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Best Political Spending This Cycle

Let the Rovebots dump $60 fucking million into--from all reports--all negative/all the time advertising. Claire McCaskill (D-Sen/MO) just made the buy of a lifetime last week for a lousy $4400:
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Video Poker Voting: Edwards Edition

His Royal Highness The Grey Turtleneck points us to Matt's place for a look at the Donna Edwards/Wynn primary in MD, which in turn points us to the ever estimable Professor Rubin's blog, in which he gives me all the motivation I need today to don the foil. Read below the fold...

NSA tries to deflect accountability for Bush warrantless surveillance program


Remember Ari's "Watch what you say"? Well, Congress--Democrats and Republicans, mind you--asked NSA what they could safely say about Bush's felonious, unconstitutional warrantless surveillance program without violating secrecy laws. Read below the fold...

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Green Card Draft


This is a solid piece on the specifics about how the military is spending real money and effort to recruit non-citizens into the military, with the big hook of US citizenship. You've probably heard of it, and XicanoPwr does a good job filling in all the details. I find it ironic that the Republican party can on the one hand vilify immigrants as the "new gay" in this election cycle, and at the same time offer the "precious commodity" of citizenship to that very same group. Read below the fold...

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Microwaving Mobs

Where's that foil again? Jeebus, I knew the Air Force was run by crazies, but you'd think they'd keep this kind of shit to themselves. Perhaps it's a warning for those of us contemplating action should the elections seem out of place with polling trends.
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I hate it when I pour the water into the coffee machine twice, and then when I turn the brewer on, the carafe fills all the way up to the top and the excess overflows and starts sizzling on the heating element and dripping and splashing all over the floor.

Not how I want to wake up and smell the coffee. Or with the Chaffee win either.

Frustrating. Wasteful. Embarassing!

And it shows you what kind of state I am in the morning. Read below the fold...

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Late Night Monkey Business Blues


Late Night Monkey Business Blues

I sat down at the bar
Ordered a whiskey neat
A monkey sat next to me
He said "it's my treat"

I like to pay for my own drinks
I told that monkey so
He pulled out a gun
Said I best drink and go

Goddamn that monkey
Made me drink and go

I went to the cafe
For coffee and pie
Sitting at the counter
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From Texas ... (Some Assembly Required)

Willie is a lot of things Toby Keith is not. Starting with cool. So. One more time -- listen to Willie.

Well a man come on the 6 o'clock news
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President Bush Curious As To Where White House Emergency Exits Are Located

Dear George,

If they come in through the front, you might want to duck out the back--or better yet, take advantage of a side-door and run serpentine to your mom's Hummer. Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome--time for this one to come home... Read below the fold...

Whiney Joe

Joe! Get off the pity pot! It's not attractive:

LIEBERMAN: "[Lamont] constantly criticizes, criticizes, criticizes. And he blames me for just about everything, maybe except the weather."

It's called a campaign, Joe. Got that?

And as far as the weather goes, Joe: Read below the fold...

We Told You This Would Happen, Dammit

We really did, you know. So did lots of other people. From the WaPo, breaking news on broken elections:
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Neocons to Bush: Double or nothing, or you're a pussy


Sigh. Here we go again. William Kristol and Rich Lowry:

We are at a crucial moment in Iraq. Supporters of the war, like us, have in the past differed over tactics. But at this urgent pass, there can be no doubt that we need to stop the downward slide in Iraq by securing Baghdad.

Great. Now we've got the neo-cons handling tactics for the Army from the editorial pages of the Washington Post. Since the strategery part worked out so well for everyone. Read below the fold...

"Thanks to Bush, Bin Laden won"


Now that's the kind of headline I like to see on the Google News page. Thank you, New York Daily News. Richard Cohen: Read below the fold...


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