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How will Joe Lieberman first exhibit the spirit of bi-partisanship?

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Rumsfeld Stepping Down

Donald Rumsfeld's stepping down
Stepping down, stepping down
Donald Rumsfeld's stepping down
My Pet Scapegoat


Take that, celebrating Democrats! Remember who owns the goddamn front page next time!

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The Day After

I'm sure the professionals are already setting up their power lunches and wondering how to spin the Victory story, but as for me, I'm just tired. I'm sure that goes for a lot of us amateurs--and for those of us closer to the game than I am, remember what happened to Ned Lamont as soon as he took a day off: The Insider Dems fucked him. As for me, I'm going to take a bath and wash the champagne and popcorn off, and shave, for the first time in several days. Read below the fold...

The Irridescent Miracle, or, Keep Those Pitchforks Sharp

EXTREME UPDATE: Who knew we were read in such rarified quarters? Pack yer bags, Professor...RUMSFELD RESIGNS IN DISGRACE (no link yet, we're ahead of WaPo and NYT as usual. AP/NBC reporting though).

Is it too early to propose Juan Cole for Secretary of Defense? He's a fuckload more qualified than the current holder of that office, as this analysis of What the Election Means for Iraq will show:
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Cocktail Party Blue

Ach. No, my head doesn't hurt. But someone for the love of Durga tell me why I have to have my Woman's Friend (the bitch) on election night. Yes, I'm so blue I bleed for democracy.

So what did I learn, on my first night of officially being part of the Beltway Cocktail Party circuit? Money. It's all about money. And free food. People here seem to equate power with how much food and drink, and how fancy, an organization can provide. Good liberal groups I like: good but not fancy fare. Slick insider/media organizations I hate: chi-chi all the way. Gay people: fabulous, as always. But again with the money. You could hear what wasn't spoken out of a sense of being polite, as if it were shouted. Everyone was thinking about the new alignments of money; who's asking for it, who's giving it away, and who gets to spend it. Read below the fold...

My. Fucking. Internet. Went. Down. At 8 p.m.

I had to flash back to the days when all the election news I could get came from the teebee networks.

I resolve hereby to lead a more virtuous life. Because I have had a glimpse of hell.


Of course it seems to be turning back around now. The bigots won in Tennessee, and I intend to start tomorrow to bring this to their attention. But Missouri? Tom, my brother, stand up and take a bow. Virginia? We will fight it out on this line if it takes all winter, but we know it has to be done. Montana? Looks like a win as I write. Read below the fold...

Bi-partisanship is a synonym for date rape

Just saying ...

Not that there's anything wrong with that, since the Republicans, even though nobody in their right mind would want to date them, do need to be raped.

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It ain't all popcorn ...


But it is a damn fine start, boys and girls. Lambert did a fine job pitching that half-magnum through the skylight; over here in my stairwell, the draft is drawing enticing aromas of champagne and real buttered popcorn through the air. Read below the fold...


Seven Samurai (hat tip, Leah) style:


  1. [x] Santorum (Casey D-PA)
  2. [x] DeWine (Brown D-OH)
  3. [x] Chaffee (Whitehouse D-RI) (CNN)
  4. [ ] VA...
  5. [ ] MO...
  6. [ ] MT...
  7. [ ] TN...

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GOP "Contract With America" Confesses to Meth Habit, Love Affair w/Summer Squash, Sordid Candy Laundering Scandal

GOP Contract With America as Seen Outside Court of Public Opinion

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Universal No Fly List - Papers please.

Great headlines of our time

Analysis: Election may bring Bush worry.

Two words:

Subpoena power.

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Poll Closing Times

There are some oddities here. Via the inestimable Taegan Goddard's Political Wire, the first polls to close are

6:00 pm
Indiana (East), Kentucky (East)

followed by

7:00 pm
Florida (Peninsula), Kentucky (West), Indiana (West), Vermont, Georgia, New Hampshire, Virginia, South Carolina

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