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I Voted!

I feel shitty for not posting this a month ago, doubly so because I recently spoke with a friend who didn't quite understand the deadlines and bullshit between him and casting a ballot; my friend may not be able to vote this year because of it. Anyway, I voted today. I sent off my absentee ballot with all that "we guarantee it will get there and by a specific date" stuff, I consider the extra postage well spent. I've bitched and moaned and griped about our Scary Voting Machines here for years, so I won't remind you, except to say that you shouldn't pop the champagne just yet. Read below the fold...

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Adventures In Health Care


It's been just my luck to have a niggling health problem develop right when I'm newly arrived, and I got to spend the better part of my day dealing with it. Not because I love being fawned over by clinicians, but because I'm so new to the area that I haven't had time yet to find a doctor and otherwise line up all my little health care ducks. So I got to experience a little "community health care," a nice euphemism for what the poor "enjoy." Let me remind everyone that we're approaching 50 million uninsured in this country. I feel confident that what I experienced is at the upper end in terms of quality and service. So I thank my lucky stars for the little I did receive. Read below the fold...

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How to Make Things the Way They Ought to Be

Oh my

No, make that oh, my goodness!

You know, sometimes I get... Oh, I don't know. Jaded, perhaps. Hardboiled. I just can't get... excited any more.

But then I read a URL like the one in the URL to Think Progress above:


and suddenly, the sun is shining, I've got a spring in my step, I'm whistling a tune... Life is good! Read below the fold...

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WaPo: "Clouds hang over at least 15 GOP seats"


The GOP forecast is bleak, barring a high-pressure front bringing election fraud to the region, and there's a zero-percent chance of moral values:
Read below the fold...

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Thursday Morning Kapok Blogging

Around twenty years ago two young men (who still live in the L.A. neighborhood) planted a number of Kapok trees on a street two blocks over from where I live. I was out walking the other day (with my digital camera at the ready) and was caught by the angle of the sun and the way one particular Kapok tree turned and reached and soared and held ten thousand dreams in silence. I took some pics.

Here are some of the images: Read below the fold...

Gen. Grant Knew Better Than This

Google "Civil War" and "Petersburg Campaign." Then read the latest from Patrick Cockburn, who clearly would be writing this with letters of fire in the sky if he had the means to do so:
Read below the fold...

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Limbaugh. Gallows. Aircraft cable.

Some assembly required.
That is all. Read below the fold...

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Barnyard Politics

"Education -- if you make the most of it and you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well," said Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat. "If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."

To quote our whimsical Secretary of Defense, "Oh, Henny-Penny, the sky is falling!" Somebody told the truth. It's too bad Kerry left out the punch line: "Just ask President Bush." Read below the fold...

Never apologize to a Republican!

I don't hear a lot of Republicans apologizing for trashing the Constitution--or, if it comes to that, for their kinks about animals. Or that whole page thing (Hi, Denny!) Or New Orleans. Or $8.6 billion lost in Iraq. Or Iraq.

And if anyone isn't ready to make nice, you'd think it would be John Kerry. Read below the fold...

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Because, as a rule, I don't let white folks pick which Colored Politicians I'm supposed to like: Offered without comment.
Read below the fold...

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DoD Gay Witch Hunt Continues

Look, I've been here what? Ten days? And already, I've met more queer servicemembers or former servicemembers than I can easily relate. It's a simple fact: gay people love the uniform in equal proportion to everyone else, perhaps more so. If they join to 'travel to new places, meet new people, and kill them' or because there are significant social, professional, and financial benefits to doing so, it hardly matters. This shit has got to stop:
Read below the fold...

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LiveBlogging Iran


I've pushed for readers to check out Middle Eastern blogs before, but perhaps you've found the perspective of those with English as a second language less than helpful. Well, here's your chance to ride along via the ether and magic of the intertubes, as a one of the blogosphere's very best liveblogs his return trip to Iran. Sean-Paul is really informed and educated on a host of issues, and this is not his first trip to Persia. He's also going to really cool places there and talking to all kinds of people. Read below the fold...

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Youth Voters to W: FOAD (We're Coming For You, Chimpy)

On caveat is important before I get all gloaty. I listened to the C-Span panel on this report, and the author of the study was quick to note: what young voters say they'll do and what they do end up doing are often two different things. Think of the abstinence reportee, who's had anal sex and received a blow job in the last week, but worrying about parental views, claims to those asking, "Yes! I'm a virgin." That said, this Harvard study is chock full of good news. Highlights include:
Read below the fold...


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