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Republican zombies seek the votes of the living

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Victory Defined

More explosive liquids from the Ministry of Fear

Hear the words of Der Dëcider:

"[BUSH] America is safer than it has been, yet it is not yet safe."

Translation: Be fearful enough to elect Republicans, but not so fearful that you elect Democrats.

It's as if Rove is following a Goldilocks strategy: Keep the level of fear "just right."

Nicely crafted shitbyte, though. You've got to give Unka Karl credit. And the earpiece seems to be working more reliably now. Read below the fold...

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Bobo's World: "Sincere" Edition

Alright, peons. Listen carefully, Bobo explains to you why you are dirty and smelly and unfit to sit at the grownups table:
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Free Advice to the Webb Campaign

So this whole "macaque" thing is amusing to me. Really, I'm so behind on my racist slurs, I guess I need to go to more CCC rallies. But some of us were talking this morning and thought that this would be a good idea:

It's time for a "Monkey" float. Think "The Kiss" meets "King Kong." Read below the fold...

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METimes. Interesting:

Sherwood Ross

WASHINGTON, DC -- It is an "open secret" in Washington US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld "wants to extricate himself from Iraq" but President George W. Bush "remains resolute," thus the US hangs on, a US investigative reporter has written.

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Weakened Bush hides from press

Hiding from lapdogs--now that's weak. I mean, these are the guys that hated Al Gore, helped sell WMDs to the American people, and "balanced" the Swiftboaters into the headlines. They've enabled Bush every step of the way. And now Bush has to hide from them? That's weak.

And even Pravda on the Potomac is noticing: Read below the fold...

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Our Military: Now Offically Christian

You may begin singing "Onwards Christian Soliders" now:
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Rude News Youze Can Use

I dunno how these guys do it, but they've got a pipeline from the future and you're getting, literaly dammit! tomorrow's news today. From the ultimate Be So Far Ahead Of The Curve That You Can't Even See The Curve From Where You're At site, Avant News:
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Goodnight, moon

A long, strange day. It's funny how, when you've lived with some form of stress, removing the stress doesn't automagically bring relaxation.

So, I resorted to, erm, artificial means.

But not to excess, no no. Never to excess.

[Heaves bottle at wall. Crash. Tinkle.] Read below the fold...

Feeling foily this evening?

NASA can't find original tape of moon landing.

Well, erm, [cough]. How 'bout them Red Sox? Read below the fold...

Diebold Boards Come to eBay

Via an alert person at dKos, who apparently got the tip from, God save the Queen, Loud Obbs' show today:

Sure enough, a quick search brought up a Diebold AccuVote-TSX Motherboard.

On eBay. Going, at the time this Kossite got there, for a great whacking $55. Read below the fold...

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Caption Contest

The War on Terror is everywhere we want to be!


Image from CNN.

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Just an Odd Coincidence

I'm glad some of my memory-related braincells still work, as this has been bugging me for a while. I don't know if it means anything at all, but isn't it interesting, in the wake of Joe's loss and the need to wipe Lamont off the front pages, that we get new rules about liquids and air travel, when one of the guys to make a last minute primary donation to Joe is the guy who runs the "duty free" shops that basically can't operate in airports anymore? Hmmm. Read below the fold...

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Master, is it wrong to desire a Buddhist President?


From Wikipedia, re The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas:

Master Hsuan Hua set up six principles that he expected for all monastics and lay practitioners to follow. These six principles were not to fight, not to be greedy, not to seek, not to be selfish, not to pursue personal advantage, and not to lie.

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