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The Theatre of the Absurd

When I was in college, my program had an arts requirement, that is, one needed several performance credits to graduate. I chose to take acting classes, and I confess: I sucked. But I did learn something about how the art of acting is to be found in so many parts of the rest of our world, even those in which truth telling and reality are supposedly paramount. I believe the saying goes, "If you can't afford a meal, go see a show. If you can't afford a show, go to the zoo. If you can't afford the zoo, go see a politician." I'll let you ponder that order for a minute. Read more about The Theatre of the Absurd

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No sacrifice at all


Since the word came down that Bush's next phrase-that-pays will be "sacrifice," I've had the Elton John / Bernie Taupin song of that name stuck in my head. Appropriately enough, the lyrics belie the title:
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Bush to Dems: Cooperate by passing the Republican program

Since "God is in the White House," there's really no alternative for the Dems than to pass the legislation that Bush wants. That's what Inerrant Boy writes in His WSJ editorial, anyhow:

Bush seeks cooperation from new Congress

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YALIYAD: Obama, Round 1

I've got to speedblog this morning, so forgive using the same hacktackular source twice in one morning. Obama: Cokehead has begun. Never mind that he came out about drug use years and years ago in a book that millions of people have read, discussed and accepted as proof that he's a regular guy with flaws. Read more about YALIYAD: Obama, Round 1

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Swarm on WaPo

You know, I just realized why this WATB article in the WaPo sucks so much (registration req'd). Ha ha! You're not invited to any of the fun parties! The Heathers are sooooo upset they have to go to the loser Party parties this season! Truly, that what this reminds me of. But let me give you "fair use" selection, and then follow down the page for some truly inspirational reader comments.
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Bush to Senate on torture, prison camp documents: Fuck you

Gosh, it's almost like Bush has something to hide:

Setting up what could become the first showdown between the Bush administration and the new Democratic Congress, the Justice Department has refused to turn over two secret documents, describing the CIA's detention and interrogation policies for suspected terrorists, to the incoming chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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Information Wars

I believe the "historical" example of why this is important is found in the way in which the ancient river civilizations were "good" and "happy," until said rivers didn't provide for all the people who depended upon them to survive. What I'm linking to is actually a serious, Big War for the Future, kind of post.. Consider this a tiny slice, but still, one you should pay attention to. Read more about Information Wars

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God Pardons Adam & Eve "To Heal the World"

Lord God points at a Craft Service table while backstage with Larry King before Holy interview Read more about God Pardons Adam & Eve "To Heal the World"

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Two Race Matters Posts


Nothing brings greater fear to the heart of the racist than black and brown people with experience in 'The System' who vote.

Except, perhaps, a black man that white voters will elect to office.

I found it interesting how few of us wanted to discuss the fact that 40 years later, 33 congresscritters still opposed the Voting Rights Act, and voted so. Read more about Two Race Matters Posts

A wild ride in the Pennsylvania legislature

These guys are starting to make the Texas lege look good. Read the post for the twists and turns. (I'm not sure it's resolved yet--apparently, the Dems have retained control by one vote, after Evil Fuck Republican Speaker Perzel got one Dem to pull a Lieberman and vote for him, but then got outgunned on the floor vote.) But what interests me:

Some of the content was filed from the State House using a PDA. That, and cell phones, are part of the future of citizen journalism. Read more about A wild ride in the Pennsylvania legislature

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Encouraging News: Payback is a Bitch

WaPo via Steve:

As they prepare to take control of Congress this week and face up to campaign pledges to restore bipartisanship and openness, Democrats are planning to largely sideline Republicans from the first burst of lawmaking.
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Daily Voting Nonsense: FL/Jennings Ed.

Well, you saw this coming. Via MojoBlog, it's so predictable I'm not even going to comment:
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Republicans greet Democrats as liberators!

Headlines we'll never see. Na ga happen.

What, no candy? No flowers? No, apparently not. Read more about Republicans greet Democrats as liberators!

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Dig two graves

On Air America Radio today, Sam Seder noted the numerous benefits for Bush in the hurried-up Saddam Hussein execution.

These include the traditional "what, me report?" Friday news void (an especially yawning gap, given the holiday weekend) and helping drown out coverage of the 3,000 dead American troops milestone. Read more about Dig two graves

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Look! Up in the Sky!

Now, normally I'd never, ever sully this blog with something as irrational as conspiracy theories, but I just had to share this:
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