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Verified Voting is NOT Off The Table

I'd link to something but there isn't anything to link to. Notice that stories about unverifiable, unrecountable elections have--aside from the Virginia situation--virtually disappeared.

This cannot be allowed. Nothing is fixed, nothing is secured. You want a fun thought? What if DIEBOLD THREW THE ELECTION TO DEMOCRATS?? Read below the fold...

I think it's time for George Allen to move on

Look, this Virginia election, and control of the Senate, could be hanging in the balance until November 27.

But "at some point--at some point--there must be closure.".

Why can't George Allen just do the right thing, and admit he lost fair and square? Read below the fold...

NPR fucktards interview losing Republican Senator, not winning Democrat

No Democratic winner Sherrod Brown.

Instead, Republican loser Mike DeWine, whose fear is "there'll be more partisanship."

Which seems to be the fear in the Beltway 500, too.

This "partisanship" talking point is so inane. Read below the fold...

Is reinstating the Fairness Doctrine part of Pelosi's 100 hours?

CD's right that media reform is #1 (and #2 (and #3)). All this crap about "moderates" and "centrists" is proof of it.

One answer to changing the narrative is to change the narrators.

Readers? Anyone know? Read below the fold...

More of the same with Robert Gates (except possibly worse)

[I'm listening to those wienie-scarfing fucktards at NPR carefully frame Robert "Bob" Gates as a member of the Bush 41 team--the rational Republicans, so much better than Bush, so much more the natural ruling party.... Without, can you believe it, mentioning Gates as an Iran-Contra operative. Just unbelievable.]

It could be that the Republican tendency to lower the bar and exceed even the most cynical expectations for massive suckitude has somehow been eliminated...

That the Republicans, chastened, have returned to reality-based thinking... Read below the fold...

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Netroots: Your Time is Now

Lambert and Chris are doing a little well deserved back patting, pointing out that without the Netroots, yesterday's victories would've been a lot less momentous. I basically agree. If there was record "voter anger" and tremendous potential in the electorate, it's still the case that Netroots activism helped the mostly clueless Dems take advantage of that. That's the good news. Here's the bad news: starting tomorrow, the job for the Netroots community just got harder, more important, and requiring of even greater effort. Read below the fold...

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Hardball: Define It

Hobson's comment got me thinking: what is "hardball" and how much should Democrats play it? What do you think? Read below the fold...

Rahm: Sit down, shut up, and start practicing your ballet

Because you too might need another job, and sooner than you think.

What Chris Bowers said: Read below the fold...

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Lame duck is a dish best served cold

In case you missed Bush's presser today:

As with most of Bush's recent press conferences, his confidence and speaking patterns varied wildly thoughout it, from fairly composed to awkward and lost. Read below the fold...

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Victory Shopping


Like Lambert, I'm a bit exhausted when it comes to politics, and so I took the morning and early afternoon to explore Georgetown. I can't believe I'd never been there before, it's so frickin' beautiful. Like most people there, I did my patriotic post-election duty and did some shopping. And I have one question for you: Read below the fold...

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Bush Mandate Discarded

Is the condom half full or half empty?

+++ Read below the fold...

Get ready, Nancy!

Bush cuts loose with another one at presser



Silent but deadly...

Photo from this morning's presser. Sure hope Joe wasn't teabagging him under the podium... Read below the fold...

A good working definition of "moderate"

Henry Waxman:

"I don't think subpoenas should be used except as a last resort," said Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Los Angeles), who as chairman of the House Government Reform Committee will have broad investigative powers

Yep. "Subpoenas only as a last resort." That's what moderate means to me!

In the same article, Grover Norquist tells us what to expect: Read below the fold...


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