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Okay, Figure This One Out: US Kidnaps Iranian Diplomats In Iraq

A story running on Christmas Day is by definition down the Memory Hole before the ink is dry. Or so some people would like to have it. Let's grab this one by the scruff of the neck and pull it back up and take a look: Is This The Hook They've Been Waiting For?

The American military is holding at least four Iranians in Iraq, including men the Bush administration called senior military officials, who were seized in a pair of raids late last week aimed at people suspected of conducting attacks on Iraqi security forces, according to senior Iraqi and American officials in Baghdad and Washington.
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One day without murder, one day without war ...

Tomorrow morning all around the Western World children of all ages will spend a frenzied few moments destroying the paper and ribbon gaily bedecking the packages; some will hold not toys or treats but a badly-needed pair of new shoes, a package of socks or underwear -- the 'gifts' that come out of need and poverty's scrimping. Lest we forget, then, a few words on the meaning of Christmas, for Christ's sake. Read more about One day without murder, one day without war ...

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Beyond the Rooftops

Singular expression of a Universal light
contemplate the moment, let it burn tonight
Mithras, Jesus, Dionysus, Tammuz:
days will lengthen no matter who you choose

shall we pause at the turning point
where matter equals space
shall we pause, just for that moment
then resume without a trace?
Read more about Beyond the Rooftops

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Holiday Greetings

Because it's not Festivus until you've said "holiday" instead of "Christmas." Drink some elf blood today! Anyway, I'm on the road, having done the museums of DC with my guest and generally defined Fabulous. We took off yesterday and suffered some unHoly traffic snafus along the way up the coast. I won't be taking I-95 during the holidays again anytime soon, that's for sure. So what is everyone eating? This year, I'm not cooking for once, and I'll report back in when the torpor wears off. Read more about Holiday Greetings

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Paging Father Christmas ...

First thing I want for Christmas.

Free America now. Read more about Paging Father Christmas ...

War Zone Insurance for Contractors: Another Money Siphon


It really is all about the money, I am increasingly concluding. All the other things we rant about: religion, culture wars, real wars--are just covers to conceal the vacuuming up of the public's money into the coffers of large corporations and thereby to the pockets of a small number of already-wealthy people.

Example du jour: the superb ongoing coverage by the Raleigh NC News& Observer of the Blackwater contractor's scandal and the larger scandal of contractors everywhere. Read more about War Zone Insurance for Contractors: Another Money Siphon

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Passive-Aggressive Politics

Digby joins Kevin Drum in guilty pleasure over the now "inevitable" surge:

K-Drum says what I think a lot of us are reluctantly thinking:

Still, honesty compels me to say that I'm glad this is going to happen.

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A Challenge for the Left: What Will It Take?

The United States of America, indeed the whole world, is in deep doo-doo.

 There is, in America, a potentially powerful, but presently only nascent (if even that), force for positive change. I submit that if that force is not unleashed in the coming months, there is no hope for reversing a catastrophic path toward what will be the final world war. The political terrain is now littered with explosive devices and our government, all of it, carries around the ignition engines, just looking for an opportunity to push the little buttons. Read more about A Challenge for the Left: What Will It Take?

Seems like the word "Christianist" gets under The Bug Man's skin

What a shame. And we try so hard to be Civil. Guess we'll have to stop using it. Not.

Here's the post Tom DeLay paid some staffer to write on his [cough] blog, all about the Christian Embassy video that Crooks&Liars (courageously) posted: goes so far as to label the members of this organization, 'Christianists.'

Mikey Weinstein on CNN

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Right on schedule: Iran, China and Natural Gas

When was the last time anyone watched “Three Days of the Condor?” "Syriana?" "The World is Not Enough?" Just checking. Read more about Right on schedule: Iran, China and Natural Gas

Thinking About Planting


It's about the time of year that Burpee and everybody else sends out their plant and seed catalogs, and people who garden or like to think about it sit around and dream through the dark cold days. Only they're not as cold as they used to be, are they?

Before ordering your plants, go look at this. The Arbor Day Foundation hardiness zone map. Chances are very good you're not in the one you think you are any more. Read more about Thinking About Planting

What happened to Atrios

New technology for data transfer.

Here at The Mighty Corrente Building, we are way more advanced. Maya Angelou even wrote a book about it: I Know Why The Caged Hamster Spins... Read more about What happened to Atrios


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