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Why do Republicans have disgusting eating habits?

Remember when Leadfoot fired the White House chef? Sure, this was in the heyday of Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast, so avoiding French inventions like béchamel and and beurre blanc was de rigueur, but here's the real reason:


Get ready to feel Teh Yuck, with the most quease-impelling, bile-provoking, leakage-inducing dinner menu you've ever had the good fortune not to be faced with, all thanks to Bush family values: Read below the fold...

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"Holding out for a hero ..."


These guys
Patriot Guard Riders absolutely positively rock. Read below the fold...

Science for Republicans!


VIENNA, Austria - An eight-legged invasion is giving some Austrians the creeps. The venomous yellow sack spider, whose painful bite can cause headache and nausea, has become the talk of the town since several people were bitten earlier this summer.

Read below the fold...
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When Slouching Becomes Rolling

Newberry’s latest at TPM has me thinking, and although I’m wholly unqualified to match wits with his like on the topic, I’m going to brave a couple of predictions. He writes:
Read below the fold...

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President Edwards and Majority Leader Clinton?

Reid's office is denying it, but Steve is sticking by the claim. For the record, I think it's a great idea; Hillary doesn't need to go back to the White House to get things done.

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Mark has some really important reading about what's going on in Iraq and Kurdistand. It's important to try to keep this part of the war in mind, for all the reasons in the articles he mentions. But this is my favorite part:

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There Are No Good Guys


At least, not among the "believers." I seem to recall something in the Koran about needing three or four witnesses, but oddly enough that doesn't seem to matter to the hardliners. Of course, her co-adulterer only gets the lash:

Read below the fold...

Do it yourself journalism in Mexico

Seems like the three millions missing votes that Mexico might, or might not, find in a recount is the tip of the iceberg in the Mexican political system. LA Times:

About 500 women banging spoons against pots and pans seized a state-run television station and broadcast a homemade video Wednesday that showed police kicking protesters out of Oaxaca's main square last month.

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Odd, the Things You Hear

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PISS ON 'EM!!!!!! And the G*d they rode in on...

A soldier's funeral two days from now -- Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest. Bastards. Cretins. Inbred idiots, bigoted wusses, cowardly sons of bitches -- even the 'women' among them. Best evidence for atheism? Read below the fold...

All-time stupid leads

Timesman Ralph Blumenthal cuts loose with a beauty:

Evolution Opponents Lose Kansas Board Majority
Kansas voters on Tuesday handed power back to moderates on the State Board of Education, setting the stage for a return of science teaching that broadly accepts the theory of evolution, according to preliminary election results.

Can anyone spot the "balance blooper"?

There isn't any such thing as teaching science while not teaching evolution!! Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

It's raining. Again. For the thirtieth day in a row. And I'm sitting here dripping sweat. This is zone 6, folks. Tropical plants aren't supposed to be growing here, quinine and mosquito netting aren't supposed to be necessary...

Meanwhile, I'm becoming the town laughingstock with the zuchinni.

I've got zuchinni as big as Rush Limbaugh's ego, thousands of them. More every day. But what I didn't understand when I got into this gardening thing is that everybody has more zuchinni than they know what to do with. Read below the fold...

Run him off, Cindy! Run him off!


For the first time since he bought his 1600 acre spread, President Bush is not going to spend the whole summer [at his so-called "ranch"] -- just a week and then a few days before Labor Day.

And why would that be? Certainly, we can't look in to Bush's heart, if any; but there's one obvious factor to consider: Read below the fold...

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Sugar Tits Make For Fat Babies

I can't even think straight. For the past five days I have had visions of Sugar Tits dancing in what passes for my head. Some of them speak with an Australian accent. This has to stop. Read below the fold...

Power to the..Poople!

Hmm. Slogan may need a little work. This is a fascinating story anyway, the kind of work we should be pouring money into. There's an old rule of thumb in engineering and design: two signs of disgraceful inefficiency are noise and waste, either heat or effluent byproduct. I don't see how this device can make any racket, and it takes some of the unavoidable waste, biological rather than mechanical, and puts it to constructive use.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
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