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Take Action and Get Action (Sex, That Is)

A while back I wrote this funloving post while in a rare upbeat mood, and last night I spent some time with the Capitol Hill Drinking Liberally gang, and listened to John Hliko, founder of Act For Love and also the infamous, and Stempac, the stem cell research advocacy blog. John and I agreed that it's a simple idea: Democrats need to keep reminding people that we are the party of fun. And good sex, food, booze, comedians, and everything else that makes the burden of life lessened. Read below the fold...

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Which way now?

Pat Buchanan may have a point. After the election fever has died down and the Democrats have stopped back slapping and get in the game, we still have a problem. The growing inequality in the economy and the dilemma of Globalization are creating shockwaves of resistance within the rank and file of America. Between the growing scarcity of natural resources, the exponential increase in demand as three billion people come on line as consumers, and America’s addiction to hegemony there is a growing nationalism that is increasingly xenophobic and essentialist – we have work to do

Read below the fold...

The kind of headline we like to see

Republicans' Angry Factions Point Fingers At Each Other.

Surprise, it's all "if only they had listened to me."

But the last paragraph is great, since it shows how the "moderate Republicans" are going to have a lot less power to work their enabling scams: Read below the fold...

I know where CD was Tuesday night!

The World's Greatest Newspaper (not!):

The Bloggers
The blogosphere has a date with the mainstream news media Tuesday night in the metasphere. CNN is hosting its first E-lection Nite Blog Party at Tryst, a well-worn Washington coffee hangout, and bringing together about 25 of the nation’s top political bloggers to, well, blog.

The tipoff is in last paragraph: Read below the fold...

What is your plan to restore Constitutional government?

That's the question you should ask every Democratic representative and Senator--especially the new ones.

The Republicans are saying they will never disgorge their authoritarian gains. Listen to this bravado from the Republican losers in the White House. They just don't know any other way to behave. Mike Allen: Read below the fold...

Shut up, Rahm. Shut up and stop getting in front of the cameras, because Howard Dean was right

It's a good thing Howard Dean didn't hand over all our money to Rahm and Upchuck Schumer, because otherwise those clowns might have pissed it all away on Beltway consultants and cocktail weinies and lost us yet another election: Read below the fold...

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Xan's Song

From last night is downright inspirational.

Oh the Democratic Party
is for you, and you and you!
It works for all the people, Read below the fold...

Senate Majority Leader Reid

More champers:


The kind of headline we like to see:

Democrats take control of the Senate

And the kind of lead we like to see: Read below the fold...

Why making fun of Republican fucktards matters (the "frothy mix")

[Sorry for the redundancy on "Republican fucktards." I just had to listen to Olympia "No Conscience" Snowe on NPR, explaining how she was going to work with her co-chair, Ho Lieberman (R-Walking Around Money), in the Centrist Coalition. Gag me with a spoon. Anyhow.]

Dan Savage, Santorum Google bomber explains: Read below the fold...

Verified Voting is NOT Off The Table

I'd link to something but there isn't anything to link to. Notice that stories about unverifiable, unrecountable elections have--aside from the Virginia situation--virtually disappeared.

This cannot be allowed. Nothing is fixed, nothing is secured. You want a fun thought? What if DIEBOLD THREW THE ELECTION TO DEMOCRATS?? Read below the fold...

I think it's time for George Allen to move on

Look, this Virginia election, and control of the Senate, could be hanging in the balance until November 27.

But "at some point--at some point--there must be closure.".

Why can't George Allen just do the right thing, and admit he lost fair and square? Read below the fold...

NPR fucktards interview losing Republican Senator, not winning Democrat

No Democratic winner Sherrod Brown.

Instead, Republican loser Mike DeWine, whose fear is "there'll be more partisanship."

Which seems to be the fear in the Beltway 500, too.

This "partisanship" talking point is so inane. Read below the fold...

Is reinstating the Fairness Doctrine part of Pelosi's 100 hours?

CD's right that media reform is #1 (and #2 (and #3)). All this crap about "moderates" and "centrists" is proof of it.

One answer to changing the narrative is to change the narrators.

Readers? Anyone know? Read below the fold...

More of the same with Robert Gates (except possibly worse)

[I'm listening to those wienie-scarfing fucktards at NPR carefully frame Robert "Bob" Gates as a member of the Bush 41 team--the rational Republicans, so much better than Bush, so much more the natural ruling party.... Without, can you believe it, mentioning Gates as an Iran-Contra operative. Just unbelievable.]

It could be that the Republican tendency to lower the bar and exceed even the most cynical expectations for massive suckitude has somehow been eliminated...

That the Republicans, chastened, have returned to reality-based thinking... Read below the fold...

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Netroots: Your Time is Now

Lambert and Chris are doing a little well deserved back patting, pointing out that without the Netroots, yesterday's victories would've been a lot less momentous. I basically agree. If there was record "voter anger" and tremendous potential in the electorate, it's still the case that Netroots activism helped the mostly clueless Dems take advantage of that. That's the good news. Here's the bad news: starting tomorrow, the job for the Netroots community just got harder, more important, and requiring of even greater effort. Read below the fold...


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