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A Mighty Warrior Has Fallen

Let's have some shrimp lover's fun, shall we? Sad, lonely Marty:

THE CLINTON FACTOR: My penis is tiny, and very few large breasted 20somethings have asked it they could "kiss it."

I was for Joe Lieberman. He's my BFF! he's tough, manly, and he hates arabs as much as I do. We know what to do, unlike you wimpy, rabid crazies who keep insisting on sources and accuracy and peace. Hippie scum.

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Clusterfuck-alypse now!


Last night, I was talking to a guy who actually understands things like arbitrage, because he does them, and this is his scenario for the Middle East. It's the mother of all double-downs:

1. India takes out Pakistan (with nukes);

2. Israel takes out Iran (with nukes);

3. We take out North Korea (with nukes).

Sort of a Mideast ring of fire. No wonder Condi's voice is a little shaky.

After we take out North Korea, the South Koreans do lose Seoul. But the Chinese and the Japanese thank us, in their understated way. Read below the fold...

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Sirota Nails It

HuffPost. A sample:

Lieberman's concession speech tonight spitefully announcing that he will abandon the Democratic Party that he has spent the last week transparently pleging his fealty to is classic Lieberman. You may recall that after he was crushed in the New Hampshire primary, he proudly boasted that "we are in a three-way split decision for third place" - as if he really thought voters were stupid enough to think that was a good thing and that he was well on his way to winning the nomination. Similarly today, he is claiming that the Democratic Party primary election is just the "first half" of the election process - again, thinking voters are so stupid, they don't see that what he's really doing is giving the big middle finger to American democracy. Read below the fold...
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What We Have Wrought, What We Must Do

Being an early morning person, I missed a lot of the crowing coming from the rabid late night victory lambs. But as I review various sites that were amazingly active last night (and everyone should think about upgrading to the 25$ server now, we’re only going to get bigger in the blogosphere as a result of all this), I’m thinking on a couple of lessons we can take away from our Glorious Victory. Let’s review. Read below the fold...

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Ahem. 'Scuse me. That's Texan for hot damn the good guy won! Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Do you think maybe if I sent Joe a zucchini, he'd feel better about being such a loser?


Just asking... Read below the fold...

Now the Work Begins

The Democratic primary in Connecticut tonight was a referendum on the Bush War, can we all pretty much agree on that? Holy Joe pulled in every chit he had--heads of organized labor, DLC'ers galore, let's not even talk about the "religious" endorsers, etc--and pumped the bellows of "you love me on everything else, don'tcha? And I saved Groton sub base? And I've got principles out the tuchus, see? And I'm kinda semi sorta sorry about that war thing let's not talk about that right now, and I'm not really George Bush! I'mnotI'mnotI'mnot..." Read below the fold...

"Incidental" Lieberman to split Dem vote, hand Connecticut Senate seat to Bush

Ho Lieberman, man without shame:

U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman conceded defeat just after 11 p.m. in the bitter Connecticut primary.

But Lieberman pledged to continue his candidacy as an independent in the general election in November.

"Incidentally, we are gonna go," Lieberman told supporters shortly after stepping to a podium at the Hartford Hilton Tuesday night.

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Vengeful, hate-filled Lieberyouth hack Daily Kos!


Call the Feds! We're being disenfranchised!

Then again, there's as much evidence for this as for the charge that we hacked Lieberman's site, eh?

But, Oh My Gawd--

If Kos is down, where will I get my orders from?

What will I do?!

Help me, Kos, help me!

Without a Leader, I feel so lost!

So powerless! Read below the fold...

Ned Winnerman

And Joe Loserman.

UPDATE AP calls it:

AP Lamont beats Lieberman in Conn. primary


And It couldn't happen to a nicer enabler

With 81 percent of precincts reporting, Lieberman lagged with 48 percent, or 108,683 votes, to political novice Ned Lamont's 52 percent, or 116,387 votes. Turnout was projected at twice the norm for a primary.

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Beating the Blogmates

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West Point Awards a Fag-Lover

Well, you can knock me over with a feather:

"I have a problem where you have a military that says you can't discriminate based on race; in all but very minimal ways you can't discriminate based on gender, and you can't discriminate based on religion or lack of religion. The only people not getting a fair shake were homosexuals," said Raggio, who is from Muncie, Ind., and describes himself as "about the straightest guy you can imagine." Read below the fold...
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Lieberman Website Was a Fixer Upper

Firedoglake Realty warns: Blowhard, beware! Also, Christy Hardin Smith* gets a bit clucky with the Lieberman campaign. It's her inner mother hen, no doubt. Read below the fold...

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A Peek Inside the Lieberman Campaign

Sigh. I had four posts written and of course my computer crashed before I could put them up. Teach me to use the 15$ machine. But in the meantime, check out this missive from a self titled "lieberman supporter" who's been over at the Crack Den all day talking about the Lieberman's totally swank victory party and the zombie-like nature of Lamont supporters. Really, you're going to love this:

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Website Management for Republicans

(and their Best Friends Forever named Lieberman) in 2 easy steps: 1. Pick a web hosting company for its bandwidth, not its bargain status. 2. Pay your monthly bill on time. That is all. Read below the fold...


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