If you have "no place to go," come here!

Bush: "These are decent citizens who don't want to break the law."

And all Bush wants is "an alternative set of procedures." Is that so bad?

Then again, there's Abu Ghraib.


Everybody knows what Bush claiming the Geneva Convention is "vague" is all about:

It's about Bush making sure he'll never be held accountable for war crimes. Read below the fold...

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Say it isn't so!

Oh my goodness.

You mean USC has got a crooked football program!

Shocking! They've never had a crooked program in the past, right? Read below the fold...

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The Never-Ending National Emergency


In the face of signing statements, torture, and lying us into war, I suppose it's not that big a deal. But I recall reading in the past how keeping the nation in this state allows him to get around certain legal hurdles on his path to return America to monarchy.
However it may be, long live the Emergency!

Notice of September 5, 2006

Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Certain Terrorist Attacks

Read below the fold...
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Iran: Things to Keep in Mind

Sob, I don't think Corrente is widely read enough that this post will ever be read by the Op-Ed staff of the WaPo, but apparently Chuck Kruthammer has some new POS up about how if we don't bomb Iran yesterday civilization as we know it will come to an end. But I'd like to remind Mr. "I've never seen a brown person I didn't want to kill" of a few facts, facts which make "our" prospects for a Glorious Victory in Iran somewhat less likely than he and Chimpy may believe:
Read below the fold...

Santorum Demon Children Sell Papa

I aspire to snark, but there are times when one must defer to a master of the art. Tony Norman of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has been on a tear lately. Today he writes in the form of a letter to the Allegheny County's Office of Children, Youth and Families, the local child-abuse people.
Read below the fold...

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Daily Voting Horror: CO Edition

At this point, all I can do anymore is laugh. This is the "democracy" you seem to want, America. Enjoy:

By George Merritt
Denver Post Staff Writer

Under the gun to meet tight election deadlines, the secretary of state's office certified a voting machine for Jefferson and Mesa counties that failed to meet state requirements.

The information comes from the deposition of John Gardner - the man appointed by Secretary of State Gigi Dennis as the expert charged with certifying which types of voting machines can be used in Colorado.

Read below the fold...

Why did the Republicans want to sell our ports to slaveholders? Dubai sheiks sued for trafficking


Remember Dubai, the Bin Laden-friendly, money-laundering emirate Bush wanted to hand over control of our ports to? Read below the fold...


I started listening to NPR in the morning again, and I'm starting to think it's really as bad as the teebee--more subtle, but equally toxic.

When they cover Bush's attempt to evade the Geneva convention, why can't they stop saying "tough," and start saying "pro-torture"?

"Tough" totally buys into the Republicans-as-Dad, John Wayne bullshit we're all so tired of. Read below the fold...


That's the year when Bush will no longer be President.


UPDATE Oh good. He's going to hold a presser. My psyche is still strained from the last one. Read below the fold...

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Down By The River

Beneath the cement the river is laughing.
L.A. River, September, 2006 Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

One of my tomatoes has actually turned red. Only one. All the others are still green.

Hopefully I'll be able to ripen a few before the frost hits.

Amazingly, the color actually deepened through the day. Once they turn, they turn fast, I guess. Read below the fold...

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Say Hello

Pull my finger!


Senate panel defies Bush on terror.

Good news, if it isn't Kabuki:

If the past is any guide to the future:

1. The Moderate Republicans will get to look good in their campaign ads, but

2. The Republican leadership will just rewrite everything in conference anyhow, and Read below the fold...

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Thursday Enlightened Dog Blogging


Chauncy & Tibetan Monks, Outside the Gibson Amphitheater, Universal City, Los Angeles, California, Earth, Milky Way, the Universe

Note: Chauncy was in attendance inside the venue--known formerly as the Universal Amphitheater--and listened to the Dalai Lama speak yesterday--he looked up every time Tenzin Gyatso mentioned "walking." Read below the fold...


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