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Hello, Fellow Terrorist! The DoD is Watching

I'm having a typical Friday the 13th, so forgive the DU link. I'm sure this doesn't surprise you.
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Foley Nudie Pics?

Well, I guess it happens to everyone. Corrente now brings you pr0n.
The money quote:

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More Googly Evil


Because I like beating dead horses:

What’s at stake? Over the years, Google has collected a staggering amount of data, and the company cheerfully admits that in nine years of operation, it has never knowingly erased a single search query. It’s the biggest data pack rat west of the nsa, and for good reason: 99 percent of its revenue comes from selling ads that are specifically targeted to a user’s interests. “Google’s entire value proposition is to figure out what people want,” says Eric Goldman, a professor at Silicon Valley’s Santa Clara School of Law and director of the High Tech Law Institute. “But to read our minds, they need to know a lot about us.” Read below the fold...

Friday the 13th blogging

Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky...

What bad luck would you wish for the Republicans today? And will the bad luck be a 5:00 Horror ?

Christianists call this post an "imprecatory prayer." Read below the fold...


The semioticians at WaPo are parsing Bush's utterances again:

President Bush finds the world around him increasingly "unacceptable."

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Bush: "The stakes couldn't be higher"



Yes, they could be. ("Always wrong about everything.")

Then, too, there are the zombies...

NOTE Thirteen times with the "stakes," yet, from our relentlessly on message Preznit.

NOTE Inspired by Sideshow. Read below the fold...

Kerry's last big mistake? Trusting the Dem consultants

Check out Taylor Marsh on how McCurry and Carville sold Kerry out on election night.

I was live-blogging that night, and when I went to bed at 4:00, the Kerry camp hadn't conceded.

When I got up in the morning, they had. That was our Beltway consultants at work. (And now, of course, they're all working with Hillary. Good luck with that.) Read below the fold...

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It ain't just the spinach anymore II

CD's ref to YouTube by the homeless blogger below is a faint alarm. Bloomberg's ringing a bigger bell:

California mega-farm practices led directly to the Eschericia coli 0157:H7 outbreak last month that sickened 200 people nationwide and killed three. Read below the fold...

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War of the Words


Oh, you've got to watch this history of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders.

As a veteran of the left blogosphere during the run-up to the war this is pretty much spot on. Read below the fold...

QOTD: "What is most important, however, is that this matter is kept discreet."


No, no, not Mark Foley--He's bound and gagged in rehab. Jack Abramoff:

"What is most important, however, is that this matter is kept discreet," Abramoff wrote to a colleague at the Preston, Gates & Ellis law firm. "We do not want the opponents to think that we are trying to buy the taxpayer movement."

No, no, of course not. Read below the fold...

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Your Preznit Speaks

File this under thank god Holden does it so I don't have to. I know it's bad, but sometimes I just have to remind myself that yes, Virginia, this is real life and not a comic book in which Bizarro is President:
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Homeless Blogging

I'm fascinated by the ways in which internet technologies introduce people to each other and to ideas that they perhaps never would have met without the tubes. There have always been marginals and people who have no interest in "running the rat race" in our country; from anarchists to end-time religious, some have always felt like there is little point to pursuing the American Dream. To me, that Dream has always been inclusive of these kinds of people, and the freedom that allows them to opt out. Read below the fold...

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Democrats Who Love Tyranny

I promise you, the ones in South Shore and Boystown will always work perfectly, while the ones in certain lily-hued, properly religious neighborhoods will strangely malfunction whenever one of the Good Chicagoans is misled into temptation by a gay, black devil. Read below the fold...

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Negron *is not* Foley

Registration table clarification. What I found interesting is that a majority of the election officials making this decision are Democrats. I suppose it's a "decent" compromise, it's sure better than the absentee ballot mailing "solution" proposed earlier. Still, I wonder about those laws that require any campaign signs to be so many yards away form the polling place. Oh well, it's Florida, so I suppose this is the best we can hope for.
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I guess the Google must be installing some new NSA software


Because blogger is totally bloggered.

I do hope the curse is taking effect... Read below the fold...


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