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From Media Matters via The Man in the Grey Turtleneck. Read below the fold...

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New Era

Head Coach Kristy Curry is off to a good start, as the Texas Tech Lady Raiders win their first outing of the 2006-07 season over the Houston Jaguars.

Oh, boy -- it's time to play ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read below the fold...

Little Felix has such a sense of entitlement!

Threatened with an election loss, George Felix Allen (R-Headlock) has his staffers wrestle a constituent to the ground.


And very very typical of today's Republican Party. Threatened, they respond witih violence.

And whaddaya know, they're almost always threatened. Read below the fold...

I'm trick or treating -- As a Republican!

Of course, as a good Republican, I've already got my big bag of sweets, but readers--

Can you guess what my costume looks like?

As if! Read below the fold...

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This Thing's To Do

(Jivester News, Lmtd.--alas, I would that it was not jive) Hamlet, a fictional Prince of Denmark, has agreed to appear in a series of commercials on behalf of Democracy that are scheduled to be aired in the final week leading up to the 2006 elections. In the commercial (see transcripted text below) Mr. Hamlet speaks of his dilemma: though he has the means and the knowledge to spur him forward he stalls and does not take action to defend his country from a series of crimes most foul. Read below the fold...

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Advanced Machine Intelligence -- AMI (amy)

One step closer to the singularity. A planet with a singular networked consciousness. How significant are we now? This scenario has been running through my head for a while now. Often with hives of autistics controlling global nodes as weather machines control climate; linked transportation infrastructure controls human mobility, productivity and communication. And just when it all looks like a nice efficient system. The planet wakes up and decides we are no longer necessary. Read below the fold...

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Alternative Minimum Tax - bend over, please.

That great big sucking sound is your income being siphoned off by one hell of a sleeper in the tax structure . Hidden right there in the open, waiting for all the pieces to fall into place. What ever will the uppermiddles do? Read below the fold...

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The Teachers of Oaxaca

Sounds like the Panther platform from the 1970’s. Jesus I feel old saying that. Here is brief piece from BBC news on the history of the conflict in Oaxaca

On 1 May 2006, teachers in Oaxaca handed in a document listing their grievances and demands. They then went on strike, saying they had received no answer from the local authorities. They are demanding better pay, as well as a series of measures to help poorer pupils, including: breakfasts for schoolchildren, scholarships, uniforms, shoes, medical services and textbooks. The teachers are also demanding the resignation of the Oaxaca Governor, Ulises Ruiz.

Read below the fold...
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Women in Afghanistan


But the Opium production is up. Run tell that.

BBC: Pam O’Toole
An international women's rights group says guarantees given to Afghan women after the fall of the Taliban in 2001 have not translated into real change. Womankind Worldwide says millions of Afghan women and girls continue to face systematic discrimination and violence in their households and communities. The report admits that there have been some legal, civil and constitutional gains for Afghan women. But serious challenges remain and need to be addressed urgently, it states. These include challenges to women's safety, realization of civil and political rights and status. Womankind Worldwide sent a film crew to Afghanistan to investigate the situation of women there. They found a young Afghan woman crying in hospital who said she wanted to die. She was recovering after setting fire to herself. Womankind Worldwide says there has been a dramatic rise in cases of self-immolation by Afghan women since 2003.

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Contest EVERY Seat


[UPDATED with unrelated but funny story]


The chairman of Florida's House rules committee urged Rep. Ralph Arza, a fellow Republican, to resign over a racist message left on a colleague's voice mail and spare legislators a vote on whether to expel him.

Arza has admitted leaving the message on the voice mail of Republican Rep. Gus Barreiro earlier this month but said he was drunk and felt "deeply ashamed."

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All about Eve, etc.

People are writing books that claim there is no God. (via)

As I sit here in this hotel room, I wonder: "Where are the books telling you that there is a God?"

In lieu of such a resource, I hope this blog post will put you on the path to spiritual enlightenment... Read below the fold...

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It was Ike's fault then and it's W's now

And the moral? Don't blame George W. Bush: Chaos in U.S. foreign policy is nothing new. But pity those, whether the Hungarians in 1956, or the Shiites in 1991, who take our democracy rhetoric too literally: Sometimes we really mean it -- and sometimes we don't.

Read below the fold...

Proposed Addition: "Department of Damn Gall"

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Horror Show


homecoming2Best Halloween viewing to commemorate the deaths of 103 Americans in Iraq during October 2006? Read below the fold...

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Housing market's busted, jobs are hard to get, insurance and benefits are so "pre-9-11-01 mindset", and the Internet's about to be a pay-for-play proposal. So tell me what some of your values are. Mine -- don't go into debt for shiny fancy stuff, do the best you can with what you've got, and be kind to your neighbor instead of steppin' on each other on your way to "the top" -- are all too obviously out of touch. Read below the fold...


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