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What, do you think Glenn reads these things?

I'm following the thing between Josh Marshall and Insty today.

I think it's interesting that Josh says that Insty is misrepresenting him. It's actually worse than that. Insty's always been too lazy to read any of the stuff he links to. Read below the fold...

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Mel Gibson Rages Against International Jewish Drinking Conspiracy

Who knew Jack Daniels was Jewish?

+++ Read below the fold...

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What Side Dish Will You Bring to the Party?

CNN has this report:

"I love the people of America. It's the government I hate. Tell the American people that we received their gift. The missile that they gave to Israel - we have received it, and this is the result," he says, motioning to the coffins.

Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

It's raining again. And tomatoes really are vines--Vines that are trying to invade the lawn along with the squash.

I had this foolish idea that you planted tomatoes in rows, in some organized way--but now I have a riot of vines, going every which way, and where they've grown out enough, I stake them up. Who's in charge here, anyhow? Read below the fold...

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10 more, in silence ...

a tribute to the honor roll Newshour's Jim Lehrer tolls, "once their deaths are official and photographs available."

Here. Read below the fold...

Wipe the drool from your chin, Mr. President

I think they must have changed Inerrant Boy's meds again. In a press conference that was a tour de farce of delusional thinking, this one statement by Der Dëcider stands out:

[BUSH] There's a lot of suffering in the Palestinian territory because militant Hamas is trying to stop the advance of democracy.

Read below the fold...
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More Turning of the Tide

(Warning: I wrote this while suffering a little heat stroke and a failing connection in Dupont circle, so forgive me if it isn't all that it should be. I'll do follow up if I have time-CD) Read below the fold...

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Embrace Teh Suck

Just got in from hearing the author speak about his new book, “Fiasco” by Thomas Ricks, of the WaPo at a think tank here in DC. I’ll not review the book, there’s a relatively decent one found here. You may also read the author take on a bunch of very angry people during a live chat at the WaPo. We were told by the host of the event that the book is #1 on Amazon, and I can see why for some it’s proving to be a must read. Read below the fold...

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Why Is This Man Smiling?



Because this woman isn't.

Lebanon july 2006 mother and baby




Perhaps. I could have featured other smiling men:

This one, for instance.
Thomas Friedman Read below the fold...

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For Cody

Image hosted by

Just over one year ago I did a post about Cody--the short story is that a neigbor's family member had had Cody for many years. Cody was now older and sick, and the family was going to take him to the pound, where he would surely die without the company of those he loved and trusted, and he would never understand why. Read below the fold...

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Hot Times and Cool Tubes

So it's like 150 degrees and 1000% humidity here in DC today. But what almost makes it worth it: the ability to sit in Dupont Circle and blog and surf for free. Of course, silly ol' me screwed up her 802.11 connection and can't post what I wrote from the Hill yesterday, but it's comin', never fear. Read below the fold...

Expedient that some die...

(John 18:14) Buried at the end of a some sucking up to Condi in the Times, we find this nonchalant summary of Bush's Lebanon policy, which Times hagiographer Helene Cooper seems to find in no way remarkable:

The Bush administration contends that such a package has more of a chance of working if Israeli forces are able militarily to degrade Hezbollah. But the path of sacrificing civilian lives now in hopes of a greater peace later holds potential peril

Read that again: "... [T]he path of sacrificing civilian lives now...." Read below the fold...

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Buonanotte, Luna (and Daphne)

Goodnight, moon

The squash invade the lawn!


Guess which direction the sun comes from? Read below the fold...

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Buonanotte, Luna

Retardo Montalban explains why lefty bloggers are more reluctant to write about Israel than the wingnuts.

Sir Charles Barkley for Governor!

What happens when Ledeen, Chalabi, Larry Franklin and Ghorbanifarget together and party in Rome?

Rule #1: don't piss off Teh Wolcott. Read below the fold...


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