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PreEmptive Closure

When you close a wound before cleaning it out, you invite infection.

As Lambert notices, some people seem to have forgotten that. Read more about PreEmptive Closure

Is there KoolAid in the Beltway drinking water?

First, MyDD. Now, Josh:

For my part, I can't help but see Ford in a basically positive light and think he did the country an important service in balancing the ship of state after the trauma and shame of the Nixon years. But I'm curious how much that view is tied to my not having lived (or lived with sufficient awareness -- I was 5 and 6) through the period. Thoughts?

Je repete: Read more about Is there KoolAid in the Beltway drinking water?

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Aborting abortion rights


Digby sees more and more liberals running from their traditional role of protecting abortion rights.

Before they throw the right not to have babies out with the bathwater, maybe they should read a little Freakonomics: Read more about Aborting abortion rights

Great headlines of our time

Officials prep for Ford to lie in state.

Now Bush, on the other hand, doesn't need to prepped.... Read more about Great headlines of our time

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Art Post

I was told by my super-educated very snobby art curator friend not to do this post, so of course I will. Recently I went to see the Societe Anonyme exhibit at the Phillips Collection here in DC. It was great! Modernism is very cool for a lot of reasons, not just because it's neat to look at. This Wiki entry is a veritable who's who of great thinkers of the last few centuries, and we're still enjoying the result of their thought and activism. Read more about Art Post

Fuhrerprinzip is hard work

Atrios justly crowns David Ignatius as Wanker of the Day. First, the teabagging: Read more about Fuhrerprinzip is hard work

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Latin American Union

When it comes to rhetoric, he totally kicks my ass. Still, he's smart, he pays attention, and he reminds us why we need to keep an eye on all those little corners of the blogosphere in which real news and useful information may be found. Such as this:
Read more about Latin American Union

Gerald Ford: Anomaly or Just Another Republican?

Not being in a forgiving mood toward his ilk these days, I decline to even wait for a confirming link--NYT said "Gerald Ford Dead at 93" and whatever else they get wrong, the Times is usually right on this sort of thing--to begin the discussion of His Accidency, the only man to hold the office of President without having been elected to nationwide office. Read more about Gerald Ford: Anomaly or Just Another Republican?

Workplace Disease Discrimination: Another Step Towards Universal Healthcare


Anybody who's had to go looking for a job with a visible disability--wheelchair, bad teeth, missing limb, scars--knows that the party doing the interviewing will smile, express admiration for bravery, talk about qualifications and references, and never, ever ever call you back with the job. And never admit the bodily imperfection had anything to do with it. Read more about Workplace Disease Discrimination: Another Step Towards Universal Healthcare

Bush even projects with his Christmas presents!

Bush, projecting? Who knew? Bush, who looks tired, and is showing cracks in His armor, gave Leadfoot some citrine earrings for Saturnalia, to match the citrine necklace he gave her for her birthday. Read more about Bush even projects with his Christmas presents!

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Another Bush milestone

The man whose reputation was won by failing to protect the United States on 9/11 has, with his Iraq misadventure, now sent even more Americans to needless, holy-war deaths.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - At least 44 Iraqis died Tuesday in bombings, officials said, including a coordinated strike that killed 25 in western Baghdad. Separately, the U.S. military announced the deaths of seven American soldiers, pushing the U.S. death toll past the number of fatalities in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks....
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Project accomplished


That was fast. Bill Kristol stumbles through his latest "Daily Show" interview, and now, it appears, PNAC is folding its tent. Read more about Project accomplished

King Lear was first played on December 26

I hear from NPR (or at least today is the date of the first recorded performance). I've only seen Lear a few times, though once with Ian Holm. The play is dark ("a sad tale's best for winter") and notably pre- or a-Christian, but some passages are shot through with blazing light: Read more about King Lear was first played on December 26

Republican idea of bipartisanship: Destroy Social Security

Somebody should tell Little Debbie Howell about the layout problem today; WaPo put this on the Op-Ed page instead of with the comics. Jeff Sessions: Read more about Republican idea of bipartisanship: Destroy Social Security

So, how was the family dinner?

Wonderful, I hope. On the other hand:


Translation of Ils ont en parle: They spoke of it.

"It" being, when Caran D'Ache drew his famous cartoon, the Dreyfus Affair. Today, of course, "it" would be Iraq, or any one of the many issues dividing the reality-based commmunity from the Kool-Aid drinkers.

Plus ça change ... Read more about So, how was the family dinner?


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