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What happened to Atrios

New technology for data transfer.

Here at The Mighty Corrente Building, we are way more advanced. Maya Angelou even wrote a book about it: I Know Why The Caged Hamster Spins... Read more about What happened to Atrios

Mikey Weinstein takes on Rush!

Thank The God of Your Choice, If Any, that somebody's standing up to that blowhard. Read more about Mikey Weinstein takes on Rush!

Ski roads cleared before roads with trapped families?

Sarah reports from an unknown location:

Priorities, people, priorities...

(Text) National Public Radio News is reporting that many stranded travelers on highways in Colorado -- except for the ones headed to ski resorts, to which the roads have already been cleared as a priority -- and homebound residents may have to wait days for roads to reopen. Read more about Ski roads cleared before roads with trapped families?

Scientists: Humans continue to evolve today


I'm two days late celebrating what should be a national holiday: Evolution Day, December 20, 2005, when Judge John Jones ruled againt the creationist loons in Kitzmiller et al vs. Dover Area School District.

Presumably, evolution didn't stop, oh, 10,000 or 50,000 years ago, but continues its workings even unto the present day. Now scientists have some proof. The New Scienist: Read more about Scientists: Humans continue to evolve today

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2007: A year of pandemonium


Sounds like the tumult of the current year is just a warm-up for next year's mayhem:

An assassination attempt will be made on Condoleezza Rice in 2007, predicts psychic Nikki in her look ahead to next year.
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Ha Ha!


Just a little Nelson Munzt moment over this: "No tengo futuro. Titter, you got that right, hombre. Mainly because no one is interested in another member of the family that brought us choice quotes like this one. Idiocy and incompetence only go so far. Enjoy your retirement in Boca. Read more about Ha Ha!

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Messaging, Policy, and Wonking

So my perception of last night is this:

I write a post saying Harry Reid may have finally grown some nuts. Chris Bowers writes a post that I read as "Don't Say Mean Things about Harry Reid!" Then Atrios writes "Don't Say Mean Things About Chris Bowers!" Read more about Messaging, Policy, and Wonking

Have you started your Xmas shopping yet?

I haven't.

You don't want to rush into these things, you know... Read more about Have you started your Xmas shopping yet?

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Culture is So Cool


I've got a guest in town, so light blogging for a couple of days. But I wanted to tell everyone to go to the National Galleries when you have the chance. To my shame, every time I came to DC before moving here, I was always too busy with protests and parties to take in any culture. Read more about Culture is So Cool

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The Spirit of Strom Thurmond

Can't find a pic but I heard it from a caller on Big Ed Schultz' show. Apparently Bob Gates landed in Baghdad on this plane and came out the door under the words "Spirit of Strom Thurmond". Look, up in the sky, it's a geriatric racist!

### Read more about The Spirit of Strom Thurmond

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Will the Democratic Congress fund Bush's "Surge"?

That is the only question that matters right now. Dennis Kucinich (yes I know he's too short to be President, but look what happened to John Kerry) sez:

"The new Democratic Congress must stop the President from escalating the war. We must not appropriate any new funding. Up to $160 billion for the war will be asked for in the spring. That would bring the total for the war for FY 2007 to $230 billion. This amount is almost double the $117 billion spent in all of FY 2006.

First, they came for the children

The excellent Pachacutec on ICE concentration camps for children who, having been born here, are US citizens.

See, it can happen here.

And it can happen to you.

Oh, wait. They're brown-colored. Sorry. Forget I posted. Read more about First, they came for the children

A blogger's curse on the corporate weasels at blogger


[Time to "reset" this hardy perennial of a post. Went to Atrios last night, and got the message: "This blog is currently moving to the new version of Blogger. Please try back in a little while." So I went to Atrios this morning, and got the very same message! I guess the notion of "a little while" is a wee bit elastic. "Push button publishing"? Sure, except you have to keep pushing the button...

UPDATE Atrios is now back up, at the correct URL, Read more about A blogger's curse on the corporate weasels at blogger

Bush could start earning trust by learning two little letters

The letters "I" and "C." Yet again, he puts a thumb in the eye of Democrats while seeming conciliatory. I guess He just can't help himself. WaPo:

"[BUSH] There's a lot of attitude here that says, 'Well, you lost the Congress. Therefore, you're not going to get anything done.' Quite the contrary," he said. "I have an interest to get things done. And the Democrat leaders have an interest to get something done to show that they're worthy of their leadership roles."

That's Democratic leaders, George, you putz. Read more about Bush could start earning trust by learning two little letters


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