If you have "no place to go," come here!

After our Texas-stupid Preznit turns Iraq into a hell, he won't let the Iraqis escape here

Even if they are brown, and not Christian, so what? I mean, why would that matter?

With thousands of Iraqis desperately fleeing this country every day, advocates for refugees, and even some American officials, say there is an urgent need to allow more Iraqi refugees into the United States.

Why This Is a Federal Holiday


It's not a classic Lincoln speech, not the Gettysburg Address or the Second Inaugural or the Cooper Union. That's because it was written by a committee more concerned with the niceties of law, politics and an ongoing military struggle. But none of that matters:

January 1, 1863

By the President of the United States of America:

A Proclamation.

I'm still wild about Harry

As it was written so shall it be. Now that even the Republicans are leaving the sinking ship, Kossack thereisnospoon:

Many here have criticized Reid's statements that he would give the ok to an escalation as long as it were only for three to six months; the strategy is absolutely brilliant.  If the Democratic majority Senate kills the surge with the help of most of the GOP minority, it's a double boon for the GOP senators: as the situation in Iraq deteriorates, they get to tell the wingnuts that the Democratic majority forced their hand and made standing up for escalation useless, while running away from Bush at the same time.

Starve the beast

John Roberts wants a raise:

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. made judicial pay the sole topic of his second annual report, issued on Sunday, declaring that the failure by Congress to raise federal judges’ salaries in recent years has become a “constitutional crisis” that puts the future of the federal courts in jeopardy.

Well, Fuck him. Read more about Starve the beast

Rapture index closes up 1 on "beast government"


This brings The Rapture closer:

Beast Government:
Romania and Bulgaria join the EU.

Well, there you have it.

And in other news...

One in four, 25 percent, [of Americans] anticipates the second coming of Jesus Christ [in 2007].

I've always wondered how many of the stone Kool-Aid drinkers there really are; 1 in 4 Americans isn't so bad, really. Read more about Rapture index closes up 1 on "beast government"

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Green Design is Cool, and Necessary


And it's narrated by Brad Pitt! (Just the opening credits). I watched a couple episodes of Design e2 on PBS the other day. You can watch other snippets from the other episodes on youtube here.

The series makes clear that the technology for Sustainable Design already exists, there are a lot of professional architects, designers, engineers who are very excited about this. Read more about Green Design is Cool, and Necessary

The wood stove


The raked bed of coals just before I throw some more wood in. Read more about The wood stove

If corporations are persons, why isn't there a death penalty for them?

I'm serious (and this might help with the cure). Matt starts with universal health care and broadens out: Read more about If corporations are persons, why isn't there a death penalty for them?

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I want a REAL curative measure ...

Never mind menudo or "hair of the dog". Not to mock anybody's morning-after regrets; those are temporary. I want a curative measure to stop not just the war in Iraq, although as Northstar points out today Iraq isn't an improvable situation, but the war in Afghanistan and the war in Darfur and the war on poor people by corporate magnates everywhere. Read more about I want a REAL curative measure ...

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Preditions 2007

I feel like I'm one of a handful of people who didn't go out and tie one on last night, it's so slow around the 'sphere. That's OK, we Industry people always used to say that "New Year's Eve and St. Patty's Day are for the amateurs." Vitamins, water and meat will help with the hangover, kiddies. Read more about Preditions 2007

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Obama is burdened by a complex relationship with his people

Chicago Sun Time’s Laura Washington euphemistically calls Obama’s relationship with the African American community complex. A more accurate term would be tenuous, fresh, new, fledgling, uncertain -- suspect. Read more about Obama is burdened by a complex relationship with his people

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Celebrity WarBlogging

I promise I won't do a lot of it, but this rather cheeky note in the NYPost makes me wonder.


December 27, 2006 -- Prince Harry will soon be off to war in Iraq - and this time, he'll be wearing proper British military gear and not a Nazi uniform.
The young royal reportedly will head to Iraq with his unit in May.

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Start the New Year Out with Some Progressive Red Meat

Or, some very fine extra firm Tofu, if that's your thing. Hightower is always so satisfying. My favorites:
Read more about Start the New Year Out with Some Progressive Red Meat

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Do Heathers Do Torture?

Josh tells us about one of the Heathers (no, really) who has Seen the Light after a recent junket to Iraq. Cheese eating surrender monkey that she is (see what happens when you elect Congressmen without balls?), she's decided that the US should take their toys and go home.
Read more about Do Heathers Do Torture?


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