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Do Heathers Do Torture?

Josh tells us about one of the Heathers (no, really) who has Seen the Light after a recent junket to Iraq. Cheese eating surrender monkey that she is (see what happens when you elect Congressmen without balls?), she's decided that the US should take their toys and go home.
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Counting to 3000


Editor & Publisher has an odd little article up compiling some statistics on the Iraq War on the occasion of the (announcement of the official) 3000th combat death in the conflict. There are some oddities in this list, like this note:

Deaths by hostile fire: 2422 80.9%
Non-hostile: 578

Age 18-20: 517 17.2%
Age 21-30: 1813 60.9%

Okay, Bill, Where the Hell is Mine?


Is there anything more aggravating than being immensely proud of one's sense of ethics, and never getting a chance to demonstrate them by turning down a big, fat, juicy bribe?

I guess I'll never know, because Microsoft did not find me a Blogger Worth Bribing with a superhot top-o-the-line new laptop:
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The Last Word in a Bitter Year


This holiday season we've been presented with one of the most macabre dramas of disinformation Bu$hCo has ever assembled in Iraq.

Michael Roston says:

...Clearly, the location of Saddam Hussein's execution was one of the most secure settings for an execution ever constructed. So, why are we finding on the move about this planet a bunch of viral, unrestricted and uncensored videos of what is probably the most controversial execution ever carried out?

Champers (reprise)

A little leftover from election eve. What a year!


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"Texas stupid"


Digby has a great post on a guy who staged pig races on his property during prayer at the new mosque next door. The guy thought the Muslims wanted his land, but they don't:

Earlier this month, Baker conceded that the Muslims probably aren't after his land, but he said he had to go through with the pig races because "I would be like a total idiot if I didn't. I'd be the laughingstock now because I've gone too far."

Meyer's Law

John MacDonald, Pale Gray for Guilt, cites Meyer's Law as follows:

In all emotional conflicts the thing you find the hardest to do is the thing you should do.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Or, in the words Mary Malone saw type themselves on her terminal in The Subtle Knife:

Do it now and go at once.

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The Patch That Cures the Gay

Boo has a question. If parents could select the sexual orientation of their children, should they? We're closer to that option than you may think. My question to Boo and everyone who reads this story: if parents could select the race of their children, should they? To me it's the same thing. For the record: I'm 100% in favor of the progress of science. Because I think suppressing science is ultimately futile; if the research isn't done here, out in the open and reviewed by peers, it'll just be done elsewhere. Read more about The Patch That Cures the Gay

Come out of the closet, atheists, agnostics, and ignostics!

Excellent post by Daniel Dennett in WaPo's "On Faith" series:

Not Yet The Majority But No Longer Silent
There are many more atheists and agnostics in the country than is generally recognized. For instance, we atheists and agnostics are as numerous as Southern Baptists, and we are also the fastest growing category–-faster even than the Mormons and the evangelicals.

Can we stop with this noxious, authoritarian "leader" meme?

The Christian Embassy video showing coerced proselytization was all leader this, leader that. Naturally, as authoritarians, Christianists target leaders (as opposed to, say, officials or elected representatives or citizens or people or even sinners). Read more about Can we stop with this noxious, authoritarian "leader" meme?

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A Question for You

Vastleft's comment downstairs made me wonder-

Who is more likely to be President of the US first: a woman, a black man, or a single Jewish guy? As you answer, tell me why you think your choice is the right one.

sob Come back, Russ! If it's the Time of the Other, you're the one I'd pick. You earned my undying loyalty when you met, in person, with Brad

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Regime Change Indeed -- but the job's not done yet.


You've seen half the war criminals in this picture hanged.

But all the war criminals in this one are still free: Read more about Regime Change Indeed -- but the job's not done yet.

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Thanks for the Memories, Saddam!

I'm just going to piggy-back on CD's post below with some links to provide some historical perspective on how we created the monster that was Saddam Hussein. Read more about Thanks for the Memories, Saddam!

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Time for Activism: Email the DNC

Look, it's really simple. We won, and I'm not sitting at the back of the fucking bus anymore. I'm sick of waiting, I'm sick of being thrown to the wolves every time some bigot pipes up (like they'd ever vote Democratic anyway), and I absolutely will not tolerate the very people who are supposed to be representing my interests refusing to do something as simple as this
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