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Sebastian Mallaby teabags WaPo management

Our Seb, yesterday. Let's pass by his Beltway-standard pissing and moaning about the polarization of American politics--making one's way to the cocktail weenie table is so unpleasant lately. You never know who you'll run into! Ain't it awful?--and make our way, as few before us have, to the end of his column, where we find this gem: Read below the fold...

Look! Up in the sky! Barack Obama!

Evil media empires seek to distract right-thinking Dems from focusing on the 2006 mid-terms.

So fucking transparent, isn't it?

These are the guys who spent a year chattering about Al Gore and the ginned up "earth tones" story in election 2000. And now they're swooning over Barack Obama. That should tell you something, right?

Not that Barack isn't just a new, and very pretty face. Read below the fold...

We have always been at war with Oceania!

Dan Bartlett: "It's never been a stay the course strategy." But check the videos and the transcript.

This is blatant, even for the Republicans.

It really does go deeper than lying, doesn't it?

NOTE The Man Who Does Not Suck, despite, or perhaps even because of, his grey turtleneck. Read below the fold...

Christmas Isn't That Far Away...

And you know some hard-working bloggers who have such low and dreadful taste that they really, really deserve this. (Not any of us of course. We are saints who eschew money and want any spare change you have lying about to go to non-R candidates who need it. We're talking about those other guys here, the ones who suck.) But now we present...From ebay Read below the fold...

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Just Plain Tired

We Americans are so fat. So soft, so lazy, so pathetic. This isn't meant to be a "we suck" post, but here in DC, as I run my ass up and down three flights of stairs six or sixteen times a day moving in, I can't help but think of this woman. I have power, electricity, potable water, flushing toilets, an internet connection (dial up for a while), DVDs to entertain me as I load up the closets and put away my shoes, decor, food and drink in the fridge...the list of luxuries goes on and on. Read below the fold...

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Smoked Brisket -- Fall Barbecue

You will need:

A six-to-nine pound untrimmed beef brisket
Two bottles of Claude's Brisket Marinade OR

2 lb good honey
4 oz liquid mesquite smoke
6 oz soy sauce
4 oz roasted minced garlic
12 oz fresh lime juice Read below the fold...

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Worth fighting for ...

a total ban on whaling to stop this: Cruelty in service of profits continues ... we care naught for innocence nor blood, and all for m Read below the fold...

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Northstar knocks one out of the park today ...

Go read Much_Has_Happened for a succinct accounting of the past six years and the horrific nonchalance of the American people in response. Read below the fold...

Republican social engineering in Iraq

Is anyone surprised that the Iraq War turned out the way that it did for the Iraqis? (We knew the Republicans would Fuck up the war; what we couldn't imagine was the grand scale on which they were able to fuck up the peace. Now we know. It's like Katrina. Except a lot worse.)

Government small enough to drown in a bathtub? Check.

Ownership society, meaning that if you've got a gun, you own whatever you've got or can take? Check. Read below the fold...

All the Way Up and Down the Ticket

Just in case you were thinking of voting for somebody with an R- after their names, for county sewer commissioner or something equally trivial, perhaps out of a desire to prove you're not a mindless partisan. From the ever-interesting Alabama news roundup page:

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) —Greg Goodwin, a Republican candidate for Madison County coroner, has been arrested on a charge of cocaine possession, but is staying in the race, his attorney says.

And of course for this deplorable deed his party is doing the noble thing and casting him forth forthwith? Snicker, snort, guffaw:

Madison County Republican chairman John Noel said no attempt will be made to replace Goodwin on the ballot unless he is convicted.

Okay, the dude was a sacrificial lamb to begin with, up against a four-term incumbent for a job where you just about have to get caught in photographed necrophilia to lose. But still, doing lamb duty in races like this is how you pay your dues. Maybe the incumbent will get unfortunately photographed, or walk in front of a bus or something, and if not, you've still got actual boots on the ground campaigning experience. It counts. Read below the fold...

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It's been a hard day's night ...


and I've been workin' like a dog. But maybe it's worth it: In Kansas, they're finally catching on: Topeka_Editorial_on_Food _Safety and down in Seabrook, my buddy Northstar has an image that may make you think twice about vegan eating. Animal_Parts Read below the fold...

Ho Lieberman spent $400,000 in "petty cash" in 12 days?

(Via the estimable Kossacks.)

That's a lot of money to leave on a lot of dressers, wouldn't you say?

Lieberman really is a Republican, isn't he?

Because that amount of petty cash is also illegal. Nice. Read below the fold...


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