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It's the equivalation, stupid

How are the Repubs and MSM going to chip away at the emerging Democratic majority?

As James Carville might have said, if he weren't busy throwing Howard Dean under the bus: it's the equivalation, stupid.

Since the advent of "Nightline," cable news, and Ronnie love — and the end of the fairness doctrine and something we used to call "shame" — the news game has been a game. Read more about It's the equivalation, stupid



Crunch day of work here but have to drop at least a road flare to encourage everybody to go read "What's In Your Burger?" Sorry it's the Atlanta paper so there may be registration but this is not to be missed. Read more about Yum!

We're not the only ones who say Fuck!

Bush: Torturer-in-chief

It's only natural that the sociopathic kid who blew up frogs would grow up to be the sociopathic President who tortured people. The Herald Trib:

The Central Intelligence Agency has acknowledged for the first time the existence of two classified documents, including one signed by President George W. Bush, that have guided the agency's interrogation and detention of terror suspects.

Class warfare? Count me in


Because we didn't start the class warfare. We're just losing it. That needs to be fixed. Via Kos (who sure needs the hits), on the pages of the Wall Street Journal, Democratic Senator Jim Webb speaks the hitherto unspeakable truth: Read more about Class warfare? Count me in

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Watch what they do, not what they say



Even as a die-hard Greenie, last week's election made me a happy, happy camper. BushCo and the Right Wing's capacity for doing evil has been greatly reduced.

But I'm even happier because the Democrats in Congress now have no excuse for sitting on their hands. Before last week, the standard response to questions like: Read more about Watch what they do, not what they say

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It's All About the Money and Always Has Been: Iraq

Ahem. I've said it before, I'll say it again: past all the foily, racist, oil-based, hubris driven, adventuristic, pro-hardliners in Israel, and Oedipal reasons that drive this war, one stands above all others. It's the profit, stupid. No, really. Here is one surefire winner for the Dems. Fix this:
Read more about It's All About the Money and Always Has Been: Iraq

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Amidst chaos, one good thing:

Behold a true hero - a man I am thankful has come home safe.

This USAF Senior Chief Master Sergeant's work in Iraq is further described Read more about Amidst chaos, one good thing:

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Rahm is a Total Failure

This is one of the best and most complete recitations of why Rahm sucks goats that I've read since the elections. Save it, and throw it in the face of everyone who parrots the "victory for centrists" and "moderate mandate" crap. Here are some highlights:
Read more about Rahm is a Total Failure

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Preventing Future Wars: Start with the Obvious


This is the age for everyone to freak out over the idea that North Korea and Iran may have "the bomb" and other scary "mushroom cloud" induced nightmares, and frankly, I'd be really happy if Democrats began reversing that and started instead talking about actual serious threats to American and global security. Read more about Preventing Future Wars: Start with the Obvious

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Meet Your Democrats, or, The "Insiders" are Morons

Wow, I was having lunch today and CNN and later Fox was on, and later away from the intertubes. And what do I find when I check in? Everything I heard the political reporters at CNN and Fox say turned out to be not true. I'm shocked.

First: Carville can find a new boy. I guess Ford knows he's a loser after all.
Read more about Meet Your Democrats, or, The "Insiders" are Morons

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2 and 0

The Texas Tech Lady Raiders, with new head coach Kristy Curry, posted their first road win of the season tonight, beating the Houston Cougars 69-51. Read more about 2 and 0

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Options: Facing the Music in Iraq


As usual, Chris speaks for me. It's long but well worth the read. Particularly this point:
Read more about Options: Facing the Music in Iraq

Oh, splendid

International Atomic Energy experts have found unexplained plutonium and highly enriched uranium traces in a nuclear waste facility in Iran.

Thank The God of Your Choice President Shit Magnet is on a plane to Asia.

Otherwise He might have an urge to, erm, address the nation. Or have Condi play him something on the piano. Or ask Dick Cheney to pull his finger. Or something. Read more about Oh, splendid


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