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Ho ho ho! Dad got me an Amazon gift certificate, and I used it to buy this book by my favorite fiction writer evah! Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. I love writers who aren't afraid of historical detail, and that's Ms. Yarbro. Also, my most cherished lover gave me an Ipod, and I've been meaning to ask people for good Ipod sites. I know where the Apple music store site is, thanks. Read more about Bathtime!

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Cloned Food OK'd by FDA

How does that make you feel? My mind is open on this one, and I can see the arguments from both sides. I didn't know we were so sure of our cloning technologies and abilities that we could be 100% sure this is a safe development. Read more about Cloned Food OK'd by FDA

Ford hagiography makes me wanna hurl


Apparently, none of the bright guys on our side saw this coming:

Gerald Ford's miraculous power to "heal" "a divided nation" is now merging seamlessly with the The Wise Men's fetish for Moderate voices. What a surprise. (And does anyone else get the feeling that The Wise Men are laying down a marker for the kind of narrative they want when Bush is forced from office?) Read more about Ford hagiography makes me wanna hurl

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Are You a Dirty Hippy?

Matt has a nice essay about the Left of the 1960s and the Left of today. Go contribute. I think about this sort of thing all the time, and I confess I'm not as ambitious as Matt; I'm not sure how I'd construct such a comparison. Read more about Are You a Dirty Hippy?

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Cheap, Pure, Deadly: The Other War Continues

Here is a good short discussion about our continuing failure in the "war on drugs." The money quote:
Read more about Cheap, Pure, Deadly: The Other War Continues

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Slave Revolt in Rio

Most people, particularly those in the Blogosphere, don’t know or don’t care to know – it’s about to be on. Compton is about to look like Rio; Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Long Beach, Detroit – all those deeply impoverished areas, urban and rural; black, brown, yellow and white, are about to explode. France, Rio, Mexico. This is here in America, all the immigrants from America’s proxy wars in Latin America, the veterans of the drug war, they are all here getting hungrier by the day. Read more about Slave Revolt in Rio

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I Just Can't Seem to Put Away the Foil

Seriously. I have been hearing about these for years now. Is there any Democrat willing to look into these? I suppose not. Still, if I were Waxman or Conyers, I'd be asking questions like, "Why are we still awarding KBR with multimillion dollar contracts after all the fraud and waste they've been guilty of?" It's so hard not to be paranoid, and those pictures aren't helping. Read more about I Just Can't Seem to Put Away the Foil

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American Doll Test

In 2006 still! I’m not surprised, just pissed. There is no way in hell I’ll ever give my children over to the American educational system. Being a survivor of American mentacide, I can’t in good conscience do it. They repeated the Clark Doll test. Read more about American Doll Test

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Presidential Race


I can't seem to find a good link, but yesterday I was in the car and forced to listen to NPR, and they had a pollster on who talked about the Harold Ford loss in TN and the white vote. His point was that while in the polls, many white voters said they would vote for Ford or a black candidate in general, the election proved otherwise, and Harold's race was a major factor in his loss. I think it's important to realize that race is still an important consideration in elections, and that it will be the biggest negative factor for Obama. Read more about Presidential Race

What is it with (male) Republicans and the size of their cocks?

We aren't hearing a lot about Bush's potent tool lately. Maybe that's because it shrank. But the neo-cons are making up for it. From the American Enterprise Institute, the neo-con think wank to whom the increasingly desperate and bewildered Bush has outsourced his military strategery, comes Robert Kagan:

"The only surge option that makes sense is both long and large," he wrote.

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Edwards and Labor

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PreEmptive Closure

When you close a wound before cleaning it out, you invite infection.

As Lambert notices, some people seem to have forgotten that. Read more about PreEmptive Closure

Is there KoolAid in the Beltway drinking water?

First, MyDD. Now, Josh:

For my part, I can't help but see Ford in a basically positive light and think he did the country an important service in balancing the ship of state after the trauma and shame of the Nixon years. But I'm curious how much that view is tied to my not having lived (or lived with sufficient awareness -- I was 5 and 6) through the period. Thoughts?

Je repete: Read more about Is there KoolAid in the Beltway drinking water?

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Aborting abortion rights


Digby sees more and more liberals running from their traditional role of protecting abortion rights.

Before they throw the right not to have babies out with the bathwater, maybe they should read a little Freakonomics: Read more about Aborting abortion rights

Great headlines of our time

Officials prep for Ford to lie in state.

Now Bush, on the other hand, doesn't need to prepped.... Read more about Great headlines of our time


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