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Oh You Stupid Injun, When Will You Ever Learn?

Going for simple, here's the path: Rethug congresscritter says, "fuck you, Injuns! Who cares about your sacred dead? I sure don't. Here's what that legislator is all about. Here's his voting record. Here's the rundown on his BFF Jackie A. Here's what Jack does to Injuns, and how Hastings probably learned the trade. Injuns are stupid and poor and brown, and it's easy to fool them, no? Read below the fold...

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Here is what you can do: QUIT FLYING.


Seriously. Stop getting on airplanes. Stop buying tickets. Stop spending money. Do the terrorists win? No -- but you don't have to let the government take your hand cleaner, skin lotion, shampoo and trash it. You have a right to your property. All you have to do is quit flying. Read below the fold...

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Move Along, Aunt Jamima


It's quite simple, really. Lawyers work with laws. Sometimes, frequently in fact, they are elected to positions in which they interpret laws, apply them, or write them. Anyone who has spent five minutes looking at the legal environment in that there are incredible, horrifying disparities with respect to the way that white collar and blue collar crimes are adjudicated, and of how the penalties that apply to them are legislated. There are more people of color who are blue collar than white collar. The Republicans have been stacking the nation’s benches with anti-liberty pro-corporations judges for decades, and one is hard pressed to find a friend on the federal bench to the working class, of all colors. So this sucks. Take a look at the numbers in bold in particular: Read below the fold...

The latest extremely non-political terror alert

Weird that we get another terror alert right after the second round of midterm primaries-- just like we did after the first round.

Or, um, not weird.

Not that I'm all foily, or anything. Read below the fold...

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SEC Investigates Diebold


Wednesday, August 9, 2006

GREEN - The Securities and Exchange Commission has changed its inquiry into Diebold’s accounting from informal to formal.

The company’s quarterly filing reported that the inquiry has been converted to a formal, nonpublic investigation.

Read below the fold...
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The Bad Magician Visits a Tree Two Miles From a Particular Ranch in Crawford, Texas*

Image hosted by

*Originally posted at Mortaljive (a site I rarely visit these days). You can find the original posting of August 12, 2005 here.

+++ Read below the fold...

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What Was That About Calling the FBI, Again?

Hah. Pass the shrimp:

Now this is pretty interesting indeed. From today's Washington Post piece on Charles Johnson of the right-wing Little Green Footballs blog: Read below the fold...
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Therapeutic Intervention

Couple places worth stopping by -- and supporting if you've got some change to dispense.
HoustonSPCA Read below the fold...

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Note to the Babysitter

Dear Babysitter,

Thank you for coming over on such short notice. I hope you'll find everything you need to make your stay comfortable. There are snacks in the fridge and feel free to watch a DVD from our library, or cable TV. Books, magazines, newspapers: take your pick!

Oh, and please keep an extra special eye on our Democracy. Read below the fold...

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OK, folks. Time for a BOYCOTT.

Chicago's new "living-wage" ordinance has caused Target to stop building two stores, Lowes to stop building two stores, and Wal-Mart to stop building 12 stores. BOYCOTT 'EM!!!! Read below the fold...

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Everybody, meet Chad Edward Ellis. He's a jerk.

Here's the story. If you know of jerks like this, turn them in. Protecting the helpless is a progressive value.
Jerk Read below the fold...

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Damn Skippy!

This is a "speaks for me" post:

Sen. Joe Lieberman lost the Democratic primary in Connecticut not only because of his undying support for the disastrous Iraq War – and not just because of his hostility toward Democrats who object to George W. Bush’s heavy-handed policies in the Middle East. Read below the fold...

Lieberman rhetoric channels Bush pere et fils



Lieberman conceded the primary but, undaunted, said he would file papers Wednesday morning to run as spoiler candidate an independent.

"For the sake of our state, our country and my party, I cannot and will not let that result stand," Lieberman said.

"This will not stand"... Hmm... Where have I heard that before? Read below the fold...

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A Mighty Warrior Has Fallen

Let's have some shrimp lover's fun, shall we? Sad, lonely Marty:

THE CLINTON FACTOR: My penis is tiny, and very few large breasted 20somethings have asked it they could "kiss it."

I was for Joe Lieberman. He's my BFF! he's tough, manly, and he hates arabs as much as I do. We know what to do, unlike you wimpy, rabid crazies who keep insisting on sources and accuracy and peace. Hippie scum.

Read below the fold...


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