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Zucchini, Carrots, Pumpkin ...

you need a blender for this but it's worth the trouble

take a cup and a half of rolled oats and put in a blender
add teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice
add two tablespoons flaxseed

blend on 'liquefy' until it's as fine as flour Read below the fold...

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Justice in Texas ...


...may have one chance in Hell after all -- Dallas County's grand jury true-billed the "human" SOB who did this:
MERCY Read below the fold...

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What's a Little Hatred Between Friends?

Jesus' General" wrote Mr. Rabbi Lapin a letter. Rabbi Lapin had written the following, vis a vis Mel Gibson's drunken rant and anti-Semites in general:

"A balanced and reasonable view would be that if indeed he really does hate Jews, then he deserves respect for his self control when not drunk."

JG quotes the Rabbi further: Read below the fold...

So hard for Republicans to tell them apart

Missed this one from WaPo:

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), at the White House this spring for a meeting with other senators to discuss immigration with President Bush, was surprised when Bush approached him as the meeting broke up and observed: "Senator Martinez, you've been very quiet."

"That's Martinez," Menendez said, pointing to Mel Martinez -- Florida's junior senator and Bush's former secretary of housing and urban development.

Read below the fold...

Well, color me "immature," Dan Gerstein. You putz!

Former Ho Lieberman employee Dan Gerstein complains that bloggers aren't Civil or Dignified. In fact, some are positively Ungracious:

Mr. Gerstein complained that for all the reasoned arguments by some bloggers, too many resort to crude humor and angry diatribes that “don’t pass the maturity test.”

Fuck. More pearl-clutching. You want "crude"? Read below the fold...

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Army Relaxes Rules Regarding Zombie Recruits

Duty, Honor, Brains!

Oh, and Mr. Rumsfeld: think of all the money you'll save on caskets. Read below the fold...

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Life in Our Oceans: It's Bad and That Ain't Good

The Canary in the Cave is Also a Fish in the Sea

The Los Angeles Times has the skinny here.

Guess what? We're the miners...


Image from a pet store in Glendale, California

+++ Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

"Take my zucchini--please!"

At the risk of causing CD to clutch her pearls and sink to the nearest fainting couch:


I really ought to introduce a ritual honoring Lord Kanamara-sama in His vegetable form. Perhaps a float in the Memorial Day parade.

But, for now, this modest shrine, with its humble offering, must suffice.

Zukes don't strut.

They don't need to... Read below the fold...

Why do Republicans have disgusting eating habits?

Remember when Leadfoot fired the White House chef? Sure, this was in the heyday of Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast, so avoiding French inventions like béchamel and and beurre blanc was de rigueur, but here's the real reason:


Get ready to feel Teh Yuck, with the most quease-impelling, bile-provoking, leakage-inducing dinner menu you've ever had the good fortune not to be faced with, all thanks to Bush family values: Read below the fold...

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"Holding out for a hero ..."


These guys
Patriot Guard Riders absolutely positively rock. Read below the fold...

Science for Republicans!


VIENNA, Austria - An eight-legged invasion is giving some Austrians the creeps. The venomous yellow sack spider, whose painful bite can cause headache and nausea, has become the talk of the town since several people were bitten earlier this summer.

Read below the fold...
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When Slouching Becomes Rolling

Newberry’s latest at TPM has me thinking, and although I’m wholly unqualified to match wits with his like on the topic, I’m going to brave a couple of predictions. He writes:
Read below the fold...

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President Edwards and Majority Leader Clinton?

Reid's office is denying it, but Steve is sticking by the claim. For the record, I think it's a great idea; Hillary doesn't need to go back to the White House to get things done.

Read below the fold...
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Mark has some really important reading about what's going on in Iraq and Kurdistand. It's important to try to keep this part of the war in mind, for all the reasons in the articles he mentions. But this is my favorite part:

Read below the fold...
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There Are No Good Guys


At least, not among the "believers." I seem to recall something in the Koran about needing three or four witnesses, but oddly enough that doesn't seem to matter to the hardliners. Of course, her co-adulterer only gets the lash:

Read below the fold...


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