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Heywood J. Speaks

The only "liquid explosive" I know about is Bushit

gaslight Mere days after the increasingly desperate Bush surrogate Dick "Dick" Cheney called half the Democrats in Connecticut "Al Qaeda types"--oh-so-conveniently just before the extremely non-political "liquid explosives" ter Read below the fold...

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Oh My God, I'm In Love

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Damn Skippy Redux

From his Highness the Royal Coiner of Phrases:

the gop: the party of poopy-pantsers
christy hardin smith over at fdl points us to kung fu monkey:

maybe it's just, i cast my eyes back on the last century ...

fdr: oh, i'm sorry, was wiping out our entire pacific fleet supposed to intimidate us? we have nothing to fear but fear itself, and right now we're coming to kick your ass with brand new destroyers riveted by waitresses. how's that going to feel?

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"Press #2 for Senator Lieberman"

(860) 244-2006. (Yes, his staff got Joemental's site back up.)

But Joe's mailbox was full. So was the general mailbox. So I pressed some random numbers and got through to a mailbox that wasn't empty.

And then left a very polite message, first explaining my predicament with the capacity failures on the mailboxes, then asking:

"What I would like to know is when Senator Lieberman plans to resign his committee posts, since he is no longer a Democrat, and is, in fact, running against a Democrat?" Read below the fold...

Corps spawn fake net neutrality groups

Boing Boing:

Fake anti-Net Neutrality groups

CommonCause has released its second list (the first list) of fake anti-Net-Neutrality activist groups created by big cable and phone companies that want to screw us by charging three times for every packet -- once for your DSL, once for Google (or whomever's) data-center, and a third time for the privilege of "guaranteed delivery" between the two. As Craig Newmark put it, it's as though the phone company had a preferred pizza vendor that you could always get through to, while the others' numbers went through a rock-tumbler and a random-number-generator before you were connected to them.

Hands Off the Internet

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Thoughts on Moderation

Going All the Way, or, Why Moderation is Killing America

A comment at this post got me thinking, as well as motivated to leave a reply there, about the discourse and drawbacks of “moderation.” If you’ve ever read any of my writing, you’ll now that the concept and I are not exactly bosom buddies, but I have respect for the various social and cultural ideologies that teach that it is a “good thing.” And yet- two bottles of wine a day, $200 a quarter to the Lieberman campaign, or two dozen widely read voices calling for the execution of half the populous for the “treason” of wanting and end to the war: none of these are “good things.” Read below the fold...

So, why does Lieberman still have his committee assignments?

Now that he's not even a Democrat-In-Name-Only? Now that he's running against a Democratic nominee?

C'mon, Harry! Bring the hammer down! Read below the fold...

"War" "on" "terror" gives aid and comfort to the Republicans


Robert Kuttner's massive takedown of the increasingly desperate Republican claims that we're safer with them:

The November elections, and the future of our security, will depend on whether Americans see through this blarney. If the right succeeds in persuading voters that this is all one undifferentiated mess requiring Bush-style bravado, America is in even deeper trouble.

Read below the fold...

When Bush says "our people," is he talking about you?

In a word, No.

This little gobbet of Bushit seems not to have drawn any attention:

"It is a mistake to believe there is no threat to the United States of America. And that is why we have given our officials the tools they need to protect our people,'' Bush said.

"Our people"? Where does Bush get the right to say that?

From Florida 2000?

From Ohio 2004? Read below the fold...

Desperation is the new black

I read Richard Morgan's Market Forces, a work of presentist futurism (or vice versa) in the Gibsonian mode, but as if written by a reformed and literate Panther Modern, instead of about one; much more feral. And angry. This passage caught my eye:

But Notley wasn't listening. He was lit up by the whisky and something else that Chris couldn't get a fix on. Something that looked like desperation but wore an industrial-wattage grin:

Read below the fold...
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Leno makes a point

"The airlines have now announced there will be no more hair gel, makeup, or hair spray ... who's attacking us, drag queens?"

"When have you EVER seen a radical Islamic terrorist with a can of shaving cream? Read below the fold...


These recipes have no political content of which I am aware, and by Gum I am not going to strain my brain to come up with one on a flippin' Friday night. Although I am quite sure anyone who was awake on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning could think of one particular Flipper to whom some snark could be applied without great difficulty. Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Well, finally we know who the enemy is in the "war on terror" (besides Democrats and the reality-based, that is).

Fascists, says Bush.

Pot calling the kettle black, or what?

Just another sad case of WPS.... Read below the fold...

On the latest reports from the Ministry of Fear

OK, OK, I give. Exploding airplanes are really, really bad. That said, for me to take this UK "liquid explosives" thing as seriously as the press and Republican operatives want me to, I'd have to believe that:

1. The press is never complicit with the Republicans in playing the fear card;

2. The Republicans never play the fear card for political reasons;

3. Tony Blair would never want to help out the Bush ("British intelligence has learned");

4. The facts, when they come out in court, will live up to the first stories; Read below the fold...


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