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Strip Search School

As people are saying in the comments, I suppose the next step will be to eliminate civics courses, so the kids don't go thinking they live in a country where they have rights or anything silly like that:
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MD Voting Meltdown: Watertiger, I Need Your Desk

So I can bang my head on it.

A week after the primary election was plagued by human error and technical glitches, Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) called yesterday for the state to scrap its $106 million electronic voting apparatus and revert to a paper ballot system for the November election.

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Report from Iraq: Midget Terrorist Edition


Larry is vouching for it, and I agree this sounds like other on the ground reports I've read:

Received this today from an old Army buddy via a mutual friend who was both a Marine and a CIA ops officer. Seems legit. Points are spot on. Read below the fold...
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A Trend We Like: CA AG Sues Polluters


This is a great idea. I hope we see a lot more of this.
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In Lancaster, the Poppies Bloomed

Field of poppies, west of Lancaster, CA
Spring, 2005

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How to go bananas ...

Buy all your food at Wal-Mart for two weeks. Get the cheapest varieties they have on sale. Read the labels. Pay attention to the ingredients. Look up what they mean in an encyclopedia, chemistry book, or on the Internets. Read below the fold...

At HP, they're all spying on each other, and the press


The Hewlett-Packard Co. spying effort that has sparked criminal investigations was wide-ranging and included physical surveillance, photographs and spyware sent via e-mail, and it also targeted wives and other relatives of HP board members and reporters, according to a consultant's report prepared for the company.

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It's Just a Few Vases

I'm sure in ancient tmes, scholars wept like I am over stories like this, knowing the tombs of the Kings were looted and the library of Alexandria burned:

By Bassem Ali

Azzaman, September 4, 2006

A smuggler with 246 ancient treasures which he wanted to take out of the country was seized in the southern city of Amara.

The pieces were among some of the finest in the country, a police statement said.

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Even the House Republicans wander off the reservation on Torture

I guess they just had more important things to do than go over the cliff, like the lemmings they are support the preznit:

In a rebuke of President Bush, a House panel Wednesday rejected his plan for interrogating and trying foreign terrorist suspects.

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Ha Ha!

Eight inches: cut.

Well, 2000$/weekend still pays the bills, and I'm sure Mr. "Top only" will be able to make his merry way servicing those who need a "discreet" Hot Military Stud. Read below the fold...

A brief history of the criminal Bush regime

Sidney Blumenthal explains it all to you (via avedon).

It's all just as bad as you remember, violation after violation, all accomplished with barely believable crudity, while the press yawns and the Dems dither. Here's the summing up: Read below the fold...

Gentleman, start your foiling!

Via Susie, this.

What is this "controlled demolition" of which you speak?

Iraq? Katrina? Read below the fold...

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Holy Cow! Someone at the WaPo understands!

As events would have it, though, our nation is led by men who have carefully avoided both war and literature. By men devoid of a sense of the nation's and their own moral fallibility. By men who have led us into a moral desert and aren't even looking for a way back home.

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Princeton's Freedom-to-tinker eviscerates Deibold response

Warning: It's ugly.

No effect on Diebold's stock price. Too bad.

Maybe the fact that their voting machines suck is already "in the price"? Read below the fold...

Fuck the NSA: Use new anonymizing Firefox browser

I've written about the Tor before; it is a proxy that defend's against "traffic analysis," which is the technique the NSA is using model social networks, based on its massive, secret, and illegal warrantless surveillance and datamining operation. Read below the fold...


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