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Live on the Campaign Trail

Matt is just cracking me up. Read the whole thing, the pictures are really good. A sample:

After all the politicos had spoken, Lieberman finally stepped up to the mike. Lieberman's speech was bad, weird, listless, and angry. He said that there are two big lies in this campaign. The first is apparently that Lieberman is not a Democrat. For the record, we call him George Bush's favorite Democrat, though we tend to acknowledge that he's a Democrat. After repeating the the mean liberal voices he hears in his head, Lieberman said something along the lines of 'I'm a Democrat, I believe in human rights, in government working for the people, etc.' What's hilarious about Lieberman's point is that he not only violated campaign speak 101, which is that you don't repeat your opponent's attacks on you, but he actually invented a new attack line and used it on himself so he could deny it. Read below the fold...
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I Guess Malkin Will Blame Jeebus Now

That guy who shot up the Jewish cultural center in Seattle? Not Arab, and not Muslim.

I'm sure Michelle will offer a retraction any day now. Read below the fold...

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Quad City Times:

By Ed Tibbetts | Monday, July 31, 2006 |

When Jules Cohen signed up for his Medicare-backed prescription drug plan, he’d heard about the “doughnut hole.”
The hole is a built-in gap, aimed at holding down the program’s cost, that will force senior citizens to cover all their drug costs that exceed $2,250 a year.

Read below the fold...

Surgeon General Resigns

This is somewhat surprising.

I didn't know we still had a Surgeon General. Read below the fold...

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A Bloggy Note to a Fish Mammal Out of Water

Joe Lieberman in happier times

A Bloggy Note to a Fish Mammal Out of Water Read below the fold...

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Welcome to Reality -- What kept you?


You'll like the headline to this story: "Analysis: Bush Mideast Stance May Flop."

Oh, so now they tell me the Bush Mideast policy is a disaster!

What was it before tonight? Read below the fold...

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Murder ...........

visited my hometown last week.

The victim's name is Andrew Velez.
He was a US Army Specialist.
He was a husband and a father.
He was the second, and last, son of his parents.
He was their second child to die in uniform in the "war on Terror." Their first, 23-year-old Jose Velez, died in Fallujah in November 2004. Read below the fold...

"Permanent Solutions"

This incessant horseshit spewing from from the mouths of Bush and his surrogate/sockpuppets, that "a ceasefire is meaningless, stopping for the sake of stopping would be bad, we are not going to call for a ceasefire until it is part of a permanent solution..." has got me just a tad irate. Read below the fold...

Quote du Jour

To get us through those 900+ long days until this phase of the nightmare is over....From Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to a friend, on the occasion of the passage of the Alien & Sedition Act, the "PATRIOT Act" of its day:
Read below the fold...

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Numbers on the News

There are a lot of important figures here, and you should take some of them as an indication of your homework for the week. I suspect the slowdown has to do with the population being divided into "highly motivated" and "less motivated" news readers. We've probably saturated the former, and getting the latter into the habit will take more personal recommendations; I suspect advertising won't work as well with them.
Read below the fold...

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Can We Just Go Back to Paper Please?

Really. I'm so sick of this.
Read below the fold...

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Imagine a Million Camping Out on Wall St

Wouldn't that be interesting? You know, some small fraction of the nation's unemployed in a bunch of tents, vowing not to leave until the occupation ended and international forces brought an end to the slaughter in Gaza? Natch, we're not Mexicans. Read below the fold...

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The Loot Goes On

Because it's not just human life being lost:

Iraq archaeologists say the ancient Mesopotamian site of Uruk, modern Warka, is being pilfered by smugglers and illegal diggers.

Warka, one of Sumerians’ earliest urban centers, has produced some of the earliest known writings in the world.

Many scientists believe the world’s oldest known civilization flourished in the city more than 5,000 years ago.

Read below the fold...
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He's Our General

Because of posts like this.

I salute you, Sir. Read below the fold...

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A Child of God


Well I came across a child of God
He was walking along the road
And I asked him tell where are you going
This he told me

Well I am going down to Yasgur's farm
Going to join in a rock and roll band
Goin' to get back to the land to set my soul free

We are stardust,
We are golden
We are ten billion year old carbon
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden Read below the fold...


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