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Republican Found to Have (Gasp!) Ethics


The accelerating rush to re-amalgamate the entire US phone system (the breakup of which was just about the last gasp of active antitrust enforcement) has hit a speed bump. One of the FCC commissioners whose vote is needed to allow the merger of BellSouth (my phone company, and the only source of broadband Internet in my exceedingly rural area) and the resurgent AT&T is refusing to vote on the matter. He made this decision final today. Robert McDowell says it would be unethical for him to vote on the matter as he has recently done lobbying for the telecommunications industry. Read more about Republican Found to Have (Gasp!) Ethics

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I shit you not

Yes, Virginia New York, there is a Colin Powell Center For Policy Studies.

It was just mentioned in a small good-news item: Read more about I shit you not

Help me nail one of The Maine Girls

As we know, the Moderate Republican Maine Girls, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, are holding one of the last bastions of Red-ness in Blue England. (This must end!) Not only that, they're both right at the rancid heart, fanning away the odor of the decades-long Republican project to replace Constitutional government with authoritarian rule, Snowe on the Senate Select Committe on Intelligence, Collins on Armed Services and, along with The Last Honest Man, Homeland Security. Read more about Help me nail one of The Maine Girls

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Why Soldiers Die in Iraq


This type is at an all time high.

Rummy is to blame.

This has been another edition of "why certain warmongers need to be T.C.&E." Read more about Why Soldiers Die in Iraq

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Must've Missed Another Memo ...

Video greetings from overseas are a time-honored tradition, featuring service members on permanent assignment far from home. But this year -- no mention of holidays, no mention of Hanukkah. Every service member or overseas family featured locally so far has also said, "And God Bless YOU" or "And the Lord bless YOU" to the home-folks. Read more about Must've Missed Another Memo ...

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Oil under NOLa ...


Scout Prime has details over at Athenae's place. Remember how we couldn't figure out why the aministration didn't want to help folks go home to the Gulf Coast? Just like Iraq, there's oil under them thar ruins ... Read more about Oil under NOLa ...

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How do you tell a man to be the last soldier we have?

How is it that Colin Powell's appearance on yesterday's "Face the Nation" is not, at this moment, noted on the home pages of,,, or Read more about How do you tell a man to be the last soldier we have?

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Bush/Cheney's New Strategy is Worse than You Think


bush_nosepickLeft: The true origin of Bush's "Pick a Winner" strategy for Iraq, now being rebranded as Cheney's "Darwin strategy": Read more about Bush/Cheney's New Strategy is Worse than You Think

Times whitewashes Christianist who proselytized during class, lied about it, but had been caught on tape

What part did they whitewash? The lying part, of course.

Actually, the story was broken back in November 22 by the Newark Star-Ledger. For some reason, it took the Times a month--and an intervening midterm victory by Democrats--to get round to "covering" [cough] the story.

Here is the crucial material that the Times omits. The teacher lied: Read more about Times whitewashes Christianist who proselytized during class, lied about it, but had been caught on tape

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Meet the New Royal Family of Britain

Because clearly, the Windsors aren't in charge:

A two-year corruption investigation by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) into a £60 million "slush fund" that was allegedly set up for members of Saudi Arabia's royal family was discontinued today.

Payments, in the form of lavish holidays, a fleet of luxury cars including a gold Rolls-Royce, rented apartments and other perks, are alleged to have been paid to ensure the Saudis continued to buy from BAE under the so-called Al-Yamamah deal.

Inside look at Bush tribunals, as Army "accidentally" jails US citizen whistleblower


Some timely reportage from The Times! Who knew they were still capable of it?

Detainee 200343 was among thousands of people who have been held and released by the American military in Iraq, and his account of his ordeal has provided one of the few detailed views of the Pentagon’s detention operations since the abuse scandals at Abu Ghraib. Yet in many respects his case is unusual.

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Redistricting in NM

Democrats in NM are finally thinking like politicians. I say go for it, redistrict Wilson and every remaining Republican right the heck out of Dodge. Texas should've taught every Democrat in the country a lesson: when you get some power, use it. Read more about Redistricting in NM

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Cowardly Generals at the DoD

Larry details a lot of stuff you probably already know; Bush doesn't have a clue about the major players in the Iraq insurgency, the war is a miserable failure, etc. But one part really stood out in his essay. Keep in mind he's probably got plenty of friends in the military and intelligence community, and is likely to know:
Read more about Cowardly Generals at the DoD

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Democrats and Racism

You probably know how I much I dig Tom Schaller, and his most recently discussion with the FDL gang just shows how much cool, class and intellect he's got. I can hardly believe such a lucid mind is employed by the Academe /I keed, I keed/. Read more about Democrats and Racism

Gay haters split the Episcopal Church

Yeah, the passionately evangelical Episcopal congregations in Falls Church, and Truro VA are going to go get themselves a Bishop that hates gays just as much as they do. In fact, they're willing to go all the way to Nigeria! From Political Spaghetti: Read more about Gay haters split the Episcopal Church


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