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Republican governance completely discredited

Jeebus, they can't even pass a budget! Times:

For its part, Congress is awash in dithering over spending bills. RollCall reports today that because Republicans do not want to deal with the nine spending bills still pending, the likelihood of passing continuing resolutions into the next year is high. As is a recess date, especially for the House, of Dec. 8.

"Don't want to deal with"? This from the party of personal responsibility! [snicker] Read more about Republican governance completely discredited

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A conversation

[Frontpaged by lambert]

We get reruns of Meet The Press around here in the wee hours of Monday morning, around the time the night shift supervisor comes around to stick his John Hancock on all the paperwork the EPA requires me to fill out each night at work. He's getting settled in, and they're flashing the cover of the latest Newsweek up on the screen: "al-Sadr: The Most Dangerous Man In Iraq". I'm thinking, "This could get ugly..." Read more about A conversation

Motorcyle cop dies after crash while escorting Bush Hawaii photo-op motorcade

Was Bush responsible because the motorcade's speed didn't take account of rainy conditions?

International Herald Tribune:

A motorcycle officer injured last week while escorting President George W. Bush in the islands has died, police said. Steve Favela died on Sunday.

Favela, 30, and two other officers crashed their cycles as the presidential motorcade was traveling across Hickam Air Force Base to meet troops for breakfast early Tuesday.

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Intersections in Real Time


Rewatching Babylon 5 via DVD -- I'm seeing eerie historical parallels to Guantanamo and the secret prisons in the way Earth treated its captured hero, John Sheridan. Looks like Cheney, et. al., thought these were training videos. Read more about Intersections in Real Time

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Civil War? Something Worse? Two Perspectives


Recently, in the comments of this post reader and blogger Mark from Ireland made the suggestion that the term "civil war" isn't the right one to describe what's happening in Iraq right now. In response, I offer this devastating article by Nir Rosen. It is probably one of the top five articles I've read about Iraq since the war started, and I cannot encourage you enough to read it. And reread it. Read more about Civil War? Something Worse? Two Perspectives

The massive suckitude of centrists: It's all about the Rolodexes

It's all about the Rolodexes.

With our famously free press, it really is that simple. All the capital the Beltway 500 has is in their Rolodexes: those relationships. And since the names in those Rolodexes are all either Republicans, Republican enablers, or DINOs, it's only natural that the 500 would continue to book them, quote them, and teabag them. It's kinda like refusing to sell your house when the housing market's collapsing. Read more about The massive suckitude of centrists: It's all about the Rolodexes

Find the hate group near you!


With this handy map.

Is Family Research Institute there? Why yes, it is! Up there in Colorado Springs, all comfy next to the Air Force academy and all those nuclear weapons.

NOTE Via Pharyngula. Read more about Find the hate group near you!

A year late and a few billion short

I give thanks that we won't have to listen to this shithead after 2009:

In his Saturday radio address, Bush said Americans are grateful to those who rallied after hurricanes Katrina and Rita to bring food, water and hope to people who lost everything.

"We renew our commitment to help those who are still suffering and to rebuild our nation's Gulf Coast," Bush said.

Big words, Sahib, that I translate "Better luck next hurricane." Read more about A year late and a few billion short

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Decoding Hoyer: No Help From the AP

I am so tired of not being able to understand "what is important" from a news "report." Or rather, I hate feeling like there is so much more going on in a story, and the reporters and editors who bring me information just can't be bothered to find out what that is. Tell me what I am to understand from this very mixed blurb:
Read more about Decoding Hoyer: No Help From the AP

The man who stole Florida 2000 for Bush gets a fat, sloppy kiss from the Times

Why would anybody consider the Bush family fixer a "statesman"? A statesman is a politician who is dead--and red-faced, shouting James Baker is very much alive. At least as much as any Republican zombie is alive. Sheryl Gay Stolberg teabags with the best of 'em: Read more about The man who stole Florida 2000 for Bush gets a fat, sloppy kiss from the Times

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News From Iraq - Translated from Arabic Media In Iraq.

Here's a round up of what Iraqis are hearing and reading tonight.

