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Misogynist of the Day


Sweet Jeebus, it's like shooting bicycles in a barrel, isn't it? And as CD pointed out yesterday, the Heathers are the worst. Must be the Stockholm Syndrome, or something.

Today, Bonnie Erbe from Useless News and World Distort:

Giddy [Trans: Effeminate] Lefties All Over the Hill

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A Sign of Things to Come

There are days when I truly regret not learning more about poetry, because I'm sure there are some which would make a perfect compliment to this post. Let me offer you a nugget from a fairly detailed article in Roll Call: (subscription req'd)
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Grey Lady is a DFH (Dirty Effing Hippie) now?

From a surreal editorial in Sunday's NYT:

We would lend such efforts [to stop Bush] our enthusiastic backing and hope Mr. Leahy, Mr. Durbin and other Democratic leaders are not swayed by the absurd notion circulating in Washington that the Democrats should now “look ahead” rather than use their new majority to right the dangerous wrongs of the last six years of Mr. Bush’s one-party rule.

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Random Bi-Partisan Conservative Quote of the Day

From Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler:

Liberal idiots [redundancy] are knee-jerk troglodytes that regurgitate any lunacy so long as it smears Republicans, puts America in a bad light and licks the asshole of every communist, theocrat and dictator.

No wonder my tongue tastes like shit.

UPDATE: Theocrat asshole? It smells like victory.

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Fred Fielding replaces Harriet Miers


Not that anyone could ever replace Our Harriet, of course.

Fred Fielding is an old hand--Nixon, Reagan, Bush-Cheney transition team--but it doesn't look like he's left many fingerprints.

Although it is curious that this Fielding looks like exactly the kind of Father-figure insider whose wise counsel Bush so vehemently rejected in the already forgotten Iraq Studly Group.

I guess this means that:

1. Bush thinks he's in deep shit, legally. Read more about Fred Fielding replaces Harriet Miers

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How are the accommodations?

Even if you put Ken Starr's jism hunt aside, Bill Clinton's legacy is vexing.

Was his centrism constructive pragmatism or a damnable sell-out?

Is compromise the proper way to operate in a checks-and-balances democracy, or does it leave us compromised? Read more about How are the accommodations?

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Feature: Daily SCLM Misogyny


There are a lot of regular blogosphere "features" out there already, more than I can easily name. There's the Daily Wanker, or best demonstration of what makes winger "logic" the joke it is. There's the Five O'Clock NewsDump, when some embarrassing detail of Republican malfeasance is swept under the rug by our Famously Free Press. I now propose it's time we bring back and Oldie but Goodie; one that has a special relevance in this new year. Read more about Feature: Daily SCLM Misogyny

Science for Republicans!

This really is huge: Scientists are mapping dark matter:

One of the greatest mysteries of the universe is about to be unravelled with the first detailed, three-dimensional map of dark matter - the invisible material that makes up most of the cosmos.

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David and Goliath: Spocko Strikes a Blow

I know at least of few of you have been following this battle. Here's the money quote:

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Surge Protector: Everything Old is New Again


Meet the New Boss. Seasoned Vet's take on rearranging the Sundeck Chairs in the Green Zone:

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MegaMedia Reform Blowout

Get to this if you can. Looks like real fun. Congresscritters, real live Movie Stars, journalists and journamalists, activists. Media reform is one of my top issues, and I'm sorry I won't be able to go, even as I'm glad this isn't happening in the Beltway. Read more about MegaMedia Reform Blowout

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Krugman Jewel of the Day

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Wild West Coming to a Close in Iraq


Or at least, we hope so. It's interesting, but not surprising, they feel the need to apply this to embeds as well as contractors.
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Have you stopped beating your wife yet?

So, out of left-field, a Fox-news watching software engineer I work with says: "Can I ask you a political question? How do you feel about the money the US gives to the UN being used to support terrorists?" Read more about Have you stopped beating your wife yet?


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