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Global Orgasm Threatens War Effort

I like this statement for its sheer democracy:

Global Orgasm is an experiment open to everyone in the world.

Check out the details here. Read below the fold...

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Nancy and Hillary's High School Reunion

At Orcinus, Sara Robinson (via) makes some great points about how to beat the bullies of Beltway High.

If I may nitpick, I think she's a tad over-optimistic when she says: "it won't take too much conscious effort to make our spokespeople look like serious grown-ups by contrast." Read below the fold...

Why make Jane Harman intel chair when she helped Bush shred the Constitution on warrantless surveillance?

Lest we forget:

Harman, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, remained silent for over a year after being briefed on the Bush administration’s violation of federal wiretapping law (FISA) and recently told “Meet the Press” that she deplores the New York Times for informing the American people that the Bush Administration ignored the law.

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Power corrupts

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I thought we were an autonomous collective

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Send More Troops? Let the States Decide...


Senator John McCain
Has a clever plan
For when a woman's ovaries
Are invaded by a man

"Let the States determine
If she can terminate
Or die in some back alley
For States' rights dominate!"

But when it come to warfare
(Coathangers turned to guns)
He abandons sacred states
For the Feds he had once shunned Read below the fold...

So, George, what did God say?


Because I'm genuinely curious to know; I'd like to understand. SOP News:

BUSH: Laura and I just had a moment to converse with God in a church here in Hanoi.

(Somehow, Bush (and Leadfoot) "conversing" with God reminds me of Bush (and Cheney) "visiting" with the 9/11 commission. But let that pass.)

A conversation is two-way. That means Bush believes he just didn't talk to God, but that God answered.

But what did God say to Bush? Readers?

Don't be Shrill! Read below the fold...

Henry the K: We're fucked

Some war criminals are just slow to figure stuff out, I guess. Anyhow, a month ago, Henry was chanting, in chorus with the rest of the Beltway insiders, that "victory was the only option." Oopsie:

Military victory is no longer possible in Iraq, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said in a television interview broadcast Sunday.

Read below the fold...

McCain: Gut Roe v. Wade

Wow, forced childbearing. How Moderate. ABC transcript via Think Progress via Atrios:

MCCAIN: I do believe that it’s very likely or possible that the Supreme Court should — could overturn Roe v. Wade, which would then return these decisions to the states, which I support.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And you’d be for that?


Read below the fold...

Beltway insiders struggle to preserve the value of their Rolodexes by quoting only Republicans


Sweet Jeebus, this is getting old fast. Pravda on the Potomac's Peter Baker:

Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush
The arc of Bush's second term has shown that the most powerful criticism originates from the inside.

(You got that. From inside. From creatures like Adelman, Perle--and Woodward, for that matter.)

You know what I care about? Read below the fold...

Israel to develop nanotechnology arsenal

Grey goo, here we come. (Not that "grey goo" might not be an improvement on the current Middle East situation Bush has created. (Joke. Irony, OK?)). Sidney Morning Herald:

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has given the green light for Israel to set up a special office to develop a nanotechnology arsenal.

Read below the fold...

My goodness, what ever happened to bipartisanship?

McConnell's already threatening to filibuster over those winger judges Bush resubmitted, even after the pre-election, Republican-controlled Congress couldn't choke them down.

Say, I wonder...

How long will it take for Ho Lieberman to demonstrate his "independence" by selling the Dems out on this one? Read below the fold...

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Prisons Are Always Built by Prisoners

The prison of the mind
Has no lock or key
If we could escape it
What worlds would we then see? Read below the fold...

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More Superprisons: Your Taxdollars at Work


The Pentagon plans to build a military commissions compound at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, costing up to $125 million, a major undertaking meant to accommodate up to 1,200 people for the first U.S. war crimes trials since World War II, The Miami Herald learned Thursday.

If funded by Congress, the compound would be the largest single construction expenditure at Guantánamo since the Bush administration set up the offshore detention center in January 2002.

Read below the fold...


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