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Is that all there is?

Through the miracles of time travel and wikiquote, a younger Dick Cheney weighs in on the idea of killing Iraq in order to kill Saddam Hussein: Read below the fold...

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X's recent post on data mining makes me think, and I'm going to be a bit contrarian if I may. Bear with me as I digress a bit. Read below the fold...

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Daily Drudgery: Blogging on Wars We'll Never Win

Saddam is guilty. I guess he's sorry now that all that chumminess with Rummy back in the day didn't pay off. Or something. As most of the blogosphere has noted, ah, such timing. So....yawn inducing. Meanwhile, we're still not winning in Iraq or Afghanistan, police forces in both countries are a joke, and military and political leadership continues to live upon the River in Egypt.

Read below the fold...
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Home Stretch Numbers

Looking good, Billy Ray. Ruy has some more to say. At this point, I think there is little purpose to reviewing additional last minute polling. Either the methodology is sound, and we should expect races to reflect the numbers as of this weekend, or the majik faeries of the evoting ether will prove to us once again not to trust our lying eyes. Read below the fold...

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Black Helicopters and Microwave Rays

The Dark Wraith, a charming and entertaining Intertubes personality, relates an encounter with one of his students, a determined but math challenged Army regular. DW wonders if he should be concerned to hear from his student that activities on the base include training for dealing with domestic riot control, under the auspices of Homeland Security regulation/protocol. Read below the fold...

How very obliging of the Iraqis

Convicting Saddam just in time for the Sunday talk shows, two days before the election!

Is that timing, or what? Read below the fold...

Pastor "Twitch" Haggard's followers take another swig of Kool-Aid

Well, Haggard's board of directors acted to protect the "New Life" brand. They don't say exactly what was immoral about what Haggard did, but whatever, it's bad, bad, bad:

An independent oversight board dismissed the Rev. Ted Haggard as senior pastor of the megachurch he founded, determining the influential evangelist had committed "sexually immoral conduct."

Read below the fold...
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War is over, if Uncle Sam Wants You


How about you bring this up to the next asshole that says John Kerry disrespected our troops?

An ABC News undercover investigation showed Army recruiters telling students that the war in Iraq was over, in an effort to get them to enlist. Read below the fold...

"Dewey beats Truman"

Please, dear God, if You exist, No.

In the words of the old joke:

"I've reached the breaking point," he snapped. Read below the fold...

Holy Crap: They Knew in '99 an Iraq Invasion Would Fail

How did they know this? Well for starters, who was president in 1999? Remember, those dark dreadful days of peace and prosperity, and a president who knew his ass from a hole in the ground? Read below the fold...

Bush DHS to implement Durchlassschein system of exit permits

Expand your German vocabulary! Today's word is Durchlassschein: exit permit.

Yes, folks, the DHS is actually going to require US citizens to get exit permits to leave the country. The proposed rule, from The Federal Register: July 14, 2006: Read below the fold...

What matters

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Dick Cheney Water Torture Parks Set to Open Nation Wide

Highlights at the Cheney Water Torture Parks include:

Penalties for Cutting in Line Strictly Enforced!

Visit Castaways Swim Up Tiki Bar and BBQ Hut

Participate in the Gasping to Glory Triathlon Read below the fold...

Hey, Look Who's Joining Our Wal-Mart Boycott!

So it was okay when Wal-Mart screwed its workers, schemed to keep them in neofeudal servitude, dumped anybody with even potential health problems, encouraged anybody with enough seniority to feel a sense of entitlement to quit, etc. But when they extended these benefits to gay workers, and went so far as to encourage actual shopping by gay customers, well, whoa Nelly, now Der Jeebus is upset! From the Chicago Trib:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world's largest retailer, faces a boycott from a conservative group that wants the company to change its policies toward homosexuals. Read below the fold...


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