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From Texas ... (Some Assembly Required)

Willie is a lot of things Toby Keith is not. Starting with cool. So. One more time -- listen to Willie.

Well a man come on the 6 o'clock news
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President Bush Curious As To Where White House Emergency Exits Are Located

Dear George,

If they come in through the front, you might want to duck out the back--or better yet, take advantage of a side-door and run serpentine to your mom's Hummer. Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome--time for this one to come home... Read below the fold...

Whiney Joe

Joe! Get off the pity pot! It's not attractive:

LIEBERMAN: "[Lamont] constantly criticizes, criticizes, criticizes. And he blames me for just about everything, maybe except the weather."

It's called a campaign, Joe. Got that?

And as far as the weather goes, Joe: Read below the fold...

We Told You This Would Happen, Dammit

We really did, you know. So did lots of other people. From the WaPo, breaking news on broken elections:
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Neocons to Bush: Double or nothing, or you're a pussy


Sigh. Here we go again. William Kristol and Rich Lowry:

We are at a crucial moment in Iraq. Supporters of the war, like us, have in the past differed over tactics. But at this urgent pass, there can be no doubt that we need to stop the downward slide in Iraq by securing Baghdad.

Great. Now we've got the neo-cons handling tactics for the Army from the editorial pages of the Washington Post. Since the strategery part worked out so well for everyone. Read below the fold...

"Thanks to Bush, Bin Laden won"


Now that's the kind of headline I like to see on the Google News page. Thank you, New York Daily News. Richard Cohen: Read below the fold...

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Accountability? What's That? (Joementum Mix)

I'm so glad Ned and David are working together:

In a stunning admission, Sen. Joe Lieberman's campaign today went on record saying that major Iraq votes in Congress do not matter. Yes, that's right, in an Associated Press article about Lieberman's decision to skip recent key votes on Iraq, his spokeswoman claimed that he thought it was acceptable to skip these votes because they were supposedly just "typical party-line procedural votes." Read below the fold...
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Tax Dollars to the Taliban

No, really. We give pretty massive amounts of aid to the country in question, so I think it's a fair title for this post. Folks, if you ever doubted it, we're already lost the war on terror. Read below the fold...

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I tossed off a short piece a while back complaining about the use of the term "islamofascism," but Boo has done a much better job of it and I'd like to post a long section from his response to the bloviatings of that fop Hitchens:

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I Love it When the Academics Catch Up

Ok, I'm being snarky. But via RMJ, we get a dose of common sense long found in more intelligent circles of the blogosphere.

On the first page of its founding manifesto, the massively funded Department of Homeland Security intones, "Today's terrorists can strike at any place, at any time, and with virtually any weapon."

But if it is so easy to pull off an attack and if terrorists are so demonically competent, why have they not done it?

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Save For When You Need a Good Cry

The Post-Gazette's most excellent Tony Norman gives us some

Excerpts from the secret diary of Albert Gore, 43rd president of the United States. Read below the fold...

WaPo: There's Hope For Her Yet

Way, way down at the bottom of their front page it may be. In the "Arts & Living" section allegedly, although if you click to that page this item isnt' there. But proudly on the front page of the Washington Post nevertheless, at long last, they show signs of starting to catch up with what we were trying to tell them oh, about 4 3/4 years ago
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Of course we're still under attack

The Republicans are attacking our Constitution to replace it with an authoritarian system under which the chief executive--I won't use the word "President"--is accountable to no-one, and especially not voters.

Watch to see what this Congress does with Constitutional issues, now that Bush's extremely non-political prime time pre-mid term speech has given them cover:

1. Will the Republican Congress retroactively "legalize" the thirty felonies that Bush committed when He putatively "authorized" His warrantless surveillance program? Read below the fold...

Not cynical enough. Not nearly cynical enough.

Keith Olbermann:

I look back on that moment when so many of us wanted to trust our president and I wonder:

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