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I Love it When the Academics Catch Up

Ok, I'm being snarky. But via RMJ, we get a dose of common sense long found in more intelligent circles of the blogosphere.

On the first page of its founding manifesto, the massively funded Department of Homeland Security intones, "Today's terrorists can strike at any place, at any time, and with virtually any weapon."

But if it is so easy to pull off an attack and if terrorists are so demonically competent, why have they not done it?

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Save For When You Need a Good Cry

The Post-Gazette's most excellent Tony Norman gives us some

Excerpts from the secret diary of Albert Gore, 43rd president of the United States. Read below the fold...

WaPo: There's Hope For Her Yet

Way, way down at the bottom of their front page it may be. In the "Arts & Living" section allegedly, although if you click to that page this item isnt' there. But proudly on the front page of the Washington Post nevertheless, at long last, they show signs of starting to catch up with what we were trying to tell them oh, about 4 3/4 years ago
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Of course we're still under attack

The Republicans are attacking our Constitution to replace it with an authoritarian system under which the chief executive--I won't use the word "President"--is accountable to no-one, and especially not voters.

Watch to see what this Congress does with Constitutional issues, now that Bush's extremely non-political prime time pre-mid term speech has given them cover:

1. Will the Republican Congress retroactively "legalize" the thirty felonies that Bush committed when He putatively "authorized" His warrantless surveillance program? Read below the fold...

Not cynical enough. Not nearly cynical enough.

Keith Olbermann:

I look back on that moment when so many of us wanted to trust our president and I wonder:

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Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States

Now watch this dive.


Note: Some are born serious. Some have seriousness thrust upon them. And some are moved to seriously seize the day.

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The Bush Speech


So disgusting I don't even know how to respond to it. The distortion, disinformation, doublethink, and doublespeak is so great that it can't be defeated in detail. I'm going to bed.

Except I'm remind of the following historical episode:

Webster's Seventh of March speech: Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Anybody having experience blowing fill insulation into a house with aluminum siding? Like, I'd really, really like not to have to take all the siding off, or be left with ugly plugged up holes.

I'm told there's a technology for this, but I can't google it up. Read below the fold...

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In 13 days, you can go

Schoolyard games


Apparently, when Bush interrupts the extremely non-political PT911 with an extremely non-political prime time pre-midterm speech, He's going to appeal for unity.

That's this evening. This morning, Bush was laying a wreath at Ground Zero with Not. One. Democrat. Present. And all last week, the Republicans were preparing to run on a platform that Democrats are traitors.

Unity? WTF?

How does anyone respond to a mind-fuck like that?

I sure can't, except with an inarticulate scream. Read below the fold...

Why no bi-partisanship? AP doesn't ask one single Democrat

Sweet. But then we're used to it.

AP Partisanship seeps into 9/11 anniversary

Oh, I get it. There were only Republicans present at the Ground Zero wreath-laying today because, oh, because of some over-zealous staffer. Wait! I know! The printer got the date on the invitations wrong. Read below the fold...

But Bush has nothing on at all!


Out of the mouths of babes:

Tyler Radkey and other second-graders at Emma E. Booker Elementary School didn't know what to think when an aide leaned in and whispered something to President Bush on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

"His face just started to turn red," said Tyler, now 13 and in seventh grade. "I thought, personally, he had to go to the bathroom."

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It's a beautful, sunny, crisp fall day. Just like 9/11

Oh, wait....

Only Republicans get to participate in 9/11 events.

I forgot.

Sorry. Read below the fold...

Yet another case of market failure by Big Media

Big Media to Blue America: Fuck you!

Not so big as PT911, but just the same: MSNBC fires Eric Alterman (via Susie).

What kind of "magic marketplace" is this when half the voters in America are insulted and ignored? Read below the fold...

Will Bush evade accountability on surveillance by using his Softwood Lumber Agreement slush fund?

Josh Meyer of the LA Times has a story up today that shows how the criminal (30 felonies) Bush regime's surveillance really is worse than anybody, except Corrente, ever imagined. (And we'll get to the Softwood Lumber Agreement, I promise.) Read below the fold...


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