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It looks like the hamsters that wire the comments together with the posts are turning their cages more slowly than usual, meaning that some past comments are not connected to their posts. They're in the database, however, and the database has not been corrupted. So I need to go, erm, talk to the hamsters. In the meantime, feel free to comment or, if you have an account, to post. Read more about Comments

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This Time, it's personal

The Sideshow's preferred choice for Time's Person of the Year, instead of y'all Read more about This Time, it's personal

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Today's Volley in the War on Christmas

This little piece from the Department of Extremely Obvious Things causes me to want to ask a question. I know we've got the occasional Christian and Christianist reader here (although, one less, it seems) and here's what I want you to tell me: upon what does your belief that Jesus Christ was a real person rest? I'm not trying to be snarky here, I'm curious. Read more about Today's Volley in the War on Christmas

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A Clear Lack of Intelligence in Iraq, Part 83473

I put this under "why can't we do that" because I'm trying to help people understand my one mantra in Iraq: There Is No "Winning" There. Steve asks a really good question about two officers who recently were killed in Iraq:
Read more about A Clear Lack of Intelligence in Iraq, Part 83473

An Oddly Underreported Story

This may very well be nothing but an insignificant bit of urban crime. But look at the players, examine the scenario, and tell me if this shouldn't have gotten just a little more attention perhaps? Albuquerque Tribune:
Read more about An Oddly Underreported Story

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Iranian Election Update


Sean-Paul has got the goods. He's the expert when it comes to Iran; I don't claim to know too much about internal Iranian politics, but from what I can tell from his post and links, the results are a "mixed bag." I hope the Iranian people can find what they're looking for in their newest elected officials, and I'm glad that at least some reformers and "progressives" were both allowed to run, and victorious. Read more about Iranian Election Update

Harry Reid draws the line


Incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Sunday he would support a temporary troop increase in Iraq only if it were part of a broader strategy to bring combat forces home by early 2008.

"If the commanders on the ground said this is just for a short period of time, we'll go along with that," said Reid, D-Nev., citing a time frame such as two months to three months. But a period longer than that, such as 18 months to 24 months, would be unacceptable, he said.

Guess who?

So much for the adults

Well, it's beginning to look a lot like this "surge" that mysteriously became part of BCW is going kill off a few more tens of thousands, as Bush continues his quest to evade a final accounting for the Iraq Clusterfuck, the botched epic of his misrule. (Although, give the guy credit, the central front on his war on Democrats in 2002, 2004, 2006.) I'd say Bush's "Ahab-like" quest, but Ahab, crazed as he was, actually found what he was looking for, unlike Our George. Read more about So much for the adults

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The magic is you!

The collective groan on the Intertubes this morning is a response to Time magazine's decision to name you (yeah, you!) Person of the Year, a choice that's simultaneously corny, meta, and fairly reasonable.

NBC anchor Brian Williams inadvertently shows the necessity of netroots, as he bemoans the move to participatory media: Read more about The magic is you!

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Smile and grin at the change all around


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