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Irony: I Just Can't Take it Anymore

As a precaution, the governor was ushered into a T-station supply closet and stayed there until the crowd left.

Run away! Run away! Read below the fold...

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Democratic Women with Stones Use Foley in Campaign Ads

I've always loved the term "stones." They're useful for describing large ovaries as well as testes, and look at who's got 'em:
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Apropos of Nada

Avoid the Stoned Poem Thing By Not Clicking Below...

No one pretends as hard as God
None that are allowed, but

there's a terrific park on saturdays
in darker greens and white ash

the water fountains contain coins from Rome
tossed from the passing hands
(sound has memory too)
a hand is draped along the rings

when you repeat a circle in these oceans
you spend the tides
and water wins the world Read below the fold...

About That Other War: We're Losing There Too


Read these two stories and tell me that (1) we're not at war with, or at least under attack by, an actual foreign power with the actual ability to do us harm and (2) we're losing. Oh yeah, and neither side really wants us peasants to know what's going on:

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First Turd of Friday News Dump Goes "Plop!"

Idiot media has (however inadequately and infrequently) reported every time the "number of appointments at the White House by Jack Abramoff or his employees" has changed, invariably upwards. What they have never, that I've seen anyway, made note of is that Abramoff had his own plant right in the heart of the White House. His former "aide" Susan Ralston, who has been Karl Rove's right-hand woman for most if not the entire BushCo presidency reign of terror. Read below the fold...

Oh Boo Hoo Hoo: "Life Tough for Gay Republicans"

High on the long list of "people I can't figure out why they'd be Republicans anyway" (which includes of course women, patriots, Christians, Jews, lovers of the Constitution, patriots, supporters of the military, carbon-based life forms, etc.) gay folks have to be near the very top. How self-hating do you have to be? Read below the fold...

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Rove's Mighty Wurlitzer tells them what to write...

and idiots like this simply take dictation.

Ah, the subservient beltway press corps, huh?

My goodness, could you have a more obediently reproduced Karl Rove press release than this "First Read" thing on Read below the fold...

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The Fabulous Old Party

Gay Republicans — we can't get away from them. Andrew Sullivan is in the kitchen now, drinking me wife's tea! Gaah! They're even now peeking out from inside me wife's blouse! I can't even take a bath without six or seven gay Republicans jumping in with me! Oh, God!

CBS' Gloria Borger, after Foley's former chief of staff, Kirk Fordham, who is gay, claimed he warned GOP leaders about Foley: "CBS News has learned that several other top Republican staffers who handled the Foley matter are also gay. Their role in this controversy has caused a firestorm among Republican conservatives...."

Excuse me, did you just say "CBS News has learned that several other top Republican staffers who handled the Foley matter are also gay"? Read below the fold...

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C-Span: Freeh to Head Up Investigation

C-Span Just announced that Freeh is going to head up an investigation. Probably more details after Denny's speech in a few minutes. Read below the fold...

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Just what kind of person is Glenn Reynolds?

You know, I knew that Glenn didn't have any ethics or moral center, but this really takes the cake.

That is so beyond the pale I don't even know what to say. Anything to advance the Republican agenda, huh "Libertarian" Glenn? Read below the fold...

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Framing: Foley is a Gay Pedophile

Say it with me, kids: "Foley is a gay pedophile.

There's been a lot of chatter since this whole mess broke out about how important it is for people not to smear gays with the pedophilia brush. Normally, I'd be the first in that line. Being gay has nothing to do with pedophilia, gays are no more likely to be pedophiles than straight folks, pedophila, like rape, is about power and not sex, etc. All good liberals know the difference and how to make that argument.

But that's not the point. Read below the fold...

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Will Watch: "Denial" -- and the denying denier who denies it

Investigative reporter-cum-whore* Bob Woodward dances with Wolfowitzes for six years and finally figures out that Bush's Iraq War is a clusterfuck.

And how does George Will respond to Woodward's new book, State of Denial? Here's a hint: it's in the book's title. Read below the fold...

It's official! Hastert now radioactive!


House Speaker Dennis Hastert's political support showed signs of cracking on Wednesday as Republicans fled an election-year scandal spawned by steamy computer messages from former Rep. Mark Foley to teenage male pages.

And, for some reason, Republicans don't want to be in the same photograph with Hastert anymore: Read below the fold...

See no evil



Two enablers. Nice.

And the story this photo is next to?

AP. Read below the fold...


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