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Dear Leader gives Dear Leader a hand

Remember 2004, when OBL came out with a tape just before the vote, and all the pundits agreed that this would help Bush--as if OBL wouldn't have been able to figure that out?

Looks like Kim Jong Il is trying to help Bush out this year. AP: Read below the fold...

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Rover Reminders

Josh asks: Why are Rove and Bush seemingly confident about this fall's elections? Many have answered, "Diebold." For you skeptics out there, let me remind you of just who it is we're talking about:

Read below the fold...
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"Abattoir" Afghanistan

Read this excellent summation of the Clusterfuck that is Afghanistan. From Taliban approved disembowelment to Western troops killing 13 year olds to the Canadian government silencing its troops on the matter, it's a great short resource the next time someone asks you "how things are going" over there or what kind of "victory" we can look forward to in Iraq. Read below the fold...

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Iraqi Government Calls for Paper to be Shut Down

I read Azzaman. They seem balanced, sober and report on news in Iraq, often stories that one never hears about in the US press. So I'm glad they're standing up to the Iraqi parliament's calls to shut them, and their sister TV station down.

Read below the fold...
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When in doubt, give it a pro-GOP spin


Wow, get a load of this "analysis' of the looming midterm elections.

Gee, who wrote this?

Well, cloaked Republican operative Mark Halperin of ABC News of course. Read below the fold...

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Ear to Ear baby


“When he told me I smiled, picture jewels being handed to an innocent child.” Tupac

I just want to say hello to everyone and say how glad I am to be here. I know, it’s corny. I’m still getting my “sea legs” with the new interface and thought I would experiment with some posts to see what’s what. I’m still a little tired and hung over from last night. In case you missed it, Da’ Bears pulled one from their nether regions Read below the fold...

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Bumper Sticker Follies: You Go Girl

Oh hell yeah. I hope she sues the pants of that department. Feh, and to think I was just talking with a friend about taking a vacation in Atlanta. None of my money will be going to Georgia any time soon, seeing as how I occasionally decorate my car with free speech indicators:
Read below the fold...

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Progressive Congress: A Possibility

Booman does all the work so I don't have to. I was just talking about this with another progressive, and of the likelihood of investigatory fireworks in a Democratic majority Congress. I'm not counting any unhatched chickens here, just throwing out another reason why Rove and KennyBoi are shitting bricks every time they look at the latest poll numbers:

Read below the fold...
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The Republican Kama Sutra

Abu Ghraib which position

Position #1

In truth, I don't know the actual number or name of this position; I did email Congressman Shay's office requesting his help in this matter, in the name of accuracy, but so far there has been no response.

Because I don't remember that particular position from my perusal of the other Kama Sutra. Read below the fold...

Wasted Races

The Detroit Free Press (better known as the D-Freep) had a good column a couple of days ago about a race we are almost certainly not going to win. The writer, rightly, castigates the media for their abject failure to Pay Attention to Things That Matter, but I have another gripe to offer. His thoughts first:

A couple of days ago in this space, I ventured some reasons why Michigan voters so obviously disturbed by their state's current trajectory seem poised to re-elect virtually every incumbent on the Nov. 7 ballot. Read below the fold...
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Republican Corruption: It Never Ends


I am so fucking sick and tired of this. Is there no end? Is there a single Republican apointee in this administration who isn't in it to make more money illegally for themselves and corporations? What chaps my ass most is that this is also the guy who brought you the delay on the morning after pill. Christ. What I wouldn't give for one honest Republican who believed in small government and the rule of law. The truly sad part:

Read below the fold...
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The New Slavery: Bio-Ownership


Ok, perhaps that title is a little strong. But still, I have real worry about court cases like these.
Read below the fold...

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All in the Family: The Weldons

Well, well, well. The FBI sure is busy these days. I wonder what will fall from this particular family tree:
Read below the fold...

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His Majesty Wipes His Ass with the Constitution

You remember it, that quaint document that once protected you from being thrown in jail forever on the whim of your King. Well, say goodbye to freedom. I hate waking up to news like this, and of course they chose the Pickler to laud His Majesty with prose that turns my stomach:
Read below the fold...

Two words, James Baker, Two Words

"Florida 2000."

We're supposed to trust that the Bush family consigliere, who helped steal the 2000 election for W, is going to suddenly put the country first, and do the right thing on Iraq?

Pull the other one. It's got bells on!

Hey, Lee Hamilton! Nice beard!

NOTE Digby says the same but, as Archie Goodwin says, Digby "knows longer words." Read below the fold...


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