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Cry Me A Fucking River

"Keeping us up here eats away at families…The Democrats could care less about families -- that's what this says."

-- Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), quoted by the Washington Post, in response to incoming-Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s (D-MD) plan to increase the House’s work schedule from three days a week to five.

per the excellent Taegan Goddard's Political Wire. Read more about Cry Me A Fucking River

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The War on Christmas comes to Mizzurah

Oh, now this memo from my Governor Matt Blunt is hilarious:

Last year there was a great deal of public discussion regarding the Christmas season. Specifically, we heard from those who believe that the Christmas break should be called by a non-religious name such as "Winter Holiday." They also argued that traditional Christmas greetings such as "Merry Christmas" should not be used.

Republicans "tear up the tracks" as they surrender Congress to Dems

Oh my goodness! I thought they were going to be Bipartisan! (I guess they were just curious...) Online Wall Street Journal:

Like a retreating army, Republicans are tearing up railroad track and planting legislative land mines to make it harder for Democrats to govern when they take power in Congress next month.

You can trust the Republicans... To be Republicans! Let's hope they leave the D's on the keyboards, eh? Read more about Republicans "tear up the tracks" as they surrender Congress to Dems

Baker Commission: Bush to halt pony search, stop talking to walls, accept reality

Ha! Fooled ya! [Remember "we're an empire now; we create our own reality"? How far off those happy days seem! Snicker.]

Here's how AP is framing the recommendations of the Baker Commission, released today. (The Beltway 500 is all atwitter!)

Panel: Try diplomacy in Iraq, then leave

But--But--Where's the pony? Somehow, I don't think Bush is going to be very happy about this. Read more about Baker Commission: Bush to halt pony search, stop talking to walls, accept reality

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The atheists are in charge. Now what?

Right-wingers will doubtless (and they are doubtless, aren't they?) think I'm talking about the Democrats who control the new Congress.

Alas, as far as I know, every man and woman in the 110th Congress — including each and every donkey — subscribes to a monotheistic faith.

So we're talking hypothetically here, thanks to some interesting questions Frank raised in comments at Martian Anthropologist: Read more about The atheists are in charge. Now what?

Thank God we got the Democrats in before the next recession

Naturally, our rulers at the Fed would like to get the recession out of the way now, so by 2008, a Republican will be elected. And it looks like the recession is coming: Read more about Thank God we got the Democrats in before the next recession

CBS picks up "Joe Biden's Trent Lott moment"

Public Eye blog. Vaughn Ververs of The Early Show:

It’s not every day that we see a Democratic Senator from the Northeast pandering to Southern Republicans by associating himself sympathetically with the Confederate cause during the Civil War – so isn’t it newsworthy when that actually happens? ...

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Ministry of Piece and Truthiness


Well sand off the old finish, slap a new coat of shellac on me, and call me Furniture [thanks, MJS]. Via DefenseTech, where they actually take this stuff seriously, more on the reel-deel double-seekrit war behind the War on Terra, the Longer War behind the Long War. It ain't Eurasia, it's always been Eastasia... Read more about Ministry of Piece and Truthiness

Goodnight, moon

Bible study for atheists

[Naomi posted on the identical topic one minute before I, myself, pressed the Submit button. Since the posts are otherwise quite different, I'm leaving them both up.]

VastLeft's project. In the first week, some exegesis of Genesis:

There are some curious gaps in the story. How do Adam and Eve know what dying is (Genesis 3:3)? Or what bread is (Genesis 3:19)? At the very least, those would have been interesting subplots.

Hmm.... Read more about Bible study for atheists

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Fighting the Pro-ban fundies with their own weapons!

VastLeft (you gotta love him!) has a new blog, Bible Study for Atheists. As an atheist, I thought I'd hate it but I visited it (out of courtesy, I guess). At first, there was that "there ain't nothing new here" feeling. I've avoided the bible for years--same old/same old... BUT-- Read more about Fighting the Pro-ban fundies with their own weapons!

I Swear!


So once again a subject--in this case a nominee for a Cabinet position--is called before a Congressional committee to give testimony.

Doesn't matter who, or why. Doesn't matter that he's One Of The Good Old Boys in the opinion of many of the committee members, in particularly the chairman. However, because of his OOTGOB status, he was exempted from the process of raising his fucking hand and swearing an oath to tell the truth. Read more about I Swear!

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Sending Shadows to the Sky

Jesus' General is doing some strange decorating. He inspired the following lyrics...


Sending Shadows to the Sky

I lay my head on sand and dream of Vietnam
And all the little children in the bay
I see them running now, surrounded by a cloud
Made by the bombs from the factory Read more about Sending Shadows to the Sky


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