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Flynt Leverett Talks


He basically tells C-Span what Dear Leader didn't want published in the New York Times. On You Tube here. Read more about Flynt Leverett Talks

The neo-con beast not dead, just wounded

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Stocking stuffer

Last night when I stopped at the Crackhead Market at the bottom of The Hill to get a soda for the ride into the big city, the featured item next to the cash register was Toby Keith's "Angry American Chopper", presumably destined to be a big hit this Christmas in the trailer courts surrounding the market and making up much of its clientele. Read more about Stocking stuffer

Bush to troops, American voters: Go die, and fuck you


"I'm inclined to believe that we do need to increase our troops — the Army, the Marines," Bush said in the Oval Office session.

Lovely. To be fair to Bush:

From WaPo: Read more about Bush to troops, American voters: Go die, and fuck you

"Surge" is the most virulent meme I've encountered in some time

From small beginnings, now it's everywhere, and in days. I'm just hearing a whole NPR segment that takes "surge" for granted, treats the word as if it were neutral language, assumes everyone knows what it means, etc.

How do they do it?????

More importantly, how can we emulate them? Read more about "Surge" is the most virulent meme I've encountered in some time

"An American President wearing lipstick and pearls is an abstraction."

(Quote from long NPR segment on why it will be tough for a woman to become President. The clothes, the makeup... )

So, Rudy Giuliani can't win?

What a shame... Read more about "An American President wearing lipstick and pearls is an abstraction."

Everybody must get stoned

I can't imagine why this would be so:

Marijuana is the top cash crop in the US, a report released on Monday says.

It says that despite intensive eradication plans, $35bn (£18bn) worth of the illegal drug is produced a year - more than corn and wheat combined.

The study was prepared by Jon Gettman, a public policy analyst who advocates reform of US marijuana laws.


Cheney to appear as defense witness in Scooter Libby's trial for treas--oh, I'm sorry, perjury.

Meaning that Fitz will get to cross-examine Big Dick!

And hopefully cut him down to size.... Read more about Fitzmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We Won!

Corrente is a proud recipient of a 2006 Golden Monkeyfist Award! The trophy will be prominently displayed behind the Mighty Corrente Building Wet Bar for all to admire as they sip their microbrews. Read more about We Won!

Republican Found to Have (Gasp!) Ethics


The accelerating rush to re-amalgamate the entire US phone system (the breakup of which was just about the last gasp of active antitrust enforcement) has hit a speed bump. One of the FCC commissioners whose vote is needed to allow the merger of BellSouth (my phone company, and the only source of broadband Internet in my exceedingly rural area) and the resurgent AT&T is refusing to vote on the matter. He made this decision final today. Robert McDowell says it would be unethical for him to vote on the matter as he has recently done lobbying for the telecommunications industry. Read more about Republican Found to Have (Gasp!) Ethics

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I shit you not

Yes, Virginia New York, there is a Colin Powell Center For Policy Studies.

It was just mentioned in a small good-news item: Read more about I shit you not

Help me nail one of The Maine Girls

As we know, the Moderate Republican Maine Girls, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, are holding one of the last bastions of Red-ness in Blue England. (This must end!) Not only that, they're both right at the rancid heart, fanning away the odor of the decades-long Republican project to replace Constitutional government with authoritarian rule, Snowe on the Senate Select Committe on Intelligence, Collins on Armed Services and, along with The Last Honest Man, Homeland Security. Read more about Help me nail one of The Maine Girls

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Why Soldiers Die in Iraq


This type is at an all time high.

Rummy is to blame.

This has been another edition of "why certain warmongers need to be T.C.&E." Read more about Why Soldiers Die in Iraq


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