The 2 big stories are:

  1. The Baghdad curfew
  2. The Iranian offer to treat Sadr city bombing victims.
Baghdad Curfew
Starting 6a.m. tomorrow the curfew will be lifted for pedestrians only at present it is planned to lift the curfew fully on Monday morning.
Iran's Hospitalisation Offer
Here's part of the health ministry statement:

"The Iranian ambassador in Baghdad has contacted the Department of Health in the Ministry of Health and expressed his country's readiness to treat the Sadr City wounded in hospital in Tehran."
"the process of transporting the wounded will begin tomorrow, Sunday."

[This is a very big deal indeed. They'll be treated free. At present there's no free treatment in Iraq for anyone. - markfromireland]

The body of a young man was found in the Karama neighbourhood (East Mosul.) A young woman was shot in the afternoon. wounding a woman in Mosul. Source - Brigadier Abdul Karim Khalaf al-Jabouri to Voices of Iraq
An army officer - Jassim Ahmed Saleh, was shot by a sniper in west Mosul. His condition is said to be serious.
A police checkpoint came under mortar fire - no casualties reported.
Salah al-Din:
A soldier was shot in Ad Duluiyah (near Tikrit).
a police officer holding the rank of major was kidnapped together with three civilians north of Samarra.
A barrage of six 60-mm mortar shells was fired last night in Abu al-Khasib (20 kilometers south of Basra) to four landed in the main square which injured five civilians.
The British installation near Basra governorate building was mortared . Some civilian I haven't been able to get figures. That installation is attacked with monotonous regularity. I'm surprisedit's even being reported.
Babil (Babylon)
bomb explosion north of Hilla (about 50km). Two Iraqi soldiers wounded. The bombing was the signal for a gunfire attack.
Aziziyah (Kut) Wasit
Clashes occurred five p.m. Baghdad time today in the town of Aziziyah (90 km north of Kut) between Iraqi security forces and a group of unidentified gunmen. No details of casualties yet. The report says that the police in Aziziyah weren't contactable.
Al-Anbar - Fallujah
A Marines sniper deployed on the rooves of buildings in hand Amiriyat al-Fallujah (about 20 km south of the city) shot an elderly man who died of his wounds. There is no indication that he was anything other than an innocent civilian.
A suicide car bomber attacked an American patrol, east of Fallujah today Saturday 25/11/2006 killing four civilians and wounding eight others, including children. He was targeting an American patrol that had just finished a raid on houses in east Fallujah.
Al-Anbar - Hit
Eyewitnesses reported to Aswataliraq that armed men attacked before noon today, a military bridge at the town of Hit in Anbar province. The confrontation lasted about 15 minutes. no reports of casualties. Interestingly they were armed with precision rifles as well as machine guns.
There've been a lot of "incidents in Hit lately - mfi.
Baghdad: - abduction
Armed men kidnapped 12 Iraqi citizens living in Western Baghdad yesterday evening. They demanded a US$40,000 ransom for their release.

[That's a big jump until a few weeks ago the standard ransom was US$30,000 - markfromireland ]
According to witnesses some of whom were relatives of the hostages the kidnappers were traveling in government cars and wearing the uniform of the Iraqi National Guard.

[Surprise surprise - markfromireland ]
Najaf - kidnap gang
According to Aswataliraq the gang that's been operating in Al-Ansar, Najaf, kidnapping women for sale in "neighbouring countries" suffered a major setback. Police stormed a house and arrested several of them - all the accused are from Al-Azhar. The accused include Hassan Jawad Kadhim Algelaui and his wife.
Kirkuk: failed bombing
Two men were killed as they tried to plant a bomb according to Colonel Yadkar Muhammad of the police in Kirkuk.
[Their colleagues who blew themselves to smithereens in Kirkuk on Monday trying the same thing still haven't been identified chiefly because the pieces were so small. - mfi]

Sources: Read more about News From Iraq - Translated from Arabic Media In Iraq.

Ah, the hearty happy humor of prison rape!


The incarceration-industrial complex is one of those subjects so big as to tempt one to avoid it, daunted by the question of where to even start. Fortunately some people are braver than I am and stand up for the locked up. They are not amused by a new comedy about to hit theaters. From the Richmond VA Times Dispatch:
Read more about Ah, the hearty happy humor of prison rape!


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