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"Young professional" torturers

One of the goofier features of Bush's Friday trainwreck presser was how he punched the phrase "young professionals." (Take the time to listen, at the link. It's a remarkable, er, performance.) In demanding that the Geneva Convention's language prohibiting torture be obfuscated (that is, recalling "healthy forests," "clarified") Bushh said this: Read below the fold...

Corps use us all up, lie, then throw us away


But then what would you expect from a system that calls people human resources? Boston Globe:

[M]any of the nation's biggest companies are rewriting the social contract that for 60 or more years has bound them to workers.

Since last year, at least a dozen corporations with nearly 1 million US employees either froze pension benefits for current workers, eliminated pension plans for new ones, or both.

Read below the fold...
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One Billion Dollars

Let me say it again: one billion dollars.

That's just the presidential race. Add this to what will be spent on all races across the country, and you're talking serious money here. Read below the fold...

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Whoa! I guess we now know that Lil Andy doesn't like it rough
Read below the fold...

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Iran for Grownups


Heh. Looks like some folks are tired of the hair pulling and can kicking and want to leave the sand box:
Read below the fold...

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Letterman Now Working for DoD at Gitmo

Comedy from your torture loving buds at the Pentagon.

But at least we know we'll all have high tops in the camps. And teeth cleanings. Because it's important to have good dental care between force feedings. Read below the fold...

And little children shall lead them

Republican little children. Leading us straight into an Iraqi qWagmire, at the cost of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, with nothing to show for it but tons of Republican methane.

These are the consequences of unchecked Republican rule in Iraq: Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

If you want not to sleep, or you want to wake up screaming, again I urge you to watch the webcast of Bush's Friday trainwreck presser. (Click on "view" in the Video/Multimedia box on the White House news page, at right.)

It runs for about an hour, and at the end of that hour, any illusion you have that Bush is, shall we say, normal, will be destroyed. It's goofy. And not in a good way. Read below the fold...

Pro-torture Republican John Yoo just can't stop lying

But then, he's a Republican, desperate to evade responsibility. For some reason, the World's Greatest Newspaper (not!) gave him space on its OpEd page: Read below the fold...

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Saturday Night 3 Dog Blogging

Chauncy, Phil & Rudy: Down On The Corner

+++ Read below the fold...

Election 2006: Chaos is the plan

As usual, the Republican plan is to make the election close enough to steal, create chaos, then scuttle away in the confusion.

And even WaPo is noticing: Read below the fold...

Republican clang birds take flight yet again

You remember the Clang Bird, right? The bird that flies in smaller and smaller circles until--Clang!--it flies up its own asshole?

Well, that's the Bush cabal in action. First, it's the Democrats who are traitors. But that's only half the country, and that's not enough for these guys. So now, it's not just the Democrats who are traitors, but the Republicans who are anti-torture. Granted, there are only three of them, but what next? Pretty soon, the only Republicans who aren't traitors are going to be Bush and Karl Rove, until--Clang!--there's only one left... Read below the fold...

DLC loses tax exempt status


It couldn't happen to a nicer crowd of Bush enablers. Although silly Forbes still thinks the DLC are Democrats:

In a previously unreported action, the Internal Revenue Service has revoked the DLC's tax exemption on the grounds that it primarily benefited a private group--Democrats, and particularly "New Democrats" running for or holding office--rather than the community at large. The DLC has sued in federal court to overturn the decision;

Read below the fold...


Bush cuts and stands at the Friday's presser. But how did everyone else stand it?

Don't you love that playful sense of humor? Read below the fold...

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Bloggers Who Aren't Black

Well, I was willing to only make a couple of comments about it, but it seems other folks are motivated to make this an issue, so I might as well join in. Steve and Liza and Pam and T and folks at the Crack Den have all chimed in about it, and I have to say that I’m on the list of the deeply disappointed. It’s just not that hard to find bloggers of color. The excuses I’m reading just don't hold much water. Read below the fold...


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