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Republicans to the poor: Fuck you and your education


Having grown up on welfare, Rochelle Riordan had vowed never to ask for a government handout. That was before her hard-drinking husband kicked her and their young daughter out of their house near Lewiston, Maine, leaving her with a $300 bank account, a bad job market and a 15-year-old car held together in spots with duct tape.

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Hezbollah has some history with US forces too ...

and they were proud of their work in 1982.

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Jesus Blown Into Very Small Pieces by IDF--"He Was Shielding Enemies" Claims Israel

Iconic image of Jesus the Christ in a "Can Do" happy moment just minutes before He was obliterated on the road to Damascus

The World Reacts

Israel feels "Really, really bad" over "accidental deicide" in a "non-binding way," vows "to not kill any other mythological constructs provided said constructs are not shielding Hizbullah"

"Oops, I Did It Again" soars to #1 on Radio Tel Aviv Read below the fold...

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Sunday Gasbaggery: Fox Sunday With Chris Wallace And Many, Many Friends

John Bolton
Why is this man so amused?

Beirut in flames Christian secition Daily Star
Because this isn't going to stop happening any time soon.

So many guests this morning; Diplomats representing Lebanon, Israel, and us, a Senator, and a former Speaker of the House, and the regulars, of course... Read below the fold...

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How about another look ...

Good forensic scientists are always willing to look at things from new and different angles.

So, like, besides NSA HQ, where else is the government sucking all the available power out of the grid plus a chunk, when it didn't before? Read below the fold...

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Good Reading

From our friend Mark, former peacekeeper from Ireland.

Here. That's part one, be sure to read all three. In another post, he quotes Fisk:

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What new Bush surveillance programs are causing the NSA to run out of electrical power?

Baltimore Sun:

The NSA is Baltimore Gas & Electric's largest customer, using as much electricity as the city of Annapolis, according to James Bamford, an intelligence expert and author of two comprehensive books on the agency.

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One Day, Two Dreams

Dream of a Summer Day


Dream of a Summer Night


When I was young
the swimming pool
was happiness

I still love swimming pools
but a cactus flower at night
is like skinny dipping on the moon

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Of course, Bush is resentful and angry

I mean, He's Preznit, so why shouldn't he get double the vacation days the rabble get? Of course, the best proof that Bush is resentful and angry is that his staffers say he isn't: Read below the fold...

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White Punks on Dope

Frankly, the sport bores me to tears, so I haven't really followed the hullaballo very closely. But this snippet caught my eye:

World Anti-Doping Agency chief Dick Pound said the Landis furore and the Spanish blood-doping scandal that saw several pre-race favourites barred from competing in this year's event threatened the future of the sport.

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3 Out of 4 Ain't Bad, Cutie

Jonny gets is mostly right. As a member of the impoverished class, I'm also very glad that he's talking about the economic conditions of the nation's poorest, because as he says, "no one else is." Read below the fold...

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Good Old Boys Helping Each Other

What the hell is wrong with California? Or rather, her biggest names in her signature industry? No, I'm not surprised, and I suppose the Democratic candidate could be a putz (I've not followed the race at all), but still- has Der Gropinator been so good for the state? I find that very hard to believe. Read below the fold...

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An Old Friend Lets Me Down

Possibly the worst article on blogging I've read in years.

I love this magazine so much, I don't have the heart to do a take down right now. Read below the fold...

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Neocon Nightmares

An editorial in today's Haaretz has a brief history of "Clean Break", the Neocon plan for the Middle East, and it's implications now. Read below the fold...


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