2006, 1:51 PM EDT

METULLA, Israel -- Israeli soldiers returning from the war in Lebanon say the army was slow to rescue wounded comrades and suffered from a lack of supplies so dire that they had to drink water from the canteens of dead Hezbollah guerrillas.

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