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Goodnight, moon

Well, finally we know who the enemy is in the "war on terror" (besides Democrats and the reality-based, that is).

Fascists, says Bush.

Pot calling the kettle black, or what?

Just another sad case of WPS.... Read below the fold...

On the latest reports from the Ministry of Fear

OK, OK, I give. Exploding airplanes are really, really bad. That said, for me to take this UK "liquid explosives" thing as seriously as the press and Republican operatives want me to, I'd have to believe that:

1. The press is never complicit with the Republicans in playing the fear card;

2. The Republicans never play the fear card for political reasons;

3. Tony Blair would never want to help out the Bush ("British intelligence has learned");

4. The facts, when they come out in court, will live up to the first stories; Read below the fold...

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For the Record:

Bush's achievements in National Security:

Read below the fold...

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Am I the Only One Sick & Tired ...

of the timing of "terror alerts" and "foiled plots"? Look, people. Here's a fact. Bush was in charge on 09/11/01. He let 2860+ people DIE in NYC; he got 2850+ US servicemembers KILLED in Iraq. How hard is that truth to see? Read below the fold...

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Chain Hang Lo

I have often thought this:
Read below the fold...

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Sloppy is as Sloppy Does

Ooops. He's already fired those meddling kids he hired to do this, right?

Still, reports of signatures being collected by close friends of Lieberman and other volunteers began surfacing in late July and early this month. And though most of the petitions were left Wednesday with Bysiewicz, others had trickled in to individual town clerks or registrars of voters. Read below the fold...
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The Ultimate Po-Mo President

This is a strong piece from start to finish. There are a couple of messages we should put out into the mix a lot more often. Like this:
Read below the fold...

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Changing the World, Part Deux

Pay cash. Don't take out loans. Get out of debt. Buy secondhand instead of new. Do things at home and for free (raise a garden, learn to sew, change your own oil). Live better. Read below the fold...

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Summer Winds and Gaiagasm

There is little like the smell of freshly broken fennel upon your hands, so rank and violently fresh across your fingers. Nor the taste of bitter, pungent celery, snapped and bleeding, chewed in wet, woody stalks that explode in your mouth. What joy can compare to the view of an oversized, misshapen zucchini? Go on and laugh, lambert; I'll be grilling it and thinking of you as I roast the marinated slices. Just as I will burst with mirth as I pull up the last, stout, sweet carrot from the ground, nurtured next to the purple pole beans just now at rest and unproductive, and in anticipation of my full potato barrel and my ardent cucumbers, who will be followed before first frost by the cantelopes and watermelons that global warming make finally possible in this northern realm. Next year I'll have enough grapes to stomp into a peasant vintage, just as this year I have a harvest enough of strawberries to distill into sweet liquor, had I not eaten them all in a frenzy of mouthful lust at the picking. Eggplant, leek, garlic, chive, herbs purple and verdant, sweet corn and green peas and four rainbow colors of lettuce I will laud at the table alone. Who can say how endless my beets and swiss chard will prove in this time of October summer, irradiated by friendly nightmares only my infant nephew will ultimately savor? And yet, the sweet smell of the broken fennel fronds stays with me, reminder of times past and future, so promising in its strange and palpable odor. Read below the fold...

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Joe Lieberman Says the Sky's the Limit!

Last known image of Joe Lieberman as he embarked on
his much needed vacation in the political wilderness

+++ Read below the fold...

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Oh You Stupid Injun, When Will You Ever Learn?

Going for simple, here's the path: Rethug congresscritter says, "fuck you, Injuns! Who cares about your sacred dead? I sure don't. Here's what that legislator is all about. Here's his voting record. Here's the rundown on his BFF Jackie A. Here's what Jack does to Injuns, and how Hastings probably learned the trade. Injuns are stupid and poor and brown, and it's easy to fool them, no? Read below the fold...

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Here is what you can do: QUIT FLYING.


Seriously. Stop getting on airplanes. Stop buying tickets. Stop spending money. Do the terrorists win? No -- but you don't have to let the government take your hand cleaner, skin lotion, shampoo and trash it. You have a right to your property. All you have to do is quit flying. Read below the fold...

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Move Along, Aunt Jamima


It's quite simple, really. Lawyers work with laws. Sometimes, frequently in fact, they are elected to positions in which they interpret laws, apply them, or write them. Anyone who has spent five minutes looking at the legal environment in that there are incredible, horrifying disparities with respect to the way that white collar and blue collar crimes are adjudicated, and of how the penalties that apply to them are legislated. There are more people of color who are blue collar than white collar. The Republicans have been stacking the nation’s benches with anti-liberty pro-corporations judges for decades, and one is hard pressed to find a friend on the federal bench to the working class, of all colors. So this sucks. Take a look at the numbers in bold in particular: Read below the fold...

The latest extremely non-political terror alert

Weird that we get another terror alert right after the second round of midterm primaries-- just like we did after the first round.

Or, um, not weird.

Not that I'm all foily, or anything. Read below the fold...


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